Big Brother #23 – Will Sarah Beth Leave? (9/2/21)

Tonight’s Big Brother will cap an interesting week.  Not only has Kyland and Sarah Beth been on the block but Kyland has been determined to “save” Sarah.  In do,ing so, he has alienated many of his alliance members.  Remember the Big Brother Cookout crew agreed to take each other to the final six even if it meant giving up their shield,

After the Veto

Julie mentions that the Cookout has been “kept under wraps” but they will be able to continue.  After the recap, we’re reminded that Sarah or Kyland will leave.  Oh yes!  Jury House and Britini and Baby D. start piecing things together.  It may start getting real folks!

On Day 58, the Cookout is safe so far.  Kyland though is not as popular as he once was with his fellow alliance members.  Julie reminds everyone that it has been a crazy week.  Hannah said she’s chose not to use the veto on Kyland because he would try to save Sarah Beth while Xavier is loyal.  Tiffany does not understand what Kyland is up to.  Claire is glad to see both still on the block.  Kyland is rambling again. Sarah is philosophical.

As Sarah sits alone, Xavier, Claire and Alyssa talk.  What about?  Oh, Alyssa comments about how there will be no white men on the jury.  This upsets Xavier because of what Alyssa said and to whom.  He goes to the bathroom for a talk to himself.  Now, they must look at Alyssa leaving next.  Only problem is she said it to Claire.

Azah and Xavier are making dinner as the rest are in the backyard.  Hannah and Derek are in the hammock with Tiffany nearby.  A bee swoops down and Derek moves quickly off the hammock causing Hannah to fall and hit her head.  Meanwhile, Xavier goes out to check leaving Azah and Claire in charge of dinner.  While Hannah’s head hurts and she goes to Diary Room, there is no harm done.  Dinner isn’t that lucky as the steaks in the oven catch fire.  The BB House is saved by the fire extinguisher but Xavier said what is going on?  Hannah doesn’t hold a grudge against Derek as she laughs at him.  (I think they need to throw in the ghosts right about now.)

The (unofficial) Cookout has an accidental meeting in the bathroom.  They do have to wake Xavier up.  They confirm the alliance name of Cookout.  (Hey guys!  We’ve been calling you this since week one.) 

While Kyland, Derek, and Xavier confirm their final three in the “have not” room (why there?), Lyland (I mean Kyland) isn’t into that group.  He meets with Tiffany to figure out how to get rid of the guys.  Xavier or Derek (or is it the other way around) must leave before Kyland and the ladies.  Tiffany will sit next to Kyland in the finals (he thinks).  They pinky swear but Tiffany seems more confused and unhappy.  (Kyland will be gone before he knows it!)  Kyland has no loyalty.

Jury House

At Jury House, Britini is seen “fighting a statue” only to be surprised by Derek X.  She had thought that Alyssa, Sarah or Kyland would be next.  Derek hugs her and has a video for them to watch.  He regrets doing certain things to stop what happened.  After the video starts, Britini quickly catches on that Derek X was the backdoor plan for the week.  Derek tells her that America saw it and that’s why they both got what they got in the High Roller’s games. Do we really need this reminder?  As they discuss the week, Derek reveals the pact (left in Kyland’s message).  They decide that Kyland, Claire, Xavier, Hannah, Tiffany, and Derek belong in the group but Britini doesn’t think it is Derek.  Britini and Derek X will figure this out.

Live Vote Eviction

Sarah makes her case first.  She has offers to make.  She warns them they may regret the decision to evict her and must make the choice for their game.  Kyland has started.  He apologizes if the one-on-ones were too long (I’m sure he’s sorry—NO).  The voting starts.  The secret HoH will vote but will only be counted in the case of a tie.  Derek votes first for Sarah Beth.  Tiffany votes to evict Kyland.  By a vote of 5 to 1, Sarah is headed to jury (with Claire’s Sarah vote not counting). 

Sarah joins Julie as her picture turns gray (which causes people to laugh or pretend cry).  Julie wants to know why she got evicted.  Sarah thinks she was a threat and others didn’t know they could trust her.  She thinks they wanted Kyland by himself in the game.  Julie asks if she regretted her HoH and eviction of Derek.  Sarah regrets not playing more loyal to Tiffany and Claire.  Ask about her closeness to Kyland, Sarah said that it was easy to play with Kyland and it wasn’t personal.  She was grateful for his support.  When asked about the secret HoH, Sarah guesses Claire as the secret HoH.  She also knew Tiffany was the single vote for her (thanks again Kyland). 

In the good-bye messages, Claire admits to being the secret HoH and it was nothing personal.  Claire tells her that she was the secret HoH and it wasn’t personal.  Hannah says that she knew Sarah threw her under the bus.  Azah has to vote her out of further a mission she’s on.  Kyland mentions the alliance and BB doesn’t allow it to be played.  He doesn’t want to lose his relationship with her.  Julie asks for final thoughts.  Sarah said it was good game play on their part and knows Azah was a part of it.  She respects them.  Asked if Kyland will be a friends for life, Sarah says she has made many friends for life.

The HoH Competition

The HoH Competition in the backyard is called “The Flying BB-ions”.  Julie says that Claire will compete but must throw the competition before the end.  The game is the “swing game.”  They must stand on a platform, and it will circle the yard.  The elephant statue will release bubbles (and maybe something else).  As they are raised in the air, you see that they are having a real problem with Derek’s place.  The first three off wlil be “Have Nots” for the week.  As the show ends, Derek has fallen off during the commercial and isn’t happy.  As two circus performers appear, Alyssa falls.  The performers have spray bottles and seem to be spraying the house guests.

Next Thursday is a double eviction with another the following week.  (Sorry folks!  No triple eviction this year.)  Stand by.  I somehow think Alyssa is in trouble.

Big Brother #23 – Secret (Really) HoH (9/2/21)

Well Big Brother fans!  It’s another Wednesday night and what can we expect.  Tiffany lost her HoH power.  Kyland, Sarah and Xavier are on the block.  Will the Power of Veto be used to save one of them?  Can the Cookout continue their path to final six?  So far, it looks like they may.  But what does the future hold?  And are they ready for what the POV game is tonight?

Pre-Power of Veto

Tonight’s Power of Veto is going to be interesting.  Will they allow seven people to play or will the HoH sit the game out?  Oh, that’s right they have a secret HoH now.  Can Xavier be teamed with someone?  And we are off.

After the recap, we move into the program.  Tiffany is okay she lost the HoH room and she knows Claire had to be the one who won.  She also knows that Claire wants Sarah out as  much as she does.  Claire likes being the secret HoH.  She left nominations as Tiffany had them because it made sense.  Later Tiffany talks to Kyland about the nominations and he tells us that – whatever (sorry, I zone out when Kyland mumbles).  Xavier feels okay with the competition and results.  Sarah meanwhile knows her game is in trouble.  She hates for Kyland to leave but it can’t be Sarah Beth!  (Why not?  The object is to get everyone out.

Tiffany goes up to move her “stuff” with Hannah and Claire comes up.  Tiffany doesn’t want anyone in Claire’s ear so she and Hannah will have to keep Claire close because they figure she has the power.  Claire wants credit and so I have to wonder if she’ll tell the rest of the house. 

Kyland finds Sarah Beth upset in the bedroom.  She thinks him that both of them are unlikeable (oh, really).  Kyland reminds her of all that are already out.  He hates to see Sarah Beth in pain.  Their only hope is to win Power of Veto.  Say what Sarah Beth?  Have you been taking double talk lessons from Kyland.  They discuss “house guest choice” and she doesn’t know who to ask!  She doesn’t trust anyone.

Power of Veto

Since this is an anonymous HoH, Xavier announces veto.  Only six will play, each of the nominees and three additional players.  They draw for the veto players and Xavier picks first as the special nominee.  He picks Alyssa (who he wanted).  Sarah Beth hopes for Derek and gets Claire.  She’s glad since she was secret HoH and now gets to compete to get all the power.  Kyland picks Hannah who is excited to play and win the power for herself.  After the ceremony, Tiffany and Claire talk about what to do if PoV is won.  The only option would be Alyssa. 

The Power of Veto game is going to be based on the new movie musical, “Dear Evan Hansen” and Ben Platt shares a trailer with the house guests.  The PoV winner will get an advanced screening of the movie with three guests.  The backyard is set up like high school and the instructions say BB is like high school.  Not really this year but I digress.  They must line photos of the evicted house guests in chronological order to tell a story.  Britini’s homework gets eaten by the dog and Brent gets hit by a dodgeball are two funny pictures.  The game, “We’re Nuts for Benny,” will be timed.  It seems like all will have trouble but both Hannah and Sarah Beth gets them done quickly and  on the first try.  The times are:  Kyland 5:25; Claire  6:27; Alyssa  8:14; Hannah 4:59; Xavier 8:29; Sarah Beth 5:22.  The winner is Hannah.  She gets to see a movie (which she really wanted).  Claire is upset because she might have changed the nominees.  And Sarah Beth cries again. 

Sarah Beth tells Kyland she was so close but couldn’t win.  He tells her not to worry.  He thinks Hannah will take him off and whichever stays will win the HoH next week.  Kyland would love to be taken down but he’s confident that he will stay (and again I tune out).  Sarah is going to try and get one of the two of them off so they can campaign to get Xavier out. 

Power of Veto Movie and Meeting

Hannah asks Kyland, Sarah and Xavier to see the movie with her.  Derek is upset because he really wanted to see the movie.  The movie will be screened in the HoH room where snacks await.  As they sit on the bed, the movie runs.  I’m not sure Kyland likes it but he does cry by the end.  Xavier feels that Evan’s story hits home.  This is good promotion for the movie (or so the house guests say).

Kyland talks to Claire about her thoughts on who to evict.  Claire won’t tell him she’s got the secret HoH but wonder if he’s trying to save Sarah.  She doesn’t like that at all.  Of courses, Claire tells Tiffany that Kyland is pushing for the PoV to be used on him.  Tiffany’s not happy with Kyland and tells us that the Cookout members agreed to pick a partner and to sit beside them.  I think Kyland’s just been moved up in the eviction order of the Cookout.

Kyland then approaches Hannah to use the veto on him and she can’t figure out why.  She plans to use it on Xavier and tells us that he’s not following the plan.  I’d be running from the yard with all the talk, talk, talk Kyland’s doing.  Kyland isn’t making sense to Hannah and she knows he wants to take himself off so he can save Sarah.  Kyland, you just sealed Sarah’s fate.

The ceremony begins with Hannah using the power of Xavier.  Since he was a special nominee, there will not be a replacement for him.  Kyland looks upset but what can he say.

In the final Diary Rooms, Hannah tells us that she’s upset that Kyland asked her to pull him down and was sketchy.  Kyland feels for Sarah and his plan didn’t work.  It sucks.  Sarah complains.  She came to win and she will definitely try to stay.  I think your fate is sealed, Sarah.  Tiffany says that Kyland is sitting beside Sarah like they all promised.  Basically, Kyland, get over yourself.

Who will leave?  Will the Cookout team stay in power or fall?  It should be endurance tomorrow night.   Be sure and watch at 8:00 P. M. on Thursday.

Big Brother History:  Alliances through the Years

When I thought of this piece, I had decided to lay out all the Big Brother alliances since season one.  When I started my research, I found a site called Big Brother Wiki ( that had done a very thorough job of chronicling this history.  I want to thank them and made me limit this piece to famous alliances.  Season one did not have any alliances as the show was so new.  I will not do All-Star years unless something significant is noted. 

Let’s begin with the most famous alliance which has been on multiple seasons — Chill Town.  Chill Town was created by Mike “Boogie” Malin and Dr. Will Kirby.  They were the only two members who clearly knew the game play.  In season two, Boogie and Will used Shannon Dragoo with Krista Stegall, and Justin Sebik (who was expelled for threatening to kill Krista).  Chill Town would show up again during the first Big Brother All-Star season (Season 7) with Will and Boogie working with Jase Wirey, Janelle Pierzina, and Erika Landin.  Season two saw Will win while Mike “Boogie” won season 7.  Today, their friendship is no more as Will has a restraining order (and other court cases) against Boogie.  Chill Town resurfaced when Coach Boogie recruited Frank Eudy in Season 14.  Boogie was a coach and with Frank started a new version with Britney Haynes, Dan Ghressling, Danielle Murphee, and Shane Meaney.  Ian spoiled the season for Dan.  So no Chill Town member won season 14

Season Five saw two big alliances that featured biological siblings of Mike Ellis and Nakomis Dedmon.  The Four Horsemen, consisted of Drew Danie, Jase Wirey, Michael Ellis and Scott Long and had the eventual winner, Drew.  The Pinky Swear Alliance  worked against the Four Horsemen with some success.  It consisted of Nakamis Dedmon, Adria Klein, Diane Henry, Karen Ganci, Natalie Carroll and Will Wikle.  While the Horsemen thought they ran the game, The Pinky Swear started the infamous backdoor. 

We’ve heard of several people during several years using the term “friendship.” Big Brother had its first Friendship in Season 6.  Consisting of Maggie Ausburn, Ivette Corredero, April Lewis, Beau Beasley, Eric Littmann, and Jennifer Vasquez, they were a powerful force in the house.  The counter group, The Sovereign Six, consisted of Janelle Pierzina, Howie Gordon, Rachel Plencner, Kaysar Ridha, James Rhine and Sarah Hreisa.  Many of Sovereign Six would play as S6 in All-Stars.  Maggie Ausburn of Friendship was the eventual winner of the season.

Season Eight (the season of Evel Dick) saw The Late Night Crew (LNC).  This dominant alliance included Dick Donato, Danielle Donato, Amber Sivavus, Dustin Erikstrup, Eric Stein, Jameka Cameron and Jessica Hughbanks.  Dick, as Danielle estranged father, stated multiple times during the season that he wanted Danielle to win.  LMC would eventually turn on each other leading to accusations and the infamous cigarette/burn fight.  When Evel Dick found himself on the block with Danielle, he won POV and took Danielle off.  Dustin went up, assured he would be safe, only to have Dick sway the votes with America’s Player, Eric, voting to please the audience.  Evel Dick would be the winner of season eight.

I hate to mention the Writer’s Strike Winter season because it was one of the worse every shown on television.  Team Christ was the major alliance and consisted of Natalie Cunial, Sheila Kennedy, Ryan Quicksall and Adam Jasinki.  All members of the group made it to the final five with Adam winning on a six to one vote.

The Renegades was an alliance formed with Dan Gheeling, Memphis Garrett, LIbra Thompson, Renny Martyn, and Keesha Smith during season 10.  Dan served as America’s player for one week and completed his tasks.  He also ended up winning the season and becoming an author and commentator.

Season 11 is the season of the unnamed alliance.  The season started with four groups (Athletes, Populars, Brains and Off-Beats) and the return of Jessie Godderz (Mr. Pectacular).  It was also one of the most controversial as Jessie would form an alliance of Natalie Martinez, Kevin Campbell, Lydia Travera, and Chima Simone.  While never having an official name, the players did control much of the action of the game with their plans to take out the rest.  This lasted until America awarded Jeff Schneider the coup d’etat and he used it during Chima’s HoH.  At that point, the power shifted, and Jessie was put on the block.  With Jessie’s eviction, the drama wasn’t over as his parnters (in crime) held a wake and Chima refused to play the game.  She threw her mike into the pool and was evicted.  America would cast the final vote.  While Natalie was sitting beside Jordan Lloyd in the finals, Jordan won the house vote denying this team a win.

Season Twelve saw The Brigade (Bragade) as the dominant alliance.  Consisting of Enzo Palumbo, Matt Hoffman, Lane Elenburg, and, in her mind, Britney Haynes, the group would turn on member, Matt, who was considered a threat.  Hayden, Lane and Enzo would go to the final three.  The winner of this season was Hayden.  Considered one of the greatest alliance of the show’s history (due to their dominance), the final three also, to me, made it boring for viewers as there was no action in the last week.

Season 11 of Big Brother saw the emergence of The Newbies (those who had never played) which formed when the executive producers introduced former players called the Dynamic Duos (The Vets).  The Newbies up of Cassie Calvin, Porsche Briggs, Lawton Exum, Dominic Briones, Shelly Moore, Keith Henderson, Kalia Booker and Adam Poch.  This group did not last throughout the game with The Regulators forming with Cassie, Dominic Kei,th and Lawton defecting from the original group.  Meanwhile, the Dynamic Duos (Dick Donato, Danielle Donato, Jeff Schneider, Jordan Lloyd, Rachel Riley, and Brendon Villegas) were put at a disadvantage near the start of the competition when Dick had to leave for health reasons.  Rachel from the Dynamic Duos would win but Porsche Briggs also took the second  place prize. 

The most remembered alliance of Big Brother 14 was The Quack Pack.  Known for their signal “quack,” the team was made up of Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, Ian Terry, Danielle Murphee, and Shane Meaney.  Dan thought he was in control of the game but came in second to fellow alliance member, Ian.

The alliances of Season 15 are not as memorable to me.  3 A. M. consisted of Aaryn Gries, Amanda Zuckerman, Andy Herren and McCrae Olson.  Both Aaryn and Amanda had negative press due to racial comments made in the house.  And speaking of the house, Area 51 (or The House Alliance) was formed by almost the entire house.  The season’s winner would be Andy Herron, a member of 3 A. M.

Season 16 of Big Brother saw The Bomb Squad emerge.  The mastermind of this group, Derek Levasseur, would be the winner of the season.  He was joined in the group by Amber Borzotra, Caleb Reynolds, Christine Brecht, Cody Calafiore, Devin Shepherd, Frankie Grande (brother of singer Arianna), and Zach Rosen.  Marred by Caleb infatuation with Amber and Zach’s strange actions, Derek was kept on his toes.  Frankie, his second in command, would be the eyes for Derek as he could move throughout the house as everyone’s friend.  Due to the Bomb Squad’s success, other groups like the Crazy Eights have dimmed.  This season also saw Team America with Joey Van Pelt (who left early in the game, Frankie Grande, Derrick Levesque, and Donny Thompson.  Donny, who was America’s Favorite Player, was sabotaged by Frankie Grande with Derrick’s help.  Derrick and Frankie were told that as the surviving members of Team America the one who made it to the end would win an additional $50,000.  Derek Levesque would go on to win $550,000. 

Big Brother 17 saw the rise of Sixth Sense which had as it’s members Austin Matelson, Clay Honeycutt, Julia Nolan, Liz Nolan, Shellie Poole, Vanessa Russo (professional poker player), with affiliates of John McCrae and Steve Moses.  While Vanessa did the planning, Austin was supposed to win comps.  Vanessa had to use her poker skills to stay the course of the season but in the end, Steve Moses won the season.

Season 18 saw Nicole Franzel make her mark. Joined by Cory Brooks, Da’Vonne Rogers, Frank Eudy, James Hurling, Michelle Meyer, Tiffany Rousso, Zakiyah Everette, Paul Abrahamian, and Paulie Calafiore, the group was dominant picking off the rest of the house guest.  Paul would try to control the game and would sit next to Nicole who would become the winner of Season 18.

Season 19 was highlighted by Paul Abrahamian and his friendship bracelets return.  A member of The Team (unoffical name given by member Cody Nickson), the group consisted of Cody (and his showmance) Jessica Graf, RavemnWalton (and her showmance), Matt Clines, Mark Jansen (and his showmance), Elena Davies, Christmas Abbott, Dominique Cooper, Alex Ow, Josh Martinez, and Kevin Schlehuber. Paul played the game by trying to build friendship with others but Cody caught on quickly.  This group would splinter.  When it came down to the final two, Paul set next to Josh who he thought had no chance of winning due to his antics.  Paul was handed his second loss when Josh was named the winner.

Season 20 saw Level Six in control.  The alliance members were Angela Rummans, Tyler Crispin, Winston Hines, Kaycee Clark, Rachel Swindler, Kaycee Clark, Brett Robnson, J. C. Moundeux, Kaitlyn Herman, Sam Bledsoe.  While Kaitlyn went out due to an inability of put a easy puzzle together, it would be lifeguard Tyler who would read the house accurately.  Unfortunately, his reading wasn’t very accurate as he came in second to fellow alliance member Kaycee Clark. 

Season 21 had Unde9able as the dominant and most controversial team in Big Brother history.  It’s members included Analyse Talquera, Christine Murphy, Holly Allen, Isabella Wang, Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Nick Maccarone, Sam Smith, Monny Braco, and Kathryn Dunn.  This alliance was dominant but also controversial.   Two members, Jack and Jackson (Michie) were told to watch their speech as both made racial comments.  When Jack left the game, he was called out on stage by Julie Chen Moonves and he apologized saying he wasn’t that type of person.  Jackson, after being warned, seemed to pull away from the group with his showmance, Holly.  The eventual winner, Jack was faced with questions about his statements on the final show before winning the prize.  His stunned look on the stage wasn’t about winning but having his statements brought home to him.

Season 22 seemed to be the season of “friendship” since it was an all-stars season.  I am not going to mention any alliances here because according to Twitterverse, the game was decided prior to contestants entering the house.

Season 23, the present season, was hurt from the start by the team concept of Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jokers.  Most house guests thought that those teams would get them to the finale.  While Frenchie started The Slaughterhouse (and its sub-alliance of The Butchers) and Royal Flush developed out of a combination of Kings, Queens, and one Ace member, it has been The Cookout that has run the game.  The first season with a strong POC cast, they quickly formed together with Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier (son of boxer, Joe Frazier), Hannah Chaddha, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather to keep the crew together until the final six.  To do this, they paired up with someone from their “card” team.  At present, this group is running the game as they have slowly but surely picked off everyone else.  Can they keep it together to win?  We have a few weeks before we  know.

So did I leave any big alliances out?  Did I get your favorites?  There are been so many in the history of the show, I’m bound to have missed a few.

Big Brother #23: And Will Tiffany Reign Supreme (8/29/21)

The Big Brother house guests have kept us entertained this year.  Whether the crew is out playing each other, trying to schmooze each other, or just seeking to control the game, we have had more entertainment than we have had in many years from this Big Brother crew.  Tiffany claim to fame is founding the Cookout (or so she says) and she hasn’t been happy she hasn’t won.  Well, she remedied that on Thursday night but will it last?  We still have the Coin of Destiny standing in her way.  And for some reason, I don’t think production thought this season would play out this way.

Will HoHitis Show Up?

The one thing you can say about Tiffany is that she likes to manipulate a game.  For the past weeks, she’s been manipulating the person who had the power.  The only HoH she didn’t succeed with is Frenchie and we all know she was instrumental in his departure.  So, with total power will we get major HoHitis.

As the HoH begins Tiffany already has her sights set on the evictee being Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth did get rid of her pawn, Derek X. on Thursday.  Of course, we get the usual celebration because “I (Tiffany) finally won something in this house.”  In the Storage Room, all the girls celebrate that a woman has won HoH.  Claire thinks she’s totally safe since her ally is HoH.  Kyland is looking for comfort from Derek F. (and I’ll be dropping the F now) and Azah.  Azah thinks Kyland’s behavior is crazy.  In Diary Room he says that Baby D. was his biggest threat.  Be aware, this is long!

So what is happening with the next victim, Sarah Beth.  She is upset over Baby D.’s speech.  In taking to Xavier, she is trying to figure out how to stay off the block.  She thinks she’s in an alliance with Xavier and Alyssa.  Xavier tells us that he doesn’t have power this week and laughs.  The only safe people are the Cookout.  Of course, the Coin of Destiny is mentioned with Sarah Beth hoping for the money to play for it. 

Later, Tiffany and Kyland are talking about who to put up.  Tiffany admits to us that she wants Sarah out.  Kyland doesn’t want Alyssa put up next to Sarah Beth.  Kyland says he can’t protect Sarah any longer and feels he can go up safely (or something like that) against her.  By the way, I’m finding myself tuning out when Kyland talks.

Hannah and Tiffany talk.  Both are sad that Baby D. is gone.  Tiffany feels that the Cookout has played for each other.  Hannah, in Diary Room, tells herself to get it together because she feels awful that Baby D. left.  If it wasn’t for the Cookout, Hannah and Baby D. would be a team.  Tiffany tells her it had to be and they hug.  Next is Derek who congratulates her.  She’s talking to him about the anonymous HoH.  Tiffany tells us they might fight like siblings, but they are working together.  Derek tells us he doesn’t trust Tiffany and she would be gone except for the Cookout. 

After a short meeting with Tiffany, Sarah tells us that the only way she’d stay is with Coin of Destiny so she’s using that to stay off the block.  Sarah B. there is no way you have the BB Bucks to play.  Baby D. sunk that ship!  Tiffany does tell her that she jeopardized Tiff’s game.  Sarah seems to plan to do anything she can to stay.  Wait until she finds out what America thinks about her.  Later, she throws Alyssa under the bus to Tiffany and loses any respect that Tiffany, Hannah and Claire had for her.

We’re back to the HoH reveal.  I’m not going to worry about details because it is the typical photos and letters.  We haven’t gotten many of these this year. 


Well, there will be three nominations this week.  Xavier is up due to last week’s Veto competition.  Tiffany nominates Kyland and Sarah.  The reasoning is that the two make a powerful dual and Tiffany made this move for her game.  Tiffany tells us that Sarah Beth is the target and Alyssa will be Tiffany’s next target.  If someone saves Sarah Beth, they become Tiffany’s next target.  Kyland says it makes sense that he’s up but it’s painful to be on the block.  Sarah Beth says she won’t sit next to Kyland. 

Sarah Beth does show up to talk to Tiffany after the nomination ceremony.  Tiff blames Kyland as reason she went up and the target.  Sarah Beth was the way Tiff had to get Kyland out.  Tiffany is doing jury management and trying not “to hurt” Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth is not as dumb as she plays and is worried that Tiffany is lying but she’s hoping that the Coin of Destiny will save her.

High Roller’s Room and the Coin of Destiny

THe High Roller’s room is open.  This week you must have $250 to play the Coin of Destiny.  The winner will force HoH into a coin toss and take over the HoH if they win.  The nominees will change (or not) and the person will not be allowed to win HoH on Thursday.  Everything will be done in secret.  Xavier will remain on the block as it was a punishment.  Tiffany will be safe.  Tiffany tells us that Sarah Beth has to go!  To win, you must get the most coins through a slot in 2 minutes.  The one with the most coins through the slot wins!

Before we go to the money aspect, let’s look at what Tiffany wants to happen.  The only ones who can play seem to be Derek, Hannah, and Claire.  Hannah will not play for the coin and Derek tells Tiffany (basically) that he plans to lose.  I honestly think that if he hadn’t played, Big Brother would have been mad!

Money –

Azah gets $50 from us, $50 envelop so is not eligible.

Xavier get $75 from us, $50 in envelope so is not eligible to play.

Alyssa gets 75 from us, $100 in envelope so in not eligible to play.

Hannah gets 100 from us, $50 in her envelope and choses not to play.

Kyland gets $50 from us, $100 in his envelope so is not eligible to play.

Tiffany gets $100 from us, $50 in envelop so is not eligible to play

Sarah Beth gets $50 from us, $100 in envelope so is not eligible to play

Derek gets $75 from us, $100.  He has $425 (won in PoV) and will play Coin of Destiny.  He throws to lose and tells us: “I tried my best.  It’s all I can do.”  Well, he won’t upset Tiffany.

Claire gets $100 from us and $50 giving her enough to play.  She has trouble getting the coins through the slot but does get three coins in and wins!  She becomes the secret HoH.

Tiffany calls everyone to the dining room.  The results are that someone played and won and so the coin toss must happen.  Tiffany has brought in the coin toss machine.  Tiffany will operate the toss machine to see if she is dethroned.  The crown or BB letters will decide which nominees will go up on the board.  She places the coin in the machine and flips the coin and she is dethroned (by Claire) and the secret HoH is activated.  Tiffany can compete in the next HoH (but Claire can’t).  The new nominees are Kyland and Sarah Beth.  You can see Sarah Beth is upset and the High Roller’s room is closed.

In Diary Room, Sarah Beth tells us that she’s sad and she doesn’t understand why she’s targeted.  Tiffany celebrates being dethroned and is only worried that Sarah Beth will win the PoV.  Claire celebrates that she won.  She takes it for now has a HoH to her credit. 

Who will win the veto?  Will it be used?  Can Sarah Beth figure out a way to save herself?  With the house wanting Sarah gone, I don’t think so.

Big Brother #23 – And Chaos Reigns (8/26/21)

Big Brother loves controversy, but chaos is another matter.  How chaotic can a season of Big Brother get?  Well, with the thinkers/strategists in this house, it has been over-the-top.  Add to that the nomination of Derek X. and we see a new level of crazy.  My question is:  Will it be enough to break up the predominate alliance this year, The Cookout?  Well, only time will tell as Tiffany is upset that Derek X. replaced Xavier on the block.  Could Derek X. be sent to jury or can Tiffany save him?  She’s losing her friend (shield), sniff sniff (plus the one she planned to do her dirty work).

After the Power of Veto

Julie Chen Moonves introduces the show with “no risk, no reward” and says this is true tonight.  I think she’s as clueless as us about what will happen.  After the recap, day 51 is underway.  Can the High Roller’s room cause chaos for one of the nominees?  Julie also mentions that while the Cookout has been running the game, the real question is:  who is running the Cookout? In the Diary Room, Xavier thinks he’s got the game under control as Derek X. is going to jury.  Claire feels it is her best chance of staying and Sarah is ecstatic.  Tiffany, on the other hand, wants to keep Derek X. as Claire has been her patsy.  Hey, don’t blame me.  That’s what Tiffany called her!  There are definitely splits in the Cookout.

Tiffany goes to work on the Cookout girls to get them to keep Derek X.  Tiffany tells them that Derek X. would be a vote for them to stay.  Meanwhile, Hannah goes to tell Xavier what is up and he isn’t happy.  Xavier wants Derek X. to leave and now has questions about Tiffany’s actions.  I figured it would come down to these two!  Later, Xavier talks strategy with Azah to convince her to get rid of Derek X. playing with her feelings for him.  Xavier knows that Tiffany will be the hardest to persuade.  Later it comes to a head with Tiffany, Xavier and Kyland in the kitchen.  After Kyland leaves, Tiffany says that they want Derek X. in jury because he has strong connections to her.  Tiffany won’t let them “guilt trip” her so she’ll go back to her usual mode (guilty tripping them).  I used to like Tifny but the last two weeks she has been getting on my last nerve.  What has she really done in the game to this point?  She tells us in Diary Room that she’s going to convince people to vote to keep Derek X. so she’ll win the game.  My thoughts:  instead of using him for protection, Derek X. should have been a member of the Cookout!

Xavier’s Punishment

Sarah Beth comes out with the Xavier’s punishment.  Xavier will be locked in the “Have Not” room until Julie calls him to vote.  This means Tiffany has a good chance to ruin Xavier’s plan.  Poor Xavier!  His toilet is a tent.  He has water (and I understand PBJ and apples).  As all this unfolds, Tiffany is scheming with Derek X. and telling him to how to play the other house guests.  Tiffany tells him (basically) to play Azah for sympathy points and he uses the chess board.  Derek X. admits that he is counting on Azah, Hannah or Tiffany for a vote to keep him safe.   

Derek X. uses the chess board with Azah and he plays the martyr.  She promises to think about it.  My question is does Tiffany and Derek X. not consider that other houses guests will compare notes?  Oh, there comes Derek X.’s tears.  Azah says he needs to go but is it best.

The Eviction Ceremony

The house guests are dressed up and waiting in the living room where there is a slight sound problem.  Julie asks if she can call Derek X. by his nickname, “Baby D.”  She gives each nominee a chance to sway the vote.  Claire does the call outs and asks the house guests to keep her if she can help their individual game.  Oh, again the teams mention.  I’m so over that!  Baby D. thanks his supporters and tells the house guests this will be a chance to change the game.  He can take out the biggest problem in the house while keeping his allies safe.  (Wait, Derek X.  That’s everyone except Xavier.)

The voting starts with Alyssa first.  Xavier, the last to vote, comes out looking like a 1970s disco king.  With a vote of five to two, Derek X. is headed to jury.  Tiffany did change Hannah’s vote (not really). When Julie makes the announcement, Derek X. doesn’t look surprised.  He hugs Claire first and the rest as he leaves.  Tiffany must be steaming but she gives Derek X. something and tells him he had the best personality in the house.  (I agree with that!)  His last goodbye is for Hannah and is sweet. 

Julie offers Derek X. a chair and asks if it was a bad week.  He tells her yes.  When asked why he chose not to play in the High Roller’s Room, Derek X. admits he was thinking “long term” and not concerned with this week.  Not being chosen for the Power of Veto didn’t help.  He has no remorse and offers America his love.  He’s also sorry that he let us down, but he tried his best.  When asked about a possible dating situation with Hannah, Derek tells us that both were focused on the game.  He does tell Julie when she asks him to “expect the unexpected.”  Goodbye messages will be online tomorrow.

HoH Competitions

Before we get to the HoH, Julie says that the Big Brother program is so proud of the house guests work.  The show will give $10,000 to the American Red Cross in addition to the bags that the house guests put together.  In addition, CBS asked American to get involved by becoming a “Nation of Doers.”  Go to CBS/American Red Cross to see how to help.

Julie tells us that the house guests had to study the memory wall last night looking for clues to help them win tonight’s HoH.  I believe she called it the BB NFG Coming Soon and featured pictures from this year’s show (so far). 

Outside, Julie starts the competition. The game is called “BB NFG”.  All have studied the Memory Wall.  It’s a true or false and (according to live feeds) Tiff and Hannah have a cheating method set up (although I couldn’t tell if they used it).  Extra BB bucks will also be given.  At the end of the game, each will pick an envelope which contains additional BB Bucks of $50 or $100.  They have to wait until the High Rollers room to open them. 

The True/False questions are asked.  Xavier, Claire and Azah go out on question one.  Derek F. and Kyland leave on the second question.  Tiffany finally wins her first HoH (and we can expect another chaotic week). 

Julie tells us that it’s time for the High Roller’s vote.  Text your vote to award extra amounts to the house guest of your choice.  It looks like maybe Black Jack this week? The top three from the Coin Flip will play.  Text your favorite to 97979.  Vote up to 10 times and must be done tonight.

Back inside Tiffany is asked how it feels to have won.  She’s very proud and happy and looking forward to pictures and letter.  Tiffany says that Sarah Beth started the women winning.  Claire is asked how she feels.  She is happy but sad that Baby D. left.  Julie tells them no “have nots” this week (which usually means endurance competition next week).  Tiffany’s reign though may not be what she wants as it can be upended by the Coin of Destiny.  (I hope she doesn’t become another Chima (from Big Brother 11) who threw a fit (and destroyed a mike) when she lost her HoH power to Jeff.

So, what do you expect this week?  Will Tiffany destroy the Cookout to get to the finals.  Who will she put up and what will her reasoning be?  Who will win the power (Derek F. and Hannah already have the money to play)?  Will it be used to replace noms?  This will be another interesting week.

Big Brother #23: Sarah Beth Is Awake and Queen (8/25/21)

Big Brother finally has Sarah Beth in motion.  After weeks of just sitting around, wrapped in a blanket or hoodie, with sunglasses, we get to see her face.  She takes the time to use make-up.  I’m kidding but the win made her a different person.  It didn’t make her wise up though.  She became Kyland’s stooge and the means to an end.  Kyland has targets and used Sarah to achieve his ends through her nominations and the use of the “High Rollers” room.  So how will the Power of Veto go.  Patience, my friends and watch!

Scheming before the Power of Veto

After the usual recap of Big Brother, we get down to business. Sarah reminds us that the “Chopping Block” power was used.  Xavier is on the block and Alyssa is upset because Xavier looks out for her (little does she know, she’s his pawn).  Xavier was hoping not to be nominated at all this season but now he is due to her closest ally and the “rolling of a ball.”  Sorry for that pun.  No matter what I said, it would come out bad.  Claire is upset that Xavier is up.  Sarah is ectastic because she can get Derek X. out.  Derek X. now wishes he had played but in the “High Roller” game instead of saving his money.  As Alyssa cries, Xavier assures her it wasn’t her fault. Xavier tries to make her feel better by saying he’s against Claire  

Claire meets with Sarah about the situation but she’s nott Sarah’s target.  Unfortunately, Sarah can’t tell her who the real target is (Derek X.).  Claire believes Sarah but isn’t dumb.  Xavier is on the same team as Sarah and Kyland and she are closes, that leaves Derek X.  How many times do I have to say there are no teams anymore.  Get your act together and figure out The Cookout!   So what does Claire do?  She runs and tells Derek X. her theory and he’s upset.  He knows he is the target now.  With Tiffany involved, the discussion turns to other scenarios, Tiffany wants Derek X. off the block as he can do her dirty work for her.  Tiffany needs his protection because she hasn’t been on the block yet due to protection.  Another team player but for Tiffany, which team is she really on?

Claire tells Derek X. her theory and that she thinks they want him up.  Derek X. is upset and between the two, he knows he is the target.  Now Tiffany gets involved.  They discuss the scenario with her.  Tiffany is not happy because if he leaves, he won’t be there to protect her. 

It’s time for more HoH Room meetings.  Alyssa and Sarah talk.  Of course, Sarah mentions Derek X. as the target and Alyssa hopes he does go up.  After all, he took Christian out.  Sarah sees herself as helping Alyssa and knows they need to keep Derek X. from playing in the veto.  Derek X. goes up to meet with Sarah to find out if he’s the target.  He’s playing the pity game and what I can do for you.  Sarah tells him that she has options and must wait to see what happens.  Derek X. doesn’t understand why he is a target and says he hasn’t done anything.  Well, you did win HoH and take Christian out and you have won several competitions.  You have played the“target” game against the Jokers!  I know that’s game but it is something.  Derek X. knows his game is on the line and he must make the draw for the veto.  He then turns to Hannah and talks things through with her.  Their friendship makes it hard for Hannah to stick to the Cookout’s plan and she will do what she can to keep Derek X. off the block.

Power of Veto

It’s time to pick the players for veto.   Sarah, Claire and Xavier draw players.  Those joining in the game are Azah (who wants to take Xavier down), Derek F., Alyssa (Xavier’s pick and the one he wanted).  Derek X. knows he’s in trouble.  Later in the bathroom, Claire and Derek X. are both worried about the veto.  Claire finally breaks down in tears in the Diary Room while he sheds a few in the bathroom. 

The backyard is the domino game set up like a safari.  The house guests must set up the dominos to win prizes or punishments.  The prizes include BB Bucks, $7500 in cash while the punishments include BB Backruptcy, Strategy Shutdown (solitary confinement for 24 hours), two weeks of slop, and nomination for eviction.  The fastest time wins the prizes.  If you go for prizes, you are ineligible for the Power of Veto.  Alyssa is first and takes the punishment route  (she may be on slop).  She’s followed by Derek who wants the money (because he hasn’t won any games yet).  Sarah takes a prize route and a punishment route (it’s been hinted on feeds she won $500 but it wasn’t shown in on the show).  She’s also upset because the High Roller’s game didn’t giver her complete control so she goes for punishments also.  Xavier is going for all punishments including nomination, BB Bankrupt, and Strategy Shutdown.  Claire goes for the punishments also.  She needs to win to take herself off. 

Derek X. is host.  His first announcement is that with the winning time of 15 minutes, 29 seconds, the prizes of $100 BB Bucks, $7500 in cash had been won.  Who won these?  Derek F. of course and while he thinks no one knows, they all do (and upsets Azah and Xavier).  With a time of 3 minutes, 5 seconds, Xavier gets the Golden Power of Veto with the punishments of BB Bankruptcy, Strategy Shutdown, and being the third nominee.  Xavier knows his safety is now secured while Claire cries and is upset.  Claire doesn’t want to be next to Derek X. on Thursday. Sarah meanwhile is happy.  She can put Derek X up and send him to jury.

After Veto Strategy

After the veto, Claire cries in the shower with Derek X. listening and trying to calm her down.  Claire is upset not only about being up but that Derek X. will probably be going up beside her.  Derek X. is feeling guilty because he didn’t play the High Rollers game.  Tiffany then comes in and starts her games.  .  Tiffany tells us that she is in a tough situation.  Worse case for her is that Derek X. goes up.  She is going to figure out a way to keep him off the block because she can’t lose both Claire and Derek X.  (Hey, Tiff!  Volunteer to go up.  My feelings are that everyone should face jury at sometime in the game.)

American Red Cross Party

This year CBS must not be doing the back yard party.  Of course with all the hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc., I love that they have partnered with the American Red Cross who always shows up in disasters.  The house guests will donate their time to help the Red Cross by assembling emergency packs.  After Sarah gives the information on the work of the Red Cross, they begin.  Each kit will hold items that are needed in emergencies.  All are glad to be helping.  Tiffany is proud of the job they are doing because of her work in real life.  Kyland gets into the word game but does the message that all should prepare because we cannot be prepared to fail.  Azah is glad to get her mind out of the game and help others.  Group hug at the end.

More Strategizing

After the work party, Tiffany and Derek X. talk.  He tells us that this is the worse week of the summer for him.  He tells Tiffany he’s going to make a pitch to Sarah that he can help keep her in the game.  She suggests trying to get Sarah to put up Hannah as she wanted earlier in the game.  Derek X. doesn’t want this but Tiffany says that’s the best way to keep Derek X. in the hosue.  She doesn’t mind losing Claire to keep Derek X. (to take shots for her).  Derek X. tells us that’s it’s a “hail Mary” but he will take the shot. In his meeting, he tells Sarah that she doesn’t need to take the shot at him and promises her two or three weeks safety.  Don’t promise things like that Derek X!  That’s how you go out.  He does suggest Hannah and Derek X. swears that Hannah will go to jury (home).  Sarah listens and he swears he will never come for her (that’s the object of the game Derek X.).  Sarah tells us that she knows that Hannah’s been throwing competitions and is smarter than she is. For Sarah, who is the bigger threat. 

Veto Ceremony

Xavier calls the Veto meeting to order.  He is using the Power of Veto on himself.  He turns the meeting over over to Sarah who must name a new nominee.  Sarah nominates Derek X. She thinks if she doesn’t take the shot it would show a lack of confidence on her part.  Let’s clap for Kyland.  He did his job! 

In the Diary Room, Sarah says that Derek X. was an obstacle for her to reach finale.  Claire says it sucks and she can’t go against him because she trusts him the most.  It’s her worse case scenario.  Hannah is in a hard place but Derek X. would make the game hard for her and she can’t play it on a personal level.  (Did she just imply she had feelings for the guy?) Derek X. wipes his eyes.  He knows he has let America down.  If he stays, hell will break lose in the house.  Maybe he shouldn’t go.  We’ve had an interesting season so far.

Tune in tomorrow to see if Derek X. manages to save himself.  Will Claire leave?  Will the Cookout be outed?  Will Tiffany turn on her initial alliance?  It should be a good eviction show!

Big Brother #23: Sarah B.’s HoH (Or Is It)? (8/22/21)

Big Brother fans!  How many of you thought you’d see a Sarah B.’s HoH?  After all, she seemed to sleep through the first half of the season or do nothing but talk to Kyland.  Sarah Beth also though that the teams would be together to the end.  To that end, Big Brother encouraged friendships and internal alliances between teams and she has thoughts that she helped with Kyland’s HoH last week.  Now will Kyland turn her HoH into Kyland’s second HoH in a row?

HoH Fall-Out

Of course, we get the usual reminder that the Cookout is controlling the game.  Xavier wants Derek X. out for personal reasons and finds out that Derek F. is Derek X.’s target.  We also are reminded that Derek X. lost by one second (could the clock be off – again?).  Don’t ask about the clock?  Big Brother doesn’t cheat.

Sarah Beth celebrates and says this will change her game (game, what game?).  Derek F. is happy that he is staying and got to kiss Kyland.  Derek F. is tired of being a pawn and sounds like he is doubting the Cookout.  As the Sarah B.’s celebration continues in the Storage Room with Kyland, I am beginning to question what her partner outside the house is thinking about their interaction.  The Storage Room pair discuss the nominees and Kyland wants Claire or Derek X. out for personal reasons. 

Azah is upset that Britini is out of the game and TIffany spends time with her to get Azah’s head in the game.  They too are discussing nominees.  Tiffany, in Diary Room, is upset that Sarah B. won.  She was the last person that Tiffany wanted to win.  Tiffany tells us that “she’s not going on the block.”  Meanwhile, Xavier and Derek F. talk.  Derek F. is tired of the game and being a pawn.  He sees Derek X. as never being in danger.  Kyland comes in and tells them to trust him.  Derek F. is worried about his mental state and Xavier has to keep the Cookout together.  Derek X. is upset that he didn’t win.  Wait, Sarah B. is changing into dressy clothes for her HoH reveal?  Who does that? 

And the talks continue.  Alyssa and Derek X. are talking about the High Roller’s Room.  She wants to win the Ch”Chopping Block” and spin the wheel to ensure safety.  Derek F. and Tiffany get into a verbal fight. Derek F. needs to lookout for the Cookout and is trying to keep things good with Tiffany.  It seems that Derek F. said something that Tiffany thought was disrespectful during the week and she’s been stewing about it.  Derek F. and Tiffany start in the bathroom and takes it to the Storage Room.  Derek F. thinks he grew up like Tiffany.  She tells him no and that he came at her in the wrong way.  She talks down to Derek F. and she sees Derek F. as trying to intimidate her.  So, let’s see if I have this right.  Tiffany has problems with Derek F. but he can’t have problems with her?  When did that happen?  She feels she doesn’t owe him anything if he doesn’t have respect for her in the house.  I understand where she’s coming from but RESPECT is a two way street. 

Sarah B. starts searching for nominees.  Her main question is:  Will you play the High Roller’s game?  She doesn’t get the answers she wants as both Derek’s don’t plan to play.  Sarah B. is worried about next week’s power.  She is smart enough to realize that she’s vulnerable!  Sarah B. is happy to finally have power though so she goes on the hunt for pawns.

Derek X. starts overanalyzing the .  He’s questioning Tiffany’s thought process and loyalty to them.  He also thinks that there is a group working together (little does he know).  Meanwhile, Azah and Derek F. feel that Sarah B. is going on a “reign of terror.”  Azah has no idea of where Sarah B,’s head is in the game.  Azah tells Britini she may be out next and seems to break down.  Wait, she’s acting.  Never saw this side of her before.

Later, Sarah B. is looking at the wall.  She thinking Xavier because he’s a big threat.  Kyland knows he has to go slow to get to the target being Derek X., the Cookout’s target.  Kyland starts talking to Sarah B. about putting up Derek X.  Kyland suggests keeping him for a blindside as long as he doesn’t play veto.  I wish she’d take those sunglasses off.  It hides her eyes.  Sarah B. knows she needs to keep her options open.  Two pawns must go up.  (By the way, the show seems very slow tonight.  I guess it is because the HoH and her “partner” love of discussion. 


It’s time for nominations and the usual spill is done.  Sarah B. turns the keys to reveal Derek F. and Claire.  Sarah tells them that it makes it less complicated due to the Chopping Block.  What a ridiculous reason but that’s Sarah B.’s claim.   Kyland will do his best to get Derek F. off the chopping block.  What I don’t understand is why Sarah B. stops at every mirror she sees this week?

Tiffany gives Claire a pep talk.  Tiffany doesn’t have the BB Bucks to help.  She doesn’t want to see Claire go but it may be all that can be done.  Meanwhile Hannah and Derek X. scheme.  Hannah doesn’t want him gone but she knows that to keep the Cookout together, it may be necessary.  Derek X. wants to keep the BB Bucks to get next week’s prize.  He doesn’t want to play this week but how can he guarantee he will be here next week.

High Roller’s Game

This week, the amounts are:

$100 – Claire, Derek F. and Derek X.  None will use their money.  Claire does not have enough money to play.

$75 – Hannah, Xavier (both who are at $150), and Alyssa.  Alyssa will play.

$50 – Azah, Sarah B., Tiffany, and Kyland.  None of them have enough to play.

Before Derek X. makes a decision, he talks to Kyland.  Derek X. is smart but evidently he doesn’t have common sense.  If you could be a target, would you talk to the one person who is in Sarah B.’s ear.

“The Chopping Block” is a game of balance and skill.  Alyssa stands on the roulette wheel and must cause the wheel to spin around as many times as possible in two minutes.  The only player, of course, Alyssa wins and decides that she doesn’t want Derek F. to be a pawn so off he comes.  Sarah B. asks Alyssa to bring out a roulette wheel.  The wheel has all the eligible people left listed around its side.  Where the ball lands is the nominee.  All watch the spinning ball nervously.  The spin lands on Xavier who must take the chair beside Claire.

Alyssa is upset that she played the game.  Her only ally is up on the block.  Claire thinks she is next to a threat and she plans to win the veto.  Xavier will not back off a challenge.  He will win the Veto and others will have to go through him to get it.  Sarah B. now feels some fear as Xavier is up but Derek X. is still safe.  This could lead to her nomination next week.

Turn in Wednesday for the Power of Veto game.  What will it be?  Will Xavier be safe?

“Big Brother” #23: Which Joker Will Remain? (8/19/21)

Last night on Big Brother, I would have guessed it was Derek F. staying.  But as the day progressed, I saw Claire and Sarah B. more and more wanting him gone and speaking openly to Tiffany and Derek X. about their wishes.  I’m not sure what they have against Derek F. but this is Big Brother and sometimes the one who does the cleaning must go.  They can beat Derek F. at HoH competitions.  Britini staying would give them another lady in the house, but she’s already headed toward “bitter juror” and it would only get worse.  So tonight, I go in wondering if it will fall to the HoH to give the final vote (for a welcome change).  Oh, right!  That’s Kyland and the network needs to end the show by 9:00 P. M.

POV Ceremony and Aftermath

Julie Chen Moonves opens the show tonight with the announcement that emotions are high and two vetoes are in play.  We go straight to recaps and we see just how Tiffany can manipulate Kyland.  I had forgotten she can use words just as cleverly as he can.  Oh, and the new HoH will be crowned live on “Big Brother!”

Julie tells us that chaos erupted as the veto meeting started.  We given the Power of Veto meeting.  Both the holders of Power of Veto are standing and make the decisions.  Kyland will use the Veto on Claire.  Tiffany silent rejoices while Brit starts breaking down.  Britini is told to take the chair.  Alyssa does not use the Power of Veto so that is over. 

After the ceremony, Britini is mad.  Alyssa says that everyone is against her anyway and Derek X. could have gone up.  Derek F. is upset because it is Britini.  Claire is upset because she was up and isn’t forgetting that Kyland did it.  Kyland thinks that Derek F. will stay no matter what but that’s without thinking about Claire, Derek X. and Sarah B.  As Britini cries in Derek F. arms, in Diary Room she goes off on Kyland.  I guess when they have the house guests back in to destroy the house, she’ll go for his stuff.  Britini is sick of being a nominee.  It hurts both Derek F. and Azah to see her like this. 

Upstairs, Tiffany and Claire and talking in the HoH room.  Claire wants Derek F. gone because she feels all will carry him to the end for an easy win.  Tiffany, in Diary Room, tells us that as a member of The Cook-Out, Derek F. can’t leave.  Hannah works on Derek X. trying to keep Derek F. but Derek X., in Diary Room, tells us that Britini would take a shot at Kyland or others that he wants out. Later Claire and Derek X. talk but they count Hannah in with their number of a team.  The problem is that they have Tiffany listening to the talk.  You know Claire is really a bitter person at being on the block.  What did she expect of Big Brother.  Tiffany isn’t on the same page and Claire may have to go sooner than later.

The Cookout has decisions to make.  Tiffany tells Xavier that Claire and Derek X. wants Derek F. gone.  In Diary Room, Tiffany tells us that “for the sake of the Cook-Out,” she’ll get rid of either Claire or Derek X.  Tiffany has to tell Xavier also about Derek X.’s questioning the pairs and possibly the group of six.  Xavier assures her that he will lie to Derek X. if he must.  Later, Xavier tells Kyland that Derek X. is the biggest threat.  They meet with Derek X. and try to form an alliance as the three strongest players.  Derek X. immediately runs and tells Claire about the discussion.  Claire isn’t happy and thinks they’re playing Derek X.  She knows you have to lie to people in Big Brother.  Everyone says something for a reason.  Claire sees Xavier and Kyland taking a shot at both of them. 

The Live Vote and Eviction

Julie joins the house guests in the Living Room (whoops they are dressed for a physical competition).  Britini asks to stay via rap and don’t ask me to what she’s saying except she will help their game if they let her stay.  Derek F. thanks God and his mother and a long list of friends.  He then asks to be kept for fixing food, laughter and cleaning.  The house guests start the live voting with Xavier first.  The votes are coming in but wait.  Azah votes for Derek F. while Claire changes her vote.  Britini leaves for jury on a vote of seven to one but Julie fools them by telling Big D that he is safe before telling Britini she is gone.  With hugs she goes to meet Julie.  Wow did Kyland give Derek F. a big kiss?  Azah is being comforted by Derek X. and later by Tiffany and Alyssa.

Julie tells Britini that she was on the block four of six weeks.  Britini is going to the jury because she could have won with her story in the final two.  She’s okay with going to the Jury House.  America voted her the highest of amount of HoH bucks.  Julie wants to know why she didn’t play in the High Roller Game.  Brit thought she’d be okay this week so she saved her bucks.  Julie asks who she feels betrayed by and she quickly says Clare and Tiff.  She realizes that it is a game and no one wanted to show their cards.  She wants to see how it plays out.

Azah tells her that she tried to keep her.  Xavier talks about the blind sides and wants to be friends.  Claire was looking at it from an individual’s perspective, but her group didn’t see it.  Derek F. tells her that she is special in every possible way.  She cries on that one.  Julie wants to know what the best thing about her experience is.  Brit saying be there and talking to Julie.  Julie did not tell her about cook-out.

HOH Competition

Oh, it’s the balancing game.  This should be good!  The house guests are told that the power is up for grabsThe game is called “Dash for Dinner.”  One at the time, each must navigate the balance beams to get to dinner.  All beams are not the same size.  They are doing it individually on the clock.  If the clock expires, they are eliminated.  Claire is first and the rest must wait behind a wall.  She switched between wide and small and did it in 34.97.  Alyssa fell as she buzzed in and is eliminated.  She’s followed by Derek F. and Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth does beat Claire’s time with 21.03.  Azah, Hannah, Tiffany, Derek X. and Xavier all lose to Sarah Beth’s time.  Sarah Beth is the new HoH and the Cookout should be worried.  We should be glad because the action should be great this week.

Julie tells us that High Roller’s Room with Chopping Block as the game.  They can seize power by collecting BB Bucks and playing the game.  We can vote again this week with the same prizes as last week.  Vote by texting name to 97979 tonight!

Will Sarah Beth nominate Derek F.?  Who else will be up?  Will anyone play for a chance to make everyone vulnerable?  Who will Sarah Beth’s nominees really be?

Big Brother #23: And Kyland’s Confusing Reign Continues (8/18/21)

The one thing about Big Brother 23 this year is that it has been fun.  Viewers never know what to expect.  Even better, Big Brother “Live Feeders” often seem confused.  Of course, it’s not really anything the house guests are doing.  All this is coming from the top!  Kyland is causing the confusion.  He can turn a meeting into a lesson in words, words, and more words.  From what I saw on live feeds yesterday, he should be the lawyer because his meetings made little sense.  While confusing, it is fun to watch because no one knows what he means.  In other news, it looks like The Cookout is still in control but for how long? There are cracks developing and questions being asked.

After Nominations

After nominations, viewers often see Big Brother house guests in tears.  This year, there hasn’t been many tears but the scheming starts immediately.  With Derek F. and Claire on the hot seats, will Derek F. need to campaign?  Will Claire buy a clue or turn to her trusted ally, Tiffany.  Britini was breathing a sigh of relief since she isn’t on the block.  Britini, don’t trust your luck!  This is Big Brother and no one knows what will happen.

With the reveal of the “HIgh Roller” twist, Leland feels even more safe with the nominees.  Hey!  How can he get blood on his hands with this twist, right?  Claire, in Diary Room, feels confident because her bet could give her the second veto.  Derek F. wants to bet on the right person so he will be safe.

Britini goes to talk to Kyland about being a target and we get the Kyland double talk game starting.  With Britini, he says something that she takes as being a guarantee of safety and he shakes on it.  With Derek F., Kyland says he wants to control the Power of Veto.  Derek F. understands but we know from Diary Room that Kyland doesn’t want to lose either Sarah B. or Derek X. (for some reason).  Derek F. has doubts already.  Here’s another possible Joker plot exit and he doubts his fellow Cookout members’ loyalty.  Derek F. has another problem.  Going up as a pawn, he has to figure out a new way to keep his secret from Azah and Britini.

When Tiffany meets with Kyland, she’s upset because Claire’s on the block.  Her brain starts churning to figure out a way to get Claire safe.  .  I think Tiffany would send Derek F., a fellow member out, to keep her shield safe.  Kyland tells Tiffany about Claire’s target plan of The Cookout. Tiffany, in Diary Room, tells us that she must convince Kyland that what Claire says is not what she means.  Well, if anyone can give double talk back to Kyland, she can.  Kyland tells us that Tiff pushes back on Claire and wants Britini or Alyssa up. 

Power of Veto Competition

It’s time to pick players, and Leland draws Alyssa.  Alyssa is happy since they took her boyfriend out last week.  Claire picks Azah.  Derek F. picks house guest choice and chooses Britini.  Derek F. and Britini see this as an opportunity to save all three Jokers.  I wish they’d move past the “team” mentality and Derek F. realize the pecking order.

Kyland says they can place bets and chose someone to win.  Kyland announces that there is a clue about the veto – veto spelled backwards. Everyone knows that means OTEV.  In the bets, Kyland chooses Alyssa.  Derek F. chooses Britini.  Claire chooses Kyland. Sarah B. chooses Azah.  Derek X. really wanted to play OTEV and is upset that he was not chosen.

The OTEV course looks like a lagoon and OTEV is a jellyfish that sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  First Sharon Osborne and now Arnold?  What gives this year with these voices.  Participants must answer his questions and bring him the jelly with the correct jelly name on it.  Once they find the answer, they must climb the slippy hill to return it to OTEV.  Last one or incorrect answer is out.  Where Claire and Derek F. hope the veto saves them, Kyland plans otherwise.  He wants control of all the power.  First out is Derek F. followed by Azah, Britini, and Claire.  It’s down to Alyssa and Kyland but Kyland can control Alyssa’s decision.  He lets Alyssa win the Power of Veto taking the second for himself.  Kyland will save Claire to gain her trust (or brownie points).  It would be so nice if people actually played the game.  The throwing of comps is bad this year.  First Azah gives the answer to Britini and then Kyland cheats. 

Post POV Competition

Kyland celebrates with Sarah B. but she tells us in Diary Room that she’d be glad if Britini leaves.  Kyland, Xavier and Derek F. talk and Kyland says Britini is the only choice which upsets Derek F.  For some reason Kyland wants Derek X. left even though he is a great competitor.  Sarah Beth is Kyland’s shield.  Is there really any question of who is going up?  Britini draws the short straw.

Before the ceremony, Kyland talks to Sarah B and let’s her know what is going on.  Sarah B. has lost her smarts as she goes out, tells Britini for Kyland, and offers support.  Does that sooth Britini.  Of course not and she goes off to confront Kyland (who hides).  Kyland tells her he has no other choice.  He feels people will vote Derek F. out.  Britini walks away upset, mad and vengeful.  She is mad because he lied.  Kyland made the agreement and lies about what he said.  Well, he is the king of double talk.  During the conversation, Kyland shows no remorse but assures her that he doesn’t care if Derek F. leaves.  You know, as a long-time viewer, I would have caught on with his body language. 

Britini leaves upset and in diary room talks a little about the deal.  Could Kyland be regretting what he said?  He says in Diary Room that were there other options like Derek x.  Does he actually feel remorse?  Britini tells us she will not be silent.  I think, if she goes, a bitter juror will be born and I’m not sure Dr. Will can change her mind. 

By the way, I know what happens but won’t spill.  You will have to turn in tomorrow to see if:  Claire gets Derek F. out; Britini pours on the guilt and stays; or The Cookout remains safe for another week!

Big Brother #23: “The Cookout” Issue

In the past few days Twitter has come alive with complaints and comments about the only true large alliance remaining:  The Cookout.  Many fans, including me, has no issue with the alliance as they have managed to sustain their group and few outsiders have figured it out.  Others have been increasingly upset because Big Brother producers have allowed “People of Color” to align their side of the house to stay and run the house. The upset group feels that Big Brother should have done something to stop this or called the house guests on the alliance so that The Cookout was neutralized and the season would be more like previous seasons with the obvious winner.

Past History of the Alliances in Big Brother

The reason I don’t have a problem with this is because this season’s cast is more diverse and, excuse my pun, smarter.  When you enter a house with a large segment of the population equally divided not only by sex but ethnic backgrounds, it makes for a more interesting game.  For the past few years, we have had to deal with the racist/sexist/age angles.  I could go far back and point out house guests that were embarrassed after the show but instead, let’s look at Season 21.  It’s the most current season where the problems existed. 

Before this season, the Head of Households would take out the ones that were different based on age, LGBTQ status, and whether they were a Person of Color.  In Big Brother 21, Jackson Michie was named Camp Director and had to immediately put up four people to play for eviction.  His choices were Cliff (age), Kemi and David (People of Color), and Jessica (difference in appearance/Person of Color).  David lost the contest and was sent to an outsider cabin.  Over the course of the first few weeks, others from the initial group joined him.  To make matters worse, the alliance of Gr8teful formed with Jack and Jackson making racist and other inappropriate comments.  Both were warned by producers but it didn’t seem to make a difference.  Jack was out quickly ann when interviewed by Julie Chen Moonves, he felt the issues were taken out of context.  When given the evidence in a tape, he seemed ashamed of his actions and apologized.  Jackson (otherwise known as Michie) would win the season and then be embarrassed by his actions on the season finale.  To say he was shell-shocked is putting it mildly.  He was speechless and I don’t think he has really apologized to this day for his actions. 

Big Brother 23’s The Cookout Forms

Big Brother 23 has strong players in the cast and they were easily identified.  Seven of the house guests are what is considered People of Color and six of them bonded and formed “The Cookout.”  Their goal was to take each other to the final six so a person of color could finally win the money.  Let’s face it.  The majority of the winners have been Caucasian men who played on strength and looks.  This year, this group would be different and here lies the major issue I have with them.  They excluded a “Person of Color” who was of Asian descent, Derek X.

The Cookout’s Plan of Action 

The big goal for this group was to keep it a secret.  Frenchie didn’t know it during the first week’s HoH, but he led to the group’s success by saying on entering the house:  “No person of color or woman will leave.”  Frenchie wanted to be fair.  While I commend him for this, his method didn’t work.  He eventually had to go back on his word after forming so many alliances no one could track them and his handshake with Travis.  This led to Travis going up and out the door.  This also put a target on Frenchie’s back, along with two others who were considered his strongest allies,” Brent and Whitney.  The house was solid that these three had to go.  Frenchie left week two, Brent left week three, and Whitney left week four.  This immediately saw a decline on the Caucasian side of the house but no one realized anything had changed.  All of the house was having a great time and becoming friends.

The Cookout Members Are Strong

The Cookout is strong and has smart members.  This is both a plus and a minus as they can bond together but the cracks are showing.  Derek F. and Azah have been pushed to the bottom of the pack by the others.  Azah, in particular, feels that they have no voice and have had several fights with Tiffany. Meanwhile Xavier and Tiffany feel that they are the leaders which leaves Hannah and Kyland in the middle of the pack.

The problems are now arising as the group has set up a shield (or pawn if you will) to use in the voting agenda.  Kyland is paired with Sarah Beth.  Tiffany has Claire.  Hannah has Derek X. (who is a person of color).  That leaves Xavier, Derek F. and Azah.  Before I get to Xavier, you must understand that Derek F and Azah are paired with Britini.  Poor Britini has been considered weak by the house but she has won competitions.  She’s also been on the block three times which her team feels isn’t fair.  While Derek F. and Azah had Britini as their shield/pawn, Xavier, the strongest player in the Cookout, had Christian and Alyssa as his shields/pawns.  Christian went home last week.  The funny thing is that Christian realized he was Xavier’s shield.

The Future

So where does that leave The Cookout as nominees are growing tight.  Basically it means that one of them has to go up against their shield to stay.  It’s dawning on Derek F. and Azah that they got the short end of the division as Derek F. is on the block.  (Spoiler:  Claire was up but was taken off the block today by HoH Kyland with a veto.  Alyssa had another veto and is Xavier’s shield.  Xavier wouldn’t let her go up this week without a struggle.)  Tiffany got Claire back.  Because of Derek X.’s record, they want to wait for a Double Eviction to take him out.  .  That leaves Britini and, if the exit goes as planned, she will go and leave Derek F. and Azah without a shield.

Is this fair?  Of course not.  Of The Cookout, the only ones who have really done any damage to the other house guests are Xavier and Kyland.  Xavier has been HoH once and Kyland twice.  While Tiffany thinks she is the “brains” and the Janelle of this season, she hasn’t won anything and has proceeded to cause frissons in the alliance.  Derek X. is catching on and questioning.  I could spoil more on him but won’t.  Azah has lost trust in Tiffany.  Derek F. now realizes that he’ll probably be the first to go of the Alliance.  While Xavier has tried to mend fences, he is unwilling to give up his pawn.  For everything he does, Tiffany opens her mouth and causes problems.  Sorry Tiffany, you are not the next Janelle.  The house guests outside of the key group (Sarah Beth, Claire and even Britini) felt their friendships/alliances with their partner will keep them safe. 

So what could prevent The Cookout from having a member win the season.  The High Roller’s game hasn’t worked so far.  In fact, Kyland made sure that the second veto came into play (again no spoiler with this).  Below is how it could be prevented.

Derek X. continues to win.  He’s figured out much but he doesn’t know that he’s Hannah’s shield.  If he can only put the other chess pieces on the board in the appropriate order, he could play a statistical game and make it to the end. If he can align with a disgusted Azah and whoever is left at the end of the week, a new alliance is born.

Claire needs to realize that it is not teams any longer.  She seems to be seeing beyond Tiffany as a cohort and to the adversary role but hasn’t been willing to let go of the Royal Flush.  She’s been a floater up until recently when she showed she could win comps.  Can she shake off the stardust and realize that Tiffany is bad for her game?  Better yet, can she do something about it?

Sarah B. has lost her “intelligence” and gone to the sunglasses game.   She always appears wrapped in a blanket and clueless.  Kyland makes their decisions.  Her biggest wish is that Derek F. will go.  Can she convince enough of The Cookout to do this? 

Alyssa thinks she is safe with Xavier as her partner.  Well, Christian wasn’t that safe!  The veto gave her a certain amount of power but Xavier will cut her if he has to do it.  I look for it to be a fight between Tiffany and Xavier to save their shield/pawn to the end.

Which brings us to the Britini angle.  Most fans think she’s on the way out the door.  Some house guests see her as being too popular as she did get the “big bucks” in the high roller game from America.  If Derek F. survives the week, he knows where he stands but feels he won’t have the physical strength or “smarts” to stay.  Azah plays too emotional and she and Tiffany are at odds.  Will this split them from the main group to form a new alliance with Derek X.?

So, while the chances look good for one of The Cookout to win, I do have the hope that Derek X. can play the spoiler.  He has both the knowledge of how to win and the competitiveness to win.  We still have some weeks to go and I may adjust this later.  I see fights coming between members of The Cookout.  Tiffany and Xavier think they have this game in the bag but Hannah is a quiet player and smarter than they think.  Kyland has a big problem with perception and is making his alliance mad due to the excessive overthinking of the game and relationship with Sarah Beth.

What do you think?  Will The Cookout survive?