Riverdale: Chapter 46 and A New Master Mind Is Revealed

Okay – I’m 35 minutes into Riverdale tonight and I am hoping that this episode is another one of Jughead’s story.  If not, we either will get answers or more confusion.  Yet, this is Riverdale and are there ever any answers?  Of course not!  That’s why we keep coming back. So, let’s get into the story and see just what happens.  By the way, Riverdale producers, did you stage the sound mess up intentionally??

Archie the Angry Drunk

Archie has decided that college isn’t for him and he wants to work with Fred.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t go smoothly as Archie’s anger and drinking get out of control.  Add to that he gets fired and Fred catches him drinking and lectures him (yeah Dylan schooling Archie on drinking is funny — 90210 reference here).  He goes to Veronica’s club and Reggie refuses to serve him because Archie had had too much already  to drink.  Josie cools him off in a cold shower and Archie tells her about the dream/vision during the bear attack.  Josie offers him an alternative – music.

Archie decides that he has to confront Hiram and goes to the hospital with a gun (don’t ask me how or where Archie got the gun or how he got it into the hospital).  As Archie gets ready to shot, a masked gunman arrives (more about this later because it’s too confusing).  Archie shots at the masked man who runs (and yes, this will be revealed later).

Archie calls Veronica who comes to the hospital.  Hiram is alive and awake and wants to see Archie (as far as I can tell since the sound messed up and I was reading captions).  Hiram thanks him for being there and saving his life.  Archie says he only wants to live in peace.  They now have a truce sealed with a handshake.  Archie goes to the club and talks to Josie.  Have we got a new romance going?  Or is he going to take her suggestion and do music?  Well he does want to “jam” with her.

Betty and Her Family’s Mystery

Meanwhile Betty is off on a new mission because she’s suspicious of all the murders.  Her take is that it is Penelope Blossom.  Betty crashes Claudius’ funeral then meets back up with Jughead.  They decide to work together but Betty gets a call to meet the coroner.  Long story short (and to make the most sense), Claudius didn’t have an autopsy performed but the coroner found Clifford’s records.  Clifford didn’t commit suicide by hanging.  He had been killed by poison (or drugs) prior to the rope  being tightened around his neck.

Betty goes back to see Penelope at her sex club, Maple.  Betty’s figured it out.  Penelope has been killing the men who have died but why not women. Penelope admits that she did the crime and only murdered men because of the Blossoms adopting her at eight and her treatment as a child.  If Betty turns Penelope in, Penelope will tell about the person Betty killed.  Betty ends up visiting her father (again) who (again) asks for forgiveness.

Jughead’s Solves a Mystery (Almost) for Ronnie

Let’s be honest! If you know anything about Jughead on Riverdale, you know he writes about everything.  He’s writing when Ron shows up and gives him a case.  She wants to know who shot her dad.  Oh, and like the Philip Marlowe stories, Ron’s willing to pay.  So Jughead has a new mystery to solve (and we begin to get clues on what the surprise is for tonight).

Some of Jug’s clues are tied to Betty’s case but not all. Jughead is very suspicious of Hermione and starts to question her.  She’s the one who will get the most from Hiram’s death but she has an alibi.  Hermione was on a call when he was shot.  Hermione is upset because she had Hiram followed and gotten pictures of him with his mistress (played by Kelly Ripa).  Betty and Jughead cross paths here, but Jughead gets the most details later.  It seems that the runoff from the drug processing plant had ended up in the  Sweetwater Reservoir.  This caused the girls to have a seizure.  Hiram’s mistress had been called in to investigate and wrote the fake report that got the town quarantined (well that’s part of the quarantine mystery, I guess).

Jughead  had had Sweet Pea watching Hermione.  Sweet Pea calls Jughead and they find out about a mystery man in her life and the plot to frame FP with Hiram’s murder.  Instead FP turns the situation around and throws it back on Hermione.  And why may you ask?  Keep reading!


Hermione.  That’s right!  Hermione Lodge may have been a party to her husband’s game but says she was against the drugs (yeah, because it hurt Veronia).  She faked Sheriff Minette’s death and they had a “cabin” in the woods.  Jughead and Sweet Pea tracked them to their tryst (read sex) and heard the plan to frame FP for Hiram’s murder in the hospital room.  Only thing was Archie stopped that.

Then the sound on this episode messed up.  From what I read, FP turned the story on her and set up Tall Boy to do the shooting of Hiram Lodge.  Tall Boy was caught and died on the way to jail.  By the way, FP had called Alice to tape the story and Hermione wasn’t happy at that.  Hermione knows that Minette failed so she goes to the cabin and shots him.

Why you ask?  Well, she wanted the money to pay off someone off for something (which was highly distorted by the sound issue).  Hermione needed the money that Hiram got for protection and the sale of the drug to complete whatever she’s doing.  With Ronnie and Reggie destroying the drugs, Hermione doesn’t have her part of the bargain for  the deal (don’t ask me about this because we weren’t told).  Now, Hermione is wanting revenge on both FP and Jughead.  And Riverdale is just Rivproerdale according to jughead.

Big Brother 23 (July 22) — And Another One Bites the Dust (and All Hope it is Frenchie)

So Big Brother fans are almost all aligned on who should leave tonight.  After a messy week one where Frenchie only missed Derek X. in an alliance, it looks like he is on the way back to the farm by the end of week two.  Can he pull a switch of targets?  Will he have pity votes that will keep him safe?  Will the door hit him on the way out?  And who will be the next one to go?  Two Slaughter House members have a target on their back but Brent wants a girl out?  I believe it will all come down to the next HoH and which of the many alliances they are in.

Eviction Night and the Recap

Okay, I’m not going into the reminders.  They just seem to kill time.  I will say that Big Brother reminds us of Frenchie’s fall from power, alliances discovered, and tears shed.  We’re reminded of the Slaughter House and Cookout and Frenchie’s paranoia blowing up his alliance.  Kyland put Frenchie and Britini up. Derek X. did not use the Power of Veto.  Big Brother’s announcement was:  “Is Frenchie fried?”  Did they have to go there?

Julie welcomes us to day 16 and says that Frenchie had the wildest HoH in the history of Big Brother.  (Julie you need to be on Twitter more!)  Then she tells us that Frenchie is working to stay in house (of course everyone on the block does that).  Derek X. wants Frenchie gone and feels bad about not taking Britini off but didn’t want Kyland to have to make another nominee.  Even Frenchie knows “no one in their right mind” would vote against her.  Luckily, Britini sees that too and tries for the low profile.

Frenchie starts his “redemption/stay safe tour” with Derek F. and Tiffany.  TIffany deserves the eye-roll award.  He eventually makes his way around the house only hearing what they want him to hear.  In the Diary Room he enacts dying only to come back to his life.  If Dan G. did it, so can he.

Julie’s Announcement on Alliances (House of Cards)

Last night the alliances started reforming. Sarah Beth and Kyland share personal history and seem to have gotten close.  (He doesn’t make her feel awkward.  Kyland meets with the Slaughter House with Derek X.  It seems like all but Brent thinks the alliance is dead.  Brent starts trying to charm people to stay safe while Whitney keeps her distance.  When the Slaughterhouse met, the remaining members didn’t offer Kyland safety but that’s not stopping Christian and others from doing it.  Kyland does acknowledge to Christian and others he has two people he thinks should go and the rest agree that those two are Brent and Whitney.  The Kings and Queens feel safe going into next week.  Meanwhile Christian talks Alyssa about how Brent is conspiring only to have him arrive to talk to them.  Brent is still saying a girl needs to go.  In his mind, there is still a Slaughterhouse.  Christian will say what he thinks Brent wants to heard but it doesn’t mean Christian will do what Brent wants.

Nominees and the Vote

Julie gives each a chance to sway the vote.  Britini is first and uses a rap to thank people for leting her be  and experience Big Brother.  Frenchie tells the house guests that he knew he would have crazy experiences and play the “country” card.  He has a friendship with all (yeah, right).  He wants to keep the friendships going.  The voting begins.  Claire is first.  By the time the cycle plays out, the votes are Frenchie 11, Britini 1 (made by Derek F.).  Frenchie has lost the vote and will be going home.  Will Frenchie leave with class.  Frenchie knows he is gone and hugs Britini.  No one else waits for a hug but they do a “friendship circle” and he expects them to do amazing things and be amazing people.  Is Derek F. crying? 

Frenchie and Julie

Out the door he goes and to the Julie questions.  She thanks him for keeping it classy as he exited the house and Frenchie tells her he is worried about her questions.  Julie wants him to tell us how he did as HoH.  Frenchie tells us his wife told him to come to Big Brother and change the game.  He made it his point to keep “people of color” in the house and he hopes future house guests follow his lead.  (Wait!  Is that why he wanted Kyland and Derek X. out.)  Julie asks about outing the Slaughter House.  Frenchie tells us that he formed it with the group of people he selected to keep them close.  They made him nervous and he felt he did the right thing as he proved with some of them that they were what he had expected. Julie asks about the “double of nothing.”  Frenchie is not sorry he didn’t take the two weeks safety.  He wanted to see his kids photo because he’s a dad first. 

Julie plays the messages.  Tiffany wants him to know that she respected him but if he continued, no one else could have won.  Brent didn’t think Frenchie had a shot at winning and Frenchie betrayed Brent first.  (My question to Brent is when?)  Britini apologizes that he had to leave while Derek F. called him his best friend and promises to play for both of them.  Frenchie is shedding tears over Derek’s F.’s comments and tells Julie that Derek F. will be his friend for life.  They may come from different walks of life but they are connected now. 

Head of Household 3

Outside, the house guests are told that the HoH is consists of two videos that Tom Green of Celebrity Big Brother has made in Ottawa, Canada.  He will be doing two “man on the streets” question/answer game called “Tom Talks Big Brother.”  They will answer questions based on the videos.  If they answer correctly, they are safe.  If the answer is wrong, they are out.   

After the first video, the questions start.  The first question sees Derek F., Britini, Brent, Christian and Tiffany leave.  Second question is missed by Azah.  All get question three correct.  On to video two and a few people who know the game.  Question four sees Whitney and Claire leave the game.  The next question gives us a winner.  It is Xavier crowned the new Head of House.

Now, where what will Xavier do?  New alliances were formed last night but, after Kyland, Brent was there first trying to make an impression.  Xavier is a member of the Cookout but will he keep them safe.  As we watch the celebration, the manipulation starts (especially with Brent).

As the show concludes, Julie talks to the house guests are.  After congratulations are given to Xavier, she reminds his team, the Kings, that all are safe.  He tells us that he’s looking forward to the HoH rewards, especially the bedroom and private bath.  Britini is asked if aher rap helped convince others to let her stay.  She tells Julie that it only took 10 minutes to prepare but she’s been practicing since Sunday.

So… will the Wild Card be used?  Will it throw a wrench into Xavier’s nominations as its ripples go through the house?  I really want to see where Xavier’s head is at in regard to nominations.  I think he, as a lawyer, will play a game that Brent doesn’t understand.  Will he keep his Cook Out crew safe or did he buy into any of the alliances last night?  We’ll start getting answers Sunday night (if you don’t have live feeds)!

Big Brother 23: And a New Head of Household is Crowned (July 21)

Hi all!  And the Big Brother fandom rejoiced on Thursday night when Kyland was crowned the Head of House.  Let’s face it!  Big Brother 23 started off as it was in week five or six with all the wheeling/dealing of Frenchie.  The only person that Frenchie didn’t have an alliance with was Derek X and the only reason was because Frenchie had planned to put him on the block.  And by the Sunday show, Frenchie had got his due with being put on the block with teammate Britini.  Can he talk his way into being saved?  I already know but won’t spoil it.

Post Nominations

So, Frenchie and Britini are up and Frenchie feels betrayed.  Personally, I think that Brent should be next to him in the nom chairs but it seems Kyland felt that the nominees should come from the same team.  Hey, it puts the Jokers down one this week.  But with the Power of Veto competition to be played anything can change.

Well, you can tell that Frenchie doesn’t care who he takes down.  The producers remind us that Frenchie kept throwing the Slaughter House name out.  The nominations Kyland says was that Frenchie was basically a distraction and Britini only has loyalty to her team.  Brent tells us that Frenchie’s nomination was karma due to Frenchie being sketchy.  (But Brent!  You were in Frenchie’s ear.  What does that make you?)  With Britini in tears, the Jokers are in disarray.  Azah even calls Britini a scapegoat.  She sees that Kyland should have put someone from another team up.  Derek F. is upset because Kyland hit to close to home and didn’t give Derek F. a head’s up.  Frenchie does tell Britini to let him go home and he tells us that he will put the veto around her neck.  He still thinks he’s a mastermind and could figure out a way to stay.

Kyland talks game with his team.  Alyssa is glad that the kings are safe because of Frenchie’s power trip.  Meanwhile Tiffany and Kyland talk about the nominations and feel good about it.  Tiffany tells us that Frenchie must go (I so agree). 

Brent talks to Derek X and Whitney about the nominations.  She’s glad that Frenchie’s up.  Brett is taking no responsibility.  When Frenchie meets with Kyland, Kyland is not buying his comments about saving Britini.  Kyland promises in Diary Room to make sure Frenchie doesn’t win.  Kyland, with Britini, is a different matter.  He tells her that he felt she was the one person who wouldn’t go home next to Frenchie.  Kyland makes it plain that he does not want the POV used on Britini.

Brent looks to be hunting for a showmance.  He’s flirting with Hannah and she’s playing with him.  She doesn’t believe his sweet talk and gives him nothing.  Brent thinks she is interested.  Boy, talk about a swelled head. 

Frenchie meets with the Slaughter House to decide what to do.  Frenchie sees that they have turned on him and thrown his name out so why help them (you couldn’t see that happening Frenchie).  Derek F. pretends to sleep and hopes that Frenchie will not mention him (Frenchie didn’t).  After this meeting, Frenchie blows up the group to all the rest of the house.  Frenchie’s reasoning is that too many alliance members called his name and he’s going to make them regret it.  Word gets back to Kyland who is a member of Slaughter House and he knows Frenchie must go.

The house guests plans to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday so they wrap her in toilet paper (don’t ask me why).  This is where Kyland finds them and let’s all the rest of the Slaughter House know what Frenchie has done.  This will cost him with any who might have helped him. 

It’s Time for the Power of Veto Competition

It’s time to draw people for the veto competition.  Kyland draws first and gets Alyssa.  Frenchie wants Derek F. but gets C.laire.  Britini wants a teammate but gets Derek X.  That won’t help her chances.  Derek X. is determined that Frenchie won’t get off the block and Frenchie knows it. 

POV is being played in a beach setting.  Call “Untan Lotion,” they must get a float out of a tube after filling it with suntan oil.  Britini is first and figures out that the ones that are farther away gives the most lotion.  The ground is slick.  Wait!  Don’t they play something similar like this for HoH later in the season? 

Britini figures the pattern out but so does Derek X (who figures out that the SPF 30 gives the most lotion).  All three times are good.  The winner is Derek X in 4:41.  Kyland’s time was 4:54.  Frenchie finished at 5:06 and Britini was 5:08.  (Britini don’t be ashamed.  You did great).  Alyssa (at 6:57) and Claire (at 5:33) didn’t want to win and could have cared less.  The winner is Derek X.  All hoped Frenchie wouldn’t win because of last week and he didn’t.  Derek X sees it as his chance to eliminate a big threat in the house.  Britini is upset because she knows she is not coming off the block.  Frenchie is in tears but he will hold his head high as he leaves. 

After the Competition

Frenchie admits his last hope is gone. (So was Travis’ but you had no remorse.)  He talks to Azah and admits he probably cause this himself.  Azah is understanding.  She says she knows that the game brings out every emotion in you.  Derek F. does tell Frenchie he was taught by his mom never to give up and Frenchie shouldn’t either.  Great advise Derek F. but did you have to do this in front of Britini.  Frenchie now swears that he’s coming for everyone. 

Frenchie does make one last pitch to Kyland and Derek X to keep him..  Frenchie only wants a chance.  Frenchie uses the old reason we always hear that if he’s up against anyone else, he will go home.  Yeah but Frenchie, I don’t think the house or us could take another HoH with you at its head.  Even with the promise of keeping them safe, can Derek X. be swayed?  Derek X. admits in Diary Room that he is thinking of the house versus Frenchie’s word.  Which is the best choice?  (Well, I wouldn’t believe Frenchie after last week.)

Power of Veto Ceremony

Derek X. has made his decision and calls the rest in.  Usually we hear pleas to the POV winner to keep each safe.  What gives?  We don’t hear any speeches?  Derek X. adjourns the meeting without using the veto.

Derek X. feels that he made the best decision while Kyland is glad that the noms remain the same.  Britini is going to campaign to stay in the house.  Frenchie is going to fight but how?  He tells us not to count him out yet.  Derek F. is upset about losing a teammate. 

Turn in tomorrow for live eviction when we learn:

Did Frenchie find a way to stay?

Does he blow up everyone’s game on the way out?

Does the door hit him as he exits the house?

Big Brother 23 — How to Ruin the First Week

Big Brother 23 has only just started but I feel like I have lived through a battle zone.  The first week usually have people beginning to meet, make foolish final twos and starting alliances.  Very rarely in Big Brother’s history (or since I began watching in season 8) has a HoH on week one set out to make a name for himself and turn the first week into week five or six.  Unfortunately, Frenchie wanted to be the best player of all time and made some of the dumbest moves in week one. 

So what did Frenchie do wrong?  I mean every Head of House gets a case of HoH-itis but Frenchie’s was over the  top.  So to help future players, let’s use Frenchie’s reign (of terror) to figure out what not to do.

Number One:  Never make a blanket promise of immunity.  Let me define this better.  Never make a blanket promise if it includes all women and minorities (or People of Color).  Usually, by making this promise you cut your potential nominees by half if not by more.  In this case, over three quarters of the house would not have been on the block.  Frenchie stood no chance with nominees and he should have been smart enough to know it.  He should have had a second plan for what to do if his plan failed.

Number Two:  Never state your ideas on nominees to a wide assortment of people (in other words, the house).  By giving the blanket “I’m not nominating a woman or a  POC,” Frenchie set himself to be manipulated if anyone was smart.  In this case, good old Brent stepped in and decided to play Frenchie’s second in command.  It didn’t matter to Brent who Frenchie put up as long as it wasn’t him.  By day two, Frenchie was already limited to two or three people and his big mouth had sunk his HoH.

Number Three:  If you are playing in teams, consult said team.  Frenchie was captain of a team of four.  The only one of the four that he talked to was Derek Frazier (Derek F.) and Derek F. was kept out of the loop on many issues.  The girls didn’t know anything until after Frenchie and Brent had made decisions and brought it to the “Slaughter House” (who didn’t contribute either).  It’s best to trust your team instead of a member of the opposition, Frenchie.  

Number Four:  Know your second-in-command’s capability.  Brent got in Frenchie’s ear and just wouldn’t let up.  Then, in the end, he couldn’t live up to his promises.  Brent lost the HoH to probably one of three people Frenchie wouldn’t want to see at the top of the food chain.  If you need a second, go for one like Frankie Grande who listens and reports.

Number Five:  If creating an alliance be aware of the size.  Also, in the case of a big alliance, it’s best to know more about your alliance and what they can contribute or who else they are working with before you do so.  Include women and POCs as they can feel out their allies.  If it’s all talk, what good is an alliance.  If you won’t listen, then it’s on you.

Number Six:  If you want to listen to conversations, develop relationships.  Listening at doors in the BB house is always noticed which means that you are a known snoop.  Again Derek saw Frankie’s value and had him as a source.

Number Seven:  Don’t make promises you won’t keep!  You made a blanket statement about nominees then couldn’t keep it.  Frenchie, the audience and live feeders saw what happened.  We know that you outsmarted yourself day one.  You wanted to be known as a man of your word only to show you were a liar.

Number Eight:  Everyone wants a final two because this is Big Brother.  You need to be sitting in the chairs at the end of the show with someone you can beat.  You made so many final twos Frenchie that it came back to bite you.  Of course, if you could be trusted, everyone would have been of the “ride and die” school with you because they could beat you.

Number Nine:  If it is teams, work with at least one additional team.  Yeah, Frenchie had some members from outside his group, but he never realized that he should have gone with only one additional team.  By aligning yourself with another team of four, you would have gotten so much further in the game. 

And while I could give more pointers, I am going to end with this.

Number Ten:  Never put your eggs in one basket on who you want out.  In your case, you targeted Kyland and said Derek X. would be your second target.  You never had a target three because everyone else in the house was in one of your alliances or a final two with you.  When Derek X. won the Power of  Veto and took Kyland off, Frenchie was left with no person to put up.  His word became worthless.  By making a comment on who you wouldn’t nominate, having as many side alliances as Frenchie had, you can’t win and you are sure to be nominated the next week.

I honestly feel that Frenchie who claims to be a super fan really is not one.  If he was, he’d be aware of how his plan would have failed.  Plus, his personality and need to control everything set him up to land on his face.  Seeing the result of all this has been entertaining in itself.  The man was placed on the block week two and so far has done everything but self-evict.  Wait, he even threatened that.  Frenchie, if you see this, I’d advise you not to go on Twitter when you get out.  You may find people haven’t been as kind as I have tried to be.

Big Brother #23 — The Mighty Have Fallen (episode 4)

Has Big Brother #23 only been on a week?  The first week under Frenchie seemed like a mid-season HoH.   Frenchie made a promise that no women or minorities would be on the block.  Guess what!  They were!  Not only did Frenchie create the first (and eventually largest of the week) alliance (probably not the largest ever as Frenchie claimed but he didn’t care) but he also had so many side deals and “final” twos that he was aligned with everyone but Derek X.  And who created the most havoc for Frenchie?  Derek X when he won Power of Veto.  Frenchie thought Derek X wouldn’t be able to win but he did.  At the POV Ceremony, Frenchie had to put up one final two alliances, Travis, who would go out the door.  To add insult to injury, he couldn’t play for Head of Houses (HoH) and his team and his second (in command) Brent (or is it Brett) couldn’t win.  So what will happen next?  We’re about to see.

Now you must understand that I (finally) got my live feeds (after switching Wi-Fi carriers) but I have been following the plot.  I’ll try not to spill anything early.  Let’s settle in to watch Frenchie’s downfall.

Thursday’s HoH Aftermath

On last Thursday (July 15th), the HoH was played.  Each player lined up at a distance and tried to sink a ball into the shark’s mouth.  No two people could play the same number and no one could bank a ball into the mouth. It looked like one of Frenchie’s alliance members, Brent, would win only to lose to one of Frenchie’s nominees (saved by Derek X), Kyland. 

In the house after the HoH competition, celebrations starts.  Kyland is surprised but very happy.  Alyssa survived and she’s going to lay low.  All question the two votes for Alyssa (Tiffany and Derek F.).  Derek F. did is to be silly.  Frenchie asked Tiffany to do it.  Frenchie was sworn to silence by Tiffany but she’s sure it will come out. 

As Alyssa goes on fact finding, Derek X. is busy relaxing.  He saved Kyland so should be good.  Christian is trying to help Alyssa (possible showmance) discover the votes that were done for her.  Claire celebrates as Kyland was on a team making her safe and no slop or purnishments.  Kyland and Xavier think Tiffany did one of the Alyssa votes but can they prove it?  Of course not unless Frenchie tells.  Later in the gym, Frenchie talks to Brent and Whitney.  Tiffany is there and finds Frenchie going back on the deal.  She’s got proof that Frenchie will “run his mouth.”  Frenchie promises if nominated to leave the house with dignity.  Tiffany of course talks to Kyland about Frenchie in regard to loyalty.  Tiffany doesn’t want a Frenchie’s HoH part two (maybe you should worry aboaut Brett).  Kyland is on to it.  Cristian has told him about some things he found out last week.  The trust factor is gone in regard to Frenchie and it’s not only with Kyland.

The HoH reveals occurs and everyone is anxious to see what Kyland gets.  He has three pictures from home and a letter from his mom.  He starts to read but is emotional and Tiffany does the honors.  His mom celebrate Kyland’s birthday (last week).  Later in the bedroom, Tiffany breaks down because she is away from her son.  It’s part of her strategy though.  Tiffany is also very much aware that Frenchie needs to go because he spies and creates chaos.  Azah, who is on the Frenchie’s original team, is confused.

Friday, July 16th

The Wildcard Comp is to be played.  Kyland’s team cannot play.  If the other three teams can’t decide who to play, it will be by a draw.  Frenchie (Jokers) wants to be the player because it will secure his safety.  The Aces decide that Sarah Beth will play.  The Kings leave it up to fate and that person is Brent.  Brent is glad because he may need it.  Costumes are given for “a wild night out on the town.”

Kyland talks to Frenchie who wants to set himself up for safety.  Excuse me but from what I see it looks like Frenchie tried to run Kyland’s HoH.  Frenchie even admits he knows people are telling Kyland to put Frenchie up.  Frenchie is seeing red flags that he’s in danger and he’s mad.  Wow!  Frenchie even mentions the Slaughter House (a Frenchie alliance) is done.  The rest of the members are scrambling and now everyone knows about it.  When Whitney tries to talk to Frenchie, his excuse is he doesn’t want drama (really, week one was nothing but drama).  Whitney is trying not “to go off on” Frenchie who is nothing but a loose cannon.  Brent tries to calm Frenchie down but Frenchie says he “doesn’t have the numbers.”  Brent wants to keep the alliance together but I think there’s no way the Slaughter House alliance can survive.

The competition, Splat, has the three contestants dressed up in evening clothes. They will be shown paintings then asked questions about each painting.  First one who gets three correct wins.  Sarah Beth wins the first and get splashed with paint.  As the game goes forward, both Brent and Frenchie score points but Sarah Beth gets the necessary three points.  Sarah Beth hates the slime but loves the points.  Winning the comp, Sarah Beth has control.  Brent is happy that Frenchie did not win.  Frenchie meanwhile knows he is in trouble. 

The prize for this competition is the guarantee of safety as long as Sarah Beth will move to Kyland’s team.  While Whitney hopes Sarah Beth will chose to change with her, Sarah Beth decides to remain where she is.  There will be no replacement and no one but Kyland’s team is safe from eviction.


Next up is nominations.  Kyland meets with each house guests for their thoughts.  Tiffany tells Kyland that Frenchie, Brent and Whitney is the three headed monster in the house.  She points out with that group gone, they will last longer.  Kylnd hears Frenchie from all (even Brent and Whitney).  Kyland wasn’t happy with Britini’s answers and finds her only loyal to the Team Jokers.

At the Nominations Ceremonies, Kyland has nominated Frenchie and Britini.  Frenchie is told that his nomination because Kyland has learned that Frenchie isn’t loyal.  Britini is only loyal to her team mate. Frenchie is too dangerous to keep around and Britini is only loyal to her team mate.  Frenchie says he isn’t going to quit now and he’s going to win the veto.  Britini remains loyal to his team mate.  Brent admits they want Frenchie out and the house will be fine.

So tune in Wednesday to find out who wins.  I know, the game has already been played but will not spoil it.  Here’s the questions for Wednesday:

How much drama will Frenchie cause because of his nomination?

Will Frenchie win the POV?

Will he be saved? 

Which alliances survive as the Slaughter House and Butchers fall?

I’ll be back Wednesday.   

Riverdale: Pin Cushion Man or Gun Toting Momma — Chapter 86

Riverdale fans we are here!  It’s the mid-season finale and we’ve got many upset fans. It’s Riverdale, right!  Some want Betty and Jughead back together.  Well, I’m not sure where Bughead stands.  Others wants Archie with Betty (Barchie) but right now it looks to be Veronica and Archie (Varchie).  I’m not really going to concentrate on that right now as we still have Chad and now Glenn back in the picture.  I’m not a Chad fan and Glenn is a big question mark.  He told Alice the truth.  I understand why but with no body, I’d say “Back off dude.”  He knew nothing of Alice’s problems. 

And previews haven’t helped.  A gun, really?  Twitter had a post yesterday reminding us of how “Life with Archie” ended.  With the show picked up for another season, I can’t see the franchise losing any of the core four.  Do I think someone gets shot tonight?  Yes and I’m guessing Betty.  My reasoning is: “The Trash Can Killer,” the trucker, or Glenn.  (Okay, I sure guessed that one wrong!)  She does seem to attract serial killers!  Plus we have already had Archie and the bear and Jughead’s death only last year.  That leaves Betty or Veronica.

Jughead’s Cure for Writer’s Block

Tonight, again no opening narration but Tabitha and Jughead dancing in the diner.  From that kiss, it looks like we may have a new couple – Tabhead?  Later, while at school, Jughead’s agent calls and tells him that Popular Culture magazine wants an article and little bit—let’s say – macabre than what he has been writing.  (Well, at least I know the magazine isn’t part of the Popular Culture Conference!  They only want scholarship.)  Back at the diner, Jughead starts working on the project and he’s listening to tapes.  Are they really of Betty?

Jughead and Tabitha talks about the almost kiss that has happened.  She apologizes and he tells her about the toxic relationship with Jessica.  He’s got writer’s block again and wants her help.  It seems the book was written while on some type of “mushroom” psychedelic drug.   He wants Tabitha to watch over him after he takes a dose and starts the article.  Tabitha is smart.  She doesn’t want him on drugs and refuses his help.  Jughead is determined and orders the drug to be sent to him in Riverdale.

Tabitha apologizes for kissing Jughead but he gives her the history.  Jughead says he has had a toxic relationship.  Jessica is a writer and Tabatha stops him and says, “Let’s be friends.”  Jughead asks for her help with the Popular Culture book.  Jughead tells her about how he wrote his book on Magic Mushrooms.  Jughead hopes the maple will help him break through and he asks Tabatha to watch him.  She does not want him doing psychedelics. 

Jughead calls and asks about the Mushroom drug.  He’s going to get some sent to him in Riverdale.  The delivery person is Jess.  She issues a threat after Tabitha tells her she’s Jughead’s new girlfriend.  Tabatha tells Jughead she is against the drug plan but she will help.  After fixing him a burger, Jughead tells her she doesn’t have to stay all night and she promises to check on him.  This is what we don’t need when the jail break happens.

As Jughead starts to write, the drugs kick in.  When Tabitha comes to the bunker to check on him, he makes a play for her.  She hand cuffs him to the chair and tells him to write then leaves.  In his drug induced state, he hallucinates that first Jess shows up and throws herself at him and then Betty comes.  Let’s just say he is anticipating a good time (PG-13 version) and then sees rat running across the bunker’s floor.  As he looks around, he sees a light which appears to come towards him. 

The next day, Jughead wakes up to find a manuscript on the table but then the door to the bom shelter opens.  Later when Tabitha arrives, she finds blood on the floor, the manuscript with blood on it, and the handcuffs covered in blood.  Jughead is no where to be seen?  Has he been abducted?  Is this a new killer no one suspected?  Has one of his old enemies found him from the jail break (wait for it).  Mystery one for the season return is here folks!

Betty and the Cooper’s Family Drama

Yes, I said drama.  When we first see Betty, Glenn appears to have spent the night.  She’s not happy with him especially when he hints that her father may have once been involved in the highway’s killings.  The history goes far enough back to include her dad but would the Black Mas Killer be part of that plot.  Hal is dead, isn’t he?  With Hal, I never can be sure.  When Betty says that Jughead will join them, Glenn won’t have it. 

As Betty and Alice talk, they get a phone call about the twins.  Something has happened at school!  It seems Juniper and Dagwood pushed a classmate, Jared, down the steps.  He broke his shoulder but could have died.  The twins show no remorse which worried Betty and Alice.  

Betty tells Glenn about the twins and their reactions.  She’s worried that they are a bad seed.  That doesn’t seem to surprise Glenn who is working on his dissertation about the Cooper Family and the serial killer.  While Betty may not have the tendency, her father did kill people.  SHe tells him she quits, and he tells her that she needs him to find Polly.  Let’s take a vote, shall we.  Who is more manipulative:  Glenn or Chad (and you’ll have to wait on why I ask).

Later, Betty and Alice set up for the children’s birthday party.  As they sit down to eat, the doorbell rings and Juniper goes to open the door.  In comes Charles and Evelyn who have escaped from prison.  They want to be married at the family home.  Betty says there is no minister there but Charles had Alice get ordained online so she could marry them in prison. 

As if that isn’t enough, Glenn shows up.  Three guess who has ties to Glenn.  That’s right! Glenn trained with Charles at the academy and was his rival.  They tie Glenn to a chair and play a family game called “The Pin Cushion Man.”  The youngest member must stick a knife in the target, Glenn.  That means that Juniper must do it.  Betty pulls her back and tells Charles not to do this.  Charles agrees but Betty must take her place.  Betty cuts Glenn but also throw the knife at Evelyn (apparently killing her).  Alice rushes Charles and a shot goes off.  Was it Betty or Alice.  She gets up with a gun in her hand.  Luckily, (I hope) the children were out of the room.

The next day we learn that Glenn had a flesh wound and will be okay.  Charles is in ICU and looks to recover (yippee not).  No mention of Evelyn so I take it she died..  The Highway killer is being moved to the northern part of the state.  Evidently, Betty isn’t going there.  When we last see her tonight, she’s dressed as a trucker and hitting the highway.  I guess she’s a vigilante now.

Archie, the General, Hiram Lodge and Cheryl

Archie finds out about Parent’s Night from Mr. Weatherbee.  On the heels of that, he finds out he’s up for a silver medal.  The General tells Archie it is for his bravery at the mission.  Archie doesn’t feel he deserves it and uses his class to point this out.  It upsets a general when Archie question when you don’t have to follow orders.  Archie smells a rat (and it isn’t Hiram this time).

Wait, the rat Hiram is up to something.  Hiram tells Slimy Reggie he needs to redeem himself.  Hiram wants the Parent’s Night to be ruined because Archie has managed to bring the town back to life.  Hiram plans to blow up the prison (remember the clock last week) and Reggie must get the maple grove.   There is something (scrolls I think) buried there.  I’ll go into my thoughts on this in the for next time section.  Reggie must convince the Blossoms to sale the grove so they can did.

While Cheryl and her new girlfriend are walking through the grove, they check the sap buckets.  There is nothing in them.  Nana tells Cheryl it is the Blossom curse and is happening due to the outsider (Cheryl’s girlfriend).  Now wait a minute?  Why didn’t Toni cause this to happen?

When Nana gets a visit from Reggie, she signs a deed giving Hiram the grove.  This upsets Cheryl to no one who visits Hiram and tells him that the document is illegal.  Well, Hiram isn’t happy but has a plan to force their hand.

Archie visits uncle Frank in the prison (you know, Hiram’s).  After pouring out the story to Frank, Archie asks for advice.  Frank tells him to follow his thoughts.  Frank also warns that a prison break is planned. 

At Parent’s Night, Archie and Kevin seem to have the town under control.  The General and Mr. Weatherbee is there.  Meanwhile, Hiram watches the time clock down to zero when a bomb goes off at the jail.  That’s why Charles, Evelyn, Frank and Cheryl’s mom are lose in town.  As the lights go out at the meeting, Archie goes downstairs to find a prisoner messing with the lights.  This guy could make two of Archie! They fight and Archie ends up beating him only to find two more determined to make trouble.  In the classroom, the parents have been robbed while a machete wielding prisoner watches outside the door.  When the one who killed the lights doesn’t show up, the prisoner goes to investigate, and Archie gets the upper hand.  He takes him out and grabs the machete.  Just as all looks lost for the townspeople who have a gun trained on them, Archie arrives and saves the day (of course he does).

Archie finds out that the prisoners are determined to close the school for good and Archie knows that Hiram is behind him.  When he suggests leaving the general says the room would be safer.  The general follows Archie to find the inmates storming the school but Frank is there.  Archie gets him in and the general still wants to wait it out.  Archie tells him they can go a back way to the sheriff’s office where they’ll be safe. 

The next day, Fred and Archie at eating breakfast.  Mary is going to use this to get Frank out of jail.  Meanwhile, they learn that Riverdale sustained damage and must be left closed and that the maple grove fire had taken out buildings in town.

Oh and Archie and the medal?  Archie has learned that the paper is writing a story about the mission and something suspicious with it.  He refuses the medal and asks the general what is going on.  The general tells him that if Archie won’t accept the medal, he’ll be the scapegoat.

And why did the maple grove fire hurt the town.  As the fire rages outside and Nana says they must sacrifice the outside, Cheryl’s mom arrives.  She tells them they must pray that the wind changes direction.  This is what happened, and the town caught the worse of the fire.  I think I see the direction this is going so wait for it.

In his little kingdom, Hiram is upset over the fire but  doesn’t seem worried.  He’s got the town disheartened again which means he can take it over and build his new development with no one to bother him.

Veronica’s Divorce Woes

Veronica loves Archie but has to get a divorce first.  Smythers delivered a package to Veronica which she assumes were the divorce papers.  Instead, there was blackmail in the package.  She calls Chad and blasts him but he asks her to come to New York to talk.  While Archie is against it, Ronnie is going.  She has a purpose for the trip.  It seems the helicopter accident is behind it.  She and Chad had fought on Martha’s Vineyard.  They were heading back to New York when the helicopter malfunctioned.  Ronnie blames herself for the accident because she wanted Chad dead.  She has to facehim to get closure. 

At the apartment, Chad has a Chinese dinner set out with candle light.  After dinner, they lok at pictures from their first date (in London) and listen to their wedding song.  If I had been Veronica, I would have left and not eaten the dinner.  Later she asks Chad about the accident.  Did he do it on purpose to try and kill them so they could be together for eternity?

The next morning, Chad gets hit with the wrath of Veronica.  She has the papers and see no signature.  The whole thing was a set-up.  Seems Chad has been a crook.  He has borrowed from investors (including the jewelry store) and lost money in the exchange.  Veronica can heave their divorce after she helps clean up his mess.  Otherwise, she will find that he testifies against her and turns this into her fault.  He needs time and her help.  Veronica calls Archie and tells him she’ll be New York to settle business for a few more days.

Next Time after the break:

Hiram and Slimy Reggie wants something from the maple grove.  Will they successfully find it.  Will Archie be the General’s scape goat or the hero of the town.  Will the Klines find a way to prove Hiram’s involvement.  Can Veronica turn the tables on Chad (she’s smarter than he is)?  What will Betty find on her “road trip” and as a trucker.  More importantly, does Sabrina and company show up to do magic in the maple grove and does Cheryl’s family have ties to magic?  We’ve got three months to speculate on what Juggie is doing and if he’s in a flying saucer.  So, stay tune and hold on your hats as we wait for July!

Riverdale — Who (or What) Is the Destroyer

Riverdale has moved ahead in time but still is leaving us with questions left over from high school.  In previews, tonight’s episode seems to revolve more around Betty than any of the other characters.  Since they left the high school relation“ships” not to some fans liking, twitter is already talking about whether this episode will bring Bughead (Betty and Jughead back).  I’m uncertain it’s time for that reunion yet, but who am I to know the minds of the writers of Riverdale.

Jughead and His Visions

Really, he has no opening narration.  Instead, he’s concentrating on his writing of the mystery that surrounds him and questioning what’s going on.

Jughead gets his class’s first writing assignment and one has an alien as a cover.  He talks to Mr. Weatherbee about the situation.  The student, Leman, has an alien on his cover.  Mr. Weatherbee tells Jughead that the student is an average student (I hate that term) and has come to school with a black eye.  While Jughead suspects family abuse, Mr. Weatherbee tells Jug that Leman’s parents would not be the type to abuse their son. 

After the next class, Jughead talks to Lowman about trauma.   Leman tells him that it was all fiction but ends up telling his parents about it.  They show up and Mr. Weatherbee moves Leman to another class.  Jughead also gets a warning to never have that type of talk with the student again.

Later, Leman disappears from his home and Mr. Weatherbee calls to see if he is with Jughead.  He’s not but Jughead will get help looking for him.  He calls Betty (who is into her own overboard situation) and she agrees to meet him to search for Leman.  She finds Leman on the route where Polly disappears.  When Jughead takes him home, he learns that Leman had left home one night and disappeared for a week.  He couldn’t remember anything that had happen during that time after being found on the highway.  (Start the X-File theme folks.)

Later, Mr. Weatherbee tells Jughead that Leman’s parents and have decided to leave Riverdale. They want a fresh start so Leman can get out of the situation.

Betty and the Search for (a possible) Dead Polly

Betty’s problems open with her mom, the alcoholic, denying that Polly could be dead.  Evidently they got enough blood from the phone booth for a cross-match.  It could be Polly as the match proves to be the same as Polly’s.  Glenn calls Betty with the news and she tells him off.  And another relationship bites the dust. 

After a discussion with Cheryl about Jason, Betty decides not to follow Cheryl’s advice to tell her mother the truth so Alice can get closure.  Instead, she lies and tells Alice that the blood type wasn’t Polly’s.  This makes Alice happy and gets her back into the support group (and acting like a Stepford wife switch has been turned).  Betty goes by Pop’s to pick up a platter for the support group meeting and tells Jughead everything.   Jughead takes her to meet the man in the swamp with the stories.  Talk about unbelief!  That’s Betty.  Yet, as Jughead points out, this is Riverdale where the weird reigns.  Later at home, Betty gets to thinking and decides she knows what to do.

Let’s call Betty the Riverdale Avenger.  Dressed in black, she starts haunting the highway and stopping girls from hitchhiking.  She even finds the driver from an earlier episode and demands to know what is going on.  She ties him to a tree and almost  kills him but is interrupted by Jughead.  Could an alien be involved?  Betty remembers that Polly described a place that could have been an alien spaceship.  (Okay, let’s move to the Twin Peaks score.) 

I hope that Betty has let that trucker go.  We don’t know because the next thing we know is that Glenn has stuck his nose into Betty’s family.  He has shown up and told Alice the blood type was a match.  This sends Alice over the edge and she’s angry with Betty for lying.  Glenn says he is taking over the case and Betty is upset.  Cue the end of that scene.

Archie and Veronica and the Team

Well, are we surprised that no one shows up for the game?  Let’s face it!  Archie doesn’t have much to work for a squad but he’s giving it his all.  Cheryl doesn’t want her group cheering for no one to hear them.  Well, Veronica steps in.  She interrupts Archie’s pep talk and promises $10,000 to the players if they can win.  She also arranges with Tabitha a pancake supper at Pop Tate’s which gets Cheryl to agree to one more game. 

Unfortunately, one mother doesn’t really want her son playing for the Bulldogs because of college recruiting.  Just as that discussion starts, Slimy Reggie walks in.  Veronica gets Archie and they basically tell Slimy to leave.  Reggie tells them he’s there to get the Bulldogs to drop out of the league because their losing is hurting the league.  Ronnie tells Reggie to forget it and takes matters into her own hands.

Veronica knows only one person could be behind this.  Any guesses?  That’s right!  Hiram evidently owns the league and has the director in his back pocket.  Veronica has a bet for Hiram.  Now, we all know he won’t let that go.  The bet is that if the team scores a point against the Stallions, Hiram must get the league’s director off the Bulldogs’ back.  If the Bulldogs don’t score, they will drop the team.  Hiram jumps on this and agrees. 

Archie learns from the team that his star player has transferred to that Hiram’s Stallions school.  So, they’re down a man and the team is despondent.  During practice, Ronnie shows up.  Not only does she have a pro that all the team knows (I think his name is T-Dog)l, but that pro gives the team a pep talk to end all pep talk.  Ronnie also has a bunch of new players for Archie (and some are girls).

While the Bulldogs are getting their act together, Hiram and Slimy Reggie meet.  Reggie assures Ronnie that he doesn’t have to worry.  Reggie is going to lead the Stallions to victory.  Hiram isn’t having it and he will coach the team.  Slimy Reggie may not be a slimy as I thought.  He tells Hiram that he will be sitting on the Bulldogs side supporting his old alma mater.  Does Reggie has a good side after all.  Only time will tell.

At the game, things look bleak for the Bulldogs and Hiram is happy.  Cheryl and a team have a great cheer that helps the Riverdale town pull for the team.  With a minute left, it looks like the Stallions are winning.  But Archie tells them he’s proud of them, the town is proud of them.  Britta, as quarterback, fakes a play and runs the ball in for a touchdown.  While the Bulldogs didn’t win, they did score.  Score one for the good guys.

Kevin’s Dilemma

Kevin has decided to move out of the apartment he shares with Toni and Fangs.  After Cheryl has tried to bring Fangs and Kevin together again and apologizes for the key game, Kevin and Fangs fight again.  Kevin storms out and he gets his dad to help him pack. 

Kevin later visits a steam room and makes the moves on a guy who is in there.  Problem for Kevin:  The guy is not gay and proceeds to beat him up.  Kevin evidently calls his dad who doctors him up.  They talk and Sheriff Kline tells Kevin that he is worried about Kevin.  Kevini tells dad that he’s not to blame.  Dad has always supported him.  Then Kevin reveals the real story.  While dad accepted him, his mother did not.  She made comments about him while shopping.  Kevin ran into a guy who called him cute which made all the negative comments from mom disappear.  Maybe healing has started as Kevin and dad have a heart to heart hug fest.

Next Week: 

Will someone die?  Who sets a bomb or is the timer for something else?  Has Slimy Reggie realized how bad Hiram is and turned to the good side.  And what will be the mid-season cliff hanger.

Riverdale – Lock and Key – Who Me? – Chapter 84

Last week, Riverdale was full of plots and potential stories.  Then they showed the preview and I had to think:  where have I seen this before.  It was about two hours later that I had seen the same “key” game in an old movie called “The Ice Storm.”  Now, that movie is couples who are married who pull keys for a night with a – er — stranger.  In this group, only Ron and Chad appear to be married and that one is unhappily.  So, if we throw out the rest of the movie’s plot, we have the finding your “friend” for the night.  Would they go there with this story?  Of course!  The real question if what is the gallery owner’s role in all this and what other ramifications will happen?  I’m sure results will be vastly differently from the movie!

New Developments

Oh, my!  Was that Kevin talking to a trucker (who we meet later).  Evidently, it was because he bought some items home.  Meanwhile Archie dresses in his fireman pants to show Betty and that fantasy goes forward.  The next day, Jughead and Tabitha are meeting with an expert.  Jughead tells his story and she makes note.  The anthropologist thinks Jughead is cray-cray and dealing with depression.  Jughead is upset and tells her that she is cray-cray.  She does give Jughead her card though as she leaves.

Alice and the twins are in the living room with missing posters and the twins drawing.  Betty gets a call  from Sheriff Kline about a new body being found.  Betty rushes off to see if it is Polly.  It’s not which makes Alice happy.  Meanwhile, it sounds like Kevin and Fangs are calling it quits. (Okay, I’ve been calling him Sweet Pea.  Why are those two interchangeable to me?)  Just wait folks – new development will appear before episode end.  And why aren’t I surprised that the two of them could be parting?

And in  different location, Veronica is checking numbers as she plots her future.  Smithers arrives (with presents from Chad I presume) and learns about the renovation.  The contractor is Archie and she wants the changes quickly.  She’s made life changes and is ready to move on.   

Later, at school, the group is chatting as Betty, Cheryl, Kevin, Fangs, and Toni arrive.  Fangs and Kevin are announces they are engaged and having a baby, Toni’s child.  The three of them will raise the child together and Cheryl starts to flip out.  She’s mad that Toni didn’t tell her about the new living arrangement.  Toni tells Cheryl her history.  Toni found out as a college junior that she can’t get pregnant except by in vitro.  Toni volunteered to do this for Kevin and Fangs.  Cheryl’s upset because Toni is having a baby while she is withering away.  Say what?  Cheryl, you all but ran Toni off and you are creating your own version of the Winchester Home.  Toni offers to try to make a relationship work but for Cheryl this is impossible. 

Betty talks to Kevin about what has happened in the search for Polly.  She tells him about the casual friend relationship with Archie (wonder what passion would be).  Betty is happy and doesn’t want anything to burst her bubble.  Jughead is teaching his class about ”Slaughterhouse Five.”  Isn’t that a little deep for juniors and seniors?  He looks out the hall window and sees flashing lights but nothing is there.  He goes on with the study stating ‘Billy is crazy” and you wonder if “Jughead is crazy” should be the question.  He decides to join the “Close Encounters” group.

Cheryl, back at the mansion, is painting the art gallery owner as the goddess, Diana.  Cheryl tells her story about Toni and the art director tells her to rise above it or – we find out later.  Veronica gets a call from Tabitha about Chad who seems to be having a fling.  Ronnie says that he’s trying to make her jealous and Tabitha tells her she poured coffee in his lap.  Ronnie decides to do a picture from the renovation of Jackson and Archie to chronicle the work.   (Of course, she sends it to Chad to get him jealous.)  And what’s special about the picture?  The two guys look tough and Archie is flexing muscles.

Later at the club, Betty and Archie are at separate tables but Jackson sees the relationship blooming.  Cheryl talks to Toni about the office encounter and offers to make amends (watch your back Toni!).  Cheryl asks to host a modest celebration for the engaged couple and coming baby.  And the game is on as Cheryl tells all that it will be the final blow out from their teen years.  It will be a key party with couples formed. They are to act on any and all animal impulses.  Just what I expected but I think Cheryl is in for surprises.

Grown-Up Fears and Problems

Polly’s back but it’s only a dream.  Betty’s nightmare has changed to the “trash can killer” using Polly to lure Betty into a trap.  What can Betty do?  She calls Archie for comfort and to help her forget.  Later Archie and Jackson talk about Betty.  Jackson has guessed about Archie and Veronica still have feelings and Archie admits that is true on his side.  Fangs and Kevin are working out and talking about their relationship.  They need to talk about their past and secrets.  When will all be revealed?  The Key Party of course!  I’m wondering if this is setting the show up for a murder of a present character?  We haven’t had a good murder yet this year.

Betty comes downstairs the next morning to see Alice on the phone.  Polly is alive, scared and upset.  Polly is in a dark, cold, smoky room.  Betty tries to tell Alice that it was a crank call and Polly is probably dead but Alice won’t believe her.  Jughead, meanwhile, is in a session and talking about his close encounter experience (cue “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” music).  As the group talk about losing time, Jughead flashes back to something that makes him leave.  He talks to Tabitha in the parking lot about hearing music and his flashback.  Meanwhile Archie and Ronnie renovate and discuss old times and “key party.”

The Key Party

Jughead arrives as does Tabitha.  Fangs is bringing one of his casuals, the trucker, Rick.  Kevin is really having a hard time with Fangs’ past relationship.  Chad treats Archie like dirt and Archie isn’t impressed by Chad.  And Cheryl is ready for party games. 

Cheryl talks about the feeling of mortality and heading to the age of 30 (just wait for the next ten, etc. Cheryl).  The game is that whatever happens being partners that night must be consensual.  There will be no redrawing of keys.  Oh, and of course, slimy Reggie is there.  Ronnie goes first.  While she picks Archie’s key, Chad gets upset and protests. Ronnie breaks the rules, puts Archie’s keys back and takes Chad.  They leave but is that smoke I’m seeing behind her.  Jughead goes next and he is fall down drunk.  Have we ever seen him this way before? He picks but Tabitha intervenes and takes him home where he goes to sleep on the couch.  Jackson ends up with the art gallery owner.  Reggie gets Fangs who later tells Kevin that Reggie is 100% straight.  Oh, and we wonder when we see Slimy Reggie kiss Fangs on the lips.  Kevin goes next and gets Fangs’ ex.  Betty gets Archie’s keys which leaves Cheryl with Toni’s. 

Cheryl and Toni talk about their relationship.  Toni calls Cheryl a master manipulator.  Cheryl has a surprise for Toni.  She has created a nursery where they can raise the child together (with Fangs and Kevin nearby).  Honestly, I thought we were at the Adams’ Family mansion when I saw that room.  Cheryl has made a sanctuary for the child but Toni isn’t have her baby brought into this “house of horrors.”  Toni firmly ends the relationship and leaves.  At the apartment, Kevin and Fangs talk.  Kevin isn’t ready to get married so that whole home relationship is up in the air. 

The most honest meeting of the minds from The Key Party is Betty and Archie who talk about the free pass.  Archie feels like they’re on the edge and he’s not ready.  Archie also admits to Betty that he still has feelings for Ronnie.  Betty tells him that they should make sense as a couple with him being the All-American boy and her, the girl next door.  Betty is hurt but says she doesn’t want him involved in her “darkness.”  Betty, which darkness is it?  The serial killer dad, the brother manipulator, the cult leader…?  Betty doesn’t know what will be next with Polly and Alice but it’s probably going to be dark.  Archie tells her she won’t face it alone but Betty says no.  She likes Archie as a friend (famous last words).  He is her “light in the dark.”  Chad and Ronnie are in the apartment.  He thinks she wanted to make his jealous.  She agrees but it’s more than that.  The party confirms something she has felt for a long time and commercial (no explicits came from my lips but I sure felt giving some!).

Party Aftermath:

Jughead has another close encounter and I question what really happens to him.  Does he get beamed up in that single shaft of light? Cheryl and the art director get it on as Cheryl paints.  By the way — is she a witch from Sabrina’s Glendale?  I never saw that show.  Archie is cleaning the fire truck when Ronnie arrives.  Ron tells him that she and Chad are getting a divorce and Chad is headed back to New York for good.  Archie offers sympathy but Ronnie feels like it was always wrong.  Archie knew something was up and didn’t like to see her hurting.  She knows he can make it better but Archie admits to the fling he’shad with Betty.  Ronnie seems okay with it.  She calls them two lonely souls looking for someone.  It’s in the past.  Now Archie is her present and we see a kiss.  Hiram isn’t going to be like this.

Betty gets a collect call from Polly.  She’s upset and in the middle of nowhere.  Polly needs them to come for her.  Arriving at the location, Alice and Betty find the phone booth collapsed and blood.  Where is Polly?  Is this a set up to lure Betty there?  Stay tuned.  It will be the midseason finale I’m sure. 

Next Week: Betty is seeing a pattern and chased by a car. Has the “trash can killer” arrived? Wll someone die at mid-season?

Riverdale: Fire in the Sky and on the Ground, Chaper 83

Riverdale is heading to the mid-season cliff hanger.  Will it end on the mystery that we’re promised or will it end with a serial killer taking Betty or Veronica.  Only time will tell.  Plus, now that I saw the episode, what does Reggie and Hiram know about the swamp and how can it delay the turnpike.  Sorry, I should have saved that for the end but I’ll put my speculation there.

Everything’s Archie

So the fire was put out and they survived.  Archie now realizes that the unincorporated town needs a fire department.  Jughead sees a picture Archie has of the department during it’s heyday and gives Archie the name of the former fire chief, Mr. Russell.  Archie meets with Mr. Russell who is not interested in being associated with the fire department anymore.  Veronica knows someone in New York and calls him (was that Jose) to help.  Veronica knows that this was done by her father and she’s not standing for his methods anymore.  After work, Archie returns to the house and finds his Army buddy, Jackson, there who gets an invitation to stay. 

Later, at the bar, Archie tries to recruit Kevin and Sweet Pea but they’re not interested.  The next day, Archie and Jackson meet the ROTC class who gets stories from Jackson.  Archie mentions the fire department and the class wants to help.  He reminds them that school and football come first but they will not be deterred.  So the fire team is set for those 16 and with parents’ consent.   At the meeting, they train.  During the training a homeless man, Earl comes in (I sincerely hope he’s not a Hiram set-up).  Evidently, he’s not because almost immediately, Earl’s back reporting the pool hall is burning down.  He tells them that one person is still inside and Archie goes in to save the victim. Archie does have to go to the hospital where Keller tells him it is arson but no trace of who started it.  (Of course, Hiram didn’t do it.  If Slimy Reggie is behind it, his “fire bug” football team was involved.)   

Archie goes home to find Jackson with his gun and ready to take Hiram out.  Jackson didn’t get his slot at the rehab center that would ease him back into civilian life.  Archie and he have a verbal exchange and Jackson wants to know why did they have to fight for people like Hiram.  Archie calms him down and tells him not to go after Hiram.  Archie tells Jackson he has the same feelings and asks Jackson to stay in Riverdale.  Archie will help him because saving Riverdale is all that is keeping Archie sane.  Jackson can help Archie and he will help Jackson. 

Jackson and Archie are at the fire station later.  Jackson is going to work there and now Sweet Pea and Kevin have agreed to help.  Chief Russell shows up and says he wants to be a part of it because of Archie’s brave deed.  To top if off, Ronnie arrives driving a new fire truck which she gives to the department to help Archie and hurt Hiram.  She tells Archie “anything for you.”

Betty and the Swamp Mystery

Kevin, Alice and Betty found a body but the question is: was it Polly?  Answer is no but they’re not sure who it was.  They can’t keep the body because it is in too bad of shape.  It must be cremated.  Betty does some checking in the sheriff’s records and finds another missing girl, Margaret, but the missing person’s description doesn’t fit her case either.  So now we have three girls who have gone missing.

Betty meets with the missing girl’s mother who feels the problem was the truckers.  No one has any idea what happened to Margaret.  Sheriff Keller tried but the one who helped Margaret’s mom get though this was the social worker, Toni.  That’s right!  Toni is a social worker in addition to a teacher, pregnant mom-to-be, and cheer coach.

Betty goes home to find her mom has been back to the swamp and found evidence that Polly had been there.  Betty talks to Toni about Margaret.  Toni had a hard time reaching Margaret.  Betty tells Toni about the body found in the swamp and asks for help which Toni gives.  Betty, Alice, Sheriff Keller and Kevin return to search only to be stopped by Hiram with Slimy Reggie who threatens to shoot them.  It seems Reggie is Hiram’s enforcer.  Should I change his new nickname – naw, not yet.  Betty tries to continue the search by calling on her FBI identity but Hiram doesn’t buy it.

Betty calls the FBI for help but doesn’t get any due to the “trash bag killer’” being back.  Of course, we get Betty’s flashback.  Betty tells Glenn not to worry but work that case while she tries to work this one.  She goes back to the swamp hunting for clues only to find Slimy Reggie is there with his gun.  Reggie does admit that he’s found something – a body – but puts her in a “cone of silence” for telling her.  Seems Hiram wouldn’t be happy about it.  Okay which side is Slimy Reggie coming down on?  Would he really  do this without Hiram’s permission?  Could Hiram be involved (of course he could)?  The body Reggie found was Margaret and it was pulverized. 

Reggie talks to Hiram about th swamp.  Hiram wants to know how they found that body in the swamp.  Reggie doesn’t own up to his part but tells Hiram that the toll pike can wait because it’s not the end game in the swamp.  So what is the end game?  I’m betting the military.  Betty talks to Margaret’s mom about the body and promises to find out what happened.

Betty holds a meeting with Toni, Sheriff Kline, and Alice.  There have been many missing girls in neighboring towns.  Toni’s scared of trafficking while Betty takes it further – a serial killer.

Veronica Still Can Outthink Dad!

Veronica knows that Hiram was behind the fire.  After talking about the fire station, she knows something needs to be done.  She also has a plan of what to do.  Her idea is that her class is going to jump-start the economy.  She will support the initial start up expenses with $50,000.  They will print Riverdale dollars and that will become the currency of the town.  It helped a town in Oregon and should work with Riverdale.

It appears to be working but Hiram finds out about it and shows up at class.  Later, Veronica finds out that there is something funny going on with her money.  There’s more that was spent than what was supposed to be printed.  She tells her class that the experiment looks to have failed and two students admit to printing $10,000 more of the currency.  Ron decides to continue the experiment but makes them work off the extra money that they printed.  Interesting enough, they have to clean up what I will call “skid row.”

Jughead and Tabitha’s Mystery

Jughead show Tabitha an article about a strange event in Riverdale’s past which was attributed to the Mothman.  (Please don’t go there!  That movie creeped me out!)  The article talks about a mysterious light that appeared one night and it happened at Pop’s Tate.  Yes, Pop witnessed it.  So Jughead turns to Pop.

Pop tells Jughead that it happened when he was much younger one night at the diner. All of a sudden, the electricity went crazy.  Everything began to shake.  The lights went out and suddenly a bright yellow light appeared at the door.  Both he and his customers went outside.  And just as quickly as it came, it ended with the lights in the diner coming back on.  When Jughead asks who caused it, Pop tells him that some think it was aliens but Pop thinks it was the military.  Pop hopes the lights return one day then Pop drops a bombshell.  One of the customers was Nana Blossom.  Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me at all.  Nana is a strange person!

Jughead and Tabitha talk to Nana and she tells her version of what happened.  She found a misshapen body in the swamp and that aliens returned to get the body.  Her story was that the body had been cremated but really she had put it ini a barrel of maple syrup.  Jughead and Tabitha get a delivery from Nana “straight from the Twilight Zone” (a barrel of maple syrup).  Okay, my question:  How did this barrel of syrup survive all the arguments of the Blossom family for this long.  Inside, they find a misshapen body (like we have seen a thousand times before) that glowed green (or so it seemed to me).

While working the late shift, Jughead starts seeing strange things happen at Pop’s.  The jukebox comes on, the building shakes, the lights go out.  The strange light reappears outside and Jughead goes to see what is happening.  Everything returns to normal except for the bright light from above shining down on Jughead.  Are they getting ready to beam him up?  I guess we’ll have to wait for the answer.  All Jughead can tell Tabitha is that he remembers being outside but woke up in Pop’s restaurant with the alien gone. 

Toni and Cheryl and Nana Blossom’s Troubles

Toni and the squad get a visit from Cheryl who wants her squad back.  She challenges Toni to a cheer-off but a student steps in as Toni is pregnant.  The cheer off starts and Cheryl still has it.  Her competition has the moves too and it is close.  The squad decides for their friend.  Toni has won but it’s not over as far as Cheryl is concerned.  She later visits Toni in the gym.  Toni tells her that she needs to make a decision.  Toni knows Cheryl is looking for revenge (okay, that’s a new theme) and she needs to get on the team as a good guy.  Toni tells her to take a hard look at herself and make a decision. 

Cheryl and Veronica run into each other in the lounge.  Veronica wants to hire Cheryl to do some art work.  Guess who produces the artwork for Riverdale money.  Cheryl!  And her artwork hasn’t gone unnoticed elsewhere.  At home, the art dealer is waiting with Nana.  She realizes that the picture of Jason was a forgery and needs to have a long talk about the skillful counterfeit.  I’m betting she wants more.

Summing Up This Big Episode:

So we have Archie and Jackson trying to maintain their sanity together while staying in Riverdale.   Cheryl caught as a forger.  Veronica teaching hard life lessons about the economy to students.  Betty trying to find her sister while worrying about the trash can killer.  Slimy Reggie who seems to have a good side (really).  My guess with Reggie is that he is only out for himself.  And Hiram?  Just what does he know about the mystery of the swamp? 

And Next Week:

Cheryl throws a party and the gang (plus more) show up.  It looks to be heating up between Archie and  Chad.

Riverdale — Going “Back to School” — Chapter 82

Riverdale, I missed you last week but I was on a deadline.  We now know that Hiram is, once again, a big bad.  He wants to close down the town we know so he can put a swanky housing development in that will make the taxes higher and his (er — I mean) the county’s coffers more wealthy.  To do this, we know that he must shut Riverdale down, get rid of the scum — the present residents — and make it just a ghost of what it had been.  He just forgot about Archie and company.  It also looks like his daughter is in on the scheme to make him fail.  I thought Hiram was supposed to be in the Caymans? And will we learn what happened to the girl from the truck pick up during the episode two weeks ago?  Oh well, on with the show.

High School Anyone

Let’s get logistics down first.  Jughead and Archie are sharing a house, Betty’s with her mom and the twins, Veronica at her family’s apartment, and Toni, Sweet Pea and Kevin are in an apartment.  The school has reopened much to Hiram’s disgust.  As Hiram tells Reggie that could be problematic as people feel ties to the high school.  Reggie figures there’s nothing to it, but we know there will be.  Wait for it!  So who are the teachers? Ronnie is teaching business, Archie — ROTC, Betty — auto-mechanics, Jughead — English and each have a set of students who just don’t care. At the end of the day, Archie and Betty meet to discuss the day and instead have a hot steamy car date at the school.  Well, their date didn’t last long as two students from the opposing high school Bulldogs try to set fire to Riverdale High (at Reggie’s urging, of course).  By the way, I’m going on record now and say that Reggie is a bigger creep than Hiram.  Hiram is, as least, somewhat out in the open with his dirty tricks.  Reggie relies on others.

The next day, Archie meets with Weatherbee and Toni to report what is happening.  They all figure out that the Bull Dogs were responsible for the fire but Mr. Kline says nothing can be done because Hiram owns the DA (so what else is new).  As the day progresses, and Archie finds out that Reggie is coaching the Bull Dogs (convenient right), he arranges to set up a team.  He recruits the players, including a girl named Britta, only to learn there is no money.  The athletic money has gone to Toni to arrange a cheer team called – what else – the Vixens with a goal of winning cheer competititions.  When Archie approaches Cheryl for $20,000 and mentions Jason, Cheryl tells him to get out and cries.  Well at least we know Cheryl still has emotions. 

Oh, and I did not mention that there is a spy in Riverdale High.  The principal’s secretary is giving information to both Cheryl and Hiram.  Hiram will use anyone to close the school  Archie has approached Veronica for money and she’s given it to him for the football team.  Of course, the principal’s secretary calls Hiram and Reggie is with him when the call comes in.  Looks like Reggie doesn’t teach, only coaches.  He plans to send a message to Archie through a visit.  More on that at the end.

And Cheryl and Her Money

Evidently, Cheryl’s plan didn’t go well.  Remember, she’s turning the Blossom home into another Winchester mansion. Cheryl does have an interesting hobby though with her painting.  She has decided to sale the portrait of Jason. Meeting with an art dealer, Cheryl and Nana learn that the picture is worth a quarter of a million dollars.  Cheryl says she will let the dealer sell the portrait but she wants to keep it one more night.  She’s goinig to finish the forgery and send that to the dealer to be sold.  Cheryl is a very good forager.

Meanwhile the snitch has called Cheryl and told her that Toni is setting up a cheer squad.  Toni walks into her office to find Cheryl behind her desk, issuing threats.  I can see Cheryl back cheering (as we see in previews).  If Cheryl gets in this mix, daddy Hiram and evil Reggie will not really stand a chance.

Jughead and His Writer’s Block

Jughead is teaching and working at Pop’s.  His students find out and has a jar of tips on his desk which he takes as funny.  He no longer has writer’s block but is working on a book about Riverdale.  Tabitha, Pop’s granddaughter, offers to help and gives him a name of an old man living near the swamp.  The man has a story to tell and Jughead goes to get it. 

Jughead spends time with the man and learns about a mysterious ship (can we say oh no) from the past.  It seems they were doing work and one man disappeared.  They couldn’t find him but when he returns, he talks about a ship and that Raven will be taken.  Sure enough, Raven disappears and returns two nights later missing an arm.  No one knows where they have gone but the man hands Jughead a book.  Jughead wonders why he never heard about it before but the man tells him that articles were written.  Later, Tabitha asks about the meeting and Jughead tells her everything.  He has also gone hunting for the men who worked with his source.  They all died of cancer.  Jughead says maybe from radioactive material like a spaceship.  Tabitha doesn’t believe it and I don’t think Jughead does either but he ways it makes a good story.  Some how I think it will tie in with another mystery coming.

Ronnie Needs Some Space

Let’s just say that Chad gives me the creeps.  He follows Ronnie to Riverdale and shows up during her class with the typical gift of candy and a gift.  She tells him she is teaching and he goes sits in the back to the classroom.  Later they go to Whyte Wurm to party having survived two days of teaching and Veronica is asked to sing.  Chad, of course, has to join her for the duet.  Archie doesn’t look happy but what should he care.  He and Betty are getting it on! 

Later at the apartment, Chad tries to convince Ronnie to leave.  This will be the theme of their time together.  Archie approaches Ronnie for a loan for the football equipment and she agrees.  Chad sticks his nose in and says with interest.  Then he decides that Archie can renovate the apartment for them.  Ronnie has a talk with Chad who lets it slip he has been talking to Hiram and offered a job selling real estate (and wait for it) in Pembroke.  If you have seen any of the Cheryl story in the comics, you know Pembroke was her stomping grounds.  She tells him that she needs some space. She has found that Riverdale is where she needs to be and Chad lays the blame on Archie.  He agrees to return to New York and later at the school, the snitch tells Hiram that Ronnie is downstairs with the football team.  Hiram tells Reggie that his money is sponsoring Archie’s team and Reggie plans a visit to Archie to get the message across.  Yep, Reggie is slim.

Betty and Kevin and the Mystery of Polly

Betty teams up with Kevin to find out where Polly is.  They have her email and finds out she met a man at the truck stop.  Kevin and Betty set a trap and she is waiting instead of Polly.  Arresting the poor guy, she takes him to jail only to learn that he did pick up Polly but she freaked out and left the truck.  He gives her information on the highway and Betty and Alice start searching.  They find her purse and identification but no phone.  With Alice driving Betty crazy, she goes to Archie and they have another fling with the next morning the information on Polly coming in.  Hmm! Wonder if Polly found her way back to Storybooke and is living there as Robin? (Oncer’s joke there folks.)

Betty has had Sheriff Kline and the FBI try and track the phone.  The GPO results say that she was in the marsh/swamp.  Betty, Kevin and Polly go looking and  find a hand protruding out of the mud.  This will be part of the ongoing mystery and another serial killer (I figure).  Could Jughead’s mysterious ship be tied to the things happening in the swamp.  Of course they can!

So where does that leave us as the show ends?  Would you believe Archie’s house on fire and no way out!  Let’s be honest.  We all know that he and Jughead escape.  We also all know that Reggie the slimy fire bug was behind it but how long will it be before Reggie’s delight with fire backfires?

Next week:  A body is found in the swamp.  Newspaper headlines reports the Mothman.  (If you don’t know the reference, Google Richard Gere, West Virginia and The Mothman Prophecy.)  Another fire breaks out (at the gym I supposed) and Cheryl comes back to cheering.

And not confirmed: As I prepared to write this, Twitter was abuzzed with a rumor that after the 13th episode, Riverdale will take it’s usual break. This season supposedly will end around July 13th.

Riverdale — Time Jump Into Purgatory — Chapter 80

Welcome back Riverdale fans!  Technically tonight marks the beginning of Riverdale’s season five as COVID cut the season short last season.  Tonight, we learn where the gang has been since high school.  Yes, we know Archie went to war and Betty to the FBI.  Jughead became a writer and Veronica seems to have made herself at home on Wall Street (I thought she and Hermarosa was running daddy’s business).  But something evil is ruining Riverdale and it seems to come from Hiram.  The good news is that Toni is going to have a key role this season.  So let’s prepare for the relaunch of Riverdale – six years laterand it is 2021).

Everything’s Archie

What no narrator?  Oh, that’s right!  We don’t know Jug’s future yet.  Archie’s future is quickly revealed.  Yes, he joined the army and became a sergeant.  As we open (and I knew it was a dream), Archie is mixing up a football game and a battle.  First he is in his fatigues then his uniform.  He thinks Reggie is there as he sees Cheryl off at the side cheering.  Then the battle gets intense and they try to retrieve one of their comrades.  People fall all around and, in his dream, he sees all around cheering him on.  He falls (I thought he was hit) and gets up to see Hiram Lodge with a gun in his face.  He shakes it off, retrieves his fellow soldier, and makes it off the field. 

Archie wakes up to find out that he’s in the VA hospital in Yonkers, New York.  He is being sent to Riverdale to be the ROTC teacher at a reactivated group at his old high school, Riverdale.   The room mate at the hospital is the man he saved, Jackson.  Archie apologizes and says he wishes he was the one is the bed.  Jackson tells him that he wouldn’t have been alive if it wasn’t for Archie.  Archie tells him he’s going to be in charge of a ROTC group in his hometown.  Jackson says it sounds nice and Archie gives him his address.  Jackson salutes but Archie wants a hand shake.

Returning to Riverdale, he finds a quiet, strange town.  At Pop Tate’s there is no Pop but he’s directed to the club down stairs.  It is now a Serpent club called Whyte Wurm that Toni and the her gang bought and she’s singing.  And I do mean sing!  Toni can sing!  (She’s also in a great costume).  Veronica’s club is now the biker’s club and Kevin and Sweet Pea are there also.  After the song, Toni comes off stage to Archie’s table.  He notices she is pregnant but she will not reveal the daddy.  They talk and . . .

Betty, FBI Trainee

Betty is running the obstacle course.  She has made it into the FBI and is a trainee.  She is also is coming out of a traumatic case.  Seems she was trying to catch a serial killer known as the “Trash Can Killer.”  It takes us forever to even get a glimpse of why she’s seeing a therapist and riding the cold case desk.  She had tracked the killer to a shack but the victim was dead.  Evidently, she was trapped by the TCK (the nickname) because she went in alone and suffered “trauma.”  She wants back in the field but no one thinks she’s ready except for Betty.  Oh, and she likes to remind people she was solving serial killer cases in high school.

Later we meet her boyfriend/partner (think Mulder and Scully of X-Files).  He doesn’t think she’s ready to return either.  She does have a theory that the TCK is migrating.  She also has a dream where the killer is in her house with his chain saw.  In the dream, she hears her cat and goes outside the apartment door where she sees a dismembered body with her cat licking it.  She turns around, sees the killer and wakes up.

Betty’s life doesn’t seem to be what she wants when when suddenly she gets a call from Archie.  She packs up and tells her partner/lover goodbye and leaves him to care for the cat.

Veronica Too

Veronica has married Chadwick (Chad for short).  When we see them, they are celebrating their one year anniversary and he asks when they will have children running around.  Ronnie wants to return to trading and get out of Lacey’s.  Chad doesn’t want her to be stressed because of the “accident.”  In true Veronica style, we get: “It’s 2021, haven’t you heard.  A woman can have it all.” Apparently, she was a stock trader before said “accident.” 

The next day, we find that Ron’s not working at Lacey’s but a high price jewelry store where she can make any sale she attempts while foiling shop lifting.  That night, Chad confronts her about her work location.  He had been to Laceys and saw Katie (as in Keene, remember the show) and learned she no longer an employee.  The next day, Ronnie visits Hermione who is now on the “Real Housewives” show and living with Andy in New York City.  Instead of being the “she-wolf of Wall Street,” Veronica feels like no one understands her and her life is over because of fear of stress.  Hermione points out that they were worried about her after the “accident.” 

Returning home, Chad is waiting to try a do-over on their anniversary celebration.  He explains that he almost lost her in the helicopter crash while they were traveling to Martha’s Vineyard and he wants everything life has to offer them.  Then she gets a call from . . . Archie.

Jughead (Forsyth) Jones

Jughead has had one best seller book (The Outcast).  He had it made, but now he can’t seem to get things together.  He has a bad case of writer’s block and a toxic relationship with Jet. (I think that’s her name.  She’s not there long enough to get to know her.)  His agent/manager has heard he is looking for newspaper job and tells him that the publisher may take his advance back because Jughead can’t produce.  Jughead  goes home and finds a note on his door and the old girlfriend leaving.  And evidently, he’s about to be evicted as there was some type of note on his door.  

Jughead goes to a bar where he can think about his life.  Let’s say he gets set up by a girl who “loves his writing.”  (He use to be smarter than that!)  They go home and have a wild time. (Jughead what are you doing?  You aren’t old enough for a mid-life crisis).  Oh, she’s smart.  She’s figured out a way to get her book read because she covers for Jughead when the bone crushers (I mean bill collectors show up).  He will now read her book and give it to his agent.  If he doesn’t, she’ll call the bone crushers and tell them where he is.  Jughead gets a call from Archie!

Cheryl and Toni

Archie asks Toni about her and Cheryl.  Toni got her college degree and is also teaching.  She had worked at the club.  After Toni revived the Serpents, they bought Veronica’s club out and opened it up as the Whyte Wurm.  Sweet Pea and Kevin back her up.  Kevin has a degree in drama and is teaching also at Riverdale High. 

Archie asks about Cheryl and we learn that Toni has visited her twice.  The first visit found Cheryl dressed primly in black.  On the second visit, Hiram is there with his assistant, Reggie (well, at least he is back).  Hiram wants Blossom’s property and Cheryl won’t put it on the market.  Toni and Cheryl have a talk while Cheryl paints her portrait.  As a recluse Cheryl lives quiet and paints.  Toni wants to know why she doesn’t come to town.  Cheryl knows all about Toni finishing college (with a 3.9 average) and Toni’s life.  Cheryl is glad that Toni’s grandmother will accept her now but will not get back with Toni because of the curse. 

First an accident and now a curse.  Cheryl tells Toni that she thinks the family is cursed because of the sudden deaths of her relatives (which her mother caused).  She is seeing herself like the Winchester lady who built the Winchester House in California.  She feels that the Blossoms are cursed like that family.  Toni asks her if that is why she is building onto the Blossom home.  Cheryl doesn’t deny it.  After Toni leaves, she finishes the portrait and sends it to Toni.  What Toni doesn’t know, is that Cheryl has copied it exactly.  Nana is impressed and wonders if Cheryl could make a perfect copy of say – a Rembrandt.  Oh, goodie – a fake art story.

Riverdale Today

Archie can’t move home because his mom has rented the house (which has been trashed).  He’s living out of the gym.  The town is a dump and Toni gives him a tour.  Most of the town has moved on because there is no funding for things like a fire department due to – guess.  That’s right!  Hiram is running things now.  Everyone is leaving, Toni explains, as they walk down what was known as Sketch Alley.  Now it is Skid Row where the homeless live and dogs are rabid.  (Maybe that’s what happened to Reggie.  He got bit by a Hiram Lodge rabid dog.)  As they tour, Toni comes to the old forest which smells of smoke.  Something is burning there every night because Hiram is opening a new development nearby.  He is shutting down Riverdale for a turnpike going to the new multi-million dollar home project.

And the Gang Reunites

After the tour, Archie wants to go to Pop Tate’s.  Pop’s back and gets to tell Archie the rest have gathered.  When Toni starts to leave the old gang of four alone, Archie tells her to stay.  She’s a part of their group which now numbers five.  As they talk, a young waitress goes up to the new waitress and quits.  She’s leaving the restaurant (which doesn’t seem to have many customers thanks to Hiram). 

And the New Mystery Starts

Well, it can’t be Riverdale without a mystery.  That young waitress that left?  She sets up the mystery when she gets in a tractor trailer heading to San Francisco.  Make a guess at what happens because she doesn’t make it!  I think I know where the TCK is! 

Next week…

Veronica returns to her waitress job in her blonde wig

Archie decides they must take the town back.                                                                                                              

Betty and Archie gets his house back

Hiram finds a new enemy.