Celebrity Big Brother: US Style

Wednesday, February 7, saw the premiere of something unique, Celebrity Big Brother.  I must say that the whole experience intrigued me and had me wondering just who would go in the house.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The celebrities in the house are not unknown to me.  You follow pop culture long enough and they get at least one hit on your radar.  Brandi is not one of my favs but I want to see just how far she can get in this game.  Omarosa, the surprise guest, is the one I really want to see play.  I’ve seen her on two versions of The Apprentice and know she’ll do anything to win.  I love Marissa and remember watching her in Hairspray.  Keisha is a kid we watched grow up on screen.  I don’t really know much about Shannon or Ariadne.  Last night both showed they were a force not be ignored.

On the men’s side, I have to wonder about their thought process.  When I heard one say that Paul was BB royalty, I had to laugh.  That role is reserved for those who really have made a name for themselves like Evel Dick.  All Paul has done is played the game twice and lost.  But I digress.

Chuck is the one male who I saw with real potential followed by James.  If they don’t let their egos rule their heads, they may win.  Also Ross has a chance but it will be because he played a close to the chest game.  Metta World and Mark are both clueless.  I look for them to depart early.

So Celebrity Big Brother is underway.  Right now, I’d give the winner’s crown to the ladies but much can happen over two weeks.

Once Upon a Time Cancelled?

Last night we Oncers learned that Once Upon a Time will end with the finale for season 7.  I expected it — and honestly think most of you did.  The problem though is not that it lost its originality though.  I extend my heartfelt thanks to Adam, Edward, Jane and the rest who conceived, created and oversaw the show.  My eternal thanks also goes out to Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parilla, Robert Carlyle, Josh Dallas, Ginnfer Goodwin, Jared Gilmore, Rebecca Mader and the other actors who brought their characters to live.

The concept drew me in immediately.  I loved the pilot and the entire first season.  As usual, a drama like this has a bumpy second season but Neverland, Oz, and even the visit of Frozen characters kept the story going.  With season six, I knew the end was near.  The show had to give happy endings to most of the characters and did.

Sadly, the move to Friday night hurt the show.  Most of us had our Sundays planned around the eight o’clock hour.  The move to Friday was annoying at best.  Fridays used to be for small children and families.  Most adults don’t make it a point to watch a show on Friday night and the key audience (18-24) are out at school functions, football games, or parties.  The show had some good episodes but don’t think most of the old timers could really warm up to some of the new characters.

My wish for the Once Upon a Time creative team is to continue giving us shows we can cheer for.  For the actors, I will look for you in your future projects.

Hey, I followed Adam and Eddie from LOST where I am sure I was one of the banes of their existence.


Television Rebootitis: Good or Bad It Appears to Be Here to Stay

Yesterday, TVLine ran a story about the reboots and people’s reactions to them.  I must say, it was right on the money but I have a somewhat different take on the situation.  Here’s my take on the situation.

The game shows of ABC.  Sure, it’s a cheap way of making television shows and putting “programming” on the air.  Let’s admit it.  You only have to pay the hosts, maybe a few guests, and anyone who wins a prize.  Production values are low but America has moved beyond this concept.  What’s My Line and To Tell the Truth didn’t even seem to intrigue my parents and the episodes that I saw didn’t seem to have any “game” to them.  While I use to enjoy the Gong Show, it’s time has passed and the old standards either need to be revived with more energetic hosts or with a new concept to the show.  Of all the game shows ABC has rolled out, The Match Game is the best due to Alec Baldwin as host.  It misses the mark because no one personality is continually or has any star power like Richard Dawson and Brett Somers had. The best episodes of this were the Leah Reimini ones!  With ABC trying to buy the FOX network, I’m worried about what we may get.

While they called Riverdale a reboot, I call it a re-imaging because the Archie of my childhood was vastly different than Riverdale.  I’ve been studying the reboot that the  comic series has undergone and the television show is a reboot of even that.  Riverdale is intriguing even though I hardly recognize the Jughead character and Reggie is all but absent.  This new show seems to be a mix of Twin Peaks meets Dawson’s Creek and is intriguing enough for me to revisit.

Dynasty, which follows, on the other hand is ringing flat.  Blake has no charisma (even though I like the actor), Crystal is a dumb down character, and Fallon is too over the top.  I watch it occasionally but don’t want to get to heavily invested in it.  I dislike shows that bore and this one borders on it.

And since I have mentioned comic books, let’s deal with the superheroes side of things.  I have nothing against any of the CW’s shows but wish that the CBS network had shown more courage in keepint Supergirl on the home network.  And I readily admit that FOX’s Gotham is just too dark for me.

Instead both CBS and NBC are banking on their old standards of CSI and Law and Order.  Granted the originals were good shows but how many different versions are too many before we have nothing but repeating stories but on different shows with varied details to suit the locations!  Come on CBS and NBC.  You use to be more original than that.

In closing for this long overdue piece, let me add this.  It’s okay to do an update but why use the original plot devices.  We’re use to the old stars in the shows.  We can see the old shows on reruns on other networks.  The best “reboot” works when you take the premise and update it with a new cast, a new setting, a new year, and a new ship (Star Trek anyone).  Even Fuller House is working because it’s the original cast but aged appropriately.  I’m getting tired of repeats but if I have to chose the repeats, I will go with the originals every time.




The Story of the “Casting Couch”

Okay, just how many Hollywood executives (and politicians) have now been charged with making inappropriate actions toward young girls and women.  I seem to be losing count and I know there are probably many more to come.  Since I don’t want to ruin cases against them, I decided to look at this issue from another angle.  So maybe it’s time we review ancient history and the mention of the “casting couch.”

In the heyday of motion pictures, such noteworthy actresses as Jane Russell, Claudette Colbert, and even Shirley Temple (at a very young age) were exposed to bosses who either exposed themselves or expected sexual gratification to allow the women to work in Hollywood.  In 2006,  Alan Royle wrote this brief history of the early days in Hollywood and “the casting couch.”  To advance, producers expected to get side benefits.  Money made off movies was not enough.

Some of the more interesting stories revolve around “great film and actresses.”  In an article entitled, “The Casting Couch: Hollywood’s Dirty Secret”  some history is giving.  According to Joan Collins, she missed out on Cleopatra because she wouldn’t sleep with the studio boss.  Marilyn Monroe spoke of Hollywood as a brothel.  The man who helped her achieve her fame, Darryl Zannuck, was rumored to meet young actresses wearing nothing more than his dressing gown.

Maybe the question that these producers/professionals didn’t understand revolves around what constitutes sexual harassment and what constitutes an affair.  The article quoted above also listed famous “Hollywood” executives who had notable affairs with famous actresses.  Howard Hughes is pointed out for having affairs with Ava Gardner, Bette Davis, and Ginger Rogers.  I wonder if these women did it for love or for fame.  Sexual favors can be said to be love if the right inducement exists.

And about politics.  In histories I have read of John F. Kennedy you see mentions of what appears to be affairs with other women besides Jackie.  Again, most notably is Marilyn Monroe.  It has been said that all presidents up until the Bushes had had affairs with women but we didn’t know about it.  I will also point out that Clinton had the Monica “Black dress” incident and let’s stop there.  There were ladies called “Madames” in Washington in the 1800s who held salons for political discussions.  While some were legit, it always raised the question of how they got so powerful.

Something has happened that is good.  People are stepping forward and saying what is happening.  Will it make a difference?  Who knows because it is the same old “he/she said” business?  The  thing is to recognize that people in power can do power plays to attain their ends.



Once Upon a Time: And Now We Know More of Rumbelle’s Great Love

Once Upon a Time has done it again.  They made me cry Friday night.  So, let’s get on with it.

Three cheers for Adam and Edie, the writers, the actors and all involved.  Once Upon a Time gave Rumbelle their happy ending.  I loved how Rumple went looking for a place to lose the dagger.  Too bad, though, for him that the dagger always remained.  But there is hope.  He now knows that he must find the Guardian to give the dagger to so darkness cannot return.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t found that person yet as “darkness” is now in the hands of Lady Tremaine.  Thanks to Tilly shooting Rumple, he knows two things:

  1. he will be reunited with Belle
  2. he’s been cursed and made to forget the past (loved that dearie at the end).

So where does he go from here?  Probably the harder question is where is the dagger?  And what type of “tapes” does Victoria have on him anyway?

Now on to the Guardian…just who is he?  We know that Rumple knew where to find him.  First person he meets is Tilly.  Some are thinking that she is the one who gets the dagger.  Me, I think we need to look a little further into the scene of his arrival.  Could it be Henry?   He zoomed by on his bike and didn’t even notice his grandfather.

Ad we actually had one more question answered for us.  In the “Comic Con” version of the opening, Regina asks Henry why didn’t Snow, Charming or Emma stop him from the quest.  I wondered then why Rumple wasn’t mentioned.  Now I see he had probably already left the town trying to get rid of  “said” dagger.

Tilly is an interesting character.  Speculation on Twitter and Facebook feel that she is Hook’s 2 daughter.  She does appear to be the LGBT character the show promised last year.  The real question is how Tilly, who is really Alice, came to be the only person not affected by the curse?  Could she be immune due to her arriving late in Seattle?  Could she be a magical fairy that sees beyond the veil?  And what is in those pills she takes?  Could Victoria be pumping it into everyone.

One last note:  I really didn’t think the Ivy scenes played true to the show.  Now, she seems to be developing feelings for Henry.  Has it got something to do with his “pure heart?”


DANCE MOMS: The End of a Series and the Beginning of Life

What can you say about the end of a series like Dance Moms.  I won’t do a recap but I want to talk about what viewers have experienced.  The show has run seven years and let us watch Nia, Kendall and Chloe (to a certain extent) grow up.  It’s let us see other girls like Maddie, MacKenzie and JoJo move on in a different career path than competition dance.  Nia, Kalani, Chloe and Kendall have found other options besides dance in their future and have the strength to continue on the path toward success.  We are still unsure where their path will lead but the future is bright.

When you think of the early Dance Moms, you think of seven little girls going out into the world and competing for national championships.  Now, the circle has come full cycle.  The teacher may not be the same.  Some of the girls have change but the cycle has been complete.  While three girls from the early years are there to see the end, the additional two — Kalani and Camryn — have won places in our hearts.  These girls have stayed the course of the season, remained true to themselves, remained true to their beliefs, and maintained a friendship that has survived the test of time, confusion, and rejection.  They have come out the other side as National Champions once again and should be very proud of their accomplishments. At this level, they have met the challenge.

I want to express my thanks to each girl and offer their strengths and commend their success.

To Nia — you were always cast as the underdog.  What you found within yourself was strength and purpose.  Your strength is in your ability to see beyond what is before you to what is underneath.  You didn’t take things at face value.  Your struggles have made you the performer you are today.  Whatever career path you pursue, you will have success.  The reason:  you have the tenacity to continue to strive for success.

To Chloe — you too suffered as an underdog.  Your early success seemed always to be overshadowed and forgotten.  It may have made you insecure at times but look at where it has led.  While you were away from dance, you found success as an actress.  Your friendships there are strong but you haven’t forgotten your old friends like Nia, Kendall and Kalani.  You have a bright future and when you set your mind to something you WILL succeed.

To Kalanii — you have success written all over your fashion design.  You have the dancing skills but your fashion vision may take you further than any dance will.  You came to the show late and I had my doubts about you but you have proven to me that you are not only a strong dancer but a dedicated friend.  Your support of Nia and Kendall showed that you care for others.  Go for it girl!  Your fashion sense (and socks) will take you far.

To Kendall — Kendall, you are at a crossroads.  You are a singer and a dancer but are you a dreamer.  I can see you succeeding on so many levels and my advice to you is to stay the course.  Don’t forget your friends.  Stay true to yourself.  Stay true to your ideals.  Stay true to your friends.  Don’t get distracted by the “noise” or advice of those who say have your best interest at heart.  Remember the lesson that came from Abby’s taking on your music career.  Do what you think you need to do to succeed.  Success is right around the corner for you.

To Camryn — Camryn, though we have only known you a short time, we see your strengths.  You have determination, you have the will to success.  Go for it!  Your life is an open book.  Your future is your destiny.  Whether you stay in dance or move into other venues take the lessons learned and stay true.  Remember your friends — the ones who are there for you and don’t lose the contact with them.  They are your source of strength, an enabler and encouragement source.

And a special note to all the moms.  Thank you for sharing your girls with us.

Holly— Thank you for having a level-head and being a source of wisdom.  Thank you for taking care of not only Nia but all the other girls.  When you saw things were getting out of control, you took control of the girls and kept them from harm.  You are an inspiration, and should be so proud of your daughter.

Christi — I know you take a lot of online abuse from people who feel you are combative and argumentative.  To me, you are just stating the truth and calling things like you see them.  Thank you for being an advocate for the girls.  Thank you for standing up for the girls.  And thank you for reminding people of those who came first and started the success (of which I understand you can take part credit).  Chloe has a bright future.

Kira — Kira, I heard some of the things that Abby dished on you last night.  Yes, I know you have problems but who doesn’t.  Would Abby be in jail if she was innocent?  Anyway, I want to thank you for your fairness.  You never forgot there were other girls there and never put Kalani’s interest before the others to their detriment.  While you wanted Kalani to shine, you didn’t forget there were others there who need the spotlight. Continue to let Kalani explore options.  She has greatness written in her stars.

Jill — Jill, thank you for being you.  While I don’t always agree with some of your methods, your goal has always been to have Kendall be a success.  Some of the time you took the wrong path but you always found your way.  As I told Kendall, don’t always listen to the bright promises.  You need to step back and evaluate decisions that the two of you make.  Kendall has a promising future.  It’s up to you to help guide in the right path.

Camille — Camille, I don’t know you from your television persona as well as I know the others, but I have a wish for you.  I want you and your beautiful daughter to continue to gain strength and rely on the people around you for support.  Remember the lessons you learned from Dance Moms.  Remember the advice given.  Take the good to heart and the other use when necessary.  Give your daughter guidance, encouragement, and love.  The path is unsure for Camryn but the future is bright.

Now to future Dance Moms participants I offer  the following advice.  Don’t go into any television show with stars in your eyes.  The show may not last.  It may not make you a success.  It may not even show you in a good light.  Remember what people see on television is what they expect you to be.  We don’t see the hours that are edited out.

Which brings me to one more note for Ashlee and Brynn.  Ashlee, you seemed to forget you were on a reality show.  You and Brynn didn’t take into consideration that your actions might have ramifications.  I was brought up to say nothing if I couldn’t say something good.   Both of you have done some things, said some things, and had looks on your faces which were in opposition of what you say you meant.  Always remember that your actions speak more than what you think they are saying.  If you do reality, remember that we don’t see everything that goes on.

So seven season of Dance Moms is over.  Will the show return with a new cast?  That is still to be determined.  Will fans accept a new cast?  Again, it’s too soon to tell.  But I will always remember this team of girls (Nia, Kalani, Kendall, Chloe, and Camryn) and these moms (Holly, Kira, Jill, Christi and Camille).  You maintained your beliefs in a test of fire.  Congratulations.




Once Upon a Time — Changes and Season 7

Once Upon a Time returned two weeks ago and I have intentionally remained silent.  The reason is simple.  I didn’t want to say anything until after Emma’s story was told.  Now I feel a little (notice little) more confident in what I have to say.

I don’t mind the new Henry.  I don’t mind the fact that we are reliving the opening of the very first episode.  What I do mind is that we have no idea of the curse or who cast it.  The Henry we know and love would never forget his daughter unless under extreme circumstances.  So, who caused the extreme circumstances.  And why does Henry appear to be the last one to have arrived in Hyperion Heights.  Alice made a point of telling Rumple (I mean Weaver) that he was in town.

I just love the names and symbolism associated with the old characters.  Weaver for Gold is very appropriate as he weaved gold out of straw.  I can even see Roni for Regina. Roni is the Hebrew for word for “song” and she did do an excellent job with her musical number.  And the bar is the most appropriate place for her to work since she met Robin at a bar.

Now, on to Hook or should we say Wish Hook or Hook 2?  I’m not sure but Hook’s new name of Rogers is also appropriate as he sailed on the Jolly Roger.  The real question though comes from his change.  Lady Tremaine used our Storybrooke’s Hook’s blood to make Hook 2 look younger and our Hook.  Okay, I’ll buy this but that leaves a whole new can of worms.

Lady Tremaine/Victoria (I think is her Seattle name) evidently has some experience with magic.  She states that she hates magic and seems to want the landscapes around her cleansed of all magic yet she can sure use that wand!  If she is so against magic, why can she use it.  And what “price” did magic have for her?

Unfortunately, Emma’s return wasn’t what I expected (not exactly).  I’m happy that she and our original Hook are starting a family but her appearance wasn’t for the entire show much less mind blowing.  There’s some speculation over on Twitter that Emma’s not telling Henry everything but I am not thinking along those lines.  If Emma wanted Henry to know she was pregnant, she would have told them not to say anything.  She would want to tell him herself.

Now that brings us to the last questionable issue that we have.  We know that Henry had graduated high school when he left on his grand adventure, now he’s a young man who has married.  None of our returning characters have aged that much.  Even Emma didn’t seem any older.  I’ve always speculated that the time runs different in the different worlds so could this be evidence.  Or, is my mind seeing a potential set-up for this being the entrance to Narnia and the Last Battle (as C. S. Lewis wrote).  Only time (and renewal) will tell.

DANCE MOMS: Round Two on THAT DANCE and Other Matters

Recently, I wrote an article about Dance Moms that proved that Abby was capable of doing dances like the OG’s did in last week’s show.  I in no way condone the dance but my credibility has been called into account.  And, while I don’t have children, I have taken dance and also have friends who teach.  Let me say the following:

As the teachers say, times have changed.  Dance has changed and some of the reasons are connected with Dance Moms.  The first few years, Abby’s routines were more legit but, let’s face it.  She pushed the line even the year before Dance Moms premiered as the clips last week showed.

As a person who ATTENDS and LOVES musical theater, I attend when I can.  I have attended both professional versions, college versions, and high school versions.  Because the college versions sometimes includes home school students, theater students can be 16 or 17 during their first year and get starring roles.  And yes, I have seen a 16 year old in A Chorus Line singing “Tits and Ass” (excuse the reference folks).  So don’t say that young girls don’t perform that type of routine.

As for the “professionalism” of Abby Lee Dancers, well I know of at least one university who would love to have Nia on their “dance team.”  The reason:  Her videos show her as being a hard worker who can do the fast choreography.  So, don’t judge Nia, Kalani, Camryn, Chloe, or Kendall on their looks, their weight, their body type or their skill.  They face enough judgement in the work place and should not have to face it here from people who bully young girls because of a television show.

Now on to the moms and why they have allowed their girls to do the show.  The program Dance Moms was originally thought to be a documentary on the world of dancers and their moms.  Rumors have it that Christi brought the studio to the attention of the producers who decided to use it.  In fact Holly stated in an interview that first year that she didn’t think they would make the show much less make it past the first few weeks.  To be on the show, all moms had to sign contracts which made them have to do what production told them to do.  That meant they all had to learn a new dance for the week, the teacher arranged for choreography and costumes (which the moms paid for) and they couldn’t easily break their contract or face legal issues.

Now on to how much it costs to be a dancer.  When I was young and danced, my dad worked two jobs so my sister and I could have the opportunity.  So it was expensive then.  At the Abby Lee studio, the rates are posted on their website for 2015-2016.  Basically, all students must pay a $35.00 registration fee for the year.  If they are registered, the fee for a 30 minute session is $35  and 60 minutes runs $65.  All must pay for a performance packet monthly from November to March.  While no monetary amount is given, the packet includes costumes, tights, earrings, head pieces, props.  Notice what isn’t listed — travel and hotel bills.  Also, the team information are  found here.  Please note that one class doesn’t cut it and we don’t know how much the weekend rehearsals are. Quoting from their website

Required Classes are Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Acro/Gym, Hip Hop, Legs & Feet, Jumps & turns.

So basically, that is at least nine classes.  Let’s say the classes run the minimum time of 30 minutes.  Parents pay $35.00, then $315.00 a week but I don’t think that is what it takes to make the Elite team.  Let’s go with just the $315 a week for 12 months and the cost for dance lessons (no performance packets) alone are $16,380 a year.

And just for the record:  I have written for several different websites on Dance Moms and I have one rule.  I never comment on a girl unless said girl does something really obnoxious.  I will comment on the moms.  The way I see it is this.  The original moms were trying to get the story across of moms and daughters sharing an experience. The show took off.  Business opportunity for Abby and dance success for her star pupils came into play.  Enough said and only one name called here.


Dance Moms: The Debate Still Rages

Last night’s (Tuesday, October 10, 2017) on Dance Moms, we got to see the dances in their entirety.  I’m not going to throw shade at the younger dancers.  I do want to say that the first version I saw (season one) of “Where Have All the Children Gone” moved me to tears.  Here is the link for it if you never have seen it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psxDS8QMrXs.  The gist of this is that all our children are exposed to acts of violence.  The version last night (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE9tWaNApSo) looked like the schoolyard bully and no one standing up to him.  Granted Brynn did push him, but it was half-hearted and she ran off.  If he was the school yard bully, she should have confronted him.

Let’s now deal with the big controversy on last night’s Dance Moms.  Many complained about the mature nature and costumes of the girls dance.  Granted, it’s not what you are use to on Dance Moms.  No lyrical moves or pretty little facial expressions, it was hard hitting and actually age appropriate.  These girls are aged 15, 16, and 17.  They will be moving into college/jobs where they will be expected to perform like this or much worse.  They pulled the number off and I applaud them for it.  It’s a grown up dance and is seen in almost every music video.  If you didn’t see it, here’s the link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oS3ysfpoQ4).

Abby’s complaint that this isn’t what she raised the girls to do is not reflected in what we have seen over seven seasons.  And while I’m sure Abby would say that producers made her do these dances, Abby could have stood up to them and refused.  She has dressed them as show girls.  Here’s the link and be sure to watch all of it  and especially view the judges faces.  They were in shock. Here the girls are complete with Vegas costumes and fans (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2_dTosvpnQ).

If this isn’t evidence enough of what Abby has had the girls do, let me remind you of a few others:

Electricity — better costumes than above but still objectionable contents by standards established on Twitter last night — (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hbwed_7o20).

Make You Mine — due to costumes and dance moves  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiP8UuPabik

They Call Me Laquifa — This is from season one or two and notice that Abby has Nia twirking.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re4L3VL91mI

Snapshot  — where the girls danced in bras/pants only they were swimsuits  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGgGTwWe8qI&list=PLmp3XLn02Xg1UHMpdTIcF7e9Pw-5jc3Ms&index=22

Nip and Tuck — another bra/pants routine.  This routine was supposed to imply that the moms had plastic surgery —  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5ugY3mDbWc&index=78&list=PLmp3XLn02Xg1UHMpdTIcF7e9Pw-5jc3Ms

And less we forget.  Here’s what Abby said to Nia about her video and the testimonial that follows:  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fkjnb0XYjA). And . . . (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K47y_49IsjA).  And … (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gN7dRid084).    Yet Abby loves Maddie’s work with Shia and Sia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRzrNAfy2-M)?  Most people’s opinion of “Elastic Heart” can be voiced by Cathy of Candy Apples (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INq7QgNiU4E).

And less you forget, Abby didn’t want Nia/Holly or JoJo/Jessalynn to come to Australia.  They were not included in any of the events so Holly took matters into her own hands (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOSNolfX_Yg, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIQiORnD940https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl6NH5iKbEw and Nia’s and JoJo’s POWERFUL performance in Australia (without other girls being allowed to attend) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHWY9qIKw9Y (prep) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv2wuMk6M5k (performance).

As I said last night — Pot meet Kettle.  Abby and her supporters can’t complain because the evidence exists that she did the same thing and complained when Nia made it big without her.

Dance Moms: OG V New Gals

Dance Moms last night was a trip through a haunted house.  Gone were the days when Abby Lee Dance Company was bustling with students.  Gone were the days of Chloe and Nia with the original team trying to please Abby.  Gone were the days when the moms tried to protect their children.  So what did we have in their place?

Let’s first start with the Dance Mom set we have come to know.  Instead of Holly, Jill, Kira, and the rest, we had plotting Stacy, paranoid Yolanda, half-clued in Jamie, and Ashlee, the harbinger of calamity.  Both Stacey and Yolanda want their daughters to be the next big “it” factor with Abby.  Ashlee is out to stop this and put Brynn at the top and with all the solos.  And if that causes strife between the moms and upset to the Original Girls so much the better!

Now, I don’t know if a text existed or not, but it wasn’t Ashlee’s place to share.  Please if I had been Kira/Jill/Holly/Camille, I would have deleted her from any list on phone or social groups that existed. All know that Ashlee is there only to make Brynn a star.  They know that she (and excuse my French here) sucked up to Abby at the competition the week before.  Would you share any comments with her?  I don’t think so thus I wonder if this text she saw was true.  A mom who wants to maintain friendly ties to the other group in case she needs them wouldn’t have told the new group all about what she has supposedly seen online.  But we are talking about Ashlee.

Probably one of the biggest problems I have with the new group is their lack of “real world” understanding.  Here they are fawning all over Abby in the hopes of getting their daughters ahead and all know Abby is going to jail.  Stacey and Yolanda especially are blind to the fact that without Abby they won’t have a team or success will come their way.  I’ve heard of people wearing blinders but theirs are over the top.

Now on to the Original Girls.  I know people say that Abby made them but did she really?  She kept throwing at Jill and Kendall the question of where would they be without her.  While I can see the reasoning behind the question, Abby hasn’t done that much for Kendall.  Jill had to go find another agent to handle Kendall’s music career.  Nia has suffered under Abby’s displeasure for seven long years. Chloe was insulted and had her confidence thrown many times by Abby’s comments.  While Kalani has gotten some breaks, they have been few and far between.  Thus, Abby’s whining and crying doesn’t play true to me.  Yes, she helped them on the path but their moms paid the bills.  They paid Abby to teach the girls to dance, take them to competitions, and manage their careers  (at a profit to Abby).

As to the girls, they tried to deal with Abby.  Nia has stood back and not said anything but from her facial expressions we know how much she has been hurt.  Chloe had to leave because of the comments Abby made about her eye condition.  Kalani and Kendall have suffered comparison to Maddie time and again.  Camryn has been threatened with being kicked off the team almost every week.  In all honesty what child, or parent, would have stayed that long even for a television show.  Chloe and Christi left.  Nia and Holly made it the longest because they knew they were under contract.  And for those who think getting out of a contract in show business is easy, it isn’t.  I’ve heard horror stories of what happens if you break even the smallest detail.

Now on to the original girls dance.  I didn’t see it on Dance Moms last night but from what I have seen, it was mature.  Guess what folks!  Both Kalani and Nia are heading to college soon.  This is the type of dance that if they “try out” for the musical number they will have to do.  I’ve seen too many college performance (and yes, even high school) of “A Chorus Line,” “Cabaret,” “Sweet Charity.”  And less you say:  “Well, Abby wouldn’t have done that type of number or dress them in that costume, let me say this.  There is one episode not on the Season Two dvd of Dance Moms because of subject theme and got cut because of said “theme and costume” of the dance.  They won’t even show it on television.  Also, remember the Chicago number???  That song was inappropriate. And what gives Abby a bye to get away with this.

The dance world is very competitive and I know a little of what happens at some of these dance competitions.  I know that Abby did that particular dance last night for one reason only:  to throw the “Original Girls” (Nia and Chloe) off.  I also know that rumors have circulated for at least three years that the comps are fixed and Abby couldn’t win a legit competition yet.  Do we know for sure that the one shown last night was legit?  Remember a judge ran away with the scores just a few weeks ago when questioned.

I’m sure much is staged.  I’m sure drama and upping the ante for viewers have to be done.  In the end, we’ll never know how much of this was true and how much was fake..  In my mind though, I know that Nia and Holly always seems to be the most level-headed.  Christi will do anything for her daughter.  Kira stands up for Kalani and all the girls.  Camille made the best call for Camryn.  Of the other moms, I sincerely hope your daughters achieve the success you want them to have but remember.  The competition is always there.  Friendship that exists among the Original Girls is something you can’t buy.