Riverdale: Chapter 46 and A New Master Mind Is Revealed

Okay – I’m 35 minutes into Riverdale tonight and I am hoping that this episode is another one of Jughead’s story.  If not, we either will get answers or more confusion.  Yet, this is Riverdale and are there ever any answers?  Of course not!  That’s why we keep coming back. So, let’s get into the story and see just what happens.  By the way, Riverdale producers, did you stage the sound mess up intentionally??

Archie the Angry Drunk

Archie has decided that college isn’t for him and he wants to work with Fred.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t go smoothly as Archie’s anger and drinking get out of control.  Add to that he gets fired and Fred catches him drinking and lectures him (yeah Dylan schooling Archie on drinking is funny — 90210 reference here).  He goes to Veronica’s club and Reggie refuses to serve him because Archie had had too much already  to drink.  Josie cools him off in a cold shower and Archie tells her about the dream/vision during the bear attack.  Josie offers him an alternative – music.

Archie decides that he has to confront Hiram and goes to the hospital with a gun (don’t ask me how or where Archie got the gun or how he got it into the hospital).  As Archie gets ready to shot, a masked gunman arrives (more about this later because it’s too confusing).  Archie shots at the masked man who runs (and yes, this will be revealed later).

Archie calls Veronica who comes to the hospital.  Hiram is alive and awake and wants to see Archie (as far as I can tell since the sound messed up and I was reading captions).  Hiram thanks him for being there and saving his life.  Archie says he only wants to live in peace.  They now have a truce sealed with a handshake.  Archie goes to the club and talks to Josie.  Have we got a new romance going?  Or is he going to take her suggestion and do music?  Well he does want to “jam” with her.

Betty and Her Family’s Mystery

Meanwhile Betty is off on a new mission because she’s suspicious of all the murders.  Her take is that it is Penelope Blossom.  Betty crashes Claudius’ funeral then meets back up with Jughead.  They decide to work together but Betty gets a call to meet the coroner.  Long story short (and to make the most sense), Claudius didn’t have an autopsy performed but the coroner found Clifford’s records.  Clifford didn’t commit suicide by hanging.  He had been killed by poison (or drugs) prior to the rope  being tightened around his neck.

Betty goes back to see Penelope at her sex club, Maple.  Betty’s figured it out.  Penelope has been killing the men who have died but why not women. Penelope admits that she did the crime and only murdered men because of the Blossoms adopting her at eight and her treatment as a child.  If Betty turns Penelope in, Penelope will tell about the person Betty killed.  Betty ends up visiting her father (again) who (again) asks for forgiveness.

Jughead’s Solves a Mystery (Almost) for Ronnie

Let’s be honest! If you know anything about Jughead on Riverdale, you know he writes about everything.  He’s writing when Ron shows up and gives him a case.  She wants to know who shot her dad.  Oh, and like the Philip Marlowe stories, Ron’s willing to pay.  So Jughead has a new mystery to solve (and we begin to get clues on what the surprise is for tonight).

Some of Jug’s clues are tied to Betty’s case but not all. Jughead is very suspicious of Hermione and starts to question her.  She’s the one who will get the most from Hiram’s death but she has an alibi.  Hermione was on a call when he was shot.  Hermione is upset because she had Hiram followed and gotten pictures of him with his mistress (played by Kelly Ripa).  Betty and Jughead cross paths here, but Jughead gets the most details later.  It seems that the runoff from the drug processing plant had ended up in the  Sweetwater Reservoir.  This caused the girls to have a seizure.  Hiram’s mistress had been called in to investigate and wrote the fake report that got the town quarantined (well that’s part of the quarantine mystery, I guess).

Jughead  had had Sweet Pea watching Hermione.  Sweet Pea calls Jughead and they find out about a mystery man in her life and the plot to frame FP with Hiram’s murder.  Instead FP turns the situation around and throws it back on Hermione.  And why may you ask?  Keep reading!


Hermione.  That’s right!  Hermione Lodge may have been a party to her husband’s game but says she was against the drugs (yeah, because it hurt Veronia).  She faked Sheriff Minette’s death and they had a “cabin” in the woods.  Jughead and Sweet Pea tracked them to their tryst (read sex) and heard the plan to frame FP for Hiram’s murder in the hospital room.  Only thing was Archie stopped that.

Then the sound on this episode messed up.  From what I read, FP turned the story on her and set up Tall Boy to do the shooting of Hiram Lodge.  Tall Boy was caught and died on the way to jail.  By the way, FP had called Alice to tape the story and Hermione wasn’t happy at that.  Hermione knows that Minette failed so she goes to the cabin and shots him.

Why you ask?  Well, she wanted the money to pay off someone off for something (which was highly distorted by the sound issue).  Hermione needed the money that Hiram got for protection and the sale of the drug to complete whatever she’s doing.  With Ronnie and Reggie destroying the drugs, Hermione doesn’t have her part of the bargain for  the deal (don’t ask me about this because we weren’t told).  Now, Hermione is wanting revenge on both FP and Jughead.  And Riverdale is just Rivproerdale according to jughead.

Fourth Sunday of Advent — Youth



Linda Martindale

(Note:  I use the term astrophysics in this piece.  I have a friend who is one.  It means:  someone who studies the stars and space.)

There’s been stories about the Saturn and Jupiter alignment in the news.  It’s being called the Christmas Star.  This alignment would not last long enough for the Wise Men to follow it though.  Today, I submit the following famous short story by Arthur C. Clarke for you to consider.   I am telling the story in my own words but with quotes.  The link to the story and video are at the end of the piece. 

“The Star,” written in London in 1954, appears in Clarke’s book, The Nine Billion Names of God:  The Best Short Stories of Arthur C. Clarke.  The story has been used twice as a script for the Twilight Zone

In the future, a spaceship visits a planet.  One of the astrophysicists is from the Vatican in Rome.  As a member of the Catholic church he studies the planets.  What he has just seen troubles his faith.  The reason?  Their latest stop has been on a planet where they have found proof of life.  The people have left records that he is studying. 

Most of the others on the ship are not Christians.  The crew has had a hard time with having a Catholic priest on board.

Dr. Chandler, for instance, could never get over it (Why are medical men such notorious atheists?) Sometimes he would meet me on the observation deck, where the lights are always low so that the stars shine with undiminished glory. He would come up to me in the gloom and stand staring out of the great oval port, while the heavens crawled slowly around us as the ship turned over and over with the residual spin we had never bothered to correct.

“Well, Father,” he would say at last, “it goes on forever and forever, and perhaps Something made it. But how you can believe that Something has a special interest in us and our miserable little world—that just beats me.”

But no matter the arguments, the crew found it funny that a priest had been assigned to the ship.  The area they were investigating was a small nebula called the Phoenix.  It surrounded what had once been . . . a star.

The priest now was staring into space and praying.  Some would say he questioned God.

What would you, Father (note:  his teacher), have made of this knowledge that has come into my keeping, so far from the little world that was all the Universe you knew? Would your faith have risen to the challenge, as mine has failed to do?

As the first ship to reach the Phoenix Nebula, no one was prepared for what they found.  The priest looks at a book from the planet, “AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAN.“ Even for us who might not understand Latin, we can see Glorian as Glory.  The priest knows that every year stars explode. 

But three or four times in every thousand years occurs something beside which even a nova pales into total insignificance. When a star becomes a supernova, it may for a little while outshine all the massed suns of the Galaxy. The Chinese astronomers watched this happen in A.D. 1054, not knowing what it was they saw. Five centuries later, in 1572, a supernova blazed in Cassiopeia so brilliantly that it was visible in the daylight sky.

He and the crew are here to find out what had happened, when and why.  The crew had seen what remained of the star first.  As they started searching for planets, they really hadn’t expected to find one.  It wasn’t until they reached the outermost area of the star’s system that they found a “shrunken” planet.  The people had left their records in an underground vault with a marker over the top.  The people who had lived here had lived in harmony and peace with no war.  They traveled to other planets.  They created great things of beauty.  They were warned that the star would explode and had hidden their history, art and music so their story could live for the future.  When the crew opened the vault, the pictures showed life as we know it here on earth.  They had left a key to decode their language. 

The priest had dated the year the star went supernova.  It happened during a key earth event and it troubled him.  Why did these people have to die in such a way at that time?  He knew now when the light from that explosion reached earth.  Knowing he shouldn’t question, he found it hard.

Now, from the astronomical evidence and the record in the rocks of that one surviving planet, I have been able to date it very exactly. I know in what year the light of this colossal conflagration reached the Earth. I know how brilliantly the supernova whose corpse now dwindles behind our speeding ship once shone in terrestrial skies. I know how it must have blazed low in the east before sunrise, like a beacon in that oriental dawn. There can be no reasonable doubt: the ancient mystery is solved at last. Yet, oh God, there were so many stars you could have used. What was the need to give these people to the fire, that the symbol of their passing might shine above Bethlehem?

The Twilight Zone takes it a step further.  His friend shows up with a new document from the surface. A poem has been found on the planet.  He hopes that it offers peace for the priest.  The poem goes:

Mourn not for us—for we have seen the light.

Have looked on beauty.

Have lived in peace and love.

Grieve but for those who go alone,

Unwise, to die in darkness

and never see the sun.

The Twilight Zone, aired December 20, 1985.

Link to the story:  https://sites.uni.edu/morgans/astro/course/TheStar.pdf

Link to The Twilight Zone.  You can find it on the CBS site but the YouTube site comes up faster.  Part One:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SECLzGKDTgY

Part Two:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgjX9MJTdtM


What would you have done if you were the priest and discovered what had caused the Christmas star?  Would you question God?  Would you accept it?               

Let me know the answer because I’m interested in your thoughts.

Fourth Sunday of Advent — Children


The Wise Men Came

By Linda Martindale

If you have heard the news, you have heard about the Christmas Star that will appear in the sky soon.  Well, as a child I had my own Christmas star.  It is brightest during the November/December season and always in what we see as east.  But let’s think really about the Christmas Star that led the Wise Men.  They followed it for two years.  Here’s the story as we’re told in the Bible.

When Jesus was born not only did the shepherds see the angels, but at least three wise men (there may have been more) saw a star of great light shining in the East.  This star stayed in the same position every night and didn’t move like stars do.  They knew it was a signal that something important had happened and they knew that they had to find what it was showing.

Now these men didn’t live in the area around Nazareth.  They lived far away.  Some people say India, some people say even further than that.  Remember, they didn’t have planes or cars to take to see what they wanted to see.  They mounted camels and set out to find the reason for the light.

The Wise Men traveled for two years.  Think of it – riding a camel, not being home – what a hardship!  To them it was a mission that they had to complete.  With them came gifts to what they supposed was a king of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Each was valuable and proper to honor someone that was important.

They arrived in Israel and stopped by the palace in Jerusalem.  If a king or someone important had been born that would be where he would be they thought.  The king, Herod, knew nothing but called his religious leaders and asked them.  These leaders consulted their scrolls and found that Nazareth would likely be the site of whatever the Wise Men sought.  The King informed them of this and sent them on their way.  All he asked was that they returned and tell him what they found so he could go and see this Child.

The Wise Men followed the star to Nazareth where Mary and Joseph was living.  They found the three in a house, not stable, and knelt and worshipped the Child.  They presented their gifts.  That night, God sent an angel and told the Wise Men to go an alternate path back to their homeland.  They could not tell the king anything.  The Wise Men followed this advice.

Now the king got very mad and ordered some terrible things be done but Jesus was safe.  An angel had told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus and go to Egypt.  They packed their supplies and went to Egypt where they stayed until King Herod died which was around two years. 

So Jesus’s life was very different and not as easy as we think.  He was given to us as a Gift but some people just couldn’t accept him.  We should remember that there are times things are hidden under a plain wrapper like Jesus’ birth with no big party.  All people should be celebrated and help.

As you go through Christmas, think of people you have already helped.  I am so proud of you kids at Emmanuel for all you have done to feed the hungry.  When this virus is over, let’s plan our next goal.

Third Sunday of Advent: Youth

A Christmas Carol

Third Sunday Meditation for Youth

By Linda Martindale

One of the Christmas stories I love is called simply A Christmas Carol. Written by Charles Dickens in Victorian England, it tells the story of a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who didn’t believe in Christmas.  In fact, he was so mean that he made people work at Christmas.  That is until the year that he was visited by his dead business partner, Jacob Marley. 

Marley had been just like Scrooge – money before the true meaning of Christmas.  Now, he wore chains. His message to Scrooge was simply this.  You will be visited by three ghosts tonight and if you don’t change you will suffer my fate.  The fate was to be chained for life to the misery of the world.

Now Scrooge didn’t believe, at least not a first.  Then he was awakened by the first of the three ghosts.    The First, Christmas Past, showed him scenes from his childhood and youth.  It was joyous.  He celebrated.  He had friends and family that he didn’t treat shabbily.  The next ghost, that of Christmas Present, showed him what his actions had done and what kind of lives his employee, Bob Cratchitt, and Bob’s family had.  He saw his clerk’s family barely getting by and their very sick son, Tiny Tim.  He saw his nephew and wife celebrating with their friends.  His nephew‘s wife even told all that she had known Scrooge wouldn’t come.  The final Ghost was of Christmas Future.  Scrooge had died.  No one came to pay their respects except his nephew and his family.  He saw his employee’s Christmas but there was no Tiny Tim.  When he asked about Tiny Tim, the Ghost of Christmas Future, who didn’t speak, just shook his head.

Ebenezer woke up from the dream and found out that it was Christmas morning.  He went down and started spreading the Christmas spirit that Christ would want him to spread.  He woke up the butcher and order a nice fat goose for his employee, Bob Cratchit.  He went back and dressed up and set out for his nephew’s house.  He went in as a grump but suddenly, the true Christmas spirit shown and  he gave gifts to all in attendance.  The book tells us that he surprised everyone with his Christmas spirit.  We also learn that Ebenezer never forgot and always kept Christmas in his heart.  And little Tiny Tim, well Scrooge help Bob Cratchit take care of the boy and watched him as he grew up.

This year seems to have made Christmas extremely different for us.  Some of my friends consider it a Scrooge year (or better yet the Grinch year).  So maybe we should adopt a more positive attitude than Ebenezer Scrooge.  Maybe we should look for the good in this year.  Let’s try this.

For our Ghost of Christmas Past – remember the good things and fun stuff you have done in the past.

For our Ghost of Christmas Present – think of the good and not the bad.  Sure, we may not be with our friends, but don’t turn into a Scrooge.  Share smiles, phone calls or socially distanced season visits. 

And for our Ghosts of Christmas Future – let’s look at how next year we can celebrate with love and joy.  We will, hopefully, be back together with no sign of a virus and can celebrate with parties, music and song.  But most important of all, we need to adopt the true meaning of Christmas just like Scrooge.  Here is my take:  Jesus came to give us joy.  Look for the good in every situation and for the best.  With this, maybe, just maybe the season will seem a little brighter.

Third Sunday of Advent — Children

Shepherds Came

By Linda Martindale

Luke 2: 8-20

Imagine yourself outside.  There are no car noises, no televisions, no sirens.  All you can hear are birds.  There are no city lights.  All that can be seen are the stars.  The Milky Way looks like a path across the sky but something seems off.

That is what happened to the shepherds.  They were in a field outside of Bethlehem with their sheep.  It was quiet.  They could not hear anything that might attack the sheep.  The sky was bright with no clouds to see and the stars – the stars kept getting brighter. 

All of a sudden one seemed to fall to earth.  As it came nearer, the shepherds became afraid.  What would they do?  Would this star kill them?  Wasn’t it taught in the synagogue (church) to beware of things falling from the sky. 

Suddenly, out of the light from that star, an angel appeared.  Now they knew they should be afraid.  Angels appeared to important people like Jacob and Elijah.  They didn’t appear to common shepherds in the fields.  Then the angel spoke:

“Do not be afraid.”  The angel then told them: “I am here to tell you some good news from God.  It will bring you great joy and is meant for you and all people.  Today in the city of David, Bethlehem, a Savior, the Messiah, the Lord has been born.  And you are to go and find him.  This will be a sign to let you know that you have found Him.  He will be wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

Now if this hadn’t startled the shepherds enough, suddenly more angels appeared.  And they were praising God saying:  “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to all men.”

The angels disappeared as suddenly as they came.  The shepherds look at each other.  They knew their flock would be alright if they left.  God would protect their sheep.  They agreed that they HAD to go to Bethlehem and see this thing that the angels had told them.

They ran straight to Bethlehem where they found Mary, Joseph and the Baby who was lying in the manger as the angel said.  They were amazed but knew that they needed to praise this Child and tell all they saw about the Child.  As they spread the news, all were amazed but Mary treasured the memory in her heart from that day forward.

Now who would think that God would tell common shepherds after He told all in heaven?  Why didn’t God tell the Kings.  That is no mystery.  Jesus is the Savior of everyone.  It is right that God told the common man first because they were the Ones in need of knowing that the Savior who brought the love of God had come.  They were the one in need of hope which this world has always needed.

As you walk outside during Christmas, it probably won’t be as quiet as the world the shepherds live in.  Yet, listen carefully.  Can you hear the angels’ song?  I think you can if you listen carefully.  

Second Sunday of Advent — Youth

The one for today is taken from A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle’s) adult fiction.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and she was a wonderful woman.  Let me know what you think.

First Coming
Madeleine L’Engle

He did not wait till the world was ready,
till men and nations were at peace.
He came when the Heavens were unsteady,
and prisoners cried out for release.

He did not wait for the perfect time.
He came when the need was deep and great.
He dined with sinners in all their grime,
turned water into wine.

He did not wait till hearts were pure.
In joy he came to a tarnished world of sin and doubt.
To a world like ours, of anguished shame
he came, and his Light would not go out.

He came to a world which did not mesh,
to heal its tangles, shield its scorn.
In the mystery of the Word made Flesh
the Maker of the stars was born.

We cannot wait till the world is sane
to raise our songs with joyful voice,
for to share our grief, to touch our pain,
He came with Love: Rejoice! Rejoice!

Children’s Meditation — Second Sunday of Advent

The Trip to Bethlehem

Linda Martindale

Mary and Joseph were to be married but Mary was pregnant with God’s son.  Joseph could have walked away from the marriage but he didn’t.  He was engaged to Mary which meant in those days that they were already married.  What Mary and Joseph didn’t expect was that the government was going to ask them to do something.  The ruler of Rome, Caesar Augustus decided that he needed to know just how many people lived in Israel.  He sent out a message that said that everyone needed to go to their parents’ family home town.  They couldn’t go to their hometown counting office where they lived.  For Mary and Joseph this meant they had to go to the birthplace of King David.  They both belonged to his family tree although it was in the long-distanced past.  This meant they had to go to Bethlehem.

What were they to do?  It was a long trip because they didn’t have cars.  The wealthy people rode camels and travelled by caravan on donkeys.  They were part of a big crowd of people who could have every opportunity.  Joseph and Mary were poor so they had to figure out a way to go by themselves.

So Joseph went out and found a donkey and brought it home to Mary.  Together they packed up and placed on the donkey enough food and clothing for the long journey.  Since Joseph could only find one donkey, he had Mary ride it as she was going to have her baby very soon.  He walked the long distance on foot with them stopping to sleep and eat.

When they arrived in Bethlehem, their home place, there was no room available anywhere.  Each inn they stopped at sent them away.  Finally they got to one innkeeper.  Now don’t be mad at the guy.  He gave Mary and Joseph a place to stay.  It was in a stable which was really a cave.  There was straw and the animals were more than pleased to share their space with them. 

That night a wonderful thing happened.  Jesus came into the world.  He was special.  The cows and lambs were quiet or softly singing in sheep and cattle song,.  But nothing bothered the family.  They were together in a warm safe place.  They knew that God would take care of them and His Son.

An Meditation for the First Sunday of Advent Sunday

Written for youth and children:

By Linda Martindale

I’m going to be writing a set of meditations for the holidays for the children and youth.  Today’s is meant for both groups because we are facing a very unique holiday season.

COVID this year has changed the way we think of Christmas.  In fact, I’ve started calling it the Grinch.  We probably won’t be able to have our annual Christmas party at the Church.  It’s going to be hard for you to actually sit on Santa’s knee this year.  You will see more masks (and not the Halloween type) when you are out in stores.  And all our Christmas traditions will be slightly different. 

But wait!  It’s a chance for us to remember the true meaning of Christmas.  Sometimes we get so lost in the presents and the visits that we don’t stop and think.  Sometimes, in our rushing around, we forget that Christmas is really something entirely different.

Jesus was not born in a hospital, castle or a big house.  He was not even born in his  home town!  Let’s really think about this.

Mary and Joseph were both poor.  They lived in Nazareth which wasn’t considered the best of towns.

Mary and Joseph had to travel while Mary was pregnant.  They could only afford to take one donkey.  It wasn’t to a family party.  It was to a large gathering of people with the same family so the Romans would know how many people lived in a region.  It was called a census and we have these today.

Mary and Joseph didn’t have a place to stay when they arrived in Bethlehem.  The innkeeper took pity on them and let them stay in his barn.  And it wasn’t actually a barn but a cave.  Their only companions were the animals.

Mary had her baby with only Joseph to help her.  She didn’t know what to do but trusted that God would help as she was having God’s Son. 

But you know with all this something wonderful happened.  Legend tells us that the animals bowed down and worshipped the newborn Baby.  Angels appeared to shepherds in the fields and told them where to find the Child.  They went and worshipped Him.  And a star, a magnificent star, appeared in the sky and would start the journey for three wise men who would follow it until they found Jesus.

So, Christmas really started out simple but gave us so much more.  We will adapt as we always do and find new ways to celebrate.  And as we do, we need to remember that the story of Christmas isn’t about having fun but the tiny Child who came into the world in such a quiet way but made such a difference.  For without Jesus, we wouldn’t have a reason to celebrate.

Big Brother #22 — 10/15/2020 — Nicole Didn’t Reign Supreme

Good evening all and welcome to Big Brother #22.  Well, we’re down to the final five (yes!).  The only problem is:  Who will leave the house tonight.  During Wednesday evening, they kept flipping their thoughts and when I checked Twitter after 5:00, the system had crashed.  So, I’m not sure where they decided to place the vote tonight.


After another retell of the “Wise Guys” and the same old repetitive, boring themes, we get a recap of the week.  Since it’s boring – er – been told before, I won’t waste the space again.  Since Enzo and Cody played “waffle ball” last night with who to go, I just want to get to Tyler’s arrival at Jury House and forget about these clowns.  Wait a minute!  Kaysar is surprising these house guests.  It may be good after all. 

Julie welcomes all and tells us that the “Root” alliance controls the vote.  If you don’t know, that’s Enzo and Cody.  Julie asks which “wise guy” is the wiser and I’m thinking:  wise guy, Julie, don’t you mean “clueless.”  Christmas promises to do the dirty work for Nicole.  Memphis feel confident that they’ll keep him around.  Enzo is happy that Nicole didn’t use the PoV. 

Oh, and they’re eating — again.  Girls sharing ideas.  Later, Cody and Memphis playing pool.  Memphis of course squeals to Cody that Christmas planned to back door him.  I guess that Memphis hasn’t learned yet that talking like that shows what you would do.  Of course, since you did it too, Memphis, Cody knows all about it.  Memphis then tries to play Enzo and get that vote.  (Can I take a nap now?)  So who is the more gullible and liable to give Memphis a vote?  Well, we’ll have to put up with more filler to find out.

Jury House

Tonight, Tyler joins the jury.  Dani thinks it will be Tyler and he joins the group.  Dani calls jury the ‘grave yard of hopes and dreams.’  Tyler tells them he’s ready to share.  He has a video which all watch.  They’re surprised at Tyler’s time at the PoV.  Tyler tells them about his final deals.  Dani is analyzing it and I think she is disgusted.  Kevin says that he’s changing his view of who is running the house and it’s Cody.  Da’Vonne sees Enzo playing strategic.  Da’Vonne asked Tyler about the “Black Lives Matter” issue.  She asks was it strategic.  He says it wasn’t strategic.  He was upset about them being up and saw it as being sold out (I guess by the others).  Da’Vonne and Tyler make peace with a hug.  Da’Vonne is happy that Tyler was sincere and that makes her sure of where his heart was.  They’re both happy that it has worked out between them.  He’s hoping for a great friendship.   By the way, their view is beautiful.

The Jury House gets a message which Dani finds in the back yard.  They have a video of their “lives.”  Kevin gets a message from his husband.  David gets a message from his puppy (and dad).  Ian gets a message from Mary Ellen.  Da’Vonne gets to see her daughter who tells her that she misses her.  She immediately breaks down in tears.  Dani offers comfort.  Tyler is next with a video from Angela.  He breaks down and she sends love and encouragement.  Finally, Dani gets to see Dom and her daughter (and dogs).  The little girl is talking and telling Dani they miss her.   Dani cries also.  (Wonder if this means the BB house won’t see theirs???)


Well, no Kaysar yet but he’ll be involved in the HoH.  Julie goes to the house and talks to the nominees.   Christmas gives the usual.  Memphis asks to be kept around (and joked so he could restart Cody).  The voting starts with Cody first.  By a vote of two to zero, Memphis is toast (I mean gone from the house).  Memphis last words in the house were:  “Good luck!  You’re going to need it.” 

He joins Julie on stage where she asks him if he was blindsided and he admits he was.  Memphis tells Julie that he came in this time meaning to win.  He feels that they cut him because they didn’t see him as an asset.  Julie asks if he made the right decision for his game.  He thinks he should have made it to final three.  It’s a game, Memphis tells us, but he feels blindsided.  He kept true to the alliances to the end.  Memphis said he wouldn’t take Christmas to the end but Cody for he felt he would beat him.  His good-bye messages from Christmas was that she loved playing with him.  Nicole’s speech is general so no big reveal.  Enzo said it would have helped his game but others wanted him gone.  Cody tells him that he found out about the two Wise Guys group and had been working with Enzo since day one. Memphis tells Julie he had a game plan that he wanted to stick to but in the end it didn’t work out for him.  (By the way, if anyone wants to start an alliance, now may be the time.  They mentioned that the show would have ANOTHER season to bore us to tears!)

HoH Competition

Kaysar is helping in some way with the HoH competition.  This may be interesting so here we go.  This week’s HoH starts in the living room.  All are told to gather and Julie congratulates them.  She tells them that a former All-Star has news.  He’s outside at a chess board.  Kaysar announces a game they played during his season. It’s called “Knight Moves.”  They will be on the chess board.  Winners will play in the next HoH also.  Cody looks scared.  They’re told the competition will begin shortly (hopefully after they go to bed!). Hmm! Maybe this is why they only got a backgammon board. He! He!

Big Brother #22 — Will Nicole Be the Queen of All — 10/14/2020

Big Brother #22 All Stars is down to five.  And these five are among the most boring house guests I’ve ever seen.  I actually hope Christmas makes it through this week to bring a little action to the house next week.  Otherwise, the final four will drive us all to sleep in no time.    The one thing that will liven this episode up is that it is “BB Comics Night.”

Okay, as to feeds, it echoes what I’ve seen so far in the house.  Nothing much is happening except that Memphis and Christmas are still on the block and both are saying they’re going to cause trouble if they go to jury.  Who cares?  I honestly wish the cameras were in the jury house and not here.  There has to be more action in the Big Brother Jury House than in the Big Brother house.  At least the conversations would be better with no one talking about how good they are.  Oh well, it’s on with the show.

Opening Recap and Pre-PoV

Show of hands! How many of us have seen this rehash before?  Oh, that’s right, at least once a show for what three weeks.  Oh well, it’s boring.   And did we really need to see all the celebrations after Nicole won the HoH.  (Does Nicole always look like she’s about to cry?)  Oh great, we get Memphis in all of his arrogant glory tonight.  While Nicole reassures Christmas, we all know that things change in an instance  with this crew. 

Later in the HoH room, Nicole and Enzo are watching Memphis exercise and laughing.  And even after making fun of Memphis, they call him the head of the snake.  Later Memphis talks to Cody about what’s going on and Cody is telling him one lie after the other.  Cody is ‘not going to put his neck out for” Memphis.  And that from someone in a final two agreement with all left in the house!  Oh more filler.  Enzo trying to use a teapot to make tea (can I take a nap, please).  Christmas is also so clueless that she is trying to figure out a way to keep a “Wise Guy” alliance together.  Is Christmas still trying for a girl final two.   Nicole and Enzo are laughing at Christmas (and they gave them a sharp knife!)

Whoops missed Cody’s talk watching baby pandas on a slide.  Did I miss anything.  Sounds like they’re sharing “pity me” stories.  Everyone has one guys and we’re not playing for $500,000.  Oh well, to each their own.  Christmas wants it for her child.  Cody wants it for his life with his future wife.  If the gang isn’t up in the HoH room, Nicole seems to spend her time in bed (at least it is alone this year).  Nicole has decided to “use” Christmas to get to the finals.  Ah, the whooper.  Christmas doesn’t want to tell a lie.  This is BB.  Everyone lies!  I’m not even going there with Enzo and the cow’s conversation.

PoV Competition

At last it is veto time.  BB Comics are up and some of the comics really don’t make sense.  Each will wear a “super hero” cape as a costume (skimpy on the costume this year?).  Each hit the buttom and slide down the zip line to view the pictures.  Then they must put up the correct I of the comics.  Oh, there are duplicate covers.  The one who does it in the shortest time win.  I’m not even going to try and describe these.  Between the choices, there are some minor items that incorrect.  And what’s this.  Keesha’s is “birthday girl” as her character yet they evicted her on her birthday.  Wasn’t Loyal’s birthday the reason they didn’t evict Christmas?  And It is poetic justice that Nicole hated her comic character. 

The PoV winner is Nicole (11 minutes, 25 second) and Memphis loses with a time of 31 minutes, 56 seconds.  Christmas is trying to figure a way off the block 9lik that will happen).  Memphis doesn’t think that Nicole will take anyone off the block.  And since Christmas lost, she should be the one who goes.  Memphis!  Your time was worse!  And the waffling has begun with Cody and Enzo talking about who should stay and who should go.  Cody has a final two with Memphis.  Christmas goes to Nicole and ask for a deal before the PoV Ceremony.  She also plants seeds about the boys keeping Memphis.  Christmas has locked n that Cody might have deals with everyone.  Nicole admits that she could win against Christmas so Nicole definitely wants Christmas to remain in the game.

PoV Ceremony

Nicole calls all to the PoV meeting.  She has decided not to use the Power of Veto (big surprise, not).  Nicole tells us that she has to keep Christmas and hides in the storage closet for a while.  Memphis feels safe due to the “Wise Guy” alliance.  Cody tells us that Enzo and Cody are voting so they must do what is best for them and not her.  Christmas knows it is a long shot but she’s going to stay and cause major damage next week.

So watch tomorrow and see who gets evicted (that is if you don’t need a nap or don’t fall the sliding panda bears on Twitter.)

Big Brother #22 — You Are Not Going to Believe Who Won! — 10/12/2020

Oh, it’s time for another episode of the newest soap – “Big Brother 22”.  Of course, we should also add “the show that didn’t live up to the hype.”  Just a reminder, we have lost the last one with a brain cell as Tyler was shown the door on Thursday night.  He had figured out much of Cody’s game but not all of it and so was caught off guard with Enzo’s lack of working with his scheme to get Nicole out.  Enzo is supportive as long as Cody is giving the orders.  But anyway – we all know the inevitable is going to be at least Cody (a pregamer) in one of the two finalist chairs.  As with other Big Brother seasons over the past few seasons, we have seen calculations (and laziness) like usual and that turns the season from being enjoyable to being boring.

Social Media and the Live Feeds

The most exciting thing that I saw was on Twitter.  I saw a post about Big Brother made by a former winner (let’s call him D) saying that he did not participate in any pregame.  So sad for his ego because no one believed him.  It actually wasn’t helped that later that same night not only was D mentioned in a conversation between Nicole and Cody but we also learned that there was some other pregamers involved.  Both Cody and Nicole’s moms are friends and apparently talk every day.  Yep – according to the two, this also included game play.

And we also had hints of a showmance, even though it is late in the season.  It seems Christmas and Memphis may have/have not kissed.  While the majority of Twitter think they did, others say they didn’t.  I have no opinion as I didn’t see the clip. Honestly, I still have the feeds but have given up on them. This isn’t what I expected for this season.  And CBS is losing live feed fans as they are tired of these house guests and only seeing stars (they don’t really mind the puppies/kitties until the three hour mark).

And Now on to the Show

You can tell they don’t have much to show when they have to go back to the start of the season and show the alliances.  Yep!  That’s what we got to start the show tonight.  Finally we do get some history that is from the “three eviction” event then a move to last week.  Now the new stuff is beginning with the HoH competition.

Christmas and Nicole seem to have an edge on this competition.  Of course, we get Cody’s input because he is an expert and a possible nomination.  Truthfully, I’m tired of hearing his analysis.  He always slant it in his interest and not what is going on.  Enzo tells us that this game of pumpkin slinging (as I call it) is causing his back to hurt.  We do get Nicole bragging on herself (although) she did lose a pumpkin at least once.  By the way, this game isn’t going as fast as most of the past HoHs have.  So we do see all losing their pumpkins from the teetor totter eventually.   In Diary Room, Cody complains about Enzo’s lack of ability at playing.  He’s also mad because Christmas at one point was ahead of the rest.  As the competition continues, Memphis, Christmas and Nicole (who needs a miracle) handles this game very well.  Christmas looks at the others and loses concentration.  She lost one ball which means she must restart with all the pumpkins.  She only has herself to be mad at.  Memphis doesn’t want Nicole to win but does loses a pumpkin so Nicole has a clear path to the win.  Nicole wins the HoH competition and she is so happy.  She got her miracle and we get another boring week!  Anyone want to guess who the nominees will be (hee hee)?

After HoH

Christmas does have a good cry in the bedroom but Nicole has no sympathy for Christmas.  In Diary Room, Christmas tells us that she feels like she’s failed.  The guys aren’t to be seen in the early shots.  Finally it is Memphis who goes in to hug Christmas (no kiss to me yet).  Nicole, Cody and Enzo are so happy that it is ri-di-cu-lous.   Christmas and Memphis both seem to be disappointed and did I hear Christmas say: “I don’t care.”  When Tyler had that attitude, she blew a fuse.

First Enzo, Cody and Nicole celebrate in the bathroom.  Now Enzo and Cody are celebrating in the storage room as Enzo realizes he won’t have to get his hands dirty.  Really, Enzo.  I think most people in jury, if they have a brain, will know you have been working with Cody.  Memphis assumes that he’s safe but Cody has turned on him.  Cody sure does protect his friends, doesn’t he?

Cody, Nicole and Enzo talk about the nominations.  They decide that Memphis and Christmas are going up and Enzo wants Memphis to go because of his arrogance.  Yes, Memphis is arrogant and the three of them are normal.  (All who agree, show of hands.)  To hear Nicole’s Diary Room, she’s done all the work herself.  Oh, we get to see Christmas walk in on Enzo in the bathroom.  Guess Enzo doesn’t know how to lock the door.  Oh, it’s his relaxation room.  My head is hurting now.

Nicole’s HoH Room

Wait a minute, it looks like it always does.  Did we get to see the other reveals – I don’t think so?  Nicole gets family pictures and a big basket.  Victor wrote the note.  Cody, in Diary Room, basically calls Victor a wimp because he’s not the way he was before (shirtless, body building, long hair).  Nicole is happy to have a letter (but later on the feeds, she thinks something is wrong because of the wording of the wording in the letter). 

Christmas does go up to talk to Nicole.  Nicole plans to get information (What – there’s only five left).  Christmas thinks that it is in Nicole’s best interest to keep her.  Christmas dear, Bless your heart!  You didn’t know that Nicole’s pattern is to get rid of all girls?   The one thing Christmas did that hurts her is tell Nicole she wants Cody out.  Of course Nicole shares the information with Cody.  Like, duh – that’ was to be expected.  (I think my IQ is being challenged as I write this.)  (ARE they really talking about their teeth and their feet?  New low producers!)  On the day of nominations, Memphis apparently makes a plea that sounds like a final two deal.  He denies having others.  (By the way, it looks like all Nicole does is eat cereal out of that green bowl!)  By the way producers, stop the bathroom garbage, okay. 


Nicole has made her nominations and the ceremony is held.  Nicole (no surprise) nominated Christmas and Memphis.  The reasons given is because it is final five and they won’t further her game.  Why not just say – I’m going to win so forget it.

Wednesday will be POV (the BB Comics).

Thursday will be eviction.

Does everyone else feel that the season can’t end soon enough?