Big Brother:  So Long Until Maybe Next Year

Most people who know me knows that I go into Big Brother each year with high hopes.  I’ve watched since season six.  I’ve lived through the “four horsemen,” Evel Dick, Jessie and Dan’s funeral, the Derek/Frenchie era with little or no complaints.  I’ve seen good contestants like Jordan and Jeff and awful contestants like – well I’ll not name them.  I’ve recapped and watched hours of live feeds.  This year’s Big Brother has done me in.  I thought the bullying at the start of the season was bad enough only to have it come back, without the “mean girls,” but led by the following:  a lying, cheating weasel, a PoC who hates women, an original “mean girl” who I thought had learned, and a floater with no sense sof loyalty or who really seems to care.  There was I honest enough. 

The show had more issues than this.  Let’s start with the cast list.  There’s something off when we have no cast list until two days before the show premieres.  Yes, I know Covid reared its head again and one supposed contestant did America’s Got Talent, but we weren’t even given a whisper.  Then, to have the house guests enter live (only Julie in the audience) made it a little suspicious to me.  Typical house guests though led this year by a 20 something (who will remain nameless) girl who had a bad case of paranoia (being kind) and took an instant dislike to one of the other girls.  The reason:  she was a beauty queen, said things that the silly  leader didn’t like, and had nice clothes (or that’s how I saw it).  She poisoned (yes I said poisoned) the rest of the girls.  While things changed for our beauty queen, it was four weeks of isolation (which now seems to be returning).  The paranoid contestant – left the game supposedly of her own free will – but left the poison behind.  (She would make a great “Lady MacBeth!”)

Second major issue as the show aired for me was the theme.  They said “beach days” and summer carnival.  Instead, everything seemed off.  Instead of a beach theme, it appeared the show was going for backstage at the sleazy side show and recked of slimy, underhanded games.  Even the throne that was won by the “backstage boss” looked like it came out of an old movie like “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”   I also don’t think that people were “randomly” assigned to their game. I honestly think that this was rigged as the contestant and contest came up too quickly.  I have to question if the players had a fair shot at winning.  Remember, in the messy first game, it went straight down the line.

Moving along, shall we to the “gimmicks” or “themes.”  Gimmick is a better word.  The plan was to have three under the backstage boss with a free ride until the first eviction.  The one with America’s vote of the three would be safe while the one of the others would go up for eviction.  Great scheme until one backstage member became paranoid and left the game.  So, quickly, the show came up with “festie bestie” which set the teams up with a “bestie” for three weeks.  On paper this looks good until you realize that one of the “mean girls” took the isolated girl as her partner just to get her out.  Funny that this would have actually worked if six players hadn’t begun to realize what was happening.  So, after four times on the block, the group (Leftovers) saved her and a new alliance and hope for the season was born. Actually, I thought I might make it through the year.

While the backstage, carnival gimmick wasn’t bad enough, we got the “fests” with one group attending an inhouse “Coachella” style while the other group outside at “Drye” fest.  My question to producers (especially Allison) is:  what would have happened if the notorious LA weather had gotten bad.  The heat was bad enough but what about smog (breathing), torrential rains and flooding, or tornados or strong winds.  Oh, that’s right.  You did have gale force winds which allowed you to get out a fan favorite during Thursday’s eviction.

And that brings me to the real problem with this year’s Big Brother.  While “The Leftovers” was truly a very good alliance, an alliance is only as good as it’s weakest link.  Their weakest link turned out to be the one who founded the alliance, Kyle.  If I was to describe Kyle as seen by production, I would say the “fair hair kid.”  As a feeder and viewer who knows that television only broadcasts what the producers want, we saw a child man who liked to snitch.  Not only a snitch, he fell for the old showmance theme.  Granted, it took him several weeks to move into that mode but when he did it was with a “mean girl” who accepted him for the sweet boy he appeared even having a “10 second fling” under the covers.  Little did she know that he was running back to the larger group with her team’s information.  I think Kyle will probably win the game with his lying, cheating way because he gives production what they want – a showmance.  To me, he will always go down as “Allison’s good boy” who did what she asked.  It’s happened before – remember Jackson who won!

And Kyle brings another angle to the story.  When he first appeared, I didn’t see the underside of his character.  He came out as a racist in a big way by plotting his all white “Cookout 2”.  Producers have managed to keep this from the casual television viewers but it’s there.  It’s evident and known by feeders and those who read the feeds for what happened inside the house (more on feeders in a minute).  To the casual viewer, the show has been traditional Big Brother.  To the feeders and readers, the show has been one atrocity on top of another.  From the “mean girls” savage behavior to Kyle’s actions, we have followed it all. 

How bad has it been.  It’s been especially bad to the People of Color.  I’m Caucasian but loved the Cookout due to their strategy.  So, for me to watch as a PoC, Terrance, has attacked other people of color and women, I’ve become more angry as it progressed.  Terrance gets a special mention as he has made women cry, called Taylor all sort of negative names (which I refuse to type) and even made racial slurs against the only Middle Eastern person, Joseph, in the cast.  The last two happened this past week.  I don’t know if he thinks this will win him a prize (maybe booby) but it was about the last straw to break my viewing back.

This article is already too long.  Big Brother doesn’t deserve the press.  I’ll end it with a few facts:

The show has won its time slot but think of it this way.  During this season, it constantly won its time slot.  On Sundays I covered Riverdale.  While Big Brother won, Riverdale wasn’t that far behind and neither ratings are good.  Use to be in the 6 and 7 million.  Now they’re lucky to pull 3 million.  Granted, we have many more viewing options (and I plan to start watching other series myself).  The rise of streaming gives us that option now and we don’t have to rely to National television.

The show has given us interesting characters, especially Season 23.  Season 23 was an abnormality.  It had contestants that cared for each other with no bullying and strategic play.  Point that out to me for this season please and I’ll reconsider.

The show is still strong in the 18 to 45 age group.  Really?  Neilsen Ratings don’t really know how many members of a family really watch at any given time.  I know, my family when I was growing up was one! In conclusion, I want to offer my sincerest thanks and well wishes to “Hamsters,” “Joker’s Update,”  “Big Brother Daily,” and too many more that I can’t remember to mention.  I’ve been in your shoes and you have my admiration for sticking to this heavily produced “for casuals” show.  Thank you for giving me recaps so I don’t have to suffer the show that has been ruined by production.  Hopefully, we get more original producers who care for the contestants, the audience, and don’t cast according to script next year.  Also, could we please have better themes and a new house location?  If the producers and CBS do not change, I cannot speak to Big Brother’s future.

Big Brother Week 5 – August 11 to August 17

It’s Time for Big Brother!  Not!  It’s time for the marvelous maneuvering of the Leftovers against whatever the others are calling themselves now.  Is it “Fly Swatters.”  I don’t know (and I really don’t care)!  And with the departure of Daniel, Terrance figures to move into the main role of leader.  I thought that was Jasmine.

For those who follow the feeds, you know that Jasmine is still using her injured foot for sympathy but that is wearing thin with her “festie bestie,” Turner.  Last week, she broke a glass in the bathroom and didn’t clean it up.  What gives and why does Big Brother give her a pass?  Well, it’s on to the show.

Thursday’s Eviction

After the long-winded recap, we get into the show.  CBS, please talk to the show producers about being brief with this.  We’re here to see the game, not listen to rhetoric.  When we get past the old, we see:

  • Julie announcing no more “festie besties” and the wall competition.
  • House divided?  Daniel had figured out the alliance and he and Nicole called it the “Sorry Six.”
  • Jasmine’s “wheels are turning” on alliances. 
  • Daniel plans to shake things up.
  • Terrance plan was an epic fail but his new plan has Kyle leaving. 
  • The “Convenience Stores” hopes to keep the “Leftovers” from meeting.
  • Muffingate is still going on.

So basically after trying to win Alyssa to his side, Daniel realizes that he’s not got a chance against Kyle.  He still works the crew for votes and uses with others that Michael is a comp beast, the showmance, While Terrance and Jasmine agree, they don’t know what to do.  Kyle, meanwhile, is playing both sides to keep his love, Alyssa, safe. 

Julie gives Daniel a chance to plead his case.  He’s ready to go and hang out with Nicole.  Daniel’s smart.  He reminds all that Michael has five wins and Monte is strong.  He’ll be there for the rest if he remains for the season.  Oh, and Daniel don’t plea for votes and call people clowns.  Kyle knows he’s staying because the Leftovers don’t know about his new alliance he’s trying to form with Michael, Brittany and Alyssa.  I’ve written a piece about this and won’t go into details here.  Kyle’s speech just doesn’t make sense to me.  With Monte casting the first vote and Terrance staying true to vote for Daniel, Daniel leaves with a vote of eight to one.

On stage, Julie asks Daniel what he told Terrace.  While I didn’t get the gist of what he said, it was basicallyto watch his back.  In Daniel’s opinion, they need to watch Michael or he will win everything.  He blames Nicole’s eviction on the different stories he got prior to using the Veto.  When Julie approaches Daniel about Taylor, he again uses the stories, that he believed Paloma.  Daniel admits his anger was over the top and is shocked to learn the Leftovers formed after his blow up at Taylor.  The good news is that Daniel plans to take responsibility about what he says and plans to rewatch and talk with Taylor after she leaves the house. 

Outside, the Wall Comp is set up as a spaceship and involves “conspiracy theories.”  They are on a ledge with silver aluminum hats on their heads.  Poor intern who had to make them.  When we leave the competition, Jasmine is the first to fall.

Sunday’s HoH

After the recap, we get straight to the HoH.  It all comes down to Kyle and Taylor left on the wall.  Kyle’s having problems and ends up dropping given the win to Taylor.  She’s excited because she finally has won something and an HoH at that.  From the most hated to the one in power – Taylor has to be relieved.

Next up is the jockeying not to go on the block. While the other side suspects that Taylor belongs to an alliance, they make it look real by all going to the HoH room.  The Leftovers come in after all are in bed to discuss noms.  While all want Jasmine out, Taylor doesn’t feel right putting her up.  This has been discussed by the Leftovers before and Monte understands her reasons.  Basically, Taylor said before she entered the house that she wouldn’t put up another woman who was a Person of Color.  While many condemn Taylor for this, is it any different from what Frenchie said last year.  Anyway, they decide to put up Indy and Terrance with no real preference on who goes.  Most want Indy though because she has been playing hall monitor.  The backup plan is to put up Alyssa which is NOT what Kyle wants.  He has to keep his “love” safe.

So Kyle gets to work convincing Michael and Brittany to join him in his plan to start taking out the Leftover alliance.  And, it looks like Michael and Brittany are considering it.  With those two, you never know what they will do.  Michael and Brittany already have a final three with Taylor (which they don’t mind breaking).

At the Nomination Ceremony, all are anxious.  The Convenience Store hasn’t been kind, friendly, and insulted Taylor.  Turner understands why Taylor won’t put Jasmine up but tells us that Jasmine doesn’t have the same respect for her.   The plan will be to backdoor Monte who agrees. But wait, Joseph first offers himself as a “pawn.”  Hasn’t he learned anything?  Taylor nominates Indy and Terrance.  The reason Taylor nominated them is because Indy has no relationship \\with Taylor.  Terrance is told she wants him to prove himself by playing and winning veto.


And tonight’s big question is:  How much will they show of Kyle’s maneuvers?   After the recap, we get into the Power of Veto and that ceremony. 

Taylor has a talk with Terrance where she tells him that Monte is her target.  While Terrance doesn’t understand, he does think Taylor and Monte are working together.  Indy and Terrance has no moves to their credit.  Taylor tells Indy that she didn’t know what to do.  She tells Indy she has to win so she can get her plans complete.  Taylor doesn’t want Indy to go during her HoH.  Now Alyssa is another story…

The Five (Fly) Swatters meet (or at least Indy, Joseph, and Jasmine) to discuss what is happening.   Joseph admits in Diary Room that he’s a double agent taking back to the Leftovers.  Jasmine thinks Joseph is stupid bringing information back to them (oh please, giver her a brain).  Joseph talks to Taylor about what he has heard, and he suggests going up.  Taylor really wants Alyssa up there but Kyle will never agree to this.

Let the campaign begins with Terrance making the first move to Joseph (I don’t count the Fly Swatters talk).  Joseph, of course, reports to Taylor and Monte.  When Michael joins Taylor and Joseph and they tell him about Joseph’s plan which is labeled dumb.  Kyle and Monte join to tak Joseph out of his plan to go up.  In the Storage Room, Michael and Brit talk.  They wonder if they should take a chance which would make them a bigger target.  Michael also doesn’t like Joseph playing both sides of the house.  Wait!  What about you and Kyle?

And it’s time to pick for the Veto comp.  Taylor, Terrance and Indy step forward and are joined by houseguest choice (Alyssa by Taylor), Jasmine (Terrance), and Kyle (Indy).  Taylor talks to Alyssa about what she would do if she won.  Monte tells us Taylor wants Terrance out but the rest want Indy gone.  Taylor does admit that she’s fine with Indy leaving. 

The Power of Veto is Punkarella played on a big guitar.  They must bounce a ball to get points from the frets.  Turner is hosting.  When they get out, they smash a guitar for the prize but the next person can take any prize they want.  In order of exits:

First —  Terrance (wins veto but ends up with tattoos).

Second – Indy (wins tattoos but takes PoV).

Third — Taylor (wins London trip for two but gets a “chained together punishment)

Fourth — Alyssa (wins punishment and takes Taylor’s trip thus earning a possible renom)

Fifth – Jasmine (wins $5,000 but takes the London trip from Alyssa)

Winner – Kyle (wins punk a tard/drums but takes the PoV from Indy).

In Diary Room, I’ve never heard a worse British accent.  Monti reminds us how Alyssa goofed taking the London trip from Taylor.  She does admit it may have been a mistake, but Kyle has PoV.  Taylor wants Kyle to use it so Alyssa can go up or the plan of Joseph can occur.

Oh, a Kyle and Alyssa edit.  They’re discussing the PoV.  She realizes that she should have taken the Veto (really?).  Four of the Leftovers talk about Alyssa’s dumb move.  The target is now on Alyssa and she won’t have to deal with her.  Michael joins the conversation, listening.  Turner arrives. Michael thinks the reason of the trip is a stupid reason for getting Alyssa out.  Oh wait.  He’s part of Kyle’s brand new no-name alliance.  I thought Michael knew this game.  Evidently not.  This worries Michael about the future of the alliance.  And I thought he was smart. 

We’re told that tomorrow, the new twist will split the house in two. 

Big Brother #25 – Racism?  Again?

Big Brother, with all your sensitivity training, nothing seems to work.  We had that horrible Jackson/Jack season and then All-Stars.  While All-Stars, in the regard of being aware of others, was fine, there were issues.  Then last year, we had the Cookout and an awareness of personal worth with the contestants.  This season, we have spent the first three to four weeks in a bullying situation.  Now, Kyle, the mouse, has come out as letting personal feelings get in the way and thus race has reared its head.  How did this happen?  Let’s review, shall we?

When we started, Kyle was the first to realize that Monte, Joseph, Turner, and he needed to form an alliance.  By Week Three, Kyle and Monte were realizing that Taylor was being bullied and decided to do something about it.  The way it was presented in the group was that when it got down to seven, Taylor would be the first to go.  So they brought Taylor and the other two outsiders, Michael (comp beast) and Brittany (his best friend) into the circle which Taylor named the Leftovers.  All seemed like it could go to the end, and then a showmance reared its head with the help of production.  Alyssa wanted a boyfriend and seemed focused on Kyle.  Finally, Kyle gave in and kissed her, and the rest is history.  Saturday, the duo consummated their love, and he will now do anything to keep her in the house.

So far, nothing racial implied but we need to go back to when Daniel left.  The Leftovers are made up of two African Americans (Taylor and Monte), one Middle-Eastern (Joseph), and four Caucasian (Turner, Kyle, Michael and Brittany.  Kyle decided that Alyssa need to have a place of safety in the group.  Alas, Alyssa had been one of the bullies of Taylor so getting Alyssa in good with the others would be hard.  Also, Kyle saw another Cookout forming (say what?).  This makes me question his sanity and real personal beliefs.  Did his “love” make him blind to the numbers of players in his alliance?  There is no way that this could be considered another “Cookout.”

Still, it nagged at Kyle.  His scheming earned him the name KKKyle on Twitter.  He approached Michael and Brittany on forming an alliance of the non-People of Color to win the finale.  He is also planning on approaching Turner to join the group.  With this, he thinks he can control who wins (with it being he).  Not only is he part of his newly designed alliance (with no name), but most of them (sans Alyssa) are part of the Leftovers so he is covered.

Well, he was right to a point!  Taylor won HoH.  That’s good for the Leftovers but left Taylor with few nominees — Jasmine, Indy, Terrance, and – guess who – Alyssa.  And how can Kyle keep Alyssa safe if she is nominated.  He decided to use rumor, gossip, and any skill he had to keep Alyssa off the block.  First it was Jasmine going up but Taylor made a promise before entering the house that if she won HoH, she would not nominate a POC.  So it came down to Terrance and Indy on the block.  This was good but what would happen if one of them won the Power of Veto.  While Joseph volunteered to go up, the Leftovers suspect that he will end up tied to Taylor in a punishment stunt (again due Alyssa’s bad decision skills).  Thus, Alyssa is the one to go up and Kyle made plans to control the PoV. 

He met with his “secret allies” who supported him.  Basically, if any of them won the Power of Veto, nothing would be changed.  Then Kyle got pulled to play POV and won.  This meant for the Leftovers plan to work, one of the nominees would come down and Alyssa would go up. 

Kyle wasn’t having it and started his maneuvers.  First, he tried to convince his allies.  Whether that worked or not, who can say because Michael and Brit seem to never really say what they feel. After putting it out to them that Alyssa wouldn’t hurt his game, Kyle approached Taylor in the HoH room about the nominees.  Per live-feeders, this was a long meeting with Kyle making promises that us feeder viewers know he won’t keep.  Taylor seemed okay with whatever he decided.  He lied to Taylor though.  He hadn’t spoken to all the alliance when he said they were indifferent and it wasn’t discussed as a group until after Kyle met with Taylor.  According, again, to the live-feeds, he promised Indy last night that he would use it on her.  This morning he changed his mind. 

While I’m not sure what happened or what was said at the PoV (no live feeds).  Apparently, Kyle said something that set Taylor off.   I think Monte, Joseph, and Turner are getting vibes that if it is left to Kyle, Alyssa stays until the end.  The question is:  how does his new alliance friends feel.

Turner is a question mark at this point.  He’s in the Leftovers and seems to support everyone in the  Leftover group.  Turner’s one foe, Jasmine, is annoying but Turner has fun playing tricks on her (Muffin-gate, Cookie-gate, Balloon-gate).  As a POC, Jasmine would never have been Taylor’s choice.  Brittany and Michael, on the other hand, haven’t take a strong stand against Kyle’s new alliance.  Some online feel that Michael is concerned over Taylor’s Diary Room numbers.  Hopefully, after whatever happened today, Michael and Brit have begun to see that Kyle is only playing for himself.  Maybe that has happened.  It seems from the live-feeds that they are standing away from Kyle.  Jasmine, Taylor and Monte are aware that Kyle’s thinking is impaired by sex (yes, that happened), and he’s going to take Alyssa as far as he can – regardless of what he says.  So the question is:  will Kyle be true to his alliance or do they vote him out sooner than later.

My question is:  Is Kyle a racist?  He didn’t appear to be in the early weeks but as time has gone by, his actions and his words don’t seem to agree.  He speaks the right words to the Leftovers, but he’ll do anything for Alyssa.  And this could be his downfall and a problem for his future.  He is a TikTok artist and it seems that he will be met with the same type of flack (or worse) that Amerrah, Nicole, and Daniel has.  Actually, with his Twitter nickname (KKKyle), he may face worse blowback.  With people in the house wising up, how long will he be safe.  The Leftovers are good at hiding their real feelings.  Plus, the new twist may make it hard for Kyle’s protective cover for he and Alyssa may not work.  Give me your opinion?  This could get good.  But we can’t forget that Big Brother again is letting the racial aspect play into the game.  Isn’t it time that all are treated as equals.

Big Brother – Week Five –  August 4 through August 7, 2022


On Thursday’s show, it was a little long on the Kyle and Alyssa romance, dear CBS.  They really have no chemistry and are boring.  Kyle is so caught up in the “love affair,” that he could care less for his alliance and thus his hands are getting dirty with his protection of Alyssa.  He would sale out any member of the Leftovers to (a) cover his love, Alyssa, and (b) keep the game safe for his partner, Daniel.  I don’t really want to issue the real problem but will.  He has come out and openly said he didn’t want a “Cook-Out 2.0”  More on this later.

As expected, CBS, Nicole was voted out nine to one.  Daniel was the one vote to save her.  Alyssa, Jasmine, Indy, and Terrace chose to vote with the house.  CBS, I really don’t understand this.  On feeds and in conversations you showed, Indy especially hates Taylor (and I want a reason) while Terrance has called her just about every ugly name in the book.  Their attitude won’t change and that is a shame.  I thought sensitivity training was given to all house guests before they enter the house.  Apparently, it was lost on this crew.

I give Taylor applause.  While her speech to be safe did pinch a few nerves, she didn’t go full out truth on Nicole (and some of the others).  Kudos to her.  The farewell messages finally finished putting the Leftovers together for Nicole and she seems contrite at what she’s been told of her actions toward Taylor.  In exit interviews, she said she went against instinct and listened to others in the house.

Of all the people left in the house, Daniel is probably feeling the most alone.  Not only did he aid in getting his alliance member out but he encouraged it thinking Taylor would go.  He’s an Elvis impersonator.  He should be able to read the house better than this. 

By the say, if you had cut the Kyle/Alyssa romance in half, we could have seen the start of the HoH.


This is my first time watching on CBS as it is broadcasted in the Eastern time zone.  Let’s see what you chose to show.

As the show opens, Taylor is just happy to be in the house but her “besties” may not be happy.  Indy is afraid of Taylor and I’m not sure why.  It seems to be because of Nicole.  Daniel is pouting and he said they both had a lot of support behind them.  Alyssa comes in and they have the “why” debate.  By the way, turn the music down because we can’t hear his talk with Alyssa due to the horns.  When they finally get Daniel out of the bedroom, he throws Monte and Michael’s names out as influencing the game.  Monte stands up for himself and Daniel seemingly backs down to start up again.  Hasn’t Daniel learned anything from the Taylor confrontation?  He makes all uncomfortable.  And his bestie, Kyle, is afraid of going on the block.  Taylor just munches chips as the drama unfolds.

The HoH Contest is an obstacle course.  There is a fire hydrant and doghouse so Poochapalooza is on.  They must walk a balance beam and if they fall off start over.  There are several routes to choose from in “Mind Your Step.”  which of three routes to take.  With statues of Pooch and Ameerah (with bags of dog poop in their hands) watching, the contestants must go one at a time.  Daniel has a time of 16.49 seconds but can he be beat.  Of course he can.  Michael does the course in 11.79 seconds.  Kyle says he doesn’t know if he will chose his alliance or Alyssa.  So the doubt was there before the competition (and Kyle lost by .1 second).  Also, like with Indy, the clock seems to go faster than for others! Turner takes a bad fall but gets up and seems okay.  The winner of HoH is Michael (and Brittany). 

Even though a Leftover, Michael sees the need to start taking things serious.  Britany and Michael meet to decide that Daniel is the most dangerous to their game.  Taylor joins them and the celebration continues.  Of course, Daniel is being discussed as the target.  Taylor feels safe because of her final three with the HoH pair.  Taylor and joins her “festie besties” and all Indy can see is the negative which is Taylor putting Indy on the block.  Meanwhile, Kyle starts a game outside (stupid finger snapping).  Jasmine, who feel and hurt her foot, is playing it for all its worth and Turner is so over her.  Please CBS don’t let them uses an injury as minor as this that she’s been cleared from as strategy.

Monte and Joseph strategize over Michael’s HoH.  Wait!  It is Michael who makes the final decision.  Monte suggests going up because it will prove Michael isn’t working with them.  Of courses, it will be the opportunity to get Terrance out.  Joseph and Monte agree to go up.  And it seems that all are beginning to have issues with Kyle.

And we have Muffingate.  Jasmine finds the muffins Nicole made.  She puts two in a bag for later.  When she returns, one is half missing and Jasmine goes on the search for “The Muffin Man.”  Turner says being with Jasmine is driving him slowly crazy.  I love Turner (because he is doing this).  She questions everyone but can’t find the culprit.  Turner claims to know nothing.  She returns them to the kitchen.  Even the Diary Room won’t tell her what happened.  Turner tells Taylor and Joseph (I think) what he did and attacks them again by eating a bite in the Diary Room. 

The Leftovers gather to meet about the nominees.  Taylor points out Daniel is the number one target but partnered with Kyle. Turner volunteers to go up but Monte points out that if his group go up there are three and would prove they’re not working together.  They agree with the backdoor planned for Daniel.  Michael said would taking out Daniel be the best move for him or Monte.  Kyle looks upset because he’d be up with Daniel, ruining his plans of a new alliance.

Oh great, Alyssa and Kyle has a meet up in the Storage Room to discuss showmances.  Do we really need a no chemistry showmance?  Come on!  The fireworks doesn’t work for me production as Alyssa saying they would be happy and Jasmine asks about the muffins.  Now that’s funny.

Daniel pitches to Michael to stay.  He points out that he’s won more competitions.  Daniel will take out whoever Michael wants him to do as the season progresses.  Michael is listening but not buying (because Taylor is Daniel’s prime target).  Michael, though, thinks that he might be able to work with Daniel.  No!  Michael don’t do it.  Terrance, Monte’s team member, might be the best as a cover and due to their competitive nature (and Terrance, of course).  It would also be unexpected which Michael and Britany likes.  Maybe, it’s time to throw away the Leftovers.  Is it the week of make a big move?

At the Nomination Ceremony, Michael calls all together to reveal the nominees.  He has chosen:  Monte, Joseph, and Terrance.  While Daniel seems relieved because he’s not nominated but he seems to forget;  To ensure safety, Daniel needs to be picked for veto and win.  Monte points out they agreed to this.  They plan to win and the Leftovers to keep him safe.  To Michael, this is the best options moving forward. 


Wednesday night we get the veto competition and ceremony.  For the veto, it is OTEV (one beloved by all).   Please CBS – no Alyssa and Kyle show!  Oh, and Daniel has switched his target.  He wants Monte out of the house.  Jasmine wants Monte gone too so is rallying the Girly Girls.  Terrance wants to work with Daniel so anything Dan says is law.  Terrance is an idiot.  If he wins, he won’t remove his team from the block.  Say what?

Jasmine is still into Muffingate.  She is watching the kitchen by hiding to figure out who did the crime.  Only problem is, all of them can see her.  Jasmine goes to interrogate Turner as the guilty party in taking her muffin and he agrees.  He confesses but she evidently doesn’t think that is enough.  Turner turns from saying he did it to he did not do it.   I hope that she’s not around for the PoV Hide and Seek!  Brit, Taylor and Michael are still working together as a threesome alliance.  Daniel and Kyle meet with Michael and seem to be pitching something new.  Kyle doesn’t want to be there on the block due to his showmance and bestie with Daniel.  Michael, though, has the deciding opinion on whether to disband the Leftovers.

Oh,we get the hint of a potential romance between Taylor and Joseph.  Yes, they make a cute couple, but CBS let it happen naturally.  They are also making fun of the Lays Potato Chips.  Michael thinks they’re her “festie bestie.”

OTEV looks strange.  Terrance, Joseph and Monte are joined by Michael and Britany and the pick of Jasmine and Turner.  Well, Jasmine still has a “bad knee” so will that last long?  For ETOV they are dressed as cows with OTEV as a singing stage roach.  The contestants must bring back  sauces while being hit with what – manure, mud.  OTEV will sing and they must look for the correct sauce.  Jasmine is loving the music and the game is afoot.  Brit is the first one out (and it’s not shown but has a bad cut on her knee).  She’s followed by Jasmine, Turner (who according to feeds, dislocated knee), Joseph, and Monte.  It’s between Michael and Terrance with Michael winning.

Jasmine, Terrance, and Daniel have a meeting to figure out how to leave Monte on the block.  Withthis move, Terrance thinks he can play this game (yeah, right).  They’re going to use:  “Monte will win, it’s time to take a big player out.”  So Jasmine talks to the girls with Indy and Alyssa in.  Terrance talks to Michael and Brit.  Brit has a hard time “NOT” laughing.  Of course, Terrance doesn’t pay attention to her.  He’s followed by Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa (“The Convenience Store”).  Will Kyle make a pitch?  First comes Daniel.  Michael thought of making a move but the “Convenience Store” with the same story is suspicious.  The Leftovers find it funny with Turner never agreeing with Jasmine.  Terrance is playing the game and is “killing it.”  Michael spills to Monte who sees this as bad playing. 

At the PoV Ceremony, Terrance finds outs that he’s not as convincing as he thinks.  Monte, Joseph, and Terrance comes down and Kyle and Daniel go up.  Brit has a smug look as she calls all together.  Michael starts the ceremony and announce that they will use the power on the Terrence team and Daniel looks worried.  The new nominations are Daniel and Kyle.  Taylor, Turner and Joseph look to have trouble not laughing. 

Michael tells us he saw right through them and we get a little “Chill Town.”  Daniel tells us it was not a smart move.  Terrance tells us Michael isn’t brave enough to take a big shot but he will.  Taylor compares it to a bag of chips as she smiles.  Thursday night.  One will go home (Daniel, I hope) and we get the infamous “wall” competition.

Big Brother Week 4

Eviction Day for Week 3

No address this week for my Big Brother  letter/recap.  I really don’t know who to address the issue to because bullying has been an ongoing theme.  I’ve mentioned the issue before but the nasty fight that was aired on Thursday, July 28, was over the top.  Nicole and Daniel want to belittle and make Taylor feel bad at all costs.  I hate to write this, but to me, it’s almost like they want to cause Taylor to have a mental breakdown.  I fear for Taylor’s safety around those two.  The good news is she has allies now in the form of the Leftovers.

Let’s look at what caused the problem.  Nicole was acting depressed.  Little did the houseguests know it was because she was going to lose a competition because she wanted Taylor to go home.  For Taylor to leave, both Nicole and Taylor would have to go on the block.  To Nicole (and Daniel) this ment that it would be Taylor.  The whole house was worried about Nicole.  What they thought was her mother was worse.  Instead, her hatred for Taylor caused her behavior over being chosen for PoV.  When Taylor, trying to be a friend, approached Nicole, things got ugly.  Taylor told her to take care of herself and no one would blame her.  Nicole heard quit already.  Need I say more.  First Nicole attacked her in front of others in the bathroom.  Then Daniel verbally attacked her in the living room.  Taylor can’t win.

The person who was out last Thursday was a charter member of the “Mean Girls” club, Ameerah.  Ameerah in all her interviews said that they didn’t think they were bullying Taylor but she did admit that Nicole and Daniel had taken it to a new, higher level.  Ameerah tried to be nice to Taylor (yeah, right) and even talked to Nicole and Daniel about the situation.  And this was the first time that the vote wasn’t unanimous.  That’s because “The Leftovers” alliance haven’t been discovered yet.  Oh, and poor Terrance with no partner, joined Kyle and Monte’s pair (which was a good choice).

The HoH Ceremony was based on the new movie, “The Invitation.”  The basic premise was that the houseguests, like the movie, is invited to a country home for a dinner party.  Envelopes reined down and they had to find a red invitation to go to said party.  As Julie said good-bye, the houseguests were looking for their invitation with Jasmine, of course, the first to find one.

Sunday Night – Reveal of HoH and Nominees

On Sunday night, the HoH was revealed.  The players advancing were: Jasmine, Terrance, Brittany, Monte, Daniel (who is mad), Joseph, Nicole.  Isly and Alyssa found one at the same time and Alyssa got to the spot first.  The second part is set up as a classic 1890s dinner party.  Here there are three tables with numbers on them representing points.   When they hear a scream, they must slide a goblet down each table scoring points.  They get three tries, one per table in 40 seconds.  The one with the highest score wins.  No skill really required.  Nicole has an excellent score of nine but loses to Monte who scores an eleven.  And the new HoH is Monte.  The “Have Nots” are Turner and Jasmine.

As they reenter the house after the competitions, Amerrah’s allies are upset.  Nicole is upset because she didn’t get to say good-bye to her best friend in the house.  Alyssa is in tears because she’s lost her best friend.  Isly looks to be mad at the world.  All look to have anger issues.  None of the girls liked the blindside that just happened to them.  They’re upset because none of the guys had told them how they would vote.  They also didn’t like that Taylor sided with the winning side of the house.  Nicole has trust issues now with her alliance as does Daniel (her chief ally).  The Leftovers are playing it cool but Nicole already is scheming about finding out why and who voted Ameerah out.

Daniel and Nicole talk.  They pin Michael with a vote as well as Monte.  They’re trying to figure out how to manipulate Monte (as if they can).  Alyssa and Isly join the Nicole pity party to complain.  Alyssa could be pinned as being dumb.  In the Storage Room, Monte, Terrance and Joseph celebrate being safe.  Terrance is a wild card and Terrance has been a friend of Nicole.  The Girly Girls are meeting (without Taylor) and Jasmine continues to trash her (oh and still playing her energy).  Production, please have her lose that fake accent.  Jordan’s was real but Jasmine’s comes and goes.

Kyle talks about Alyssa.  She’s a friend and Kyle decides to support her in the loss of her best friend.  Alyssa wants Kyle for a showmance so Joseph and Turner fill him in that Alyssa wants a romantic relationship.  Kyle doesn’t want that at all.  Kyle feels this “romance” is needed by Alyssa because she is  missing her boyfriend.  (I think she’s boy crazy.)  She plays up to him (almost stalker level) and you can tell Kyle is nervous.  Kyle just wants to be friends.  

The HoH reveal happens and all go upstairs to find the traditional items (pictures, letter, etc.)  Michael feels closer to Monte as the letter is read.  He is seeing Monte as a real person not an athlete.  Monte actually gets emotional.  Monte explains it is because he is grateful for all he has.   All are sitting there and the Leftovers need ther own time in HoH room to celebrate.  Finally, the non-alliance members leave and the Leftovers cheer and talk strategy.  Nominee are the big issue and Taylor  doesn’t trust any of the girls (except Brittany). 

At the Nomination Ceremony, Monte turns the key to reveal Allyson and Isly.  To get Nicole out, he will have to put up Taylor who doesn’t want to go up.  Monte does the meetings and of course Taylor’s name comes out of all the ladies’ mouth.  Alyssa doesn’t want to be on the block.  Monte always points out Nicole and Taylor as a backdoor while pushing to get Alyssa and Isly to agree to go up.  Isly pushes for the guys.  I honestly think Isly thought she’s get through the game without facing the block.  Nicole and Taylor are next with Nicole trying to present herself as being an advantage to Monte’s game.  Taylor, after the meeting, asks if he has a target.  Apparently it is Nicole and Alyssa.  He tells Taylor he wants her trust and will protect her.  While he didn’t want to target Nicole due to Taylor, the renomination might have to happen. 

At the Nomination Ceremony, Monte makes it official.  He nominates Isly and Alyssa.  The Leftovers keep straight face.  Monte tells them they are not his targets. 

POV Contest  — Wednesday’s Show                                                                                                              

Now for the note to CBS:  Between the drama on Twitter and the reports of one of the houseguests wanting to use her cane on a fellow houseguest, I have to ask: Where is the training for civility.  Even Evel Dick didn’t offer this type of words for Jen.  We won’t talk about season two (it might give the present house guests ideas).  Now, not only Daniel and Nicole have offered threats of violence but Isly and Jasmine have joined the circle.  It’s getting to be a little too much.  Question is:  Will you show it in the recaps tonight?

Tonight’s POV could be interesting.  Remember, the Leftovers want Nicole out but Alyssa and Isly are the only group without a Leftover member in it.  Well, Taylor has a clue that Nicole is the backdoor target and she’s not happy.  Taylor though is in a small group with Michael and Brittany.  So Taylor, Michael and Brittany have made a final three alliance.  Daniel meanwhile goes snooping and talk to Monte.  Monte tells him that he knows people want Taylor out.  That’s right Monte!  Feed Daniel bull.  The one thing I’m thankful for CBS is the casting of this joker.  He thinks he’s so smart but he over analyzes everything.  Nicole gets jealous when she sees anyone talking to Taylor.  Well, the first houseguest who exited really did a number on the poor girl’s reputation, didn’t she.

Also, CBS, can we discuss the use of showmances.  Kyle and Alyssa don’t seem to “fit” yet they are in a showmance together.  Kyle knows it is game (or I think he does) but Alyssa wants marriage.  Alyssa tries to talk game but Kyle is several steps ahead of her.  In Diary Room, he tells us that “She’s so great.” 

Nicole and Daniel must be going to spend the episode strategizing about Taylor.  Why b

oth of them seem to hate her so much.  Why do they always talk about her.  Daniel now wants to win veto and keep Nicole safe.  And with that we go to the information on veto.  So, Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Alyssa, and Isly are in it with the team of Kyle and Daniel playing.  If only one of them wants to use the veto, it’s used.  Guess what Daniel.  You don’t control the game.  By the way CBS, these after interviews are hard to hear especially if there is noise in the background.

‘The PoV is keeping with the festival theme, only 60’s style.  The one (or two in a three pairing) must go on the “slop drug trip) and come back and tell their partner what they sawy to complete the “Trippy Watch Party. “  The contest has the feel of gossip but with a visual angle.  Let’s see who remembers that!  The acting of leaving on the “trip” is really strange (read stupid).  They’re suppose to remember what they see but Joseph and Terrance don’t seem to know what they saw.  You would think two of them would have got it right.  Instead, it’s Kyle and Daniel who win the veto and now one of them can change the nominees. 

Now, we get the “what do we do” stage of this.  Kyle and Daniel are not a team in this.  So one could chose to change the nominees and the other really has no say.  Now wouldn’t it be funny if Daniel uses it and puts his Final Two on the block.  Kyle and Alyssa talk and he acts concerned.  Will Alyssa be safe?  The Leftovers meet.  Michael tries to convince all to leave the nominations the same.  Taylor can see it but Monte says that it might be the best thing to keep Isly and Alyssa on the block.  Kyle is late to the meeting but the plan is explained.  Each explain their view.  Kyle has feelings for Alyssa but doesn’t want to loses his alliance.

In the end, Monte decides to (double) talk Daniel.  His goal is convince Daniel and Nicole not to use the POV.  This is course has the opposite effect.  Monte tells them he doesn’t want to look like a fool with people voting against his wishes.  Nicole knows when someone is lying.  She has the numbers to stay so why not use it.  Daniel says Monte lied to him about Ameerah.  So using reverse psychology, Daniel decides to use the veto.  He tells Kyle that Monte is the reason he’s going to do it.  Kyle at least can act when he has to.  Let’s give himi a round of applause.  Kyle tells us I the Diary Room that Daniel is “going to make one of the dumbest moves in BB history.”

In the veto meeting, Daniel speaks and tells all that Isly and Alyssa are safe.  Does Monte loo worried?  Not really.  Monte stands and nominates Nicole and Taylor as Jasmine grins.  Monte tells them that this is the best decision for his game. Did Daniel goof?  Is Kyle really in love with Alyssa (by becoming her Savior).  Taylor wants safety and doesn’t know whether to trust the Leftovers but Nicole is celebrating to be on the block because he feels she has the votes to stay.  Tune in Thursday at 9:00.

Riverdale – Night of the Comet

Riverdale, oh no!  A comet is headed to Riverdale!  It is an extinction event.  Question:  Does that mean just for Riverdale or the world?  Will there be dinosaurs appearing again.  Wait – that Jurassic Park.  Oh well, sorry about that.  We all know that something will stop it.  Will it be Cheryl?  Will it be Jughead or Archie?  Or will it come from a unique source like, say, Polly as I suggested last Sunday and on Twitter.  We’ll have to watch and see.  Plus this is the sixth season finale.  To me, last episode could qualify for that!  Does this set it up for season seven.

As we open tonight, after Cheryl’s announcement last week, what should we expect?  The narration tonight is somber.  Riverdale is ground zero and the look on all the faces is alarming enough.   It’s Percival’s fault.  He also put an invisible force field around Riverdale.  Cars can come in but not leave (oh Storybrooke, Maine must be nearby).  Jughead can’t even open a portal out of Riverdale and Tabitha always comes through to the present Riverdale.  They’re in King’s “The Dome” series.  The world sees it as only a usual occurrence with it passing over Riverdale.  Cheryl and Heather have no clue how to stop it.  All will search for a way to leave town or stop the comet.

At the Coopers, Alice is feeling guilty over her behavior and Percival.  Betty gives her forgiveness as does Polly.  Veronica is at Babylonia and Reggie shows her Hiram’s picture.  Veronica is touched (and not in the head).  Jughead and Tabitha are working at Pop’s when Alexandra Cabot arrives.  Alexandra is there to make Tabitha’s dreams come true and take Pop’s Diner worldwide.  Jughead tells Alexandra that Tabitha needs to think about it. Alexandra gives Tabitha 10 hours.  Fangs give adult Anthony a Serpent tattoo and makes him King of the Serpents.  Anthony is to make sure that his parents legacy continues. 

Cheryl and Heather ask for help from Abigail to stop the comet and show mercy.  Abigail knew Thomasina as an astronomer and witch.  Abigail asks if Cheryl has the Power of the Phoenix.  Cheryl will has to melt the comet per Abigail and Abigail will help.  First, she wants her freedom for one more night with Thomasina. 

Cheryl finds Archie and the miners who have not found an exit.  Cheryl has an answer and calls the group with the update.  Cheryl might stop Percival’s power (and binding spell).  Toni and Cheryl must discuss that.  There is one huge catch.  All of their life energy seems to have come from Percival with Cheryl holding the resurrection spell together.  One or more of the resurrected will die (Archie, Jughead, Polly, Nana, Fangs, Alice, Frank, Tom, Fangs, and Toni). 

Toni and Cheryl meet.  Abigail wants to spend a night with Thomasina.  Cheryl will be Abigail and Toni,  Thomasina Topaz, her ancestor and witch.  It would be technically cheating and Toni’s seems upset but agrees.  Archie returns home to find Mary (his mom).  We learn that she and her second husband are divorcing.  She’s realized that she needs to be with him because life is precious.  She wants it with her son.   

So what do they do on their final day. 

Archie buys an engagement ring for Betty from Veronica. He proposes but she wants to wait to see what happens.  He tries to “save the town” and Betty connects with the FBI.  She’s been offered the job as head of serial killer unit.  She doesn’t accept.  She needs to do some thinking.  Later, while she and Archie talk, she accepts his proposal. 

Ronnie gives Reggie the Babylonia.  He gives her the picture.  She wants to go find herself and shop Paris.  He asks if they can get back together, and she says as “friends.”  When she kissed her dad’s picture (hoping they would not meet in the after life), it goes black.  Later, in the final house, when talking to her father’s picture, she has a plan to save the town.  More about this at the conclusion of the piece.

Jughead tells Tabitha to franchise the diner even though she doesn’t want to commit (she later agrees).  In exchange when Tabitha finds out Jughead never watched Titanic, they watch together.  Jughead finally understands why Jack dies in the movie.  He didn’t know the feelings that movie gives people at the ending.  After Tabitha signs the papers, Alexandra wants a picture.  Jughead and Tabitha don’t wait.  They must meet Ronnie.  More of that later. 

At Cheryl’s Cheryl and Toni are together and Heather connects the two of them.  Abigail and Thomasina are together and Heather is worried. After their night in carnal love (as Abigail calls it), Heather tells Cheryl that she and Toni are soul mates.  Abigail has left the ties that Percival used to trap the town but Heather and Cheryl will have to unbind the mess. 

Archie probably is the one suffering the most.  He’s always tried to be like Fred.  Fred, his dad, would have saved the town.  Betty tells him that he needs to understand that that can’t always happen.  When Archie tries once again to break Percival’s barrier, Mary finds him and tells him she can’t leave Riverdale either now.  Oh and Frank has told her everything (including Archie’s deathsa).  Mary tells him that it’s okay to be scared and human.  Betty later agrees to marry him and they will find a way together.

Ronnie tells Reggie she’s giving him the casino if they survive.  She’s going out to find herself.  He asks if they can be together and Ronnie says as friends. Ronnie needs to do a hard reboot with her life. 

Probably the sweetest part of Jughead and Tabitha is the one-minute date she gets from him.  In their dream date, which only lasts a minute, they are together forever.  They eat with their children as they grow at Pop Tate’s.  And the end scene of this sequence is the two of them old together. 

Ronnie’s Plan

Is anything simple.  Well, Ronnie’s plan is.  Ronnie saved Chick’s life though dialysis with him.  She can do the same thing by combining all their powers.  It’s like the “Loser’s Club”.  Using Percival’s dagger, all will cut their hand and combine their blood (and powers).  Cheryl tells her she’s not going to cut her hand and Ronnie has another solution there.  After Ronnie and the others combine their blood, Ronnie goes to Cheryl and gives her a kiss.  While Jughead thinks it will make it worse, they do lose their powers as seen through their reactions and the passage of memories from one to the other of this crazy (but great) season.  To prove it, Ronnie grabs a gun to shoot Cheryl and Cheryl sees a red aura around Ronnie (Betty’s power).  The bullet is caught by Cheryl (Archie’s power).  She has visions of the past and hears the voices (Tabitha and Jughead’s power). 

Each wait at a space that is special to them.  Toni, Fangs and Anthony are at the Serpents’ Club, Tabitha, Jughead and Pop are at the apartment.  Archie and Betty spend the night in bed but then join their combined families to watch the “fireworks.”  Ronnie is with Reggie while Kevin, Moose and Tom are together.  All are singing the same song during the vignette.

Cheryl is outside Pop’s as the song ends.  The comet is coming and all windows in the town see the glow.  Cheryl calls upon the Phoenix power and starts a chant unleasing the power.  She rises into the sky and what happens.  Roberto and company go to commercial.

We come out of commercial to Archie waking up in his bedroom (but its not the one we know).  Jughead tells us that he’s the only one who remembers the future.  To save the town, they’ve gone back in time.  Archie finds Mary upset downstairs.  Mary reveals that it is the day James Dean died (September 30, 1955).  Jughead tells us that all the dimensions are back together.  They had to go back to a simpler time.  With Archie in his letter jacket, they are all back in high school (yet Jughead, the only one who remembers what happens) appears to be in his and Tabitha’s apartment.  And folks, he has the original crown on his head now.  No explanation of Fred’s absence.  Archie and Betty are back living across from each other.  And of course, no previews for next year.  So season seven appears to be a reboot and gives all sorts of possibilities.  Will we get a more classic comic Archie?  Will Veronica Lodge and her family return?  More importantly, what happened to Cheryl as she rose up into the sky.  Cheryl may finally get Jason back into her life.  Will the Pussycats reappear?  Will a “50s” version of strangeness occur or more traditional.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Big Brother Week 3:  The Good, the Bad and the PLAIN UGLY

CBS!  I have hope for Big Brother after all.  The live feeds give me hope that it’s not going to be the season of the “Mean Girls” and “Locker Room” guys.  My hopes are so high that this recap will be submitted after Thursday’s show.  But let’s get to the suggestions.

Let’s say I am not surprised that Pooch is gone.  In fact, I’m somewhat happy.  The thing that got me was his attitude with Julie. You should tell the contestants that Julie is their friend and to respect her.  From Pooch’s attitude, he was mad that he had to leave and wanted anything but to talk to Julie.  His anger comes out of being upset by being ousted by a 12-0 vote but he volunteered.  Shouldn’t it be included in the show’s bible to consider that volunteering doesn’t mean you are safe.  And while he talked about being friendly, he wasn’t that friendly with Taylor, now was he.

Now, I must rescind my opinion of Turner from last week.  This guy is sharper than any of us, much less the other house guests, think.  He not only manages to win the HoH (Get Lit) but makes Jasmine (his bestie by default) pick the “have-nots” (Alyssa and Indy).  Jasmine now has blood on her hands.  That’s good CBS but did she really put up her allies.  Also, could you have Jasmine lose her fake Southern accent. Most of the Southerners I know are insulted by it.

The HoH was cute – that’s the best I can say – but variations of it has been played before.  And the sitting of tables would only work if they were in the VIP session (I’ve set in the grass at Tina Turner).  It would have been so much better if they were in he crowd.  I was upset with how they partners were done.  Instead of hiding their alliance, they amplified it and one, Nicole, set herself up to “take one for the team.”  It would have been so much better if they had had to picked someone of the opposite gender/sex.

And, regarding the alliances – you really need to work with these contestants on picking “alliances names.”  Which they think Po Pack, Oasis, Girls Girls are great, they make no sense for the contestants.  With that, the alliances show just how isolated Taylor is.  She’s not part of any. 

Diary Rooms are great but give us more.  We don’t necessary want reflections on what happened but what they feel and how the others are reacting.  Yes, Taylor realized that she had to win and Nicole had a plan.  Nicole, though, in particular came across a little cold blooded and angry (as she did the entire show).

As of Sunday’s show, it appears that some of these people are growing brain cells.  I just don’t understand why Nicole always comes across as loud and angry.  She’s always coming across as angry.  Let’s address the elephant in the room – Taylor’s treatment.  While Nicole picked her as a partner, Taylor doesn’t trust her.  Turner realizes though is catching on.  He sees through the girls plan and is a little surprise as all the suggestions that Taylor is the problem but Turner hasn’t seen it. 

 And someone needs to teach alliances like the Girls, Girls that they need to cover their tracks more.  Turner sees through it and Michael and  others are wising up.  Does this mean that someone in the house is actually growing some brain cells?

My production notes from Wednesday:

Daniel even in the preview is a rat.  Maybe we should have seen more material on why this is the case.  I hate to judge with little information (except feeds) but editing is everything.  I’m quickly losig respect for Nicole who wants her partner, Taylor, to go and she is expecting a special power.  Do the house guests realize that their every action and Diary Room words are edited for the casual viewers with points of view coming into play. 

The Girls Girls give all sorts of reasons for getting Taylor out.  Taylor’s not making friends.  All of the girls want her out (with Ammeerah as the spokesperson. 

Just a note:  I love how Turner is processing his HoH.  So far, no case of HoH-itis.  He listens when people talk.  He does talk to Nicole about not being his target and he’s smart and has Monte with him.  Nicole’s bragging in Diary Room is showing how much she brags and she lies easily. 

Taylor knows she is the target.  She knows people are cold.  Taylor does open up to Monte but is he seeing the real Taylor.  He now knows that there were lies told about Taylor.  Taylor knows they have to talk about what is happening needs to happen to implement change.  Monte gets it – thank God, but he has seen wishy-washy before. 

Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Turner are having a meeting.  Monte has a clue the girls have an alliance.  This meeting starts like any other but quickly progresses to putting things together:  girls working together to get the guys out, Taylor as loyal. Suddenly, they realize this is playing into Ameerah and the girls hands.  They also realize that Alyssa snitches everything the guys say to her to the girls.  Ameerah is a power player. Kyle thinks they can work with Michael and Brittany and agree to include Taylor.  Yes!  Kyle realizes that the girls are a dragon with Ameerha the head.   And the plan is made and the troops start their mission.  Kyle wants this to work.  I like him so much better now.

The PoV is announced and the “festie besties” will compete.  Only three pairs will compete.  The HoH and partner with Michael and Brit will be joined by one additional team – Taylor and Nicole.  Nicole as always makes it about herself.  She hopes someone else will win because she doesn’t want to “throw” another competition. 

Nicole runs to her “friend” Daniel and is first upset that when Taylor leaves, there is no super power for her.  Turner finds them waiting in the HoH win.  Nicole says the game is real and Taylor’s there and she’s not happy.  Turner looks disgusted but turns it into concern.  This plays into the plan to backdoor Ameerah and blame Dan and Nicole.  Nicole says “I’m a competitor” and “I’m an athlete.”  She doesn’t know fair play and team work.

Later, Nicole who is crying in her bed.  While talking to Daniel, realize that she’s a cold-hearted person (won’t use what I really think) and Daniel is a creep.  The group thinks something has happened to her mother.  When Taylor goes in to talk, with Ameerah as witness, Taylor of course takes it the wrong way

Taylor makes the move to comfort Nicole and goes in and basically says, do what you need to do for you.  Nicole in her anger and looking for a way to get rid of Taylor takes it as she wants Nicole to leave the house.  Nicole immediately goes to the bathroom and finds Daniel and tells him that Taylor was trying to make her leave. Daniel isn’t going to take it.  He’s already lost one “friend” during week one who spiraled out of control (as he puts it).  Taylor is passive-aggressive.  (Note to Dan and Nicole:  That’s the title Nicole won tonight.)  He confronts Taylor and calls her manipulating.  In the living room, Taylor tries to apologize but Dan’s not having it.  Taylor isn’t supposed to speak to him again.  The spiral that the two of you plan is against Taylor.  She would have already broken if she wasn’t so sweet and strong.

To skip ahead for a minute, after veto, the boys (except for Terrance and Dan) call a meeting.  Michael, Brit are to be included and Taylor is told to come upstairs to the HoH to talk.  Instead, the group for a new alliance, “The Leftovers” (chosen by Taylor).  They will support each other and the guys tell Taylor they realize that both she and Brit have been excluded.  The goal of the Leftovers is to get Ameerah out of the house and then get rid of the rest of that alliance.

The veto comp has Turner and Jasmine (the HoH pair), Michael and Brit (nominees), and Taylor and Nicole.  Nicole will take one for the rest to get Taylor out.  While “Woodstack” takes communication skills, it doesn’t happen with Nicole.  Let’s just say that by Nicole’s action, she and Taylor loses.  Jasmine has a fear of heights and passes out even before she gets lifted off the ground making it so Turner and she don’t compete.  Micheal and Brit win and Turner plans to take Ameerah out. 

CBS, Wednesday night’s show redeemed this week.  I’m sure Ameerah will have much to think on tomorrow night as I feel she leaves.  I’m not sure who does the picking of contestants, but my kudos for you for picking a group like the Leftovers who “FINALLY” saw through the lies and manipulation.  Tell them thanks.  And for those who picked Daniel and Nicole?  You need a new type of evaluation to weed this type of self-centeredness out.

Riverdale – The Stand – Who Will Win?

We’ve seen Riverdale come forward with our beloved gang preparing for battle.  We know that Percival is wanting to be King and get revenge.  The question is:  who remains in the residents of Riverdale to do battle against him?  Who will prevail?  Will the ghost train reach the town and do damage?  Hopefully, tonight we’ll find out.

Tonight, we open with our Jughead narrating and telling us that Percival is trying to conjure and control all the evil powers.  Of course, he wants control but he has a hit list that he wants to punish. If he thinks this means he’ll replace Satan, he’s badly fooled.  The police and Ghoulies are working with Percival.  Pop Tate’s is empty and Archie is planning strategy.  Heather, Cheryl, and Tabitha are trying to find the Hell Mouth and have.  The Curiosity Shop is being checked but Percy has cleared it out.  Archie tells Cheryl to burn it down and she doe but not before Reggie grabs a picture.  Betty apologizes to Polly about not seeing Alice and Polly tries to console her.  Polly thinks Archie and the gang will succeed.  .  Kevin is with Toni and Fangs and Moose arrives.  Ronnie checks on Frank since his death.  Frank, Archie says, would tell them to focus on the people still there.  One thing that needs to happen though and the gang meets. 

In the meeting, Archie says that in all battles there are rules of engagement.  While Betty doesn’t like the thought, they all agree they need their loved ones bodies back.  Cheryl says it is more than that.  Step one is to take out Percival but Tabitha points out that could start a nuclear war.  If they get the bodies, Cheryl can do a Phoenix Spell. 

When Archie and Ronnie arrive at Babylonia, it is under the Ghoulies’ control.  When they arrive, they are greeted by Twila who takes them to Percy.  Ronnie asks for the bodies, with Archie as collateral so Percy can have fun punishing him.  Then she pulls a gun and shots Percival who makes magic flowers come out.  He laughs of course and picks up an ancient weapon which will destroy all.  He calls it the equalizer.  When Archie suggests dividing Riverdale the middle, Precy says no.  He wants it all and their surrender and allegiance to him.  They refuse.  Ronnie points out that this has happened before with his father.  They won then and will win again.  The good news is that the bodies are waiting as they leave.  Cheryl plans to “resurrect” them after their heads are attached.  Betty wants to see her mother only to reveal there are no heads ins the casket.  Percival plans to make them relive the deaths over and over by putting the heads on display.  Archie actually has a brain.  He calls it psychological warfare. 

Jughead wants to open a portal to get to Percival but Tabitha reminds him he won’t survive. Tabitha doesn’t want him to do it, but Jughead points out they must try.  While they discuss this Percival is lighting candles to get the chief players out of the mix.  He utters a chant.  Archie talks to Reggie about not being sitting ducks and Reggie attacks him with Percival’s dagger, trying to kill him.  Meanwhile, Betty’s at her house and hears a knocking.  It’s Glenn and he plans to kill her.  Heather and Cheryl are talking and Jason walks in.  He shots Heather with an arrow and tries to kill Cheryl.  Ronnie gets a visit from Grandma Luna who has had mind control enacted and she’s there to make Ronnie pay for her crime.  Tabitha is eating lunch with Jughead when her angel senses tell her something is wrong. 

Now, let’s get this straight.  We have Reggie, Glenn, Jason and Grandma Luna trying to kill people.  Betty though is the first to defeat her foe.  She gets a chainsaw and uses it on Glenn.  With his wounds, Archie can still not die and he chokes Reggie into unconsciousness.  Ronnie flees and hides in the bathtub which somehow causes her grandmother to stop.  Whatever Ronnie said worked.  Cheryl apologizes to Jason for bringing him back and sets him on fire.  Tabitha has ran to Archie’s where she finds him recovering with Bingo licking his wounds.  Seems Bingo (the dog) has healing powers. 

When Grandma awakes, she tells Ronnie that something came over and told her to kill Ronnie.  Betty tells Polly that Glenn is dead in the garage (and we see his hand still twitching).  Heather is okay and tells Cheryl Jason was under Percival’s control.  Heather is sure some of these occurrences are tied to the comet.  Reggie is shaken up but okay and tells Archie that he doesn’t remember what happens.  Then Toni arrives.  She has a plan.

Toni, Fangs (and probably Kevin) have talked.  The one way to defeat Percival is with the one thing he wants – Anthony’s immortality.  Toni has an elaborate plan to use older Anthony to take Percival out.  They’ll miss his childhood but he’ll do the greater good.  Tabitha says she can create a time loop and get the Anthony from heaven to come down and help.  She’ll set a time loop and the baby will be okay (or so they think).  They go to Pop’s and Tabitha does her thing.  Teen/grown Anthony comes back in the loop with Tabitha and hugs Fangs.  This battle needs to happen before the comet.  Anthony understands that Percival must die.  The plan is simple.  The Serpents till now go into Babylonia and they may die but they will clear a path for Anthony to get to Percival.  Percy hears the knocking and orders Twila to open the dead.  She’s just collateral for him which shakes Twila up.  Twila tells her team not to open the door but it pops open. 

And the fight is on.  While the Ghoulies try to protect the entrance to Percival, they are overcome.  Before the battle, Jughead talked to Tabitha about his death.  He doesn’t fear it because he’s had a good life and love (kissing her hand).  Anthony is a warrior and knows what to do.  He and Kevin make it to Percival’s office.  While Percival takes Kevin out and shots Anthony, Anthony won’t die which surprises Percival.  When Anthony tells him who he is (the baby Percy wants), Percy sits in his chair and leaves through a portal (naked).  Percy has escaped and sealed the room while the gang and their friends have succeeded downstairs.  Toni finds the heads and brings them to Archie (frozen in the kitchen).

While a search of Babylonia hunts for the missing Percival, Jughead and Tabitha decide to find out how to beat Percival.  Using Tabitha’s time walking powers, they find out the battle have to be at the original Pop Tates.  Using a time loop, the diner is restored completely.  Yet the battle isn’t done as after a brief rest, Archie and Percival meet outside the diner. 

Percival taunts Archie with the special weapon that will allow him success.  Archie and Percy fight but Archie gives as well as takes.  When Percy thinks Archie has died, Archie knocks Percy’s feet out from under him.  Suddenly all five are there with weapons which they use.  When Percy looks defeated, Archie tells him he can either surrender or run.  Percival laughs and says never.  He has a trick up his sleeve which turns out to be a mist.  Ronnie falls from her poison while Archie becomes an iron statue.  Betty is blind while Cheryl is frozen.  Reggie becomes a ventriloquist dummy.  Jughead is inside the diner waiting for Percy and challenges him to a game of dominos.  Tabitha is also missing but more on that in a minute. 

Jughead and Percival start their game (and trying to get in each others’ mind).  Percival is impressed by Jughead’s skill but while Jughead doesn’t seem to succeed, Percival does.  Percival starts destroying Jughead’s comics (memory).  Suddenly Jughead appears.  He let’s Percival know what is really going on.  When Percival entered the diner, he came through a portal.  This left Percy’s mind open to Jug’s friends (guess it was mirror images he turned). The gang is there and waiting.  Percy, who was suffering his own wounds from fighting Archie outside the diner, finds himself vulnerable for the first time.  Tabitha appears and tells him that he isn’t in Riverdale but Rivervale.  The gang are from there and waiting for him.  This is Jughead’s trick.  Each punishes Percival with Cheryl throwing him out.   As Percy runs, Tabitha is with him.  She says welcome to 1680.  Waiting for Percy is Mr. Crypto who pulls out the contract Percival signed.  Percival doesn’t think the contract is valid but Crypto tells him that it says all time and dimensions.  Percival is his again and Crypto and Percy disappear in smoke and flames (but Percy does do one more deed, more below).

All is set right as our gang appear at the diner (no idea about Antony yet).  Tabitha says that they defeated Percival and they celebrate.  Later Jughead writes, Veronica cleans her apartment, The Serpents tend to the wounded.  At the manor Heather has been studying the comet.  She tells Cheryl and Cheryl calls a meeting. 

When discussing what happened, Jughead tells Tabitha his brain felt foggy.  They wonder why he survived this time and she has no idea.  She thinks it has something to do with the Rivervale universe.    Alice holds her family close, Tom is in shock, and Frank and Archie have a beer on the porch. What about their powers seems to be a question for all.  Meanwhile, Cheryl calls a meeting.  The comet is heading to Riverdale and will be an elimination event not just for Riverdale but the world.  As Crypto took Percy, he enacted one last curse that affected the comet.  Tabitha realizes that this was the annihilation event she had seen.  So what is this with the comet. 

Turn in next week as the we get “The Night of the Comet.  Previews show they all want to be together when it strikes.  Also  Archie proposes to Betty.  Reggie and Ronnie are together, and the Blossoms are show at the door (possibly with the others) watching the comet approach. 

Riverdale has certain been anything but dull this year! 

Big Brother – Letter to CBS, Week 2

Dear CBS:

Not sure what is going on with this year’s season of Big Brother, but this season (24) has already lost me as a viewer.  Look, I’ve recapped this show for years and always made it to near the end.  I must admit that by the time we are at “only four left, who will win” I’m begging my editor to let me stop since the season that saw the second coming of Nicole.  Up until then, I found the show enjoyable.  I found the competitions fair.  I found contestants I could care about with true back stories.  I didn’t see nearly as many wanting to make it big in California or who appeared to have come on the show hunting for a “big break” or movie contract.  I will admit that Big Brother 23 was a dream.  The cast, stories, and strategy made you want to pull for the group as a whole and as “The Cookout.”  It was what I had been waiting for since the early seasons and a joy to recap.  In fact, there was concern on whether Big Brother would be over before my season show, Riverdale, came on.  Now, I could care less about this season or guests for this year.

Let me start by saying this.  It isn’t only me who could care less. Let’s start with the long-term fans, many who are casual viewers.  A few of them have asked why I’m not covering Big Brother this year and I said “Riverdale.”  Then they drop their bombshell.  They don’t care about the show.  They hate the “house guests.”  They don’t think anyone at CBS cares for what the long-term fans want.  Even the discussion groups I belong to on FaceBook (or Meta) do not have posts going to it.  Since I recap, I do NOT post there.  The reaction I am seeing on discussion boards for the show, FaceBook and Twitter seems to be the same.  One message I got via Messenger today said one friend thought the show was dying because CBS didn’t need it and soon will be no more.  She will not be finishing the season.

I must admit, I watched both Sunday and Wednesday show in 20 minutes Thursday afternoon and often looked for a way to fast forward not only the commercials but also the ‘blah, blah, blah – we must get Taylor out.” This seemed to be the only theme.  No strategy – just get the girl out.  Now having seen the same thing on week one live feeds, I know who (and what) is behind this.  I won’t speak of the person because I promised I wouldn’t talk negatively about a contestant who was no longer on the show.  As long as they are on the show, I find them somewhat fair game as they could change their actions.  Only thing is, evidently the training sessions on sensitivity and awareness didn’t have an impact on this bunch.  They are socially unaware and often come across to casual viewers as bullies. 

Let me name a few problems.  The first is the “Mean Girls’ Club.”  I can’t call it the “Bad Girls Club” because at least those women stuck together.  These girls don’t mind deciding that someone who appears different needs to go.  There’s no “chance” for them.  Case in point is Taylor.  From the casual viewer’s point of view, all Taylor did was model her “last show” dress because the others had asked her to do so.  That’s when they started shutting her out.  If they didn’t want to see her dress, they shouldn’t have asked.  Taylor can’t help that she was a beauty contestant with years of training on how to present herself.  We’re not even sure if she wanted to show her dress or not (apparently from what I saw in live feeds, the answer is no).  She may not have even wanted that lifestyle but her family did.  Have any in the Mean Girls’ Club” actually gotten to know Taylor.  No!  They too busy trying to get her out of the house.

Problem Two:  gimmick casting.  I’m not sure who came up with the casting list this year but there are real problems.  One guy looks like a reject from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Did his casting line read:  a surfer dude?  One tries to talk Southern but it is not your typical Southern style.  Granted, my region is mid-Atlantic (North  Carolina) but even this has its own accents. I have been to the Crystal Coast, Outer Banks, Appalachian Mountains here.  I have traveled to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  I’ve even been to London and, after a week, was asked which Lake District area I was from.  So, when I heard the accent one contestant was using, I couldn’t identify the region. When I was told the South, I went what!  I have friends from the Deep South and they don’t sound like that.  And, at no time or in any region, have I heard the term “something butterbeans” used.  Whoever dreamed that up needs to visit the South.

Problem Three (and I’ll stop here for this week).  While the girls have a Mean Girls’ Club, the boys are acting like they are in a movie football locker room where they trash talk the girls all the time.  They make Taylor seem like they have seen her information on the back of the bathroom door.  The guys, like the girls, have zeroed in on what they see as negative (getting the week one person out due to their friend who left).  While I am sure the girls’ opinion has caused their views, they don’t even seem to want to get to know her or to find out who she is.  I am honestly getting tired of the bad mouthing that occurs as soon as they can open up.  It’s getting tiring and fans are tuning out. Thus, CBS, I have two more weeks of Riverdale which I am not going to miss so Sunday will not see me watching.  I have the Below Deck series I am enjoying (for the scenery mostly).  My question to you is why should I watch Big Brother when I have objections to the antics of the house guests.  I know you can’t do anything but at least get in there and train these people about people’s feelings and their actions.  I’ll catch the show when I can and read the live feeds but my letters to you may not be weekly anymore.  I’m sure Big Brother production won’t care!

Riverdale – A Return to Rivervale? 

Riverdale fans rejoice!  It looks like Reggie has now gone over to the side of good.  The question is:  Will he, his father and Kevin gets away (yeah still show Kevin did).  Also rejoice that Jughead doesn’t hear the voices all the time now.  There is some force for good stirring (and I don’t mean Sabrina).  Maybe Gabriel offered help to Tabitha in the Great Hereafter. And on that note:  Riverdale, you have some explaining to do.  Neither Jason or Polly were involved in this little town invasion.  If that why death is mad?  Plus, we haven’t seen La Llorna in Riverdale.  What does that mean?

Tonight’s episode starts with a meeting of the gang to discuss what to do.  Archie and Jughead’s hair is different.  Percival doesn’t know they’re back and Cheryl tells them what she has discovered about the Pickens family.  Ronnie tells them that the investigation that Guido (whatever) did reveal he didn’t exist.  exist in the records.  Then Tabitha drops the bombshell.  Percival will only start the apocalypses if he doesn’t’ get what he wants.   The decision is made that the dead will appear to remain dead.

And Where to Go from Here

From this point, we start getting more and more information.  How do I  explain it.  More importantly, which is the most important.  Let’s start with happy.

Cheryl, Betty and the Family…

Cheryl talks to Betty and tells her she needs to come to Blossom manor.  There, Betty sees Polly and Jason and faints.  When she comes to, Polly is in the room with her.  Betty apologizes and Polly forgives her but really has nothing to forgive Betty for.  Betty has looked at Polly’s aura and it is now pure and glowing yellow.  Betty is upset because she won’t be able to get into heaven but Polly tells her that she will.  She just needs to let the evil go as good and evil have to coexist.  Polly assures Betty that she is good and all will be right.

Betty goes back to sleep and has a dream of the past and the present.  She sees herself with blood coming out of her mouth and ends the nightmare.  Polly is with her and asks what’s wrong.  Betty says she has too many things to be forgiven on (killing Archie, dumping Jughead, destroying Ronnie and Archie’s relationship, etc. yawn).  Betty can never enter Heaven (hereafter).  Polly has a cure.  She gets a bowl of water and tells Betty to stick her feet in it. Polly washes Betty’s feet and stands.  Just like Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.  Betty doesn’t think that will make her pure but Polly said it occurred t her before she could enter the hereafter.  Betty looks in the mirror and her aura is back to pure and yellow like Polly’s.

Jughead and Tabitha and the Rivervale Portal

In Riverdale, Jughead tells Tabitha that he has done some reading on parapsychology.  He believes that he has opened a portal to another dimension where there is another Jughead, Pop’s, etc.  Jughead thinks they need to go there to explore.  Jughead remembers the powers happened after the explosion at Archie’s.  They need answers which may be found in Rivervale.

As Riverdale’s Jughead looks at the bunker door, it starts to glow.  He and Tabitha go through and find Rivervale (let’s just say SJ).

SJ is upset to see our Jughead there and tells our Jughead he’s been stealing SJ’s story due to the voices.  Tabitha demands an explanation and it seems that once again the universes are merging.  It’s the old parallel universe thing again (calling Doctor Who).  Rivervale has only happiness and seems to be dying.  By writing the stories, it stays alive and happy.  SJ is the battery for Rivervale.  Tabitha realizes that Percival is the catalyst. Since SJ can’t go out, they need to explore Rivervale and see what is happening there to find out why Riverdale is having problems.  SJ warns they can’t interact with themselves or rish problems.  Anyone else feel a headache coming on!  (Calling Doctor Who – Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant – help is needed please.)

First stop is the Blossom mansion where Cheryl looks the same but her brain is slowly dying.  When Abigail was exorcised there, Cheryl began to die.  She looks like our Cheryl but Jughead mind melds and only finds old comics, covered is dust and crumbloing away.  (Well, from the 1600s, I can understand.)  Before they leave, Brigit asks them to sign the comic Jughead just drew about the Superteens and their power (so that’s why that comic was released this week!)

Next stop is Pop Tates’.  They can’t go in but Tabitha has a plan.  When Rivervale’s Tabitha takes out the trash, our Tabitha knocks her out.  Wait a minute – why the time loop?  Anyway, Jughead goes to the apartment and the Rivervale Jughead is there.  They talk and Rivervale’s Jughead admits that he signed a deal with Mr. Crypto, Rivervale’s Devil (yes, I did say Devil).  Jughead has been world success as long as he writes grim stories.  The comics that Rivervale’s Jughead is what caused the Riverdale’s gang superpowers, and entrance of Percival into our dimension.  It seems Rivervale’s Jughead, like ours has heard of the meta-verse.  The villain of the comic is Percy the Perverse that Rivervale’s Jughead had seen in dreams.  The fictional in Rivervale is playing out in our Riverdale.  In the latest comic, Percy the Perverse kills the Superteens (now I know I’m buying that comic)!  Riverdale’s Jughead and Tabitha asks about Crypto who just happens to be playing chess at Babylonia.

Off to Babylonia they go with Devil controlled Ronnie hosting a chess match between Crypto and Raphael (the angel – maybe Gabriel, same difference).  Crypto wins and mention is made of the battle of good and evil always plays out.  Jughead and Tabitha meet Crypto and asks about Percival.  He tells them a story (which I will relate in the Percival section) about Percival went running to prevent fulfilling a life contract.  Percival won’t win though.  The Devil always collects his soul.  Jug and Tabitha decide they have to return to Riverdale and win but Crypto reveals that they won’t.  Riverdale has always had a special role with Pop’s being the key.  Pop’s was built over a hell mouth (Buffy verse) like all cathedrals and by moving it, they opened the hell mouth.  By moving Pop’s, they had destroyed the guard.  Jughead and Tabitha realize they know more now and return to our world from the bunker.

At the bunker, Ethel is there and is shocked to see our Juggie.  She turns on RJ and tells him that he caused the rupture of the time lines by calling and warning Betty.  Our Jughead had mentioned that he was next door when the bomb went off and Betty mentioned that call.  Ethel accuses SJ of still being in love with Betty but he says he only wanted to save her life.

Now Jughead sees Ethel.  It was supposed to be a clean break and they’re trying to figure out why.  Jughead on the other sie and he admits he was near when the explosion happened.  Betty received a call of warning to get out of the bedroom which shouldn’t have happened.  Bunker Jughead called her and Ethel says that caused the break.  YThat gave super powers and compromised everything.  The universes are controlling each other.  Ethel tellsl him that it’s over because he loves Betty.  And they return to Riverdale.  They are to update everyone.  All are meeting for the plan.  They know where the powers come from.  All exchange information.  Jughead can help with that.

The Legend of Percival (the Annoying)

Now, remember!  Percival doesn’t know Jughead, Archie and the rest are back.  He also has Reggie, Mr. Mantle, and Kevin in the vault at Babylonia awaiting execution.  When Ronnie goes back to take over the club, she is met by Tom Kline and Frank Andrews (gangster style) who tell her to leave.  She sees the guillotines and knows something is up.  Going back to her house, she opens the security cameras.  The stupids haven’t change the password so she knows what is going on and where Reggie and company are. 

Percival meanwhile has met with Alice and mind melded with her.  She agrees to do an interview with her.  At the end, he will hold a public execution (Kevin, Reggie and Mr. Mantle).  I never knew until tonight that it was Channel Six.  In her “Barbara Walters” style interview, Percival documents his life’s work.  It is dark and grim.

We all knew that Percival had a deal with the devil but how did he get to Riverdale.  Well, he landed in 1680 and went up Sweetwater River with the ancestors of Betty, Archie, Cheryl and Jughead.  Each of them were there to work.  He was there to learn/do magic.   So far, it hadn’t worked but each night, he practiced and this time on Betty’s relative.  Archie’s ancestor witnessed the ritual, caught Percival and tried him.  He was tried and to be executed in the wood by death in the stocks with no food.  He promised he would get his revenge on Rivervale (that’s right, I said Rivervale).  The Devil paid him a visit.  He would free Percy if he signed a deal giving his soul to the devil on death.  Percy snuck off thinking by disappearing that he wouldn’t die thus living forever.

Have I mentioned that Alice needs a brain?  Well, she asks Percival if he took the deal and he said he did.  Percy thought he had his powers and was traveling to Rivervale (yep) to claim get his revenge.  He heard an explosion and the Rivervale sign now read Riverdale.  Percy was in a new universe so similar to the old, he decided to get his revenge there.  The only problem was those he wanted revenge against had superpowers.  They must have slipped out of Percival when the explosion occurred.  To Percival, that was fine.  He had the powers forever and was stronger than the young.

Brain-dead Alice asks about what happens when he takes the town over – what a new Riverdale will be like.  Percival promises that it will be corrupt and he will have his enemies at his mercy – wild and untamed.  He wants suffering in the “State of Percival.”  Alice may be buying a clue, because she looks shocked.  Percy announces another twist.  He’s building the ghost train for Riverdale’s soul.  Hmm! Hiram wanted a train through Pop’s also.  I don’t think he had a deal with the devil though.

The Gang’s Discovery

With Ronnie watching, Frank and Tom go in to check on Mr. Mantle after Kevin claims he is dying.  Reggie grabs and holds the knife on Tom but Frank pulls his gun to kill not Reggie but Tom.  Reggie drops the knife and the evil ones leave.

Cheryl talks to Jason about whether he is glad to be back.  He mentions the war between good and evil and she rings Archie for an emergency meeting.  Percy is setting up to bring the army of evil to fight a battle in Riverdale (instead of Rivervale).  Ronnie has called Archie about Percy’s plan to execute Reggie, Kevin and Reggie’s dad. They need to stop Percival and meet at Archie’s with Jughead and Tabitha back.  Archie says they need to blow up the train track but is told they need to rescue Reggie and company first.  (There’s only minutes!  You better hurry.)

Well, Jughead saves Reggie and company by using a portal to reach them.  Archie gets a call that he can blow up the train track and we see him running as the explosion happens.  Back at Archie’s, Ronnie calls it a skirmish to all that survived.  The war hasn’t started.  As they talk, Betty and Ronnie’s phone rings.  It’s Percy with a message.  He has (or will) kill Alice, Tom and Frank.  They first think it’s a mind game but when you fight the Legion, don’t count on it.

Next Week:  The battle continues.  All are armed with weapons during the episode.  Will Jason and Polly have a role to play?  Is that why they are back?  What can we expect when good versus evil take a stand.  Who will win the battle for the soul of Riverdale.