Big Brother 24 — Special Update Edition for Thursday Night, July 14, 2022

As I mentioned last night, I will not be recapping each show in the series on CBS.  I am covering Riverdale and it won’t end until the end of July.  I honestly am thinking of doing it as a weekly letter to CBS as to how to fix the show but tonight, I will focus on what they show on television of the drama that went down in the house last night.

Reports are that the feeds got killed around the same time as the show on the East Coast ended Wednesday.  I trust the group of recappers I read, and I honestly had problems with the Paramount+ so I dropped it.  I have too much on my plate to watch the feeds.  But nights like last night are the reason I liked them.  For some reason (whether production or Paloma herself), she went into the Diary Room and disappeared.  She was seen on Tuesday night spending long periods of time in the Diary Room and there was speculations that she would leave.  Apparently, it is true.  She left and no one really knows why so we wait for the live show and hopefully find out.  I just happened to check Twitter before bed and got caught up in reading of the drama.

CBS, if you are reading this, please correct Julie Chen Moonves.  She said that the live feeders who dedicate hours to the show influenced the attitudes inside the house.  My question to  Julie, Big Brother and CBS is this:  How can these dedicated feeders be influencing the gamers based on  observations when the house is cut off from the outside world?  And Julie, I believe in God but I know that people must face their actions so the “interviews” you did today offended me and many others.  Polite society know how to treat people who are hurting.

Tonight, CBS Julie opens with “expect the unexpected” but do we need narration.  Everyone turning in wants dirt – er – I mean information about last night.  (This recap has always gotten on my last nerve.)  Let’s be honest.  Paloma may have started telephone but Monte made the first connection.  The game spread due to a misunderstanding of Monte.

Julie welcomes us and the first thing is the Backstage twist.  It has changed.  Instead we go back to the recap and that the reason he gave Taylor hurt more (being unwelcomed).  Paloma is getting an edit that she is the schemer (which is probably right).  She comes across as being able to lie and maniplate people but seem sincere.  Taylor tells us she likes Paloma but  loma doesn’t have Taylor’s best interest at heart.  Taylor goes on a fact-finding trip and all roads lead to Monte then Paloma.  Can we say the other houseguests are covering their tracks (why, I don’t know).  CBS, you need to add something here to protect against this.  I know lying is part of the game play but Monte and Paloma took it too far.  It needs to be stopped before character assassination happens.

Forget the alliance story (it will all change) get to the nitty-gritty we tuned in for tonight.  Are they trying to make Paloma the villain?  All of them carry blood on their hands.  No matter what Julie says, there will be questions that they need to answer after the show.  Also, forget the backstage plotting.  No one knows where that is going.  And at the 9:19 point, I am only hearing yadda, yadda, yadda and could care less. 

Julie finally announces that we are getting to why the departure (scary, did she say?).  Julie says the house can be challenging.  Paloma talks about not sleeping (only 2 to 4 hours a night)  She’s in the Diary Room talking of being exhausted.  She is presented as so wrapped up in the game that is all she thinks about.  She mentions delusions and think her mental health is suffering (the others agree).  CBS, this is a first.  The houseguests encourages her to seek help and Paloma goes to the Diary Room where she cries and sleeps.  Finally, Daniel calls all to the living room for an announcement.  He tells all that Paloma has left the game for personal reasons.  She loves all of them and all breaks down.  Monte offers a pray for Paloma and asks that America not judge her.  (First, Big Brother and CBS!  A change to the contract they sign please.  Put a note that the second they enter the house, their actions and words will be judged on social media and the news.  Even NBC wrote about this.)   

Julie wishes Paloma well.  Now, we learn that Brittany is safe by fan votes by fans but with Paloma out of the game, the show has changed.  We go to the living room and Julie tells all it has been an emotional week.  Paloma left for “personal reasons.”  This week, five were in jeopardy of going home.  The original plan would not have had a vote and then the one “evicted” would battle the backstage losers over eviction.  No vote on who would leave because the loser of the contest would go home.  The backstage twist was to send one home but not necessarily a nominee.  Since Paloma has left, everything changes.  The Backstage twist is gone.  Alyssa and Brittany are safe.  The nominees are safe.

Julie announces the game continues with the battle for HoH.  All are told to go outside.  The game will be in the backyard and the power is up for grab.  Daniel can’t play.  They must leave the backstage area for a new festival.  Only seven can go to the new backstage.  Seven races occur.  If they win a race, they may be HoH.  It’s called “Bye, Bye Backstage.”  They must race across an obstacle course.  They must reach a stage and hit the buzzer.  Daniel draws the names.  The ones competing for HoH (later) will be Michael (beat Pooch), Taylor (beat Alyssa), Joseph (beat Indy), Ameerha (beats Brittany), Jasmine (beat Terrance) (Jasmine is down, she’s hurt in the ankle area), and Kyle (beat Turner).  The last contestants both have trouble with the course but Monte beats Nicole. Julie announces another twist next Thursday.  So will this really be a regular week?  CBS, make sure Jasmines gets proper medical care).  And I’m out until next Thursday (unless major developments happen).

Big Brother Week One – An Open Letter to CBS

(Note:  I know this is long and not a traditional recap but I’m doing Riverdale on Sunday.  Since the show started on a Wednesday, the weekly update will be Wednesday to Wednesday with the Thursday show starting the next recap.)

I did not take the live feed of Big Brother this year and I’m glad I didn’t.  First, this year’s cast is a let-down after last year’s cast.  Last year was all-stars from the start.  They were friendly.  They didn’t go out to gossip or destroy each other.  The alliances were made but did not intentional set out with one person in their sights.  Frenchie tried to be inclusive yet had to go back on his word and his apology was sincere.

Secondly, this year’s cast looks like someone had a “call-sheet” of characters that needed to be added.  They tried to cast the type of people from season 21 and before.  For year’s the cast has been one of of the most annoying things that fans have complained about.  And sometimes what comes out of their mouth show their bias and the fact that they use said bias to get house guests out.  Last year’s crew were the most friendly, most concerned cast for others feelings.  There were no noticeable clicks like the “Mean Girls” that are showing up this year.  And many of these contestants could pass for cousins.  I’m not going to try to call any contestant out unless they get on my last nerve (which most of these probably will).

That said, let’s get into the weekly series (and things I see questionably).

So with the premiere on July 6th, we find out the theme is BB Fest.  Now when I think of “Fest,” CBS, I think of a three day, music rich celebration.  So, this is definitely not a festival.  It looks to be a the poor carnival with a back stage con.  Let’s call it seedy.  The house is the BB Motel (but everyone doesn’t get a private room).  When the houseguests enter, they are put into three teams called “Port-a-Potty,” “Piercing”, and “Merchandise.”  One person, “Pooch,” gets the free ticket to be the “Back Stage Manager.” By the way CBS, I honestly think you need to look into this process.  The names and “games” came up relatively fast and could have been rigged.

During the HoH competition, I do feel sorry for the Port-a-Potty group.  I do hope that CBS or BB provided them with either replacement clothes or their outfits were costume (hopefully costumes).  In “Potty Party,” They got splashed with blue fluid during their event if they were last answering the question.  The Piercing tent and Merchandise group got off easy.  Piercing played “Piercing Panic” and had to attach “pieces” to their face.  “Merchandise” had to hang from a t-shirt (and that game was extremely short).

Now, it’s time for the HoH game to start.  It is called “Drumming for Power” and a drum must be assembled.  No big complaint here.  Daniel wins.  Both he and Pooch are safe from eviction this week.  Daniel, as HoH, will have the room and nominate two to go up for eviction. Pooch, as backstage manager (think carnie), gets to pick three houseguests as backstage workers who can’t play in the Power of Veto game or vote but can be sent home.  This is great but as backstage workers (Paloma, Brittany, and Alyssa), they should have had some special “chores” to do.  Instead, they seem to run their mouths.  And who did Daniel assign to “have nots.”  The volunteers (yes, volunteers) were  Joseph, Michael, Monte and Kyle.

Sunday’s show is the usual meet and greet (and boring as usual).  Note to Big Brother and CBS, isn’t it too early for alliances.  I know you can’t control these, but it does get annoying when they run and become part of ten alliances on the first day.  You know I said I wouldn’t talk about contestants but I have to say this.  I don’t like Paloma and Alyssa calling Taylor “Pageant Girl.”  And Paloma has proven herself to be a Mean Girl when she starts setting Taylor up for eviction because she’s always “hanging with the guys.”  Of course, that’s not the excuse but that’s what they show as the reason on the television.  If you don’t want Twitter to reveal the truth, drop the live feeds (which will definitely end the show).  Both Twitter and fans were upset with NBC’s Today show dealing with the real reasons Taylor is the target.  Paloma has been seen on live-feeds spreading rumors about Taylor talking about people.  This is going back to season 21 and wasn’t liked.  (See NBC’s Today show

In the HoH Ceremony, Daniel nominates Terrace and Michael.  He tells them that he didn’t want to nominate them but they just hadn’t really “spoken” to Daniel.  He adjourns the group and in Diary Room, Daniel tells us that he wants Michael out.  (Please stop with the filler, CBS and BB.  You could save a night of programming by giving us less shows with more details.)

Wednesday, July 13, saw the usual scramble CBS.  All the fans that follow spoilers (or those who provide them) know who won the POV and figured out who would go up.  Honestly, I’m not upset with this knowledge but wish the “powers that be” would realize that all these guests have big mouths.  Oh, and the narration takes much too long away from the show.

Daniel claims to be a superfan as does Michael.  If they are superfans, they just haven’t realized how superfans are sometimes the first to go.  The game changes as personalities meld and situations develop.  Paloma is working her strategy for herself first then the girl alliance.  At least Alyssa realizes the backstage girls can still go up.  Also, why do they always use the term “pawn?” Wouldn’t scapegoat be better?

Whoops, I guess you forgot not to warn them about being too flashy or fashion forward.  Either the others get jealous or fans get the wrong impression.  If they were told, I guess Taylor didn’t get the memo.  Also, CBS, you need to work on the sound.  I know how sound works and even though they’re talking low to each other, you can change it for broadcast. 

The Veto competition plays such an important role but enthusiasm is lacking by Daniel, the HoH.  I guess there will be no question of the names in the box.  CBS, you should show all the remaining names to keep it legit.  Daniel chooses Indy.  Michael has Turner and Terance gets Ameera.  At least Michael psychs himself up thinking of her favorite players.  The game will be centered on a medieval theme with food and drink for the non-participants.  Paloma looks bored while eating a turkey leg.  The MC is trying (and I mean trying) to do an accent but fails.  I can’t tell you what he said the name was but the theme is jousting.  The ones with the most rings in a three ride match wins.  The horses look like adult rocking horses that run on a track.  Let’s just say, Islay wins against Turner, Ameerah against against Terrance, and Michael against Daniel.  Daniel isn’t happy because if Michael win, Daniel gets “blood on his hands.”  To no one’s surprise, CBS, Michael wins.  Daniel now has to name a renom. 

Of course, we knew what would happen CBS.  The “Mean Girls” club meets, and it seems like they suspect the guys are targeting the girls.  When Taylor arrives, all seem to go quiet but does question the guys behavior.  Taylor doesn’t quite realize how the “Mean Girls” club works.  Paloma, as the leader admits in Diary Room, that she doesn’t think Taylor fits and will ruin her game.  Thus the lies and the rumors start with Paloma’s lies and tears.  The others don’t know what to believe but with Paloma always in their ears.  We get it.  Her talk got Taylor up. Since Daniel says the house wants Taylor gone, she’s going up and does.  At least he tells her face to face.  CBS, I think I speak for many fans.  After the good cast last year, why did we get this sideshow this year.  There are some with potential, but there are some that do not deserve the screen time they are being given.  Also, while the comps are cute, the equipment (like jousting lances) look like a float toy from the swimming pool.  (By the way, isn’t there a water shortage.)  So, where did the budget go.  Certainly not into the house or the first comps.  Also, you need to check and see if all players did the diversity training.  I’m just not seeing it!

Riverdale – Witches of Riverdale?  Really?

Okay, before I get into this week’s episode, I need to ask the following question.  What was I watching last week, a Riverdale wedding or the “Game of Thrones” Red Wedding?  Granted I didn’t watch GoT all the way through but know enough that the carnage was bad on GoT.  At least on Riverdale, there was no blood but is everyone in Riverdale was a first born child of their parents and now are dead. I must admit, I admired the use of the plagues of Egypt.  Only missing two was amazing work.

Now on to this week’s episode and the questions they need to answer.  I’ll admit I saw the advance clip and know how Sabrina came back from the dead.  The real question lies in Jughead and Tabitha.  Tabitha is a time walker (see “Discovery of Witches” for a better description of this) with a guardian angel, Gabriel.  Pop’s is a sacred spot which is why Percival wants it destroyed by his train of evil, demonic minions.  How can she become a witch?  Does she need to approach her angel, Gabriel, about this?  Get a special dispensation.  Also with Sterling Jughead around, did he die as the first-born from the alt-universe? Hopefully all will be revealed with tonight’s episode.

When last we saw the living members of the gang, they were in shock at Babylonia.  Tabitha realized that Jughead was a first-born and ran out.  As the fans know, he died in his bed in the bunker but not before seeing “Sterling” Jughead standing nearby.

In the opening narration, the narrator tells about the funerals.  Guess who showed up, Percival and Frank!  Cheryl goes off on him as does the rest.  Frank shows no remorse for his nephew, Archie.  (And we thought Frank was good when he arrived for Fred’s funeral!)  Dr. Curdle has all the bodies of the heroes in his deep freeze (and not in graves).  Alice, in her usual cult-control mindset, blames the Serpents and Ghoulies gangs on the murders (of over half the town, really Alice!).  Guess only Riverdale was affected by the plague.  All are waiting at Blossom manor for Sabrina who doesn’t have long to do a “spell” to bring the others back.  No real mention about a “Sterling” Jughead yet.  Kevin wasn’t killed even as a first-born.  Kevin knows he’s in more danger from Percival than those who died. 

Let’s Get Pervical’s Story First

I’m not happy with this setup but I honestly can’t write about the devil last.  Percival is sharpening weapons with Reggie nearby.  While Reggie is sad his childhood friends are gone, Percival has wonderful news for him.  The stockholders have made Reggie owner of the casino since Ronnie is grieving. 

So Reggie opens the club to his dad who suddenly begins to win.  While that is going on, Percival, Frank and Tom go to get Kevin who plans to skip town.  With Kevin in a secured location, Percival tries his mind meld on Kevin but Kevin thinks of high school and blocks him out.  So Percival can’t find out the remaining gang’s plan.

Percival then decides that Kevin must die at the hand of Reggie. Hey, Percival has those special knives that we saw at the start of the episode.  Reggie will kill Kevin and Kevin’s young heart will go to Reggie’s daddy.  Let’s get this straight.  As of now, Kevin is good and has a backbone and Reggie is a lowlife out to kill a friend sinking deeper into hell.

Reggie takes his father to dinner and his father admits that he knows he doesn’t have long and is dying.  Mr. Mantle has faced his demons and admits to Reggie that he hasn’t been a good father.  Mr. Mantle wants to face his death and meet his destiny with dignity.

Reggie returns to Babylonia and has a surprise visitor, his conscious.  His conscious gives dummy (literally) a talking to and Reggie decides he now wants to be a hero.  He goes to Pop’s with his dad but Percival has figured out that Reggie has become “good.”  Frank, Tom and Percival take Reggie and his dad to the place where Kevin is.  Percival will use their deaths to warn the others not to mess with him.  Reggie has a plan though.  He has one of Percival’s knives.  He plans to kill Percival and be a hero. By the way, using a ventriloquist doll for Reggie was superb.  That’s all he has been since Percival came to town.  So now, we have at least two more heroes, someone willing to meet his destiny facing their deaths at Percival’s hands.

Sabrina and the Girls Work Their Magic

Basically, the rest of the show all ties together.  Ronnie, Betty and Tabitha are worried that Sabrina hasn’t called or come.  During this time, Betty has a future vision of her home life as Archie’s wife with a daughter and son who are just like their parents.  We also see the heavenly Riverdale’s version of Pop Tate’s.  We learn that Fangs and Toni have settle the war between the Serpents and the Ghoulies.  That’s all we have time for at the present as Sabrina finally arrives and is ready to work.

Sabrina explains that she came back to life because her boyfriend, Nick, gave his life for her.  He’s still in their hereafter, waiting for her.   What’s that about 12 years Sabrina – was that Nick?  Anyway, she needs a coven of six to perform the spell.  She has three so Ronnie, Tabitha and Betty need to become witches.  Betty points out they can’t but Sabrina has an answer for that.  They’ve already got powers.  They need to use them.

First order of business is that the three of them must sign their names into a book of witchcraft.  Then, they must perform a chant to Hectare.  They have a dance and drink.  Then Sabrina says they must do a trial run.  Betty volunteers to take her to the morgue and Sabrina asks if she has a broom (very little joke here folks).  While Sabrina thinks Archie is “super cute,” there is something about Jughead so they take his body back to Cheryl’s.  Sabrina is going to heaven ,\to get Jug to return.  Tabitha tells her to tell him she misses him.

Sabrina arrives at “heavenly” Pop Tate’s and Jughead is enjoying a burger while drawing cartoons for other characters.  Sabrina asks if she can join this Jughead who agrees.  He realizes she is a witch and asks Jughead to return.  He doesn’t want to return.  He’s happy where he’s at and gets all the hamburgers he wants. Jughead is living in the ideal Riverdale where nothing every happens.  So, what does Sabrina do?  She asks for a favor and returns not with Jughead but with Nick as Jughead (let’s call him NJ).  (Congratulations to Cole Sprouse for playing at least four characters now on Riverdale).

Sabrina has some explaining to do.  Jughead didn’t want to return but she needed Nick to help with Plan B.  Betty, Veronica, Tabitha and Cheryl must go to Riverdale heaven and talk their friends into returning. Nick stops Sabrina.  One of them can’t cross over.  Betty admits that she’s been named the “whore of Babylon” so Ronnie must go in her place and convince Archie to return.  When Ronnie agrees, the three lay down to “sleep” (die).  Nick casts the spell and all depart with coins on their eyes.  Cerberus leads the way with the girls having ghostly bodies.  As the girls try to bring the others back, Sabrina and Nick will go on a date. 

First visit is by Ronnie to Archie’s.  She has to explain that he died but it doesn’t surprise him.  They’ve defeated the evil in this version on Riverdale and he doesn’t want to leave.  Ronnie asks him to think about it.  He’s need to help with the fight for the real Riverdale.  Betty arrives as their talk ends and invites Ronnie to dinner but she declines.

Cheryl arrives at her destination to talk to Toni and Fangs.  Anthony is grown up and tells them that he plans to marry (so that must be the 12 years mentioned earlier).  When Cheryl asks them to return, neither Fangs or Toni believe her.  Fangs accuses her of only wanting to create chaos like she did at their wedding and Archie’s and Betty’s.  Cheryl tells Toni she has been a wonderful mother to Baby Anthony.

Cheryl must visit Nana at Blossom mansion.  Not only is Nana there, but also Jason and Polly with the twins.  They tell Cheryl that she can stay then Polly adds that she’s expecting triplets next time.  Cheryl starts crying and Nana knows something is up.  Cheryl leaves.

At Pop’s Tabitha arrives to talk to Jughead but he’s so happy signing comics.  She goes to the counter and a man appears beside her.  It’s Rafael, her guardian angel, this time in this place.  He has some things to tell her that she needs to know. 

Sabrina and NJ have a romantic dinner but are discussing his new body.  He knows he can’t stay and they discuss his original death.  He tells her that he doesn’t hate her and would give his life for Sabrina again.  As she starts to cry, NJ reminds her that witches don’t cry.  They go to the morgue and he prepares his second death by lying on  the table.  As doves arrive (to carry him back to his afterlife I guess), she kisses him and he’s gone.

Cheryl returns to find all back and learn that no one got their significant others to return.  That’s okay though for Sabrina has a Plan C (or is it D).  She senses an energy other than pyrokinetics in Cheryl.  It is the Power of the Phoenix.  Cheryl can cause others to be reborn!  Just like the Phoenix goes up in flames, Cheryl can use flames to rip the others others back.  Cheryl agrees and the room is set.  With the corpses around her, she works the spell.  In heavenly Riverdale, Archie gets hot and is burning up to Betty’s touch.  He has already realized he had to return.  Jughead feels like he is melting and returns as does Fangs and Toni (who realized something was wrong by looking at a photo album).  But Cheryl brings back more of her family.  Not only does she bring back Nana but Polly and Jason and Dagwood.  Oh no, she’s changed the course of reality.  (Thanks NoContext Riverdale on Twitter for helping with the boy, Dagwood.)  Sabrina leaes but tells Cheryl to be careful.

Meanwhile the returnees talk to those they have left behind.  Jughead and Tabitha talk.  He realizes he died and didn’t want to come back.  Suddenly, though, Jughead realizes he can hear but is still able to read thoughts.  He remembers seeing another Jughead in the bunker as he died.

Heather is meanwhile stunned by the return of Jason and Polly.  This won’t lead to anything good.  I’m seeing the Blossom comic “666” somehow coming into play.  Betty and Archie talk with Archie telling Betty about their heavenly life.  Ronnie, who is alone, gets a visit from Tabitha.  Tabitha says that it isn’t necessarily true that Betty and Archie are end game but this story ends that way.  In other visions, Ronnie and Archie are together.  The threesome still lives!

Toni and Fangs are with their baby and seem happy.  They don’t understand why Anthony didn’t die with the other first borns.  Tabitha comes in and explains the secret.  Baby Anthony is immortal.  He cannot die.  Toni wants to know how she learned this and Tabitha tells her about the angel.  That’s not all.  The angel has told Tabitha that she is Riverdale’s guardian angel.  Wait didn’t I say that during “Angel in America?”

Next week:  The episode is entitled “Return to Rivervale.”  Granted, I didn’t get much from the preview.  Who does unless we watch it 30 some times!  I did get that Jughead meets his Rod Sterling version and Archie must blow something up. 

And the questions are:  Does Polly and Jason’s return add to the army of Percival.  I’m thinking the answer is yes.

Does this mean that Jughead and Tabitha can never be together since she’s the angel of Riverdale.

Percival will meet his end but when and how?

Baby Anthony is special.  He’s an immortal.  How can/will this play out?  At least we know why Percy wants him.

Riverdale – Biblical! So Off to Egypt We Go

Riverdale – I’m scared. All season I’ve seen prophecy of what could be in the world.  Tonight, I’m afraid of what Riverdale has planned for us.  I mean we did get a glimpse of Lady Llorna and we all know from Rivervale what that means (especially to Toni).  Wedding blues or joy?  And which of the plagues will we see beyond water as blood, frogs and …  I’m afraid it will be the last which deals with those first born children.

So where is Jughead?  Well, at least he is narrating the story tonight.  We open with frogs escaping from the bio labs.  The frogs are lose around the school.  Students have lice and flies are swarming.  And amid all this, Toni visits Ronnie about helping plan the date for the wedding and plan it!  party planner) Archie will be a groomsman.  So already, we viewers have seen four of the plagues of Egypt.  Where is Jughead? We need him to solve this.  Well, he’s in the bomb shelter and writing.  He tells Tabitha that when he started writing the voices faded.  She asks if he’s ready to come into the “so-called” real Riverdale world but he’s not ready.  He’s not sure what will happen with the voices.  Tabitha wanted him for her date but she really only wants him to get better. 

Meanwhile, Percival isn’t finished enacting the plagues of Egypt from “Exodus.”  This time, he casts a spell which deals with water.  Kevin has listened and it causes him to stop.  He’s changing and I don’t think Percival sees it.  Someone just get rid of Percival now.  Yes, he’s makes a good good villain but I really don’t want to see this level of evil going on with what is going on with kids being killed in school. 

The next level is Sweetwater River turning red like blood.  Scientists can’t explain it (as the token Alice scene tells us). All water in the town is undrinkable and people are upset.  One good piece of news though is that Kevin arrives at Toni and Fangs’ and promises to drop the custody case.  Kevin has turned.  He also asks for forgiveness (getting a wedding invite).  Percival meanwhile calls Archie and tells him to get the strikers back to work or the plagues will continue and be much worse. 

As Ronnie works on the wedding, Tabitha sees she would like to be somewhere else.  Ronnie is having trouble and is questioning her reason for staying in Riverdale.  She has no social life or lover.  Tabitha tells her she has her own problems with not taking Pop’s national yet.  The red water has shook people up.  Percival’s threat has the gang meeting (with Kevin included) and Cheryl wants to enact a spell to kill Percival.

Meanwhile Jughead is sleeping and someone is there stealing the story he just finished.  Is that Lady Llorna?  Before I can be sure, and I think it was her, it’s commercial time, of course.  Jughead wakes and notices that the story is gone.  As Archie talks to the strikers and ask them to allow him to deal with Percival, the strikers refuse.  They want a better tomorrow.  Oh, and Tabitha gets it right.  He’s the snake from the Garden of Eden.  Betty needs more research.  Just open your Bible girl! 

Veronica and Tabitha are talking as they work on the wedding.  Ronnie lists what all are fighting for but can’t figure where she fits in.  We also learn that Cheryl now will be officiating Toni and Fangs’s wedding.  She talks to Heather and tells her that it’s nice and she’ll give Toni the best wedding gift – killing Percival.

Switch to Percival casting another spell that causes the food to rot. Thus, Toni’s reception can’t be held at Babylonia because of Percival’s evil.  Jughead has found a Pop’s hamburger and eats it but it makes him violently ill.  Who left that for him and why?  Was it Percival?  I didn’t think he knew where Jughead was.

At Cheryl’s mansion, she and Heather start a spell to kill Percival.  It’s got voodoo involved and they cast their spell and start the doll burning.  At Percival’s shop, he starts feeling pain and (literally) smoke.  Someone, after stripping to his underwear, Percival manages to counter the spell causing Nana to burse into flames.  Does this serve as the start of Sabrina’s return in two weeks?

At the rehearsal dinner, the food is plentiful and not rotten.  It’s at Pop’s of course which seems to be under divine protection.  Ronnie performs “Here’s to the Ladies That Lunch” from Company.  Find her a place on Broadway immediately.  I’ve seen it done by the best and they have nothing on her.  After her performance, Betty and Ron talk.  Betty suggests Ronnie join Archie and she at the wedding but Ronnie says no like they did for their Sophomore dance in high school.  Ronnie refuses but thanks Betty for reminding her why she’s in Riverdale – friendship.  Archie and Tabitha comes up and tells them Cheryl called and they need to meet.  They find Nana is badly burned and Heather treating her.  Kevin is definitely team gang now and spills on Percival. 

Later, Betty and Kevin talk.  He admits Percival fooled him and talked about the journal Percival is always writing in.  He volunteers to try and get it and almost gets caught.  He tells Percival that he was feeling lonely and upset since he gave up Baby Anthony and Percival gets him to help unload a package just received.  Archie asks to meet with Percival to arrange the strikers return only to find out that the plagues will ease if Archie builds the railroad by himself.  (I’m going to be honest here.  The way they staged this made me think of Jesus and the Cross). 

Boils is next. Betty realizes it from the crime board.  Again I can only think of Monkey Pox.  As the strikers play basketball, boils start appearing.  Archie goes to see Percival and that’s where he learns he has to build the track by himself.  That doesn’t stop the plagues though as Percival sends darkness to the land of Riverdale.  At Jughead’s bomb shelter, he has a dream that Cheryl shows up with a knife to kill him and finds his latest story is gone.  Kevin reports back to Betty that he was unloading medieval and Babylonian weapons including a stockade.  Betty flashes to the “whore of Babylon” riding a beast.  She flashes back to the Trash Can Killer telling her that they were more alike than she knew.  Betty is the Whore of Babylon and Percival plans to put her in the stocks so he can get evil into our world.  Guess the gang didn’t go to church (or take Bible in school).

Betty visits Percival the stocks and imprisoning her.  If that will stop the plagues, she will get in them.  He seems surprised that she realizes she is the harlot but he needs her to do one thing before she is imprisoned.  She must bring him baby Anthony as Kevin has deserted him.  Later the gang discusses the next signs (earthquake, fire, pestilence and death of first born).  Cheryl realizes from a book that the stocks could stop Percival and a plan is hatched.  Betty arrives with a bundle in her arms and Percival demands to see it.  When he realizes it isn’t the baby, he starts his threats.  Cheryl has casted a spell which make the gang invisible and they all appear with guns.  Cheryl blows a powder in his face and he awakens in the stocks himself.  Meanwhile, Jughead is trying to find out more and receives a bottle with a message inside.  The question is:  What was the message. 

The plagues disappear after Percival’s capture and the stocks moved to Veronica’s to a supposedly protected vault.  As Ronnie leaves for the wedding, she taunts Percival and he starts to free himself.  Meanwhile the wedding goes smoothly (for Riverdale) and the party start.  Percival isn’t through.  He manages to get free of the stocks (destroying them) and out of the vault casting one more spell.  He stops at Blossom manor and kills Nana by smoothing her (her spirit survives though).  At the party, Veronica talks to Tabitha about the trips she made to the future.  She asks who ends up with Archie?  Suddenly, all first born children start to collapse beginning with Archie.  With roughly five minutes left, I have to ask will Lady Llorna arrive to take Anthony to safety?  Is she the “good” sent to protect the baby?

Jughead has not apparently been free of the curse.  He awakes in him bunker to someone taking the story.  The visitor turns around and it’s the Rod Sterling Jughead (I think) from Rivervale.  Suddenly Jughead starts to choke as the Rivervale Jughead watches in horror.  At Babylonia, the survivors are in tears.  I know how Betty, Ronnie,  Cheryl survived but didn’t realize that Kevin, Heather and Tabitha had older siblings.  The surprise is that Anthony is still alive in Kevin’s arms.  Heather realizes she knows someone who can help.  Her name is Sabrina. 

In two weeks:

Sabrina comes and she will make Betty, Veronica, and the rest of the girls into witches to combat the Percival threat.  She’s going to help solve the Riverdale mess.

Another note:  I just replayed the opening of episode one from this season with Jughead as the “Twilight Zone” Rod Sterling character.  I don’t think any of us picked up on his use of “plagues” then.  So I think we can see that he moves as Jughead two (Rod) through the dimensions.  He will play a role in this as much as Sabrina, I think.  Also I now realize how much those Bible classes taught me.  I thought I forgot the bad stuff! Also, every time it is a recap like this, I have computer troubles.  The keyboard locks up or the battery is drained.  It’s almost like Quantum Leap has returned.

Riverdale – Blue Collar or Devil’s Collar?

Riverdale fans!  Our gang is now in the midst of a battle for the town.  Percival wants to put a train station through Pop Tate’s and not just any type of train station!  He wants to set up a ghost train so ghost (read evil) can arrive and take over the town.  Wonder if his motto is:  “First Riverdale, then the world.”  That schemer, Percival, makes me think it’s true.  Remember they all have powers except Reggie and Kevin.  Unfortunately, it looks like at least two of them (Jughead and Betty) will have to face limits with their problems tonight.  Poor Jughead must face Percival (thanks Reggie) and Betty’s aura has changed to killer.  I think “blue collar” is the wrong name for tonight’s episode.  I think that maybe it should be the “Start of the End.”  The question is:  Who’s end!  Certainly not the show as it has one more season.  (Can anyone take another year of Percival.)

Tonight, we open with Jughead’s acknowledging that a war is brewing between those that are Percival’s and those that aren’t.  Percival tells the railroad workers that his company will pay wonderful wages and benefits.  They start the tracks for the ghost train.  Meanwhile Cheryl, Tabitha and Archie have a meeting.  Already Percival is breaking promises.  Cheryl has a new assignment.  Since her family and the Perkins family were close, Archie asks her to see if there is anything in the family notes that can help.  Veronica and Betty are talking Betty’s coworker (I think).  She knows about Hiram and Veronica’s problem. From the bloodwork, Ronnie is healthy, and her body creates the antitoxins that keep her alive.  Betty gets a call and rushes home.  Alice tells her to go upstairs.  Charles is . there and dying of leukemia.  The prison infirmary is full so they sent Charles home.  (Right – they didn’t transfer him somewhere else?

Percival Versus Jughead

Reggie and Percival are discussing Reggie’s loss of memory.  Percival has found evidence (Reggie comic) that Jughead’s fingerprints are “all over” Reggie’s brain.  Reggie demands to start learning magic and Percival has a mannequin that looks like Reggie.  They’ll use that to disrupt Jughead’s act and Percival will mess with Jughead’s brain.  Percival doesn’t want to kill Jughead (show of hands on who believes that) just disrupt his talent (read destroy his talent/drive Jug crazy).

At Jughead’s weekly performance, the stage is set and Percival tries to reach through.  Jughead knows he is coming and has put up no admittance signs (love the special Percival sign). Percival doesn’t like this and decides he needs a talisman that he can use against Jughead.  Reggie mentions the beanie in the time capsule and Percival sends him after it.  When Reggie returns with the items from the time capsule, Percival has what he needs. 

At Jughead’s next performance, Reggie (the rotten) calls Percival as the act starts.  Percival puts the beanie on and begins to look like Jughead.  He walks up to Jughead’s door, opens it and walks in.  Jughead realizes something is wrong and leaves during the act.  He hears everyone in the room and cannot tune them out.  Jughead goes to Pop’s and it is the same way.  He even hears voices when he is alone. 

When Tabitha comes home, she finds a note from Jughead has gone somewhere quiet (the bunker) to try and figure it out.  The bunker doesn’t work because voices still hears voices which are coming from overhead.  He even hears an old fashion typewriter. Has he bought a clue?  Could it be Tabitha’s friend Gabriel.  Seeing the tunnel, Jughead is surprised.  My theory:  Jughead number two (or number three in Rivervale) is sending messages.  Or maybe this is a salute to “Quantum Leap” which will reboot next year.

Archie Versus Percival – Round Two

Not only is Percival stymied by Jughead, but there is also Archie to worry about.  Archie and Tabitha have talked and the only thing that will work if they can turn the workers against Percival.  They set up a food truck at the train site and serve free coffee.  Tabitha offers 25 cent hamburgers at Pop’s new location.  Frank is mad and Kevin is hearing it all.  All this leads to Percival talking to the heart of Riverdale, Archie, and trying to get him to join the team.  Percival thinks that he controls Archie’s mind but Archie seems immune.

Archie and Tabitha have several meetings with the workers promising fair wages and benefits.  Since Percival has instituted longer hours, lower pay, the workers eventually like the suggestion.  Archie has consulted with Cheryl and asks her if she can find something from her family’s dealings (former friendship) with the Pickens family.  I won’t tell the Cheryl story yet, but let’s say she finds a letter.  Percival manages to cause an accident that hurts a worker.  Archie and Tabitha call a meeting and tell the crew that she and Archie are helping pay the medical bills and asks if Percival is doing anything.  The workers say Percival hasn’t done anything.  Archie gives Tabitha the letter that Cheryl gave about Percival’s ancestor.  let’s them know just what Percival’s family did in the past.  His great (whatever) grandfather called the mine workers in 1849 what I would say scum and said the mules that pulled the palladium out of the mind was worth more than the workers were.  In fact, Percival’s ancestor told the, managers of the workers that it would be okay to break the mine workers’ back.  This upsets Fangs and he and the workers side with Archie.

The next day, Archie has arranged to meet with Percival, Frank, Kevin and either Tom or Reggie.  Archie tells Percival that the workers are on strike.  As the others leave, Percival turns back and tells Archie he hasn’t seen anything yet.  The battle is still coming.

Ronnie’s Poison and Betty’s Dilemma

Ronnie talks to Agent Drake about the poison problem while Betty talks to Charles (who doesn’t look sick to me).  Betty learns that Chick and Charles are no longer together.  Betty asks him if he’s afraid to die and Charles has made peace with what he has done.  Leukemia is his punishment. Ronnie visits Cheryl and wants information.  Cheryl gets a book and Ronnie is off to read it.  Betty meanwhile tries to find out about Charles childhood.  He trapped and killed an opossum which sends Betty into a flashback about Caramel.  Charles wishes he could go back in time and change.

As Ronnie reads, Betty had been talking with Archie about Charles.  She witnesses Alice attempting to suffocate him.  She stops her and tells Alice there’s been enough killing in the Cooper home.   To solve the problem (and keep Alice sane), Betty, Ronnie and Agent Drake have a plan.  They are going to transfer poison blood from Ronnie to Charles.  Charles will help Betty catch the Trash Can Killer.   It works and Charles feels better.  Ron has no reaction to the evil she got from Charles’ blood. 

Cheryl Learns More About Her Power

Cheryl and Heather talk and Heather agrees to teach Cheryl how to use her witch powers.  Since Archie needs information, the first task is to see what Percival relative stole (about an evil spell) from the Blossom family.  Heather teaches Cheryl how to become invisible and they make a visit to the Curiosity Shop (which looks like it is the one from Once Upon a Time).  Cheryl manages the spell and as Heather distracts Percival on the main floor, Cheryl proves he can’t see her and slips into behind the curtain to the back of the store.  She finds the letters/book but knocks something over.  When we think Cheryl will be discovered, we find that Percival doesn’t see Cheryl.  Heather and Cheryl return to the Blossom mansion and find what Archie needs.  Heather definitely will stay in Riverdale and help Cheryl with her spells.  Let’s hear it for Cheryl who Percival appears to have no power over.

Toni and  Fangs

Do I see the beginning of the Lady Llorna story here.  Kevin has had Percival’s help and found his own place.  Toni and Fangs are talking to their lawyer, they learn that keeping Anthony may be difficult due to the gang.  Toni tells her they’re transitioning which Fangs doesn’t like.  Oh, and Kevin wants a DNA test.  Fangs still hasn’t made a decision (at this point) about marrying Toni.

During work, Kevin is showing a fellow worker a picture of Anthony and is so proud.  Fangs punches Kevin in the face.  When Kevin returns home, Tom asks him about the arrangement with Percival.  (Is Tom finally buying a clue) and why Kevin wants sole custody.  No answers are given but Kevin is off to see the baby at Toni’s where he gets a blood sample while Britta babysits. 

Britta tells Toni when she returns home.  She doesn’t get mad at Britta but takes off to see Kevin.  She punches him as Moose watches.  Her anger mirrors her Lady Llorna persona in Rivervale.  When Fangs returns home, Toni is looking at the Serpent’s jacket.  They’re not disbanding.  They’re going to fight.  Fangs is now the Serpent King.  Fang agrees to marry Toni as Kevin and Percival talk.  If Kevin does something for him (take the baby), he can guarantee Kevin sole custody.  (Wait!  Is this a salute to ‘Rosemary’s Baby?)

Next Week: Betty’s “Serial Killer Convention” happens at the casino.  Kevin gets angry and tensions rise. 

Riverdale – Things That Go Up in the Night

Okay – I did a play on the title for tonight’s Riverdale, but I think we’re about to find out why the gang has their powers.  Remember that Archie (invincible), Betty (aura reader), Jughead (mind reader), Cheryl (heat/fire), Tabitha (time traveler/angel), and Veronica (poisoner) all have powers.  I also think Toni has one but am unsure what it is other than communication.  I wish she could ‘wash’ Percival away.  And let’s not forget that Alice, Frank, Tom (adults), Kevin and Reggie (group members) are now on Percival’s side of evil.  I have hope for Kevin but don’t think he’ll be around Moose enough for it to rub off.  It’s time for the powers to be revealed and I don’t think Frank (in particular) will be happy.  And I figure we have six episodes of Percival left (I hope).  Will they carry him into the last season of Riverdale (season seven)?

Let’s get through the opening minutes.  Cheryl and Heather have had a long talk and Cheryl offers her the opportunity to work with the Blossom family library.  Jughead, Tabitha and Pop talk about the diner as the town’s heart and Tabitha develops a plan to move the diner elsewhere (brick by brick).  Let’s call Archie who gets together a gang featuring Fangs.  Fangs and Toni had bad news from the social worker.  It’s not the gang or criminal past but Fangs not working.  Fangs signs up to work on rebuilding Pop’s because he wants to pull his weight (financially) and be a good father to baby Anthony.  Pop’s has to be moved fast because Percival plans to close on the land deal. 

On other fronts, Jughead has writer’s block and Ronnie texts him.  She has a proposition that will use his talent to put money in the club and will give him a 50-50 split if he will do a mind reading acting.  Of course he agrees and is a success.  Betty meanwhile has gone home to find the twins playing with a cat.  She flashes back to her killing her at and takes the cat with her when she leaves (vet visit is what she tells them).

Betty Confronts a Possibility

Betty has found the twins with a kitten that looks like Carmel.  Of course, Betty has a flash back to her killing her cat.  She takes the cat with her and goes to visit Dr. Curdle.  Later, the twins visit the friendly morgue operator.  Betty wants a blood test and Dr. Curdle agrees as Betty is blood kin (and trying to get custody).  Turns out that Juniper has the gene while her brother doesn’t.  Betty talks to the counsellor or her assistant agent, Drake, and they realize that the blind spot affects Betty’s family.  Sure enough, when Alice realizes that Betty has taken the twins, she pays Betty a visits, calls Betty the evil villain and makes threats.  Betty reminds Alice that Percival is controlling her. When Alice leaves, her aura is red hot.  Oh, Betty also has her cousin, Cheryl, tested along with her first “aura catch.” Neither has the gene so the blind spot is certainly there for family but is that all?

Betty is at Pop’s to help out and stops outside to talk to Frank.  Suddenly she sees the aura around Frank and rushes in to tell Archie who takes action.  This worries Betty who discusses it again with Drake.  They realize that something has triggered a change in Betty as Betty has seen a new angry/killer aura.  This time it is around her image in the mirror and she’s worried that the anger is aimed at Archie or friends.  (Remember, Percival did plant a suggestion in Betty’s head the night he took the palladium.  What will be trigger for her to kill Archie?)

Archie’s Battle

As Archie’s crew dismantles Pop’s the first time, the gum ball machine breaks.  The next morning Archie finds the moving van empty and Tabitha finds all back inside.  Tabitha visits Percival and accuses him as Archie’s crew agrees to take everything back out to be stored and this time Doug, a worker, gets an electrical shock from the juke box.  All the crew go to work for Percival and Frank.  Of course, Percival is happy.

Before the third attempt, Archie has a “family talk” with Frank and tells him that this is not what Fred would want.  He gives Frank a picture of Frank and Fred is their younger years.  It seems to bring about a change of heart in Frank but does it?  On the third attempt to move Pop’s, Frank shows up with a crew to help.  When Betty arrives, she sees the evil aura and tells Archie.  He goes out to confront Frank on where he was taking Pop’s.  Was it to Sweetwater River or the dump to be destroyed by fire?  Archie had hope that the picture of Fred and Frank together would cause a change but guess what!  It didn’t.  Frank tries to punch Archie’s face but once again, Frank loses.  His fist hits Archie’s (iron) jaw and Frank is hurt.  Score one for the good guys!

Ronnie and Jughead Does Teamwork

Ronnie starts Jughead’s act and is his assistant.  Jughead is a success and Reggie realizes that there is money to be made that he doesn’t have to tell Percival about.  He tries to blackmail Ronnie with killing her father wanting a 50-50 split of the take on the mind reading.  Meanwhile, Ronnie has asked Jughead to do research on wiping the memory from Reggie’s head.  Jughead does research and finds that it can be done (telepathic erasure) if the victim, I mean Reggie, is distracted.  Sure enough Jughead gets into Reggie’s head, finds the correct Reggie comic, and rips the appropriate pages out.  Ronnie takes his “cut back” and Reggie has no recall on what he used to get it. Jughead also no longer has writer’s block. Later, Reggie tells Percival who realizes that Jughead’s power is slightly different from what Percival had thought.  You know he’s planning to destroy Jughead now.  Reggie also wasn’t smart enough to keep a diary so he has no recollection on what he forgot no matter how hard he tries to remember.

Toni and Fangs

Fangs’ money issue seems to be the root of his insecurity.  He thinks if he gets a job, there won’t be any real custody issues.  He goes to work for Archie but when things go haywire, he takes a job with Percival and Frank on that construction crew.  Toni talks to the counsellor and the issue isn’t his lack of work.  Toni feels that they need to marry.  Fangs comes home to a special dinner by Toni and she apologizes. She hasn’t had enough faith in him and its due to her independence.  They’ll be equal partners.  Toni wants to get married but Fangs seems not to be interested. She proposals and we get … (no answer on tonight’s show).

Cheryl and Heather Come Clean

Cheryl and Heather talk and it seems to be something very witchy about Heather.  Heather knows about magic and the one who founded it (Hecate).  Later, Heather does a tarot reading for Cheryl that is right on the money.  Cheryl first card is the “power” card.  It is followed by the romance and “tower” card.  Heather is shocked because the tower card is connected with mayhem, catastrophe and destruction to which Cheryl says:  “Welcome to Riverdale.” 

When Heather had left Riverdale at her young age, she went to Glendale where a weird lady had taken her in.  The woman was the leader of the coven and taught Heather everything about witchcraft.  Heather suspects Cheryl is a witch (well, we knew that).  Cheryl admits she is but hasn’t used her powers.  She proves it to Heather by lighting the fireplace and candles in the room.  Cheryl asks Heather to teach her.  (And we should start preparing for Sabrina’s arrival, I suspect.)

The Diner’s Importance

One night, Tabitha returns to what she thinks is an empty diner.  As she starts in, all the lights are on and she sees people in the window.  She enters and the diner is unlit and no people are there.  Where is Gabriel when we need him!

Tabitha knows Cheryl has a power and visits her while Heather is there.  Tabitha wonders if ghosts could still be haunting Pop’s.  Heather agrees to help Cheryl work a spell to move the spirits.  Candle are lit and a spell is read.  A spooky voice screams and a ghost appears.  It is the waitress who died years ago.  She is there to reveal a message.  The ghosts who are there are to bear witness to an epic battle of good and evil.  If things are removed, they are put back by the ghosts because Pop’s must remain in its present form.  If Percival prevails, his “train” will be a ghost train that connects the living and dead.  Evil will arrive on the train and defeat the good that Riverdale represents.  Tabitha asks if they set up Pop’s somewhere else if that will defeat the evil.  The waitress nods, and that is when Archie confronts Frank.  All pieces are taken to a new location with Pop’s restored in full. Tabitha and Archie show the place to Pop who is excited because it looks the same.  Archie asks if the plan worked, and Tabitha sees the ghosts who nod.  Score another one for the good guys.  Wonder what Percival’s next move will be?

Well next Sunday we learn.  We see Jughead start a reading only to get some sensations that Percival causes.  We also get Archie with the frank statement that they are at a crossroads.  And, it wouldn’t be Riverdale right now without more threats by Percival.

I believe that when Percival falls (hopefully this season), the powers will leave the others.  The question is:  how will this change the show.  We’ve seen that the first episodes of season six are being resounded to our Riverdale.  What will the show look like its final season seven.

Riverdale – Venomous – or Just How Dangerous is Ronnie

Riverdale has had an influx of super people this year.  Archie is indestructible except with palladium.  Betty has the ability to spot a killer/evil due to auras.  Jughead can read minds (and hidden commands).  Tabitha is a time traveler.  Cheryl has the magical ability of controlling fire/heat.  Ronnie has the kiss of death.  Toni’s Lady Llorna story will somehow come into play (I’m sure).  Poor Kevin and Reggie have joined the opposition (along with Alice, Frank and Tom) serving the “Power” (I could use a five good terms here but won’t) of Darkness, Percival, who is either the devil or a warlock.  So what’s next? Well, Sabrina is returning (I’m sure to defeat Percival in the season finale) but we’re still several weeks away from that.  Who else has a power that we don’t know about?  Will it be revealed tonight or is that more about Ronnie learning how to use her power, the “Kiss of the Black Widow.”

Tonight, how do I recap.  Everything seems tied together as we open with Jughead going through comic books (but why) researching superpowers and Betty looking at family pictures trying to trigger memories.  Ronnie is trying lipstick colors and Archie is confronting Reggie who now is with Percival.  Archie also challenges Percival who pulls out palladium.  Cheryl meanwhile is talking to Nana about the past and her lost love, Heather.  Cheryl knows Heather is a librarian in Greendale (oh, the Sabrina town) and plans to email Heather.

Archie’s Immunity

Jughead and Archie discuss the defects that the supers face against Percival.  Jughead wants to learn what he can get their problem (defects) from superheroes comics.  Archie asks how Superman survived kryptonite.  Archie decides to get some from Cheryl and try to build up an immunity.  He makes it into a necklace and wears it but guess what?  No immunity (now we all knew that that would happen, didn’t we).  His hands get bloody from a workout, and he has to let Betty open a can for him.  Later, Cheryl visits and tells him he looks like ‘he’s half dead.’  She has a solution.  Archie needs to take the necklace off and start drinking the stuff which he does. 

Later at the gym, he passes out and all rush to his aid.  His weight is down since he started drinking the palladium mixture Cheryl gave him.  He weighs and is down to junior high weight.  At home, he pours it down the drain and must wait for the palladium to get out of his system.  Instead, it seems to be making him weaker.  He’s losing weight and hair.  Okay more on this later under the “Remedies” title.

Ronnie’s Problem and Solution

Ronnie not only has the kiss of death but her toxins in her body.  Her blood, sweat, and tears have the toxin, and our friendly morgue doctor doesn’t want to touch her without being gloved and masksed.  He wants her to get a dialysis (transfusion it looked like to me) to change her body fluid and get rid of the toxin or she will die.  We later learn that it doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, Reggie calls a shareholders meeting.  He wants to seize control of the casino because she threw him out as co-owner, not return on the investment made, and she looks insane in her new clothing style.  She reminds the men that the first year was going to be rough and promises a  new evaluation.  Reggie says it doesn’t matter as they have found a buyer (Percival, I’m sure) for the casino.  Reggie sees it as becoming his!  Ronnie meets with Cheryl and well go to the “Remedy” section for more.

Later, Ronnie visits Percival and Reggie and questions Reggie about the ambush.  She even tells him that she knows Percival put Reggie up to it.  Reggie say no that’s one was on him (yeah, right!).  He did it for himself.  Reggie called the meeting, made the shareholders side with him.  Ronnie asks him if he has a problem with his self-esteem and yells at him.  She accidentally spits on him, and he starts to get a headache Ronnie realizes what she has done and leaves.  Reggie tells Percival that she’s’ the black widow (if only he knew).  Percival isn’t worried.  If he loses Reggie, he just loses a foot soldier.  Percival will prevail.

Ronnie calls a meeting with Archie and Betty for drinks at the Whyte Wrym.  She comes clean about her newly found power and they tell her about theirs and Archie’s condition.  They share drinks and their situation.  Ronnie is upset because the last person she kissed that didn’t die was Reggie.  She hates that will be her last kiss.

After the remedy, Ronnie gets a message that Reggie wants a meeting.  He tells her to sign the club over or face a hostile takeover.  Reggie knows she is sick and has pictures to prove it (I didn’t see proof).  She tells him that she’s fine and he just doesn’t know how healthy she is.  Oh, and the casino is healthy.  If Reggie or anyone else tries to take it over, it will be a bloodbath – Reggie’s.  Oh, and he and the shareholders should come to the club for a little show which includes a musical number to honor Betty and Archie.  She sings, dances, and sweats and doesn’t kill anyone.  Percival looks on concerned as Archie and Betty cheer.

Betty’s Problem and Jughead’s help                                                                                                              

Betty goes to see Jughead and has a favor to ask.  She wants him to read her mind – not her conscious mind but her subconscious one.  There are old memories that must be discovered.  He realizes that maybe her mind can develop everything into a cohesive story.  While Jughead doesn’t want to do it (he’s researching superheroes remember), he does agree. Each memory comes as a “Betty” comic (how cute).  The first memories don’t go deep enough.  He sees their early (season one and two) relationship and his assuring her she wasn’t evil and it couldn’t be inherited.  The finale of this round takes Betty back to the scene where she kills her cat, Caramel.  Hal has taken her to Pop’s for a ice cream (reward).  She upsets over what she did but Hal tells her that she had to kill Caramel because she was a sinner.  Hal wants to know if Betty felt excitement over the kill and Betty realizes he was grooming her even then to be a killer.  This has been hard on Jughead and it shows in his appearance and manner.

Betty wants a round two against Jughead’s advice.  The next comic is Alice and Hal talking.  Jughead thinks that Hal implies that Alice has the killer gene also.  Hal loves the fact that Betty may have it.  Betty stops the section and realizes that Alice may be even more evil than Hal (well, she has been influenced by a cult leader and Satan).  Betty immediately takes the news to confront Alice.  She confronts Alice with the memory that Alice had Betty tested for the gene.  Betty thinks Alice has it too.  Alice swears she didn’t but that doesn’t stop Betty.  She tells Alice she will get to the truth and leaves a worried Alice at the house.

Betty realizes the truth is in Alice’s memories and Jughead agrees to help discover the truth.  They confront Alice at the news studio as she prepares to go live.  As Betty makes accusations, Alice has a train of memories go through her mind which Jughead sees.  One is of Alice and Hal putting something under the living room floor and he breaks Betty off.  At the house, they tear up the floor and find a body. 

With the evidence under the floor, Betty confronts Alice and demands the truth.  Alice is upset so Betty can get through anything Percival has given Alice as a suggestion (at least for a while).  The story is that Hal needed help to get rid of one of the girls.  He had the body at the house and told Alice that if she didn’t help him then he’d tell the cops that she was the murderer.  Alice agreed to protect Betty.  She was Hal’s favorite and Alice hoped to stop him cultivating Betty and control the evil in Betty.  Alice calls it nurturing and Betty says she now understands why Alice tried to control her life and make her perfect.  Unfortunately, the evil is still there just in a different way (she sees evil).

Cheryl’s Situation.

Cheryl is the one who offers the cures.  She has reminded Archie early in the episode when he asked for palladium that what he proposes and she will try go beyond the natural to the supernatural.  Meanwhile, Cheryl in her personal life decides to reconnect with Heather and she send Heather an email but does hear back.  When she doesn’t get a reply, she calls the library and Heather answers.  Oh and Cheryl is relying on a magic eight ball.  As the show ends, Heather arrives.  She knows that Cheryl called (she’s a witch) and has come to see Cheryl


Cheryl becomes the source of cures.  First Archie approaches for palladium which he wears as a necklace.  That didn’t work so he tried drinking it only to lose his hair.  Ronnie, Archie and Betty have had their club drinking meeting and Archie’s cure is making him worse instead of better (both of them).  Betty questions Ronnie about the poison curse and asks how did it happen.  Ronnie never gets sick and takes shots for everything.  Ronnie realizes that Betty is right.  And the visit to Cheryl starts.

Since drinking the palladium didn’t work, Cheryl has studied cures.  She gives Ronnie a series of other poisons but tells her she might have a negative reaction that could kill Ronnie.  She also hands Ronnie a book on spiders.  Ronnie promises to have an ambulance standing by and tries the poisons.  Of course, she doesn’t die.  The book on spiders also teaches her how to control the venomous fluid.  If she stays calm and in control, a non-killing dose is secreted.  Ronnie doesn’t lose the kiss of death and Cheryl gives her another vial.  Cheryl also tells Ronnie she’s invincible as a woman.

Meanwhile, Cheryl has a new antidote for Archie so he and Betty meet with her.  He must perform a transmutation spell like turning iron into gold.  In this case, it will turn his body, with Cheryl providing the heat, into being invincible.  Downside though is it could kill him.  After sharing one last night with Betty (probably getting her pregnant), Archie meets with Cheryl and she starts the melding.  At first nothing seems to happen as Archie reads the spell but then he starts to shake and Cheryl puts on a little more energy.   Afterwards, Archie calls Betty to his house.  She asks him about the spell, and he shows her that he has his power back even wearing palladium. 

In a flashback while Ronnie sings, we see what happened.  Ronnie, Betty and Archie have met with Ronnie.  Since Archie has his power back, Betty has a crazy idea.  She tells Ronnie to give Archie a kiss and he doesn’t die.  Both can now control their power and the three with Jughead, Cheryl and Tabitha are in it together. Next Week:  Things take a change for the good guys.  Ronnie has a talent show and Jughead does a mind reading act.  Tabitha confronts Percival.  Franks hits Archie only to hurt his hand.  Archie asks Frank if he’s ready for a fight.

Riverdale – Ex Libris – Books Teach Things Percival Hates

Riverdale you have me scared.  There’s too many things you have done this year that makes me think that you jumped into the future to get the stories.  From the extended view I got tonight, I believe that Percival’s evil has now reached into banning books.  I am not a fan of book banning!  As a child, I was advanced in language, reading and writing for my age being moved into the “big” kids library halfway through the second grade.  I was reading Dumas and Dickens in the seventh grade.  The only books that were not allowed were books my parents and family members thought had subject matter too childish (comics) or advanced (adult romance novels).  Thus, it’s a concern when I see anything that implies banned books.

Let’s review superpowers and abilities so far.    Reggie and Ronnie have no powers (that we know).  Tabitha is a time traveler.  Cheryl has pyrokinesis.  Jughead can read hidden thoughts (except Percival’s).  Archie cannot die (except through palladium).  Betty has heightened vision.  Toni is the reincarnation of Lady Llorna (but protects kids).  On the other side, Percival is “Legion” or demons and Satan.  Alice and most of the town are cult members (again).  Kevin – well he’s still to be defined.  He is buying into the cult but Moose’s appearance may change that.  Tonight does not have Toni or Tabitha in the story so I’m not sure what is going on.  All are immune to Percival.

The Mystery of the Missing Books

Jughead is narrating and talking about Betty’s pregnancy test which we learn was negative.  BEtty and Archie also discuss a family.  Betty wonders if she should have children due to her parents and their track records of crazy and serial killer.  Meanwhile Reggie is moving out and he and Ronnie fight.  Ron accuses him of stealing.  Reggie tells her that she’s the type that needs a man in her life because eshe can’t be alone.  Oh, and he does mention her reputation as “Black Widow of Wall Street.” 

Jughead is the first we see get hit with Percival’s latest plot.  Percival tells Jughead they’re closing the library to build a motel for the new rail system.  Jughead has a book outstanding, and Percival wants it back.  Since Jughead doesn’t know where the book is, Percival takes something for collateral – grandfather’s first edition novel.  This happens to Ronnie (Hiram’s picture), Reggie (dyslexia book) , Archie (guitar), Betty (diary), and Cheryl  (trunk with body in it).  When Archie threatens him, Percival pulls out the palladium.   Ronnie offers to write a check, but Percival will not take it.  He wants the book or collateral.

All that had things taken meet to discuss Percival’s latest scheme.  Jughead speaks the truth.  Percival wants to get rid of books because they make people think.  Archie sees the maneuver as a distraction but to what.  Cheryl says there is a risk to what Percival did.  All books change people and the way they see things.  Cheryl sees Percival as wanting to use the items as a means to an end.  Jughead replies that books are free thinking.  If people stop reading/thinking, they start following Percival.  Archie sees it as a distraction.  Jughead reminds them that some states will throw people in jail for reading certain books.  Cheryl knows that there is sorcery at work that could affect all of them and it’s part of Percival’s evil plan. Percival has all the personal items in one place. He lights candles, and speaks an incantation over them.  Then the gang really starts having problems.  Meanwhile Kevin is being confronted by Percival on the fact that he has an outstanding book, “The Lord of the Flies” which needs returning. 

At the high school, Archie finds the students looking at the yearbook and learning that he played guitar.  Later he sees Ms. Grundy in the music room with her cello.  Betty meanwhile has an adverse reaction to bleach.  After visiting Percival and reading the diary, she realizes that signs existed when she was 12 that her father was the Black Hood killer.  Ronnie sees a spider on her portrait and smashes it only to find out it wasn’t there.  Cheryl hears laughter and when she checks it out.  It appears to be her first girlfriend, Heather (whose body was in that trunk).  Jughead meanwhile finds burns on his hand. 

Reggie goes to ask for his book back so he can get rid of the dyslexia which has come back.  Percival gives him a Faberge egg that he has gotten from Ronnie’s apartment.  Reggie takes it and sends it to Ronnie who opens it and finds black widow spiders inside.  They disappear and her staff cannot find any in her apartment.  Later Renaldo (the bodyguard) comes in to discuss things with Ronnie.  She shares a kiss and her bed only to find him dead the next morning.  Off he goes to the morgue where the doctor finds it was from black widow spider bites but there were no puncture wounds.  Guess what Ronnie’s power is now!  She quite literally has the kiss of death. 

Betty’s vision freaks her out and she tells Archie about it.  Hal was cleaning the trunk of the family car.  She had figured out how to do something with the car and went to tell Hal.  While Archie refuses to talk about Grundy, he realizes something is going on.  Betty feels that Percival is running his dirty fingers through her mind.  Meanwhile, Jughead is on a search for the book in the alley.  He finds one wheelchair bound man who tells Jughead that Percival didn’t truck people out on a bus.  Percival cleaned out the alley by telling them to start walking west into the ocean.  He asks the lone resident of the alley why he didn’t go.  The man states something to the effect that Percival said walk and he’s can’t because of the wheelchair.  He has a number that might reach Doc in Venice Beach, California. So Percival isn’t as clever as he thought.

Cheryl meets with the gang at her mansion.  They must find the books and give them to Percival and retrieve their belongings.  Once that happens, they must do a purification that gets rid of the items and curse.  Archie breaks into the Curiosity Shop (remember Tabitha’s time travel) and finds a note and the  cello.  When Betty comes back to the house, her sunglasses look like Grundy’s.  Percival is still busy recruiting.  Kevin will help him as a soldier (and I didn’t hear why if it was said). 

The next morning, Betty is given more information on the Trash Can Killer and flashes back (once again) to Hal in her bedroom.  Betty is scared and Hal puts a nightlight in the bedroom.  He tells young Betty not to be scared because the two of them are scarier than any monster.  Betty realizes that the Trash Can Killer could not be the loner she thought but a family man.  This changes the parameters of the investigation.  (Good use of Hal tonight Riverdale producers!) 

Jughead has an idea of where he can find the books and goes to get them as Reggie confronts Percival and wants the book back.  Reggie also wants to know what (not who) Percival is.  Reggie buys a clue but still signs up for Percival’s army for the book.  He knows that there is something strange about Percival and wants to be like Percival.  Meanwhile Jughead has returned and the gang meet.  Jughead has found the books in Pennsylvania. 

The gang returns the books to Percival who gives them the articles.  Ronnie says he can keep Hiram’s picture as it nor Percival has any control over her.  All realize that Percival may have launched some hard-core memories they must now control.  At Cheryl’s they prepare to destroy the items that Percival had.  Cheryl starts the fire without the trunk because she’s already taken care of it.  Jughead won’t burn the book because it’s all he has of his grandfather.  Meanwhile, Percival realizes that he’s lost control of the gang (for now) but lists two new “soldiers” to the recruit list.  And Veronica realizes that her kiss has become a weapon.  Will she try to use it on Percival (on whom it won’t work) or Reggie for double crossing the gang. 

Next week:  Ronnie looks like she’s ready to use her power.  Can she turn the tables on Percival and what does the rest of the power have to play?

Note:  My computer jammed at the 30 minute mark of this episode.  Is there something supernatural about it.  The joke use to be that “Quantum Leap’s” Stephen King’s episode had something happen when people watch it (weather usually or VCR tapes losing the episode).  Is this episode like that also???

Riverdale – The Fog Knows

Well, with our group united, Riverdale, where do we go now.  We have the known villain, Percival Pickens, who is the devil (or legion).  We have a version of Superman who can’t be easily killed (Archie).  Betty and Jughead’s powers are vision and telepathy.  Cheryl can start fires (and must live in a cold temperature (below freezing).  Tabitha can travel through time to Pop Tate’s past and future  (the home of good).  And somehow Lady Llorna will play a part.  Poor Veronica and Reggie have no power yet (or do they). Veronica seems immune to the mind control but is that a power.  And just how strong is Percival’s mind control.  Well, that is still to be determined.

Tonight, a very strange fog descends.  I’m calling it strange because in fiction, when weather like this happens, the world becomes a strange and evil place.  Let’s face it!  Percival makes it a strange world anyway and he has the help of the cult-crazed Alice at his beck and call.  It seems memes of the “fog coming” has been making the rounds.  Could this plot show signs of John Carpenter’s 1980 movie, “The Fog.”  I didn’t see it but there is a pattern (as also found in “Storm of the Century”).  Well, we’ll have further knowledge at the end of the hour.  I do know it’s not relying on Carl Sandberg “Fog” which talks of it coming on ‘cat’s feet.”

The Dangers of Fog

We open with a discussion of “the fog” that is coming.  Archie and the gang are discussing taking over the council but surprise, surprise, Alice is listening in.  I think that is breaking and entering Alice.  What does she do?  She runs and tells Percival so he can use it to his advantage.  While the gang want to stop tye apocalypse, Alice and Percival wants it to happen.  And the gang think Kevin hasn’t fully bought into the council’s plan.  Yeah right!  When has there been a cult Kevin doesn’t join.  To stop the council’s dismissal, Alice and the present council puts the town on a curfew.  The fog will be just like one that happened in 1922.   All are to go home and stay there with their loved ones and pets (see, I knew “Something Evil This Way Comes”) due to the possibilities of power outages.  Okay, we have had heavy fogs where I live and I don’t recall power outages.  From ice and heavy snow, yes, but not fog.  If so my local village would be without power in the fall due to fog caused by its proximity to a large lake!

Unfinished Business:  Archie and Betty

Archie and Betty are in their respected home but Betty’s doorbell rings.   Betty has been told that she got a message about the “Trash Can Killer,” so Betty is scared.  She sees someone lurking around and locks the door sneaking out the back to go to Archie.  Archie starts out to see who it is but Betty stops him.  A little romance goes on and Betty tells Archie that she’s “late.”  Her period is two weeks late and we all know what that means. 

Archie and Betty spend the night with Betty relating her capture by the Trash Can Killer.  She was his prisoner for two weeks. She didn’t dramatically escape but was given a choice.  She could do what he wished (proving herself as his equal) or die.  She must mutilate a body.  The killer puts on classical music an she does it.  Trash Can Killer told Betty it proved that they were alike and they needed each other in the world.  Was it the Trash Can Killer hiding in the neighborhood?  The FBI did have a tip on him.  Better yet!  Have we a clue to the Trash Can Killer.  More on this at the end of the article

The good news from this is that Archie and Betty sealed their romance.  He will always be there for her (and whoever else comes from their union).  No matter how bleak the future is, Betty and Riverdale are Archie’s home (even though sometimes he wants to leave).

Unfinished Business Ronnie and Reggie

Ronnie is worried because of a lack of business.  Reggie informs her of the curfew s,o she sends the workers home.  Later, Reggie enters the main room with a box of alcoholic beverages.  Ronnie suggests he stays due to the fog.  They decide to play strip poker with Ronnie winning. She suggest the prize be a kiss when Reggie has nothing left to give her as a bet.  They end up in bed and this makes them realize that they are similar.  As they discuss getting back together, Ronnie notes they are both bad like their parents. 

Reggie seems ready to get back together but has a stipulation.  Ronnie must get rid of Hiram’s portrait.  Reggie wants to do it immediately, but Ronnie thinks it can wait.  Reggie realizes that this is just like the Archie/Reggie triangle.  Ronnie says that it’s not.  Archie chose Riverdale over her and Reggie tells her he won’t be a consolation prize (second best).  He realizes that the two of them are just like their parents.  Ronnie is Hiram while he is just like his mother who always left his dad for business. He leaves. 

Good news:  Ronnie asks for packing material.  That portrait of Hiram is gone.  Does that mean Hiram will be gone for good?  (I don’t believe he’s dead folks.  They’ll bring him back if he wants to return.)

Unfinished Business:  Toni, Fangs and Kevin

Toni meanwhile wants a meeting with Kevin over the baby Anthony custody issue.  Kevin stands by his decision that Toni’s lifestyle isn’t safe for the baby (and yours is Kevin?).  Toni brings up all his dangerous liaisons and indiscretions.  They agree to meet later. 

Kevin is preparing to leave for the meeting when Moose arrives at Riverdale High (wonder how long he will stay?).  Moose wants to reminisce about their past.  Kevin tells him that he has a meeting to attend but Moose tells him the fog is bad.  Moose and Kevin talk, and Kevin is confronted by some of the stupid things he did in the past (like the Gargoyle King).  Sometime during this, Kevin falls asleep and dreams he is going down the hall (in a bright red light) to the bathroom.  There, he is bathed in the same red light but is awaken from the dream by Moose. 

The next morning, Kevin seems to want to be more intent on honest talks with Toni and Fangs.  Fangs had gotten mad the night before when Kevin didn’t show up and isn’t in the mood to talk.  Fangs tells Kevin that he doesn’t like Kevin’s lifestyle and tells him off (basically he will do anything to protect Toni and the baby).

Unfinished Business:  Cheryl and Penelope

Cheryl gets a visit from her “mommy dearest,” Penelope who is joining a convent.  Cheryl can’t believe that a brothel owner would be admitted but Penelope swears that she’s just putting things to right (does Penelope remember all her evil?).  Well, Cheryl does and reminds her.  Penelope has something she needs to give Cheryl and all she wants in return is a warm bath and a meal.  Why do I think that bath is going to be warmer than expected?

Later, Cheryl calls mom to dinner only to find Penelope with the doll that contains Abigail’s spirit.  Luckily it’s still in the case and the candle is burning.  I first thought she killed Penelope, but Cheryl only knocked her out.  Penelope awakes to find herself in a chair at the dinner table and her temperature rising.  Cheryl takes great pleasure in letting Penelope know that Cheryl now is a pyrokinetic.  Cheryl thinks Percival sent her but Penelope swears that’s not the case.  She has some old letters from Heather (Cheryl’s former lover) that she hid from Cheryl.  Cheryl takes them, reads them, and has a good cry.  What comes of this?  Well, we have to wait for next week (or so it appears).  Oh, and the reason Penelope treated Cheryl so mean as a child was because she sensed that Cheryl could be evil and was trying to rid her of the evil.

Unfinished Business: Jughead and Tabitha

Jughead and Tabitha are together when Alice announces the curfew.  He uses his mind reading on her which upsets her.  They decide to stay at Pop’s.  When the lights go out, Jughead decides to go to the car and get some gas to start the generator.  There’s something else out there but we never see it.  messes with the ham radio that is in the back room and hears sputters that she can’t understand.  WIth Jughead being gone a long time, she gets the gun only for Jughead to return. 

Tabitha decides to answer a question Jughead has asked earlier in the episode.  He had wondered if she could go back in time and stop the bomb from going off.  She had lied to him telling him that the bomb was a fixed spot in the time stream (and would affect history).  Now, she tells him the real story.  She has gone back in time (384 times).  Each time the same result happens.  His death is the fixed spot in the timeline.  Jughead is Percival’s biggest problem.  He can hear what Percival thinks and the evil suggestions.  When she talked about losing Pop, she really was thinking of Jughead.   Jughead tells her that he’s faced death before and survived.  There’s always hope.

The Aftermath of the Fog

By morning, the fog is gone but a new problem has arisen.  When all the town was sheltering in place, Alice held a city council meeting (sans Tabitha) and proclaimed Percival as mayor (against town’s rules if I remember correctly).  Jughead, Tabitha, Archie and Betty realize that the problem has changed.  Now the evil is the leader (dictator) of the town. 

Next week.

It looks like more old ghosts come back and the question is how much Percival had to do with it.  And Jughead has a shot gun behind him with a deputy holding it.  Could this be the end of Jughead?  Of course not!    Also, someone plays the cello while looking crazy (was it Betty?).  Riverdale gets weird again.

And, I now have a guess of the Trash Can Killer.  Could it possibly be Moose and his father before him.  All of this seems to be possible.

Riverdale:  What is Tabitha?  Time Traveler or Angel

Oh Riverdale, what will you do with this episode?  You entitled it “Angels in America” but I’m sure it is going to be more like “Back to the Future,” “Doctor Who,” “Time Tunnel,” and even “Quantum Leap” (all that I have watched).  The latest entry is, of course, “Discovery of Witches” (another favorite).  My question is:  why Tabitha?  She wasn’t at the explosion after all and that what seems to have caused the power for the other three.  Of course, Cheryl wasn’t there either, but she has her own demons (Abigail) to fight.

So, let’s review, shall we.  Archie is invulnerable (except to palladium).  Betty sees evil but didn’t see it around her mom.  Jughead can read thoughts (except Percival who senses when he tries).  Cheryl can control heat and fire.  Toni, while we haven’t seen it yet, carries traces of Lady Llorna of the river.  Now Tabitha can travel in time.  The only ones of the gang who hasn’t received a power yet is Reggie and Ronnie.  I could add Kevin, but he is back to being brain controlled and back in a cult with Alice.  And what is Percival – demon or warlock.  Wait didn’t Sabrina’s father (the devil) die in “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?”  Is that why she’s coming back?  My head is already spinning.


As we open at Pop’s, all eyes are on Alice’s newscast featuring none other than Percival.  He has a plan to revitalize the town, a shiny new railroad (what about licenses from Amtrak you idiot).  Unfortunately, to put the tracks in, the rail would go through Pop’s and it would have to be destoryed (like Hiram and the Crypto character in Rivervale).  Pop’s is the heart and soul of the town and a safe haven in bad times.  Of course, Percival knows this and wants it gone (just like Crypto, Hiram).  What is it?  The one place that people can be safe.  Whoops, they used that in Rivervale.  Wait until the end to get all of his scheme!

 TABITHA’S TIME TO SHINE (And Search for Her Grail)

Okay, folks.  Tonight is Tabitha’s time to shine.  Let me first say, I’ve seen something like this before but can’t remember the book/movie/television show that it was.  It is reminding me of “Quantum Leap” but isn’t (and I won’t say why yet).  And I’m going on record to say that this is one of the best episodes of the show!

Tabitha is at the Pop’s which is a special place in the town.  They people there are upset over what Percival plans (evidently his power doesn’t work over the television).  Tabitha goes to talk to Percival about his plan but he refuses to reevaluate (of course he has his mind set).  Archie tells her he knows of his “weakness.”  Betty warns her that Percival is evil.  Toni has her own problems right now with the Serpents and Percival is behind it.  Ronnie thinks that the substation of Pop’s is doing a wonderful business that might make it good to close Pop’s.  And Cheryl will help (after freezing Tabitha to death in the  mansion).

Kevin is Percival’s spy and reports that Pop’s is going to fight it.  Percival expected Tabitha ato try to slow him down (well, apparently she is his foe).  Jughead and Tabitha find “historical documents” that show Pop’s has a historic significance (just like one of the comic books).  They’re going to the state to get it done and Jughead is making notes.  As they continue to dig through material, Tabitha starts to prepare grill cheese for them.  Only, someone enters and shots her.  (Could it be Kevin?)  More on this later.

Tabitha awakes to find herself in the past, but Jughead is there.  The year is 1944 and Jughead is really the angel Rafael.  We get a vision of Jughead sitting in the hospital by Tabitha’s bed.  This is the timie that Rafael had told her to prepare for but he also promised help.  He’s always near her to help with cosmic and cataclysmic events.  When Tabitha asks him how to return to the present, she is giving a book on Time Travel to read.  Sh e realizes that she can only return if she gets something symbolic or meaningful for the time.

In 1944, she and Pop attend a meeting with Mayor Kline about turning the town into a sundown city.  In sundown cities African Americans must be out of town by dark every day which means they cannot live in the town or own businesses.  Sheriff Perkins (always will be referred to as Percival) is pushing the idea and telling them it worked in Centerville.  When Tabitha questions him, he tells her that if they can’t abide by the rule, they’ll have to leave town.  Archie’s look-alike stands with Tabitha as they are part of the town’s fire department.

Tabitha talks to Angel Jughead (A J for now) and tells him how evil Percival is.  A family (Toni and Fang’s look-alikes) come in with their son.  They lives in Centerville and was run out of town.  Others had disappeared and no one knew where they were.  Tabitha and Pop agree to let them stay.  Oh, and there is a Christmas tree in the diner.  Can we say Nativity scene folks with Pop’s being the stable.  As the family eats, Percival arrives looking for them.  Tabitha and Pop refuses to let him take them and they’ll wait for a warrant.  A J has gone to ask a question.  As he leaves, a bright light throws Percival and Kevin into fits.  Tabitha that night takes the family to see Mayor Kline who says “NO” to the sundown city rule and we get Percival as a Revolution/Civil War soldier arriving at Pop’s with a gun to shot her again.

This time, Tabitha finds herself at Pop’s in 1968 on the eve of Martin Luther King’s death.  This time her angel Rafael is Toni (A T).  She recognizes A T immediately and realizes she must do something.  She tries to get on a bus to Memphis but it breaks down.  When she tries to report it to the Riverdale FBI, she finds Percival (Pierce) and Kevin working for the bureau.  Tabitha thinks of calling Dr. King but A T tells her that she can’t change the course of history.

The next day, news is delivered by Senator Robert Kennedy about Martin Luther King’s death.  All are upset but it gets worse when Percival stops by and tells her that they’re afraid of a riot like the ones that have popped up in other locals.  Pop and Tabitha decide to stay open and offer hope to those scared.  Percival threatens to arrest any he finds at the diner after curfew due to the problems in Greendale (Sabrina’s town).  She asks Percival what his problem is and he calls her and the rest emotional.  When she goes in and tells the group gathered, Fangs gets mad but she convinces them to meet in peace – singing and praying.  She also points out that Percival wants violence and blood.

Tabitha does make a call and eventually gets through to J. Edgar Hoover.  She tells him that if he doesn’t stop Percival, Tabitha will make some calls about the hidden files he has on important people.  She manages to stop Percival from carrying out the “Turkey Shoot” (sound familiar from the gang) and Hoover fires Percival.  Percival tries to have his way.  He plants a bomb in Pop’s which Tabitha finds.  It explodes as she goes outside with it and beats her next angel to the next site.  (Of course, we get a commercial before we learn it was a bomb.)  And at this point, there are only 15 minutes left in the program.

Tabitha next jumps to 1999 when they find a code used by white supremacist painted on the diner (88 is the code.  The young man, Brian doesn’t remember doing it and Sheriff Kline will take him back to his parents and tell them.  The card is an oddity of the only Riverdale baseball player in the major leagues.  He got it at the Curiosity Shop, owned by Paul Prince just outside of town. 

Tabitha goes to watch the place and sees Percival exit.  About this time, her angel shows up  and is Betty (A B).  A B tells her she is getting better at the time jumping as she does it before A B knew it was happened.  A B gives her a bobby pin and Tabitha picks the lock and enters.  Wait a minute.  Even Mr. Gold (whose shop this resembles) wasn’t as bad as Percival.  Tabitha takes Polaroids of items on his desk and shows the pictures to A B.  A B recognizes two specific items:  the spear that pierced Jesus’s side as he was crucified and the Holy Grail.  Tabitha has found her way to return home.  She must retrieve the Holy Grail and return to Pop’s. 

As Tabitha gets read to grab the Grail, Percival returns and recognizes her.  He’s Colonel Pickens this tie and implies she’s his thorn in his side.  They fight with Tabitha using the spear.  He thinks he will win but Tabitha tells him she has been preparing for the fight for a long time.  She asks him his name and Percival replies “Legion.”  (Reference from the book of Job in reference to Satan.)  She kills him and burns the shop down before return with the grail to A B.  A B tells Tabitha she can now focus on going home.  A B gives her a chocolate milkshake in the Grail and Tabitha wakes up just before the gun man arrives.  She throws her dish at him and he doesn’t get off a shot. (She said something about Percival but I didn’t catch it all.)

Tabitha thinks she was being trained for a war that has been brewing forever.  Tabitha tells him that Percival was always showing up in the time line always turning up will evil.  She knows it isgoing to talk all with power to stop him.  Tabitha tells Jug that she’s been trained for a war and it’s going to take all of them to win.


Tabitha gets Jughead, Archie, Betty and Cheryl together and tells them her story.  They have a hard time wrapping their head around what happened.  For her, she’s linked to Pop’s in a time field or station.  She tried moving forward in time and found Pop’s as a shell and all of Riverdale gone.  Archie asks if the future can be changed, and Tabitha doesn’t know.  All she knows is that Pop’s is ground zero and there is an apocalypse coming.  It’s going to take all of them to stop it. 

Okay folks!  I was right on Percival and we’re getting spill over from what I projected at the start of Rivervale.  I had hoped that Percival would disappear but it is too soon for that.  So, how are they going to get Ronnie and Reggie on the team?

Next Sunday:  A power outage occurs, and a fog is coming.  Percival is on the move.