Big Brother 22 — Dani’s Reign? Is It Doomed? 9-17-2020

Big Brother 22 fans have complained all the season about how boring the show has been.  Well, so have feed watchers.  Regardless, this week has been anything but dull.  While it started predictable with Kevin and David on the block, changes started as soon as David disrupted the game with his power.  Things went downhill from there when Tyler got put on the block.  Then Da’Vonne threw a wrench in all plans as she won PoV and took Kevin down.  Who went up?  Ian of course and that started the mayhem.  I won’t tell you about that until after the show’s recap.  Will Tyler or Ian stay?  Let’s see.

And a Recap of the Week

I’m not going to recap all of this.  We already know what happened.  What we need to know is what has gone on in the house after the PoV ceremony.  An explosion could have happened after Tyler went up but Ian is an different story as there has been some bullying (more on bullying later).  Ian doesn’t want to go and you can tell by his face he’s mad. 

Julie looks more excited than she has in a long time tonight while hosting.  I’m not sure why Dani was on the screen with Ian like she was a nominee.   Julie wonders if Ian is “in” on a blind side.  Da’Vonne tells us she had to protect her friends and allies.  Kevin has been looking like a “sad sack” but he’s happy about Ian breaking up the alliance (if he only knew…).  Dani isn’t too happy herself.

Nicole is going to cry the whole episode.  She’s mad that her ally is on the block.  I guess she never realized that this is what would happen.  Ian goes out to join her and is worried because how can a previous winner be a pawn.  Ian is looking for reasons and really giving Nicole a hard time.  Meanwhile, Da’Vonne talks to Dani and Dani is mad.  Dani feels that Tyler could be a problem but plays it cool with Day.  I think the first one of them who can take the other out will.  As if Dani hasn’t had enough with Da’Vonne, Ian shows up.  He says it is a game but  wants promises which she has no intention to follow through on.  While Ian is in an alliance with Dani, Nicole and Cody, it never really had an impact on the game.  The Committee has the numbers and Ian will have to go to further the game. 

Tyler came in later with a vegan dish for Dani.  They talk about he situation.  She wants Tyler on her side.  Dani will decide when they’re no longer best friends.  And Dani, that goes the opposite way also.  Tyler is on to her and won’t trust her completely but must act that way this week. 

Ian starts campaigning with Memphis who Ian has’t had a relationship with during the summer.  He uses the argument that Tyler hasn’t done much this summer.  Wrong argument Ian.  You haven’t won ANYTHING this summer.  Ian talks to Nicole about the talk with Memphis.  She’s trying to hatch a plan to vote for Ian and get people on his side.  Ian has realized after talking to Memphis that he’s not a safe pawn.  Nicole tells him to campaign.  She tells him that if he leaves, it will be the worse thing for her game.  Nicole will have a target on her regardless of who goes. 

Kevin and Da’Vonne talk about the big alliance and wonder if keeping Ian can help them.  Kevin suggest bringing Ian in.  Sorry, I missed part of this because I’m sure we’ve heard it before.  Ian continues to pressure Nicole at least for a pity vote.  Nicole is really feeling the stress.  So why didn’t she tell Dani she’d go up.  She keeps questioning why to keep Tyler over Ian.  Cody asks why go against everyone to keep Ian.  Nicole uses the reasons that other powers that could come into play but Cody is telling she she has to vote for Tyler to stay.  Nicole may have been selected pregame to be final two but, I’m beginning to wonder why?  I thought she was a much stronger player.  Nicole tells us she wants to get Tyler out.  If she turns, it will be big.  Ian does try to get Dani’s vote if it comes out to be a tie.  She says she will, but will she. 

And the Voting Begins

Julie joins the group via screen in the living room.  Ian, who is in a suit, and Tyler, who is in active wear, speak.  Ian addresses Nicole that it’s their second time playing.  He tells them he has much to give.  He tells them if he helped their game to keep him in.  Tyler tells everyone to check out Angela’s cook book.  He tells the house guests to keep the one who would be the biggest asset to them.  He also thanks Big Brother.  He tells Angela he misses and loves her. 

The voting starts with Christmas.  She’s Tyler’s chief ally and should give us an idea of whether the Commission is going against Tyler.  She votes to evict Ian.  Now what will be final total.  Each member cases their vote and it is Ian gone.  Christmas, Enzo, Cody, Memphis and Nicole (who cried the whole time) voted Ian out.  Da’Vonne, Kevin (who looked really wimpy tonight), and David voted Tyler.  Julie joins the house guests.  By a vote of five to three, Ian is gone.  He does shake hands and hug Tyler and shakes hands with all.  Kevin looks worried.  Da’Vonne goes over and hugs Tyler (after voting himi out – what?).  Nicole is crying as Da’Vonne walks over to her. 

Julie talks to Ian about the situation (and she may not tell all).  Julie tells him he exited with class. This was the first time he had ever been nominated and (of course) evicted.  Ian tells us that it was the right play to get him out.  The vote didn’t surprise him.  He doesn’t feel betrayed by any of them because it was a game.  Julie asks him if this was harder than his first season.  Ian felt it was harder because then there were only three big players.  This time, everyone wanted it.  Ian’s plan had been to lay low.  Julie asks him if he would have changed his strategy.  Ian tells her that he wouldn’t have changed anything.  Ian tells her that he resisted working with Kaysar because of hearing Kaysar and Janelle talking about Nicole.  Cody, Da’Vonne, Tyler all leave good bye messages.  Tyler also explains who The Committee were.  Nicole tells him that she tried to keep him but couldn’t.  If she had, her game would blow up.    His final comment to Julie was that it was fun.  And he’s going off to jury for another new experience.  Julie tells him that she is really impressed by Ian.  I must say after seeing and hearing what he said after the nomination, I thought this would be really bad.

Live Head of Household Competition

Dani has decided not to use the HoH replay award.  The copetition is Hydrant Husble.  They must go get the hydrant pieces.  Their goal is to assemble it and plug in.  The first to ring in, wins.  And they are off.  Christmas decid”es to get all pieces first.  Memphis appears to be having some difficulty.  Julie gives no hint of a double.  Instead a previous contestant will be at the “neighbor’s house.”  “Don’t judge or you to will be judged” is Julie’s phrase for tonight.

And the Feeds

Okay, I must admit after what Ian had pulled since his nomination I wasn’t sure what he’d do.  He’d promised to refuse to go to jury.  He issued threats and acted strange.  In other words, he acted like a spoiled brat who did everything but hold his breath.  He told Nicole their friendship was done.  Ian though took it a step further and said he’s tell all their secrets.  Unfortunately, as we learned in the interview with Julie, he didn’t know The Committee members. 

On another front, Memphis was caught on camera almost saying a racial slur.  He was stopped before it came out by Cody.  Will he get talked to about this?  He’s already been called on talking about Ian.  It you want to see this story, check out TMZ’s article here.

Big Brother #22 — Dani Stirs the Pot and Alliances in Danger – 9/15/2020

Hello Big Brother fans!  Finally!  Some drama which I hope we get to see tonight.  If not, for all the Big Brother fans who hate spoilers, I will wait until the end of this piece to update that.  Let’s just say that Dani has been scrambling since the noms went up and there could still be surprises.  With two of the “special gifts” in play, and at least one involving nominees, Dani’s choices of Kevin and David may not be safe for long.  Could she be the first HoH to have to nominate four house guests for eviction?  Well, we’ll have to wait to see.

Alliances – all are in flux.  Slick Six is down to Slick Five but with one very disgruntled member, Da’Vonne.  Meanwhile Nicole is still very adamant of Ian staying in the game.  Enzo seems to have gone solo.  Memphis is playing but I’m not sure what.  His Big Brother game seems to come and go according to his need for sleep.

So on with the Show!

After the “previously on All-Stars” introduction, we are reminded that Dani wants Da’Vonne out as told to Tyler.  Tyler told David and he just runs off and tells Da’Vonne.  Dani is now mad at Tyler.  David  just hasn’t gotten his game together, has he.  The only thing he’s done is win a power and we are reminded of his celebration.  David, buy a clue.  The celebration, if seen, is suspicious and I think Nicole suspects.  Because Tyler told David who told Da’Vonne, Dani has a real problem on the nominees.  Should she take out Tyler or not.  We all know she nominated Kevin and David.  Will David use the “disrupter” power.  Of course, he can’t be so stupid as to not use the power. 

After the nomination ceremony, Kevin is pouting — again.  I think he has only that one face and he has changed since his original season.  I’m not sure if it is because there is no Natalie or Jessie to control the game.  Da’Vonne is upset because she wanted Tyler out.  David isn’t a good actor after all.  He has the power and is trying to act sad and frustrated but he’s so relaxed.

After the ceremony, David spends his time asking the others if they used the power on him.  He sees this as playing coy.  I see this as playing stupid.  So does everyone else because only the one with the power would have taken him off.  And I thought David knew of the alliances.  Tyler had saw a clip where he said he could cry on cue.  That may be true, but David just can’t perform other emotions.  Cody and Enzo is worried about what will happen if one of the nominees comes off the block.  Tyler would be nominated and that would be bad for Cody and Enzo.  Now where does Memphis come into play here?  Who knows because I honestly don’t think they do.  Cody, Christmas and Dani talk about the powers.  They’re waiting for that to drop.  And while Nicole and Dani are discussing things in the HoH, an announcement comes through that the “disrupter” power as been released.  And David sits there so unconcerned. 

The house guests learn from the mysterious voice that a nominee has been taken off the block.  David’s acting skills leave him as he his head down on the table before he’s told he is no longer on the block.  David plays so relieved and cries.  Cody is suspicious.  Dani must now put up a new nominee.  She chooses Tyler.  He doesn’t look surprised.  Good news!  David can’t use his power again.  Next week, he’s sure to go on the block.  Dani is upset telling us she is freaking out.  So is Kevin because he sees Trevor as a “comp beast.”  Tyler was expecting a back door but now he’s hoping to win the Power of Veto.  In Diary Room, Dani tells us she doesn’t want Tyler to go home but now is worried that Tyler will come after her.  Really, Dani?  Why is that?  If I was Tyler, that would be off the table now.  As Tyler tells us, “there were plenty of others who could go up.”  Meanwhile Christmas is remembering all that Dani said and if probably devising a plan of revenge because Dani told her that Tyler was safe!

Nicole may now remove her “Sloppies” costume and what does she do.  Off comes the box and into the pool she jumps.  Dani calls all for the veto competition.  After giving the rules, Dani pulls Da’Vonne.  Next up is Tyler who picks Ian.  Kevin’s choice is Enzo.  Ian’s worried about the veto.  He is worried he’ll go up if he loses.  Enzo knows that he needs to win to take Tyler off.  Dani wants Tyler to win but Da’Vonne doesn’t.  She says she’ll be on the same team but will she?

The veto competition is being hosted by Nicole and production gives her a laser ray to play with.  She has the PoV players line up and “strikes them with the beam” so they get to the POV competition.  The game is called Microbrew and they must stack tiny beer cans (thimble size) with garden shear size twizzers.  It’s difficult and anything can knock these over.  Just when we think Tyler has it won, he lets out a breath and blows them over.  Enzo’s hands seem to big to handle the task.  Just as it gets close with Dani almost through, Da’Vonne puts her last can in and wins.  This marks the first win ever for Da’Vonne and she cries.  The PoV medal is tiny this week to go with the competition.  While Dani wants the noms to stay the same, Da’Vonne has issues and probably won’t do it.  Kevin, of course, talks to Da’Vonne about saving him and Da’Vonne tells us later that she doesn’t have to keep her word to Dani.  The only one that not using the power would help is Dani.  If Da’Vonne doesn’t take Kevin off, she will lose a number that will help her in the game.  Christmas knows this and talks to Dani.  Christmas has a power that would save Tyler.  Will she use it and make Dani put up a fourth player? 

What is Dani to do?  She knows that if she puts up a Committee member, all will turn on her.  Ian and Enzo though are out initially because she likes them.  Dani and Cody have a meeting where Dani says Da’Vonne will use the power.  Now, Cody is stressed.  Ian and Enzo aren’t on the Committee but she doesn’t want to do that.  Cody tells her that Tyler won’t come after either one of them.  Later Nic and Dani talk.  Nic is worried about Da’Vonne.  Dani is leaning toward putting up Ian but Nicole is mad.  He’s her number two.  She had wanted to keep Ian as a target to protect her.  Nicole cries and talks it though and then cries again in the Diary Room.  Wasn’t it just last week she got yelled at about making fun of Ian?

Da’Vonne and Dani talk again.  Dani tells Da’Vonne that keeping Kevin will not help either one of their game.  Kevin will just go up again.  Dani reminds Da’Vonne she can’t just do what is best for her game.  And I sit here and say:  “Why not?  You do.”  Dani tells her that by saving Kevin it would prove that she is tight with Kevin which makes them a pair. 

The Veto Meeting

Da’Vonne calls everyone in for the veto with a sly smile on her face.  She is so happy to have the power and Cody is so mad.  She brags about the win but says it sucks.  She claims no commitment to anyone (yeah, right).  None are her ally (again, yeah right girl) and she has decided to use the veto on Kevin.  Of course, he cries.  Everyone else is mad and Da’Vonne’s has enemies thoughout the house.  Dani has to make a new nomination and it is Ian.  Nicole cries and ends up putting on sunglasses. 

In the Diary Room, Da’Vonne is sorry that it doesn’t work for Dani but she’s glad to send Tyler home.  Dani has Tyler as her “number one” second.  Tyler doesn’t know what Dani plans.  Tyler tells us that he can forget but not forgive and he’s watching her.  Nicole is upset because Ian is on the block.  Ian is saying all are seeing a previous winner on the block and he may be gone. 

So who will be evicted.  Come on guess?

The Feeds

Let’s get the nomination ceremony over with first.  From what the house guests said, it was much longer than what we saw and some of the feelings Da’Vonne put into her speech wasn’t guaranteed to make friends.  David has been marginalized so I’m not sure where he stands with Da’Vonne and Kevin.

David did talk to Da’Vonne about founding a new alliance of the three of them and drawing Tyler in.  I honestly don’t think Da’Vonne went for that as Tyler will have some major issues if he stays.s

Also, the night prior to the POV Ceremony, Dani and Cody hatched a plan to stop the veto meeting, have the nominees leave, and then prove to Da’Vonne with a show of hands that they’d keep Kevin over Tyler.  Would I believe this?  No and neither did she.

Nicole has fought hard to keep Ian.  According to what I have seen, she’s been told to vote Ian out to keep the alliance strong.

Ian is saying that he will not go to jury.  According to a post I read, production has told him he will lose his prize money for playing this year.

Big Brother #22 — Week 5 and the Power Force Is? 9/13/2020

Hi Big Brother 22 fans!  And welcome to Week Five of “We Are Family”  — er I mean Camp Team.  Camp Team is like that old movie “Camp Nowhere” except for two things.  The pre-gamers of Nicole and Cody are in charge and no one apparently has a clue that they are together.  Well, a few do due to the wall yeller but they don’t know details.  Big Brother though should get interesting this week as all the non-Alliance members are gone.  Also, there is still fall-out over the “Ian remarks.”  Poor Nicole is in for a surprise when she gets home.

The HoH Competition

Okay, I know who won but I’ll play dumb which should make the producers at Big Brother 22 happy.  We have the crowd favorite “The Wall” competition.  This could last minutes or hours depending on the deals that were cut prior to competition.  This year, the Wall is in front of a movie promotion called “Power Trip.”  The first three off are “have nots.”  You remember this, it aired as the show went off.

The competition starts when the wall tilts.  Da’Vonne’s mind is not really in the game and she looks like she’s having a panic attack.  She falls at around 12 minutes into the game and does a superb job of fake crying (even demonstrating later in Diary Room).  Maybe she should be the actress and not Bayleigh.  Oh no, it’s filler night as they just showed Da’Vonne and Christmas (fake) making up. David has finally had his wish come true.  He’s playing in the wall competition but he’s unprepared for the stress that the game puts on his body.  He’s next to fall at around the 40 minute mark.   Ian, who feels safe, follows.

These three are now the “have nots.”  I must say that I’m impressed.  David finally may have bought a clue and figured the game out.  Ian feels safe and protected (little does he know).  Meanwhile Dani has a goal in mind to take out Tyler and to do that she must win.  Her main goal is to stick it out longer than he does.  Guess what!  She does!  She beats (in order of falling ) Memphis, Enzo (lost grip), Kevin, Tyler (back flips), Cody and Nicole (who decided she didn’t want to do the dirty work).  HoH Dani is crying as she realizes she will finally get photos of her daughter, Tennessee, who helped her win.

HoH Aftermath

Dani loves that she has won until it hits her that she has to nominate two people.  Nic is safe because they are the “Blonde Twins” and Da’Vonne has bonded with Dani.  D and D’s bond is to get Tyler out as Da’Vonne blames Bayleigh’s departure on him.  Da’Vonne will blame anything on Tyler from now on because he crossed her.  (Wonder how she feels now that David has revealed to Da’Vonne the Memphis alliance?) David just can’t trust Dani which is reciprocated as he hasn’t talked to Dani at all.  On the same note, neither has Kevin.  It takes Cody to remind her that putting Tyler up would mess up two alliances and destroy the house.  Kevin is playing for two cultures and he’s playing on that in his talk with Dani.  So Dani is being whined from all areas. 

Tyler comes to talk to Dani and he apologizes for last week (when he tried to self evict).  He asks her not to backdoor him (yeah, right like that happens).  Tyler has no desire to be in jury house.  Dani says if she goes after Tyler, he could hurt her game.  Oh no!  I just realize who Dani reminds me of from my daily life.  That’s scary.  She does talk to Tyler about how stressful it is being HoH.  They make a verbal agreement not to go after each other the final six but Tyler said final four.  She verbally agrees (so will she be good to her word?).  Tyler does say if she reneges then it is war.

The Nominations

So we go into this nomination ceremony with Dani in a quandary.  She can make Da’Vonne happy by putting Tyler up but that would make her public enemy one with her alliances.  She can put up two safe people like David and Kevin thinking she has no problems.  Little does she know of David’s power to change a nominee.  Oh, how I wish he could change two.  What will she do?

Dani talks to Nicole about whether to put Tyler up as pawn. The Blonde Twins discuss the plan but Nicole thinks that taking Tyler now is too early and will be really ugly.  Let’s face it!  Tyler probably knows more than they do.  Kevin does come in to once again plead his case.  Dani tells him that she’s scared of the power.  She trusts Kevin (yeah right) and she hopes that he will be used as a pawn.

Dani calls the Veto Ceremony.  She turns the keys revealing Kevin and David.  She says that this is a Catch-22.  Kevin hadn’t really talked to Dani before this week.  David is up for the usual reasons.  She needs to play her game and not worry about powers.  Kevin feels he can’t persuade anyone on anything and trusts only himself.  David has the power but must use the veto.  He’s hoping to win approval by not being on the block. 

REMINDER!  The show will air Tuesday at 8:00 PM and not on Wednesday this week.

The Feeds

Okay, the “Ian affair” happened one night and involved Dani, Nicole, Memphis and Cody making fun of Ian’s rocking.  This set people off and the story got reported to TMZ who loves to get something on Big Brother.  So far, Nicole has had the worse fall out losing three of her sponsors for her “influencer” position (Olay being the biggest).  Memphis is now considered the villain because evidently production talked to them about their actions.  He hasn’t changed and still has plans to take pot shots at Ian.

Let’s just say that David used his power and now Dani had to name a new nominee.  Three guesses on whom she chose.  When I came to write this, the Corporation is spreading word that they’ll vote for Kevin to stay if Da’Vonne doesn’t use the PoV that she won.  I know Da’Vonne isn’t that dumb especially with David in her ear.  So, the plans have changed with Ian going up and guilt is felt by those who was talking about him.  And Nicole’s real feelings have been revealed as she says she had a final two with Ian.  Wonder how Cody would feel if he knew.  Wonder what their mentor thinks?

The alliances are disintegrating.  Enzo wants Tyler to stay while Memphis could care less.  Of course this is Memphis’s attitude on almost everything.  He’ll let someone else get their hands dirty and he’ll sit back and laugh. The real question is what will Christmas do with her power.  She doesn’t know that Dani and Nicole want her out of the house (they really only want to be the two girls there) and has rubbed others the wrong way.  If she saves Tyler, could she go up.

Better yet!  Will Dani have to make a fifth nominee.  I know she enjoys her power but is it too much for her ego to be presented with putting up an actual true alliance co-patriot.

Big Brother #22 — Christmas Joy Is No More — 9/10/2020

Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will see the end of Christmas’s reign as HoH.  The best thing I can say is that it did give us drama.  The question is:  Will any of the real secrets finally come out tonight. How about the latest?  Well, it is live feeds and could impact tonight so I’ll fill you in now.

Live Feed Spoilers

Let’s get to the good stuff first.  While I was out picking up grocery delivery, a conversation happened between Cody and Nicole.  Two interesting tidbits came out of it and I thank RealityBBQ for posting it on Twitter.  In the conversation, Cody revealed to Nicole that Dani has been running to him with what she (Nicole) has told her (Dani).  Now, we all know that Nicole is supposed to be Cody’s number one.  This upset her and now she has made Dani a target.  Don’t worry.  She told Cody she’d play nice, but will she?

Also during this conversation the following was said.  It may not be verbatim, but you will get the gist.  And I can’t find the clip or it would be linked.

Cody:  Any little thing that comes out about what we were doing in this game.  … It’s going to be way worse.  It’s going to confirm everything (from the fence yeller). 

When you add that to Da’Vonne’s conversation with Bayleigh, we get more and more evidence that the pregame is Nicole and Cody.

Oh, and if you didn’t see it.  TMZ is calling out the Big Brother house for their treatment (read bullying) of Ian.  If you are interested in reading the piece where they name Memphis, Dani, Nicole and Christmas, clip here to go to the TMZ site.  By the say, as the article notes, this is going to maybe hurt Nicole more than she knows.  Olay will no longer use her as an “influencer” on Instagram.  Wonder if the wedding costs will go up per person now?

The Intro of the Show

After a recap with no new information from Sunday night, we get into the last few days of production’s view of Big Brother.  I wonder if they will show Christmas and Da’Vonne’s fight.  So, here we go.

Julie tells us that this weekend was the most emotional weekend of the season (the best weekend is what I say).  We pick up at the veto meeting.  Bayleigh and Tyler is resigned.  Christmas tells us in Diary Room that she wasn’t putting her final partner up to go home.  Da’Vonne tells us she is going to check her emotions at the door.  Tyler tells us he has to refocus.  Bayleigh meanwhile looks to be having a mental breakdown.  She thinks Tyler didn’t plan to make the offer.  Will smoke fly?  At the pool, they discuss Bayleigh’s use of the term “untouchable” (in regard to Tyler).  Cody looks nervous (as he should).  Inside Da’Vonne and David try to console Bayleigh but she tells Da’Vonne that she has the votes.  Bayleigh tells us in Diary Room that she is upset for Da’Vonne.  She wishes they could be there for each other.

When Christmas talks to Da’Vonne, we learn that Christmas put Bayleigh up because of what she has said to Christmas.  Christmas was not taking the shot for Bayleigh by putting Tyler up.  Christmas tries to explain but Da’Vonne is reading it in a different manner.  Christmas promises that they have Da’Vonne but Da’Vonne sees it as she is still in jeopardy and not Christmas.  (Okay, what about their verbal fight.  When or do you plan to show this Big Brother.)  Da’Vonne is trying not to lose it, I must say.

Tyler goes to talk to Da’Vonne about what happened.  Da’Vonne tells him that she needs him and Tyler tells her the same.  They hug it out but can these two work together?  Meanwhile Kevin and David are trying to figure out what to do about Bayleigh and Da’Vonne (Well David you could have used your power). David needs Bayleigh. 

Cody gets called to the diary room where there is a letter waiting.  His grandfather died on Labor Day and he is having a hard time.  When he first finds out, he doesn’t talk to anyone but goes to bed.  It’s Tyler who finds out and tries to offer support.  Tyler sits with Cody and gradually everyone enters the room to offer support.  As he gets hugs of support (even from Da’Vonne and Bayleigh), he grieves but knows he has support.  Cody tells us that winning is now that much more important to him.

Julie tells us that the next clip will be about personal feelings.  Will it be edited?  Julie saying that drawing the lieenne between game and friendship can lead to chaos.  We see Christmas and Dani speaking when Da’Vonne enters.  (Maybe we’ll get the fireworks after all!)  Da’Vonne explains what she did.  Christmas and Da’Vonne discuss what Bayleigh has said.  Yes, the conversation begins civil.  Da’Vonne though is pushing (shall we say) someone as stubborn as she is.  It comes down to the difference in the game and personal feelings.  Voices are raised.  It’s so bad that Kevin leaves while Ian is stuck in the shower.  Da’Vonne doesn’t like that Christmas took what Bayleigh said and used it against her.  Bayleigh comes in and is surprised to find that she is the conversation point.  As the “discussion” continues, they get loud and Da’Vonne eventually leaves and Bayleigh tries to calm it down. 

Outside she complains and Tyler goes over to support her.  We learn that she felt like Christmas was treating her like a child.  Both have said they hate the game.  Inside Bayleigh has been trying to explain to Christmas that they have issues with this on a personal level.  Christmas tells her to separate game from feelings and so it goes.  (Okay folks!  Most of this we saw but not all – or I missed the yard stuff.)  Kevin is shell shocked.  Da’Vonne in the diary room says this scene will send her home.  Meanwhile Christmas  tells Kevin not to leverage this to make Christmas look bad.  Kevin had Chmya on his season.  He thought she was bad.  (And yes, there were some major edits here.)    

Eviction Ceremony

Eviction Ceremony!  This should be good but no.  There are no personal attacks.  Da’Vonne is first and she makes a Black Lives Matter point saying “all lives” can’t matter until “black lives” do.  I was taught never to call them “black” Da’Vonne.  Why did you make me type that term?  Bayleigh meanwhile talks so fast I have trouble following her.  She tells Christmas she is did a good job and Bayleigh will not take it personally.  For Da’Vonne, Bayleigh says she thinks of her as her sister.  The votes begin with Dani.  The vote is unanimous and Bayleigh is gone.  Julie tells the houseguests and Bayleigh says good-bye.  The evicted house guest must leave the bubble.  She hugs each (even Christmas and Tyler and whispers thank you to him).  Cody hands her the bag and she leaves.  (Swaggy though has a nice surprise waiting for her, a new car.)

The Aftermath and Interview

Julie welcomes Bayleigh to the stage and mentions how emotional the week was.  Bayleigh will continue to support Da’Vonne.  They talk about Christmas’s betrayal.  Julie asks why.  Bayleigh thinks the game is tough enough and you don’t have to bring personal discussions into it.  Julie tells her that the Slick Six was against the Committee.  They show her who is in The Committee.  Julie says Da’Vonne was her untouchable.  Bayleigh guesses finally that it was Tyler.  Julie asks if Bayleigh would have nominated Tyler and Christmas but I didn’t catch her answer.  Julie says that Bayleigh and Tyler had talked.  Bayleigh and Tyler have come to a meeting place and will leave the drama in the house. The goodbye messages are played.   Enzo calls her his sister.  Tyler apologizes.  Christmas tells her she had to protect her week one alliance.  Da’Vonne says they were the final two but she’s going to go all the way.  Bayleigh says Da’Vonne will be her girl.  Bayleigh had a great time.  She came back to prove to herself that she could play the game and has accomplished what she had planned to do

HoH and Surprise Announcement

The Power Trip will push them to the limit.  Oh goody!  It’s the wall.  It could be a long endurance or  short but it’s supposed to be on the feeds.  And no, I’m not going to be posting the winner here because I’ve seen these go on for hours. (Besides, the CBS site has crashed.) Julie announces that there have been speculation on a battle back.  Julie tells them that the first five have been sent home which means all the remaining house guests are in jury.  They must hang on the billboard for a new movie called “Power Trip.”  They must hold on for dear life.  If they fall off, they are eliminated.  The first three off the billboard will be “have nots”.  And let the game begin.  I will say Dani looks scared.  Enzo is already breathing hard. 

Next week, the show will air Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  Next Thursday, the first all-star will go to the jury house.  Julie’s last message is:  “Let kindness be the rule for everything you say.”

Big Brother #22: Did We Get Gifts or Coal? September 9, 2020

Hello, Big Brother 22 fans (or haters whichever).  As you might know from my second blog from Sunday night, Christmas’s HoH did bring the fans some Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately if you were like me watching Big Brother Sunday’s show, you missed about half of the fireworks.  At least I saw a small amount of it and the Tyler, Da’Vonne and Baleigh half meeting.  When I finally tuned out at 11:00 PM, they had just killed the feeds as Tyler talked to Christmas.  For an account of what went down, visit my blog and read this.  I’ll give more after tonight’s show.

Now for the coal.  More again will follow the update for those who don’t like spoilers. I’m not sure how much details or whether they will whitewash the events of Sunday found in the above link.  The drama has decreased over Sunday and Monday with a cordial atmosphere throughout the house now.  I will go ahead and tell you that Cody did receive some bad news.  His grandfather has died.  And today, Da’Vonne let slip the juicy detail that confirmed the suspicion on who is behind many of the Cody/Nicole actions.  That too will be in the spoilers.


A new one has formed of Christmas, Dani and Nicole.  It was given a name but was also dead at birth.

The Da’Vonne, Bayleigh and Tyler alliance is kaput but one may be forming soon.  Things are not smooth in either the Committee or Slick Six.

And a special note to all our West Coast and Colorado folks.  The fires are bad and the weather is strange.  Please stay safe.

So On with the Show

After the recap and the celebrations, Bayleigh told Christmas that Da’Vonne was her number one which upset Christmas.  Of course, Christmas runs to Dani – everyone does.  They decided who would go up for  nominations.  We’re reminded to the secret powers.  Dani spread stories and Tyler found out and it has come back to haunt him.  And it looks like we will see some of the events that happened Sunday night.

After the Nomination Ceremony, Da’Vonne is upset that Bayleigh and she are on the block.  Christmas is crying.  When Da’Vonne finds Bayleigh, she is crying also.  Kevin is with them so I guess it could it be worse.  Bayleigh feels betrayed and doesn’t understand why this happened.  The two of them try to figure out alliances.  David shows up to check on them.  Ah, they are bonding about how they care for each other.  David now has to consider whether to use his power and he’s confused.  Of course he is confused, he’s never gotten this far in the game!

Bayleigh goes to talk to Christmas and find her crying and Bay is like why?  Bayleigh does admit it was a good game move.  Christmas talks in circles as usual.  Meanwhile Dani and Nicole are talking to Da’Vonne.  Dani and Nicole are probably not upset (they don’t look that way) and lo and behold Tyler’s name comes up.  Dani of course tells her what she has.  Dani sees it that Tyler is working against her and will try use this to help none other but Dani.  Nicole feels safe so she’s keeping her mouth shut.  In fact, Nicole ells us in Diary Room she will go along with Dani.  Isn’t Nicole such a sweetie (maybe this is why she’s known by some of the names they’ve given her on Twitter).  Dani leaves to work Christmas and tell her stories on Tyler.  Christmas is not going to work on any Dani suggestion of taking Tyler out at this time.  It’s in her interest to keep The Committee together.

Veto Competition

When the competitors are picked for veto, Christmas has Nicole, Da’Vonne has Dani and Bayleigh picks Ian.  Unfortunately, Ian wakes up the day of veto not feeling well.  He’s having some type of anxiety attach and has pain in his chest and other health issues.  The BB medic pulls him from the game due to his condition and heat (over 100 on the veto day).  David gets to host his first veto.  Nicole and Dani meet and decide to throw the veto in the hope that Bayleigh or Da’Vonne wins.  This would give Dani a chance to take out Tyler and not get “blood on her hands.”  Believe me, she’s not Lady MacBeth.  She won’t wring her hands complaining if her plot works.

And it is the BB Math Triatholon.  They will will get a “read, set’ and see  an equation.  They must race to the finish line and hit the buzzard.  False starts gets you out of the game also.  Dani and Nicole may throw it but Christmas says she needs to win to control power in the house.  Oh, and did I mention there are five trophies for them to choose as they leave the game.  Last person can take any prize. 

Wait, Christmas has played something similar before.  She should do a good job on this.   It’s the BB Math Triathalon.  As the math starts, Da’Vonne starts too soon.  Good news she got the POV but that won’t last long.  Dani is upset because there goes the plan of getting Tyler out and Nicole tells us it’s too hard to watch.  As the game continues, Bayleigh, Dani and Nicole finally lose leaving Christmas as the winner.  After the prize trading, Christmas gets PoV, Nicole a costume punishment.  Dani gets a “have not pass” for the season while Bayleigh has to perform a punishment. (Bayleigh must ride a bike around the back yard for 500 laps. We don’t get to see that tonight.).  Da’Vonne did get $5,000.

The Aftermath

Nicole checks in on Ian who feels better.  He’s still resting.  Meanwhile, Diary Rooms are being done and Nicole is called to get her costume.  She’s a little upset over her Sloppies costume.  It’s a cereal box (literally) and wig that she is not to supposed to take it off except in bed.  (She told the house guests that Janelle made this a rule since she didn’t wear hers all the time.)  

Outside Dani and Cody are sitting together when Tyler comes out.  Dani wants Tyler out and is giving him the evil eye.  Tyler gets in the pool but you can tell he’s upset.  He goes in, finds Da’Vonne and tells her he needs to talk to her and Bayleigh.  Tyler tells us that he’s feeling guilty about some of the stuff he’s said.  Tyler is not being true to himself and is also missing Angela.  He had hoped to mend fences with Bayleigh but that hasn’t happened. He sounds sincere when he tells Bayleigh and Da’Vonne that he plans to put himself up on the block.  He goes to talk to Christmas and tells her that he feels guilty about planting seeds on Bayleigh and even suggests going up (and here the whitewashing starts as he’s called to Diary Room before he can talk to Christmas).  While we see Bayleigh and Da’Vonne surprised at Tyler’s move, we also see doubt there. 

Christmas isn’t happy with Tyler’s feelings or decision.  Basically she tells Tyler to sleep on it but ultimately it will be her decision.  Christmas tells us in Diary Room that it is her HoH and she makes the choices. She wants to keep The Committee safe because it is her shield.  Tyler and Christmas both have to listen to higher authorities.  (Production!)

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne wonder what happened.  They are thinking that Tyler wasn’t being honest.  Bayleigh says it is like their previous season.  Later Christmas talks to Da’Vonne about using the PoV .  Da’Vonne tells her about Tyler’s talk with them.  Da’Vonne is trying to make Christmas comfortable as she tells us.  Hearing that Bayleigh has it out for Tyler and he wants to throw his game out for Bayleigh upsets Christmas.  It’s the worse thing that Da’Vonne could say.

Christmas talks to Tyler and tells him what Bayleigh has said about wanting his head on a silver platter.  For Christmas’s game, she needs Tyler there.  Tyler is upset over the way Bayleigh is acting.  He really wanted to be her friend but sees it as not possible.  (I think that is what came out of that rambling speech in Diary Room).  Da’Vonne basically shot down any hope that she and Bayleigh had.

POV Ceremony

Christmas announces she will not use the Power of Veto and Bayleigh makes a comment.  It’s over and the group is adjourned.  Bayleigh is upset and says Tyler is a fink and didn’t follow through on his promise.  Christmas is upset because she gave up the summer with her son and Tyler almost mess up her game.  He’s going to have to do his own dirty work.  Tyler says it may be his second chance and he’s going to have to work and not worry about friendships.  Da’Vonne is upset and told herself to wake up and play Big Brother.

Coming up Thursday

Who will be Evicted?  Find out tomorrow but now for the Scoop that I mentioned earlier.

Now a short version of “From the Feeds”

Sunday night, production basically kept Tyler from talking to Christmas for over an hour.  It has been mentioned to some of the house guests by Tyler that Tyler was told that he can’t ask to be a backdoor.  He can’t talk to the nominees about it.  Many people I know have said they thought Grodner was called to calm him down.  While this was going on, Day and Bay were talking to David and Kevin planting seeds to get Tyler out.  They also mentioned the core.

Monday (I believe) Christmas had a fight with Da’Vonne that sent sparks through the house.  It has calmed down. Oh, and another yeller showed up that Cody shouted down.

Today, Da’Vonne spilled the confirming tea of a pregame set-up.  She talked to Bayleigh and said she got a call from a previous winner, Derrick, asking if she was going in the house.  He wanted to check so he could talk to a friend who was playing.  Someone didn’t pull the plug soon enough on that reveal.

And, if Bayleigh leaves tomorrow, Swaggy has a special gift waiting for her.

Big Brother #22 — Live Feed Mayhem

Big Brother #22 has been boring up until this week. Just as we finished watching the CBS network broadcast, a fire was lit in the house. Here’s basically what I’m hearing now (or at least since 9:00 PM). If this is rough, sorry. I’m reporting her as I’m listening. Of course, I can only go to 11;00 and I’m sure the last issue will not be over with by then.

Tyler has been talking to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and has offered to talk to Christmas to have her take Bayleigh off the block and put him up. It seems that he has been wanting to self-evict and he wants them to stay and stand up for their rights or reasons they want to stay. Regardless of what happens, he seems to be showing himself as a good guy. He just can’t get everyone out of the HoH room to talk to Christmas

Ian is spilling all sort of tea. As I started this, Christmas just asked Ian what does he think of the nods staying the same. She tells Ian she may not do what he says and he says no direct answer but a percentage. She asks him if he will keep one and he asks her “do you want to know who.” He’s leaning toward keeping Day. Christmas feels the same way. Ian questions on whether there is a power to mess it up. Christmas feels that Day and Bay think that noms will stay the same.

Ian dished the tea on some of the stuff he has heard in the house that they may not know he has heard. He tells Christmas about the Nicole A/Nicole F talk where Nicole F named Ian as going on the block. They are talking about the “cool kids” shunning them.

Enzo and David talked about the powers. David was told to make a big move. It might be his only chance. David is confused.

Ian and Christmas trying to figure out the ones with the powers. They keep saying “he” and I think it is David. Oh, Christmas and Ian are talking about what the power could be that might replace a nominee — The Blocker one.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne couldn’t believe what Tyler offered to do. They’re trying to figure out why. They think it was good but with what they’ve been told they see it as a way to just leave or something else. I honestly think their mind has been blown as they look for reasons.

And Tyler is in the Diary Room. Christmas just spilled that. If Tyler got called to the Diary Room before talking to Christmas, we know what is happening. They’re trying to address his issues and keep him in the house.

Ian wants a HoH. I just checked the feeds and many of the house guests are missing.

Seems there was another yeller and they’re on a lock down.

Four cameras — 2 on HoH, 2 on Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and Enzo. I don’t think they have told him about Tyler’s offer.

Christmas knows that during her season they gave her a comp. Ian tries to convince her that yes, all could have false started (no — it didn’t happen that way).

Just as I put this up, a new development happened. Tyler came in to talk to Christmas and told her how much he appreciated her. She asked if there was something she needed to know and he started to say something and we got stars. Stay tuned. Unfornately, I am out for the night. Joker’s Date or Hamster (Dingo) will probably have an update later.

Okay guys. I’ve got to go. Still no word or sign of Tyler. And Dani/Nicole/Cody/Memphis hasn’t been seen since the 9:00 hour of this in the HoH room. They left Ian and Christmas talking.

Big Brother #22 — Hey It’s Christmas! Not Really — She’s Only HoH — 9/6/2020

Okay Big Brother #22 fans!  I must say Christmas winning the Head of Household was not what I thought would be good for the show.  While there has been some movement and tears in the Big Brother #22 house, especially after nominations, it was the BB Basement that made at least two people mad.  Should I tell you now or wait. 

Oh, and before we get into fun and games, please remember on 9/11 to take a moment to remember those who died on that day in Washington and New York.  I had friends who were not near the danger but close and helped feed first responders.  I admire the first responders and hospital workers so much not only for their work on that day but also for their work now on the pandemic front.

Live Feeds and Alliances

There seems to be no change in the alliances as of now.  Slick Six is very close to being a thing of the past but the three guys are now bonded.  I’m just not sure this Big Brother threesome are as close as they want to appear.  It seems Cody says what he thinks people want to hear and there is a lack of sincerity in all that he says.

The big action came not from the nominations but from the BB Basement game.  Anyone who follows the live-feed knows of who claimed two of them (but I’ll wait until at least after the show to tell more).  The third power has not been mentioned.  At least one person got mad over the power and sulked and cried in bed.  If they don’t show this, I’ll fill you in after the action.

Now on to the two nominees.  Names will be given later.  Let’s just say that Dani is spilling a bunch of half-truths and out right lies to the whole house.  Why?  She thinks if they believe it, she’s safe.  Also at this stage in the tale bearing, I’m not sure she even knows what is true and what is false.  Plus she wants Tyler out who returns the sentiment and wants Daniele out of the Big Brother house also.

Also Cody unbeknowingly gave me the final clue to why the new school players are more – shall we say – boring than old school.  Old school went in and played the game as individuals.  The new school players have always been into team sports. Without a group or team, they don’t have the knowledge or ability to think outside the box.  Let me know what you think of this theory!

The HOH Walk and Talk

As usual on Big Brother, Christmas promises to make significant moves.  Da’Vonne is so upset with herself because she didn’t win.  She was planning on putting  Dani on the block (and that’s all I focused on).  Cody is upset about the Kaysar eviction speech.  Memphis says there is no where to hide.  Enzo likes Christmas but refuses to be a pawn for her.

In the storage room, Nicole and Christmas meet.  Nicole apologies for not hugging Christmas.  To be honest, I feel like Nicole is acting so superior that it looks like she has this won now.  Dani tells us that Kaysar’s big move was to call out Nicole and Cody and doesn’t like being the third wheel.  Well, let’s break it down!  Both Dani and Nicole like to spread stories and gossip (even inaccurate stuff).  Tyler has figured out the six are calling each other out but Tyler was not named.  He brings it up to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  The three of them see that the alliance is taking shots at each other.  While Da’Vonne calls Cody out, he is stalling for a reason.  Hey Nicole, he’s letting you down.  Da’Vonne has called him a liar.  Tyler has figured who is the last in line.  When will Bayleigh make an accusation?

Dani meets with Christmas and tries to influence the nominees.  Dani and Nicole are all urging Christmas to put up Bayleigh and Da’Vonne because they are coming after them.  Dani likes Christmas and thinks she can sway Christmas. When Da’Vonne talks to Christmas, she wants Christmas to know she’s not coming after her.  Christmas wishes they had had the talk before she took power.  Enzo sees her as a sister and an ally.  He suggests Da’Vonne and tells her that Bayleigh and Nicole are emotional.  Christmas thinks Enzo is on the same page as she is.  Christmas dear, everyone is in it for themselves.

BB Basement and Aftermath

BB Basement is in the bowels of the building and is too frightening for anyone to enter.  There are no lights has three new powers.  All powers will be rewarded in this one game.  Christmas isn’t happy with game as it could hurt her HoH . Dani is worried that it will cause more tension and hurt her game.  (What game?)    

The game is played on a sticky floor and they must find three puzzle pieces to win “replay,” “disruption,” or “blocked.” Tyler finds a secret room but no significance is shown.  David finds disruption (the only power that hasn’t been revealed during live feeds).  Everyone cheer!  David finally won something.  Dani find replays.  Christmas finds blocked.  Oh, by the way, Nicole has lost her pants during the competition because they were glued to the floor.  Well, at least we can’t call this boring.

Christmas immediately tells Tyler she has a power.  She’s in a final two with him.  Her power, “The Blocker” can prevent a house guest from being put on the block.  She must use it in the next three weeks.  Of course, Tyler tells Enzo and Cody.  Dani wins “Replay” which allows an HoH to play in the competition that he or she must sit out.  It also lasts three weeks and she tells Nicole.  David has the third power and doesn’t tell anyone (as far as we know).  His power is “The Disrupter.”  He can cause chaos to an HoH’s reign.  He can also use it to save himself. The question is:  Would he have the sense to use it.  He seems to be clueless at times.  Wait a minute.  Big Brother, these powers are not new.  I’ve seen them in different seasons so the use of “new” is inaccurate.

Dani is meeting with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh to do damage control.  Of course, she’s throwing Tyler and others under the bus.  Dani is turning Tyler’s word against him to Bayleigh.  Of course, Bayleigh has told her something now that Dani denies.  Damage control doesn’t mean throwing your team under the bus Dani.  Enzo’s name is brought up and Enzo heard,  He doesn’t support Dani which sets her off.  So now, Dani needs to watch out for Enzo and Tyler. 

The Nomination Ceremony

Before the nomination ceremony, Dani seeks to do damage control.  While it looks like she doesn’t want Bayleigh up and feels the blame will come back on her, ultimately it is Christmas who makes the decision.  Bayleigh does talk to Tyler about Dani’s comments and gives Tyler information on Dani.  Bayleigh doesn’t know who Tyler would chose over her.  Bayleigh is trying to protect the alliance and Dani seems to want to destroy it.  Enzo and Tyler offer support Bayleigh who is upset on how Tyler tried to comfort her.  So Dayleigh tells Da’Vonne who is now in the know.  Tyler comes in to talk to the two and tells them he does have their back.  Again, this group acts as a team.  Bayleigh wants confirmation that Tyler wouldn’t turn on Bayleigh and no one understands Dani.  Tyler sees he could be in trouble.

At the nomination ceremony, Christmas selects Bayleigh (who is shaking her head as if she knew).  The second is Da’Vonne (who is starring daggers at Dani).  Bayleigh was nominated because she told her that Da’Vonne was her second.  Christmas is almost in tears.  Da’Vonne is mad.  Christmas is in the storage room crying but she did this for the purpose of the game.  David has the power that could take down the nominees.  Will he use it?

So – what will happen?

I know who won PoV and it wasn’t either Da’Vonne or Bayleigh.

Will David use his power or save it for possible use on himself?  Does he realize it is almost a coup d’etait power?

Dani cried in bed to Nicole about her power! At least she got one!

Can Tyler and Enzo save face with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and take a target off their back?

Turn in and this week looks to be better than the past four.

Big Brother #22 — Enzo’s Reign Ends with a Whimper — 9/3/2020

Big Brother #22 fans!  Are you ready for an exciting evening?  Didn’t think so because we haven’t had any drama or fireworks on eviction night yet!  So Big Brother, who will go tonight?  My money’s on Kaysar but think it would be funny if Christmas goes. I like unpredictable behavior and this group is so predictable right now it’s boring.  It would serve Christmas right if she does go home.  Who is their right mind volunteers to be a pawn.  Oh, that’s right.  These are new-school players.

Alliances and Live Feed Notes

Okay!  Big Brother #22 now has two new alliances.  Over the last two days we have had two new groups come forward.  They are:

Triple Thr3at.  Yes, the spelling is right.  This crew has a thing for numbers.  It’s composed of Enzo, Cody and Tyler.  Each has a nickname but I’m not sure who is who.  The nicknames are Shundance Kid, Green-Eyed Bandit, and Zuco (Thanks #hamsterwatch bb22 on Twitter).  I really don’t care who is who but if I was Tyler, I’d notice that I was third in the group and so would be the first gone.

Insurance Policy – Ian and Tyler.  They shook hands on an agreement to have each other’s back and tell each other if anyone is thinking of putting them up.

Live feed notes:  Dani is mad at Tyler because he refuses to put Ian up as a “have not.”  She doesn’t want to do it because Ian will have hard feelings toward her.  So, let me get this straight.  It’s okay for Ian to be the heel while you smell like a rose.  Tyler refused and so I’m not sure what will happen on that front.  Dani is playing the whole house but is nervous.  Nicole doesn’t think she’s on anyone’s radar. (Really!  You have all but been called a rat.  They reserve that for Twitter.)  Things are simmering below the surface and I’m waiting for it to blow.  And yes, I still have my live-feeds.

The Preliminary Information

Let’s get to Big Brother shall we?  The preliminary filler opens with Julie reminding us that pawns have been thrown out before.  Cody and Enzo have a final two.  So what else is new, Cody has a final two with almost everyone.  After a recap of what we were allowed to see on the network broadcast, we see Dani coming in to the “Slick Six” alliance which Tyler tells Enzo about later.  We once again see Enzo naming Christmas at the POV Ceremony.  Oh, I wish it could have been a dream but we’re told there is a new power to shake up the house.

So on Day 30, Julie says the “Ghost of Janelle” haunts the house.  Julie now shows us what has gone in the house since the POV Ceremony.  Enzo put up Christmas to be sure that Kaysar will be gone.  Kaysar and Memphis talks about alliances.  Memphis is sort of out of the thick of things with a back injury.  He’s not worried because he’s got an alliance.  When Kaysar asks if he knows what is going on, Memphis plays dumb but tells us he knows what is going on.  Dear Memphis, there are two alliances of six.  Guess what!  You aren’t a part of “Slick Six.”

Cody and Enzo talk about Tyler and Dani being at odds.  Cody makes excuses but Enzo tells him and us that Dani is sloppy.  Now Cody told Enzo about the other alliances.  Enzo though see Cody and Tyler as his guys.  So Cody is selling everyone in the other alliance to protect himself.  Does he have reason to be paranoid (oh yeah, the yeller). 

Tyler is getting tired of Dani gaming like she is.  He tells us that Dani is trying to throw everyone against each other and he sees her as spreading malice. Tyler talks to Bayleigh and Da’Vonne about Dani.  Both now are suspicious.  Da’Vonne tells Tyler that Dani will be caught and will go home next week.  (First, you have to win an HoH to do it Da’Vonne.)  Tyler does tell Cody and Enzo about the talk.  Cody is upset because Tyler has told Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  To him Tyler has created chaos and it’s splitting the house.  No Cody!  You and Nicole already has done that.

Meanwhile, Ian and Kevin share information and Kevin is shocked.  Ian is telling him everything about the alliances.  Both feel like something should be done but Ian feels it can’t come from him.  Ian talks to Kaysar and Kaysar shares his version.  Ian knows he has to watch Nicole closely now.  Unfortunately it is too late for Kaysar at this stage.

New Twist and Eviction

Julie tells us the new twist will be called the BB Basement.  There are rooms downstairs where people have stayed over night (remember Samantha the Robot last season?).

Eviction ceremony starts!  Christmas gives her speech first.  Her speech is very creative as she says supports the Enzo’s decision and asks the others to have Christmas Joy stay.  Kaysar meanwhile tells them he loves each on a personal level but he does mention the game play of Nicole and Cody running the house.  He thinks the guys have an alliance mentioning David and Tyler.  Dani and Nicole and Cody have an alliance.  He tells the house guests to keep them because he will take a shot at taking the core out.  Vote to keep Kaysar safe.  It’s the way to play All-Stars.  Cody is nervous, Nicole looks unaffected.

The voting begins.  Cody is first and he knows that Kaysar is on to him.  Nicole, when she casts her vote, is as cool as a cucumber (no pun intended BB fans).  All vote to evict Kaysar.  I guess Kaysar hadn’t learned not to put names out at Eviction Ceremony.

Julie tells Kaysar that he has been evicted by all.  He gets his mask (because he’s leaving the BB house) and hugs Cody and the rest.  Dani doesn’t look happy with the hug but the rest seem friendly.  Julie is waiting on stage and she wants to know if he thought he’d get any votes.  He admits he didn’t expect any but wanted to leave the others with a present.  Julie asks him about the game and mentions Cody, Tyler, Nicole and Dani but adds Memphis and Christmas.  Kaysar is shocked (behind the mask) and he didn’t see it coming nor that Memphis started the alliance.  Julie talks to him about his in-depth conversations with Da’Vonne.  Julie wants to know did he come back to change the world. Kaysar says that he came back because it changed his life 15 years ago and to make a difference.  He sees so much pain and division in our world and someone must take a stand.  I love Kaysar okay.  I admit it.  He’s honest!  Julie tells him that’s what he was voted back 15 years ago it was because the fans saw this also.  She thanks hi for coming back.  He thanks the BB family.  Note all:  No good-bye messages!

HoH Competition Begins

The HoH competition begins.  Since all are dressed up, it can’t be physical.  Julie announces that there will be no “have nots” this week (next week must be very physical).  The game this week is “Filter Face-Off.”  They will see the faces of the house guests and they will see stickers over the pictures.  Two at a time, they must answer questions with more, same or less.  Ian and Kevin start and the game progresses.  Why does not one call Tyler and Christmas up toward close to the end.  It comes down to Christmas and Da’Vonne.  The next HoH is Christmas.  She’s shocked and Nicole is the first to hug her.  We know who feels safe.

Julie show us the new room and explains the power.  The new room is dark with three new game changing powers.  Julie promises these powers could change everything.

For Next Week:

Who will Christmas put up?  (I think Tyler, Enzo, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are definitely safe).  Will she go for Cody and Nicole?

Who will win the “in the dark competition?”

Will the powers possibly bring Kaysar back since he didn’t get any messages?

Big Brother #22 – Week 4 – Enzo No Big Move – 9/2/2020

Well, Enzo was in power on this week’s Big Brother #22 All Stars and promised to make big moves.  Well, he hasn’t as we can see with Kaysar and Kevin as the nominees.  I guess “big moves” to him now means doing the easy work and leaving the hard for others.  Big Brother can’t be happy with what is going on inside the house but they set it up.  Apparently, the group has an order to evictions but the question I have is:  What group?  There are two groups of six and the members are not the same.  How can two groups of six where only three members are the same control a game?  Enzo needs to get the facts from Cody.  Oh, right!  Cody and Nicole are the only ones who really share information.

Why I Say That

There’s been talk on Twitter that there was a pre-game alliance.  Let’s just say, I won’t say who set it up because I have no proof but I did get some proof of who was involved through live-feeds.  In case you don’t read Jokesters or follow along on Twitter with some posters, there was a megaphone incident on Sunday night.  I won’t say who suggested the wording (ask me in a message to share).  The gist of the shout was “Cody and Nicole are playing the house.”  Of course they are.  They’re the pregame alliance according to the rumors making the rounds on Twitter.  So this has messed up the house and their game.  In fact, the two met yesterday and think their pregame is sunk  Nicole thinks it can be salvage but Cody doesn’t  He suggested putting her up and she said emphatically “NO!”  (Yes, I heard that conversation on my live feeds.  If they don’t get better, I may cancel.)  Any way . . .

Alliances as of Now

All are in turmoil it appears.  Oh, and rumors of another megaphone sent everyone into lock down around ten last night.

Slick Six is all but kaput.  Dani is filling Enzo in on how much Da’Vonne and Bayleigh is talking .  Tyler got disgusted with Enzo for putting up Christmas and has talked to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh without Cody’s permission which made Cody run and complain about Tyler to Enzo.  Enzo’s name now for his alliance is the Sucky Six.

The Corporation (I guess that is Memphis’s alliance) had Christmas volunteer to go up as a replacement as she trusts Enzo.  Now she regrets it after the Sunday yard yeller.  Tyler isn’t trusting either Cody or Nicole and Cody doesn’t trust Tyler.  Christmas talks to and relies on Tyler and Kaysar.  She and Tyler tried to get Enzo to put up Dani.

Ian has just about figured out everything.  He knows that Cody and Nicole came in with a pregame alliance but isn’t sure how it formed.  Tyler was Cody’s screen and Nicole has used Ian. Ian has told Kaysar but Kaysar isn’t sure about Tyler.  Christmas was just added in and Dani is friendly with Nicole.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are solid and seem to be okay with Tyler so I guess that threesome is okay.

Ian and Nicole — Nicole thinks all is well but Ian has everything almost figured out.

David has some thoughts but every time he says something it comes out as a guy alliance.  Ian didn’t help this idea much because he said Nicole was told to rally the girls and him while Cody was arranging the guys.

Memphis has been seen but not heard (much like Tyler who has gone quiet).  He has hurt his back somehow and is listed as “disabled” or “hurt” by the others.  It could be a ruse.

Kevin is clueless but listening to Kaysar.  Dani is meddling in all groups but is good friends with Nicole.

Is your head swimming?  Mine is.

And Now for the Show

(They are choosing some unflattering clips of Nichole this year – face mask that looks like plastic.)

Kaysar figured that he’d be up he tells us in Diary Room.  Kevin is all but crying.  No, he has a headache.  Kevin is upset because he likes Enzo.  Enzo apologizes of course.  Basically, Kevin is pawn but still needs to fight for POV.  Kevin didn’t buy this in Diary Room and said: “I’m a queen, not a pawn.”  Enzo begs for trust.  Dani and Christmas feel bad for Kevin.   Nicole looks so happy in the Diary Room because she’s not up.  Of course, this was before the “yeller.”  Meanwhile Kaysar went up to question what happened. 

David is still as dense about this game as before.  I must say that he was honest in Diary Room because he said he had lost people’s trust (he finally bought a clue).  Bayleigh sees David as an outsider and admits to us that he’s rubbing everyone the wrong way.  (Really?  Shocker!!)  Bayleigh also tells us that he needs to tone down his game.  Enzo talks to Ian who promises to check with Enzo if he wins POV.  He’s just telling Enzo what he wants to hear.  Enzo seems confused by Ian.

Enzo and Cody meet to discuss who has said what.  Enzo is confused by Ian.  Cody tells us how he sees it but it sounds like “blah blah blah” to me.  Cody does say in Diary Room he does want Ian to leave because he is smart. 

Oh goody.  We get Memphis telling us about his morning routine.  Could we have gone without this?   We know you don’t have news or anything else Memphis but “Guess the Headlines” with Kaysar is lame.  Our headlines are bad enough and we don’t need these two to add to them.  I guess Big Brother is hurting for content due to the routine this group has.

The Power of Veto

Enzo starts the ceremony to pull the competitors for Veto.  Enzo chooses Tyler while Kaysar picks Bayleigh.  Kevin chooses “Houseguest Choice” and chooses David.  (Really Kevin?  Why did you do that?)  It seems that David and Kevin had talked and we’re told that Kevin thinks David will take him off the block if he wins.  David looks like the kid in the candy store in the Diary Room because he’s so happy.  Meanwhile Kaysar fills Bayleigh in on where he sees the house guests’ thinking.  Bayleigh of course has alliances to which she feels loyal.  Of course, this is a concept that old-school (as Tyler and others call it) don’t get.  Bayleigh lets us know that she probably would not save Kaysar.  Meanwhile Enzo and Tyler meet.  They’re confident they can win and the nominees will remain as is.  Then Cody arrives.  Does he have to be there all the time.  I think Tyler is tired of Cody with the eye look he gave that the camera saw.  Cody feels threatened by Tyler.

Memphis is host and is in a circus ringmaster outfit.  It is the BB Theater and they will be puppets.  They must hold to the puppet string with feet and hands in a holder.  Winner gets Power of Veto.  Noncompetitors love it.  I’d hate it.  Kaysar tells us he’s doing it for America and BB Nation.  Kevin is doing it to show that he’s not a pawn.  The puppet master pulls the strings.  Da’Vonne says if you are not flexible, you are hurting.  They also get sprayed with slime.  Oh Enzo, you shouldn’t complain.  You saw the goggles.  All have problems with Kaysar being the first out.  He’s followed by Enzo, Tyler, and Bayleigh (who lost a hand hold).  Kevin loses his foot grip but gets it back.  Kevin tries to get David to fall because Kevin really wants POV.  David misses a foot grip and is down.  Kevin wins POV to applause from all. Bayleigh tells us that it was a mental competition.  I can see that!  Kevin is laughing and crying at the same time.  David thinks that he has proven he can be Cody and Tyler’s ally.  Enzo worries about the replacement

Kaysar immediately starts campaigning to Ian.  Ian is worried he might go up.  Enzo goes to the HoH room and finds Cody and Nicole there.  Nicole doesn’t want Ian up.  Enzo tells them he could make a big move but is not ready to put up Ian.  “He’s not playing around” is what Enzo tells us in the Diary Room.  (My thoughts are will that last much long – NO!)  Cody leaves and Christmas and Enzo talk.  She agrees to go up as a pawn but he’s reluctant to do that to his “BB sister.”  She’s doing it to solidify her friendship/alliance with Enzo.  Enzo tells us he hates doing it but tells her to trust him.

Meanwhile Dani, Nicole and Bayleigh scheme.  Dani wants a “Slick Six” meeting but why is Nicole there?  This upsets Tyler when he sees Nicole and you can see his mind working.  Tyler talks to Enzo about Nicole being there when Dani wants to meet. This upsets Enzo because he feels that Dani broke trust by telling someone outside the key alliance. 

It’s time for the Veto meeting and no, we don’t get anything about the yeller.  Kevin choses to use the veto oh himself.  Enzo now must name someone to take Kevin’s place.  And the nominee is . . . Christmas of course.  We do learn that Enzo is proud of Christmas volunteering to go up.  Christmas hope she’s safe because she doesn’t want to leave looking gullible.  Kevin is excited that he is off the block and pretty much told the house guests off in the Diary Room.  Tyler declares war on Dani because “he sees what she’s doing.”

So what’s to come:

Eviction of Kaysar or Christmas (leaning toward Kaysar by  a wide majority).

The lost of trust for Dani.

HoH where Tyler has a purpose and Kevin wants revenge.

Tune in tomorrow night and we’ll watch another boring episode where no one makes a move!

BIG BROTHER #22: August 30, 2020 – More of the Same but with Different Players

Big Brother will start tonight with a Head of Household competition.  Of course, I know who won because I watch and read live feed updates.  For now, with this episode of Big Brother, I’ll say just to expect more of the same game play that we’ve seen in the last few weeks.  We all know that the old-schoolers aren’t long for the game unless one of them wins which is highly unlikely at the rate things are going but I will give a few updates.


The two big six alliances on Big Brother #22 are beginning to show cracks at the seams.  In the Enzo alliance, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have no trust for the guys.  In the Memphis alliance, well, they never meet but Cody and Nicole F. have had words a few times.  She did invite him to her wedding but the cost made him mad.  She wants him to pay $1250 to go to a wedding!  Of course, it’s on the islands and of course is has three parties associated with it but he said no.  Then there’s also been arguments about putting Ian up if (and when) the Power of Veto is played.  Cody, I believe, said it couldn’t be done because Ian is protection for Nicoe. Tyler is playing quiet this week but doesn’t have any trust for  Dani but Nicole is on his scope also.  I want confirmation on who has been tutoring who and if a pay off is due if one of the pregamers wins). So now on to the Sunday night yawn-fest – I mean show.

Head of Household

It has been said that Janelle left some clothes behind for Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.  Don’t be surprised to hear Nicole and Dani complaining about this.

Da’Vonnie is explaining the HoH game.   The people who watched the eviction show knows that Kaysar won a spot in the HoH final during heat one.  Dani tells us during a Diary Room that she didn’t mind stirring up trouble with her vote but more of the game.  Enzo wants a win so he can make decisions.  Ian meanwhile is using too much math on this HoH and Nicole wants to now play her game. (What game Nicole?  It always involves a guy.)  Enzo wins the second spot and David gets the third spot. 

Now it’s time for the second group.  Cody is worried.  He knows he will be on the block if Kaysar wins.  Dani wants to compete against Kaysar and stop him from being HoH.  First, she has to win and so far she hasn’t done crap.  Kevin wants to shake things up because of a lack of trust.  Christmas has got two balls in and Memphis wants David out.  Bayleigh wouldn’t mind taking out Ian or Nicole (remember, they’re not in the Enzo alliance).  First spot goes to Dani who finally has won a spot in something.  Kevin has won the second spot while Cody gets the third spot.  Wait it is a photo finish with Cody winning.  Christmas has tears (okay one for tonight) because she lost out on seeing pictures of her baby.  So Kaysar, Enzo, David, Cody, Dani, and Kevin. 

The finalists are determined to win.  While Kaysar gets one ball in quick, he knows his safety depends on it.  Nicole doesn’t want Cody, Dani or Enzo to win because she wants to be the one to take Kaysar out. Big Whoop Nicole.  You haven’t done anything so far.  Kaysar is so close but Enzo is so focused.  David gets two in the slots and it going to be ending soon.  Kaysar is close.  Tyler is nervous.  And the winner is Enzo.  Enzo wants blood all over him as he says in Diary Room and he is wanting to stir up trouble.

The After Game

On returning to the house, Enzo tells Kevin he did good.  Maybe, Kevin says, it wasn’t a bad thing.  Meanwhile recriminations are being done by Cody and Dani.  Maybe all the fights that Dani and Cody are doing are rigged.  Naw, I don’t think so. Da’Vonne and Bayleigh gone will allow Dani to work to get whichever one is left on her side.  Cody on the other hand want Nicole out.  To him, Dani has too much going on. Da’Vonne tells us she wanted pictures of her child and we have tears two in the Diary Room and the house.  Bayleigh does play cheerleader.  Please Big Brother, give us some action.  This is nothing more than more of the same. 

Okay as it is more of the same, I’m going to give you my take on this situation.  All don’t trust or like David.  Dani wants to be the key woman in the house and Nicole thinks that she’s in charge.  Both want Da’Vonne and Bayleigh out (I’m not sure about Christmas).  To them Enzo seems to be a wild card.  And the clueless member of the house is David who sometimes look like he doesn’t know what is going on. 

In the HoH room, Enzo talks about his alliances.  First there is Cody who fills him in on Dani and how she is going to pin things on Bayliegh and Da’Vonne.  Seems Dani came up with the idea and Enzo’s thought wasn’t good enough for her. 

Kaysar knows he is going up and decides to work on Da’Vonne to stay.  It looks like he plans to use philosophical.  The discussion is centering on Black Lives Matter.  And it is good but deep I have to wonder how this plays into Kaysar’s game.  All he did was agree.  Oh and we have tears three because of how hard the game is for Da’Vonne.  Kaysar tells us in Diary Room that people should be brave and speak up and say the right things.  Kaysar, you don’t do this with new schoolers.  They look to be stroked and keep things the same.  Good conversation but seems out of place.

Enzo calls all to the living room.  “Have Nots’ are being determined.  There are only three and they are Tyler (volunteers for Enzo), Da’Vonne (chosen by Cody) and Dani (chosen by Bayleigh).  Oh my – what is that on Nicole’s face – some type of masks.  Dani is now being very friendly with Nicole but Danialso has a cry.  Seems Dani and Nicole have bonded.  (Why?  They both want to be seen as smart but why are they acting like dumb blondes?)  Enzo, Tyler and Cody meet to discuss nominees.  The fact is that Kaysar will definitely go up but against who?

Oh, and we are reminded of Christmas’s all-star babies.  She has  twelve and they just keep on coming.  And the babies talk to her.  Finally, she’s told that the babies have grown up and do not need her anymore.  She is pictured with all cheery in the Diary Room. 

Enzo and Christmas talks.  He knows she means to compete.  In Diary Room, Enzo tells us he needs her and will listen to all she will tell him.  In HoH, Enzo asks about the two Kaysar votes.  He knows he did one but wants Christmas to find the other.  Of course, Ian’s name comes up as does Kevin.  David is also listed as wanting to stir things up.  He tells her to sit back and watch what happens.  And Christmas does think Dani is problematic and has an attitude.  So Dani is definitely now on the watch list of Tyler and Enzo.

And the Nominees Are:

Kaysar and Kevin are nominated.  Enzo chooses Kaysar and Kevin for nothing personal but because they haven’t talked to him about game or anything else.  Enzo says that everyone should be worried but no one looks that way.

On Tuesday

Of course, we get the Power of Veto who I already know who wins but won’t tell.

Kaysar will be struggling to win people to his side if he doesn’t win.