Once Upon a Time: My Final Hour Show edit

Once Upon a Time may be my must watch show right now.  While I didn’t agree with everything they did, overall the show was more like season one than it has been in quite some while.  There is one little issue, and I’ve been vocal to both Horowitz and Epperson, that I didn’t like.  I’ve always hoped for a C. S. Lewis’ Narnia ending.  What they did with Hood set it up so we assume he could return in the show’s finale.  But is that true.  Let’s look at something before we go further.

  • Hades said that anyone killed by the crystal would dissolve into nothingness.  That would mean that Robin should have disappeared immediately with no spirit lingering.  Yet, we saw the touching goodbye that happened between Robin and Regina before his essence disappeared.  By the way, we saw his body!
  • When Zelena turned the crystal on Hades and blasted him, he did immediately disappear and his body turned to dust.  Does this mean that the crystal works differently on “fallen gods” than it does on “reformed heroes?”

While Adam Horowitz assured me on Twitter that Hood was really dead, the deaths are different.  Hades was instanteous.  We did get that tender scene between Regina and Robin.  Can I hold out hope? Sure I can and I will at least for the show’s finale.  There’s one way to give Regina a happy ever after and I see how.  Beside Howoritz, Fury, and company told me that there would be no purgatory for the LOSTies but there was.  And that was way back in season one.

Now here’s where fan fiction may come in.  If I get the opportunity tomorrow, I’ll write up how I would end the romance.  I think it would make all happy. It certainly would give Robin and Regina a semi-happy ending.

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