Mary Tyler Moore: Television Icon and Inspiration

I’m going to say more about this later, but I just have to express my sadness at the loss of Mary Tyler Moore.  As a child, Mary Tyler Moore was on one of the only television shows during prime time that I was allowed to watch.  The Dick Van Dyke Show introduced her to the American public.

As a almost teen, she got her own show — The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  It inspired me, and many other young people, to reach for the stars.  She was an inspiration that took bad times and made them good.  She made us happy as she “turned the world on with her smile” and gave us hope that “we might just take it after all.”

Mary, for being an inspiration, I thank you.  For being a voice for the people who suffer with diabetes, I thank you.  For being a voice of reason in a time when things, I thank you.  I wish we had your smile now as never before!

Rest in peace and know that your memory will live on as long as television exists.

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