Dance Moms: Is It Really Gone?

Dance Moms as we know it may have ended forever after the last episodes filmed air.  The show runners hinted at renewal but if so, who will be on it.  Let’s look at the cast of characters and see if we can determine whether it will return or not.

Abby Lee Miller — left the show in a fit of glory.  She claims to be through and is out marketing herself for other shows (and possibly a gastro-surgery one).  Abby is facing jail time and she wants the minis to be her new group with Brynn as a leader.  Would fans accept this?  Most seem to like the elites (formerly junior elites), but they are have a future ahead of them.

Chloe — Chloe came back but seems to have other projects on her plate.  Would she have time to continue with Dance Moms? Her mom has hinted that the end of the road has been reached.

Nia — the only one in all seasons has started a music career.  She also has huge potential to do other projects and her mother has also hinted that the show may be off her radar.  I think she and Chloe will stick together and both do the same thing.

Kendall — the next longest on the show.  She wants a music career and she is doing some modeling.  Would she return?  Abby hints she already has returned to ADLCLA but it could have been an old video.  And while Abby had that video up, Jill had pictures of their return to Pittsburgh on her page.

Kalani — Kalani has been there for her friendships with the girls more than anything else.  She is the oldest and must make a decision about college/professional career within the next two years.  She has a sock line that seems popular and has gotten into modeling. I honestly don’t think her girls would return.

Brynn — Brynn has made her decision and it is to follow Abby Lee Miller.  She is part of the mini team but the real question is how long will that last.  Time will tell.

Bryan Stinson is being very coy and no networks are saying anything yet.  My guess is the Writers’ Strike may impact all of this.  I guess it is a wait and see type deal.

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