Dance Moms: The Debate Still Rages

Last night’s (Tuesday, October 10, 2017) on Dance Moms, we got to see the dances in their entirety.  I’m not going to throw shade at the younger dancers.  I do want to say that the first version I saw (season one) of “Where Have All the Children Gone” moved me to tears.  Here is the link for it if you never have seen it:  The gist of this is that all our children are exposed to acts of violence.  The version last night ( looked like the schoolyard bully and no one standing up to him.  Granted Brynn did push him, but it was half-hearted and she ran off.  If he was the school yard bully, she should have confronted him.

Let’s now deal with the big controversy on last night’s Dance Moms.  Many complained about the mature nature and costumes of the girls dance.  Granted, it’s not what you are use to on Dance Moms.  No lyrical moves or pretty little facial expressions, it was hard hitting and actually age appropriate.  These girls are aged 15, 16, and 17.  They will be moving into college/jobs where they will be expected to perform like this or much worse.  They pulled the number off and I applaud them for it.  It’s a grown up dance and is seen in almost every music video.  If you didn’t see it, here’s the link (

Abby’s complaint that this isn’t what she raised the girls to do is not reflected in what we have seen over seven seasons.  And while I’m sure Abby would say that producers made her do these dances, Abby could have stood up to them and refused.  She has dressed them as show girls.  Here’s the link and be sure to watch all of it  and especially view the judges faces.  They were in shock. Here the girls are complete with Vegas costumes and fans (

If this isn’t evidence enough of what Abby has had the girls do, let me remind you of a few others:

Electricity — better costumes than above but still objectionable contents by standards established on Twitter last night — (

Make You Mine — due to costumes and dance moves

They Call Me Laquifa — This is from season one or two and notice that Abby has Nia twirking.

Snapshot  — where the girls danced in bras/pants only they were swimsuits

Nip and Tuck — another bra/pants routine.  This routine was supposed to imply that the moms had plastic surgery —

And less we forget.  Here’s what Abby said to Nia about her video and the testimonial that follows:  ( And . . . (  And … (    Yet Abby loves Maddie’s work with Shia and Sia (  Most people’s opinion of “Elastic Heart” can be voiced by Cathy of Candy Apples (

And less you forget, Abby didn’t want Nia/Holly or JoJo/Jessalynn to come to Australia.  They were not included in any of the events so Holly took matters into her own hands (, and Nia’s and JoJo’s POWERFUL performance in Australia (without other girls being allowed to attend) (prep) and (performance).

As I said last night — Pot meet Kettle.  Abby and her supporters can’t complain because the evidence exists that she did the same thing and complained when Nia made it big without her.

4 thoughts on “Dance Moms: The Debate Still Rages

  1. Correction – the older girls are 14, 15 and 16 and they looked like absolute trash in that number. If they think this will help them get work as a dancer, they need to lose weight, and actually learn to respect the choreographer. NONE of them looked like professional dancers, not even Kalani, the supposed oldest and most experienced. Aisha was absolutely right in what she said, none of these girls would stand a snowball’s chance in hell working professionally. Kendall is nothing but a cry-baby basketcase who cracks under any kind of pressure, Nia is too fat and lazy technique wise, and Kalani has zero respect for anyone. Camryn has a chance, she has the body, and as long as her mother keeps her mouth shut, she might actually make it since none of Abby’s bad habits or work ethic has rubbed off on her yet. I suggest you look at the actual TECHNIQUE in the old version of “where have all the children gone” – there was NONE compared to the new version and for the simple reason – the minis, Maesi and Brynn can actually dance, and the boy was great as the “predator” that he was meant to play. Chloe needs to start fresh with a brand new studio where no one knows her or her mother. Now I can see why Abby hated Christi so much, the woman is a stark raving lunatic. You’d think that 3 years away from the field would give her some perspective, but nope, she’s worse now that she was before. And WTF was with all the commentary from the producers???? Are they not supposed to blend into the back ground and just let things play out on their own? Of course we all know that the show is more or less scripted, but that was a total joke. The producers probably think “ah hell the show is shot to crap anyway and we’ll all be unemployed anyway, lets stir up as much garbage drama as we can, while we can”. The little minis are better now at their ages, 9 and 10, than any of the OG’s were at their age, or are now – look at the technique from years ago, there is zero comparison.


    1. Michelle: I think I’ve run in to your before. If so, you have forgotten that I do not criticize the girls — I critique the moms. Your attitude to the girls show you don’t really understand the dance world. I have friends who will never let an Abby Lee Dance Company girl dance on their team. The reason — they just don’t have the technique. As for the younger girls, I don’t comment because I don’t comment on them. But I will say this: Like mother, like daughter and not point any particular finger. I will also state that the moms on the new team seem much more offensive than the old moms. OGs stated things to your face. New moms do it sneaky.
      they do it by innuendo.
      And I could say a lot about the dance culture that exists today but I don’t have permission to reveal all I’ve heard. Believe me, I’ve gotten an ear full. Let’s just say that a culture that promotes overly thin girls is unhealthy. Let’s just say that people who bully before a competition is unfair (yeah — we haven’t see it on the show but I’ve heard it exists). Am I naming name — no but I could if I wanted.


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