US Celebrity Big Brother 3 — The Lists Of Celebrities

Since early in the week of January 16th, there have been lists of celebrities for “Celebrity Big Brother.” While I have read them (yes, I admit I looked), I have a hard time thinking that they are real. I’m going to give you the list why below.

  1. Contestants aren’t allowed to reveal that they are doing the show. During the regular season, people can’t tell that they made the final cut. If they reveal (or family reveal) that they are on the show, they are not allowed to appear. I believe they call this the possibility of pre-gaming. With celebrities, the same could be true but it is more complicated than that. Each celebrity can have fans that go overboard. They attack CBS asking for special privileges for their favories.
  2. In “Celebrity Big Brother,” the question often arises: “Why are they doing this show?” Of course, I’ve asked that question with “Masked Singer” also but there is no set in stone reason. Some may do it to jump start their career. Others may do it for exposure. Then others do it because they are bored (and I can understand that with COVID). Ad that brings me to the real laugh I have had this morning. Several people are saying Clay Aiken (“American Idol”) is doing the show. Just this week in a minute, 30 second statement that played on YouTube and other channels, he announced his run for public office. Granted, only North Carolinians may have seen this announcement but I ask you. If you were running for public office would you do “Celebrity Big Brother?” If he wanted to, I don’t think the party would approve.
  3. Now for the big reason I question these lists. Leak! Even if you have friends on the lot or in production, they can’t tell you a thing about the show. If they do, they risk losing their job. If they do, they could hurt the celebrities (or people) they want on. How do I know this? I worked at a college and saw many students. One who stopped by my office before leaving for the summer had gotten an internship at “Big Brother” and knew some of the details. I knew about the no disclosure rule and he said: The reason I told you where my internship is is because I knew you knew the rules. It was strongly said: “Don’t tell them where you will be? Don’t tell!” So, the one person I trust on Twitter hasn’t delivered information. Ad the student who was supposed to be working the back stage? CBS found out he was good on animations/graphic design and switched his assignment when he reached California.

I hope, for viewers sake, that the cast for Celebrity Big Brother is a good one. I hope some people did have correct names. The one thing I do know if that we really will not have an idea until CBS does their reveal.

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