Riverdale:  Serpent Queen Versus the Devil?

Riverdale – what have we become?  We have Archie (can’t be hurt), Betty (vision problems) and Jughead (telepathy) against the one and only Percival.  Now, all we know about Percival (so far) is that he is a creep and can manipulate people’s thoughts. All that may change tonight as his new victim is apparently Toni.  When you mess with Toni, you mess with Cheryl (who’s a witch)!  Are the forces of good and evil being defined?  Will Percival continue to brainwash?  Can his mind control work against Veronica, Reggie, Toni and Cheryl?  Never mind Kevin!  We know that one and he’s in the category of brain dead with Alice.

Now this brings me to an interesting plot point.  Remember that ever since Percival was introduced, I have called him Satan.  In the episode, Mr. Cypher, who was the one who seemed to be under “Satan’s” control the most?  That’s right – Kevin Kline.  I have to wonder if they’re setting this character up to leave (for New York) or die?  And while I’m comparing new to the Rivervale series, I hope you all saw that Sabrina will be returning to the show and this time in Riverdale.  I honestly can’t wait to see what they do with this.

Percival and the Town

Tonight opens with Archie coming home to find Percival there talking to Frank.  Now Percival got Frank in his corner.  Percival is doing a census and to meet his neighbors.  Percival wants to interview Archie who isn’t having it.  When Archie asks Percival to leave, Frank is upset because Percival has some wonderful ideas.  Mark another convert in Frank.  (And I thought the organ donor cult leader was bad!)

At the Council meeting, Percival is talking about the census and moves to rid the town of the gang problem.  Toni tells the council that a ceasefire is being discussed.  Tabita reminds Percival (the evil one) that Toni is one the Council and that the next item on the agenda needs to be addressed.  Fangs and Toni are talking about Percival’s ambush when brain dead Kevin arrives with the baby.   He doesn’t want the baby in a “gang culture.”

After a drive-by shooting at Pop Tate’s, Alice calls an emergency meeting at the Council (without Archie, Jughead or Betty knowing) and forgets to invite Toni.  Why?  Because Toni is the reason for the meeting.  Percival wants her expelled.   Tabita has clued Toni in and she shows up.  We don’t get to see the vote but she’s out by an unanimous vote.  Wait!  How can that happen.  Did she vote herself out.

Later at Toni and Fang’s apartment, they discuss turning the Serpents/Ghoulies into a group like the Black Panthers but Fangs don’t think it would work.  Unfortunately, a raid is carried out on a warrant of  weapons.  Guess what!  They find them and the baby is given to Kevin.  Later, the baby is back with Toni but stolen from the crib by the Ghoulies.  With Betty leading the FBI, they try to find the baby.  Twyla calls Toni.  The only way that Toni can get the baby back is if the Serpents and Ghoulies battle to the death.  Unfortunately, someone (Percival of course) has told the law.  Kevin slips up in talking to a deputy at Pop’s and spills the beans about a turkey shot.  Tabita gets details and calls Toni but it’s too late.  Sheriff Kline and Percival (with guns) arrive.  Percival looks like he wants to shot Toni.  (Wait for it!  He’s vicious and has no conscience.)

At the jail, Toni learns from Percival that her bail has been posted by Tabita.  They raided the Ghoulies hideout and found the baby.  Only one Ghoulie survived – Twyla.  (Oh, boy what this could cause if she joined forces with the gang.)  The baby is with Kevin.

When Toni is reunited with baby Anthony, Kevin tells her that he’s applying for custody of the baby.  He’s not safe with Toni.  She asks him not to but he’s under Percival’s spell and listening nearby.  Oh, Percival.  There’s one more who won’t by under your control.  (Now how are they going to tie this to Lady Llorna?)

Cheryl (or Abigail) and Her Murderous Plot

We see Cheryl tonight visiting graves but I’m honestly not sure which one it is.  From actions and clothes, I’d say Abigail is back but won’t say anything else yet.  When Britta suggests going home, Cheryl lets drop that she’s going to free Toni to be with her by setting something up to get rid of Fangs.  (The drive-by mentioned above at Pop Tates’.  I thought that was Cheryl and not Twyla!  As we learn, this takes Fangs out and sets something bigger in motion which Cheryl didn’t count on.)  She’snot forgetting the others though and has a special plan for them.

After an impromtu visit from the super three about the Percival census, Cheryl arrives with a basket of treats at the high school.  She has scones for Archie, Jughead and Betty.  After delivering to Archie and Jug, she goes to Betty who with her special vision sees evil.  Betty knows what is up and asks Cheryl if she’s trying to poison her.  Betty goes and both Archie and Jughead have eaten their scone.  She has them meet her in the bathroom and has them drink water and salt.  They throw up the poison.

At the Blossom’s, Cheryl is upset that they survived the deadly scones.  She does visit Toni the next day to talk about her problems.  Cheryl brings a gift, a bouquet of roses, and Toni pricks her finger.  Cheryl wipes the blood on a handkerchief.  Now what does she plan to do with that?  (A spell of course but when.)  But Toni spills the beans that Twyla and the Ghoulies want Archie dead.  That night, Cheryl ambushes Archie and tries to set him on fire (remember Cheryl is clueless about his power).

Archie survives (of course) and calls Betty.  She and Jughead go to meet Archie at his house.  Later, Jughead drops by the Blossom’s and Britta answers the door.  Britta is scared and tells Jughead that Cheryl can’t come to the door.  He quietly tells her that he can read her thoughts and tell him that way.  Britta lets it fly – everything that is going on.  Jughead reports in and Betty goes crying to Cheryl (her cousin remember) that Archie is dead.  Twyla torched him.  When Cheryl turns away, Betty chloroforms her.  Cheryl awakens to find herself tied to the stake.  It was Abigail all episode long.   Britta, Nana (holding a doll), Betty, Jughead, and Archie are standing at the bottom of the pile of wood.  They are going to get rid of Abigail and let Cheryl return.  Archie lights the embers, and the group starts chanting.  Abigail screams and suddenly, the doll in Nana’s arms start to twitch.  Abigail is in the doll.  Later, at the house, Nana, Britta and Cheryl put the doll in a glass cabinet and light candles.  Cheryl lights an extra one that must burn at all times. So, the question is:  Who is in the doll:  Cheryl or Abigail?  Will this be why Sabrina comes?

The Super Trio

Since the Cheryl debacle is tied to the threesome, let’s deal with them, shall we.  The three compare notes and Betty asks:  What does Percival want with Riverdale. Duh, Betty!  Control.  Jughead wants to beat him up but Archie says that wouldn’t work since he has Alice, Frank and Mr. Kline (Tom) under his control.  They decide to see what he is asking the town, so they talk to their friends.  Cheryl was too busy to meet.  They learn from Ronnie that while she hasn’t talked to him recently with the census, she did learn from her contacts that he didn’t exist before arriving in Riverdale.  Archie wonders how he can control so many minds.  Well, Archie, Percival buries thoughts in their brain that they don’t know he has planted?  In the end, they’re left with questions when Betty gets a call from the morgue (see notes at the end).

Ronnie and Reggie

Reggie enters Ron’s office and wants her to allow his dad to gamble.  We learn later that Mr. Mantle only has one or two years to live as he needs a transplant but probably won’t be able to get one.  Reggie is trying to make his father’s last days happy.

Let’s just say that Mr. Mantle has rotten luck.  Ronnie kindly asks him to step away from the tables, but Mr. Mantle wants to play more and asks for $5,000 loan.  She wouldn’t allow that.  Mr. Mantle leaves and meets up with the ‘three wise guys’ (not to be confused with the Christmas story) to do some private gambling.  He starts losing and loses the car lot.  Reggie is upset when he finds out and Mr. Mantle wants Reggie to get some money from Ronnie to pay off the threesome.  Oh, and Reggie won’t admit to anyone that his father has a problem.

Reggie meets with the men and they won’t sale.  They plan to expand their business.  Reggie offers them a cover using the car lot for their nefarious business.  Reggie says they need to keep the car lot looking legit and offers to work for them.  Later he tells Ronnie that his dad won’t be back to the casino.  At the car lot, Reggie watches his father happily play poker.  And the next victim will be Reggie and Ronnie (Percival won’t allow the casino to stay open).

And the Problems Continue  . . .

. . . As Alice and the town elect Percival Pickens to the Council unanimously.  (This is turning into a Stephen King novel like “Storm of the Century”).

. . . Betty finds out in her FBI capacity that there is something funny about the Ghoulies death.  They weren’t killed by the deputies but turned their guns on themselves (and only Twyla escaped remember).  Will Twyla join forces with the gang.  Percival wanted Toni and her gang dead by the same method but Toni spoilt his wish.

… Archie realizes that Percival wants to destroy the town.  Hmm!  Remember in Rivervale where Satan want the town for his purposes and the only safe place was Pop Tate’s??

Next week:

A boxing match occurs (between Archie and Percival, I think).   I’m not sure about the rest but I think it for the life of Riverdale.

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