Riverdale – Blue Collar or Devil’s Collar?

Riverdale fans!  Our gang is now in the midst of a battle for the town.  Percival wants to put a train station through Pop Tate’s and not just any type of train station!  He wants to set up a ghost train so ghost (read evil) can arrive and take over the town.  Wonder if his motto is:  “First Riverdale, then the world.”  That schemer, Percival, makes me think it’s true.  Remember they all have powers except Reggie and Kevin.  Unfortunately, it looks like at least two of them (Jughead and Betty) will have to face limits with their problems tonight.  Poor Jughead must face Percival (thanks Reggie) and Betty’s aura has changed to killer.  I think “blue collar” is the wrong name for tonight’s episode.  I think that maybe it should be the “Start of the End.”  The question is:  Who’s end!  Certainly not the show as it has one more season.  (Can anyone take another year of Percival.)

Tonight, we open with Jughead’s acknowledging that a war is brewing between those that are Percival’s and those that aren’t.  Percival tells the railroad workers that his company will pay wonderful wages and benefits.  They start the tracks for the ghost train.  Meanwhile Cheryl, Tabitha and Archie have a meeting.  Already Percival is breaking promises.  Cheryl has a new assignment.  Since her family and the Perkins family were close, Archie asks her to see if there is anything in the family notes that can help.  Veronica and Betty are talking Betty’s coworker (I think).  She knows about Hiram and Veronica’s problem. From the bloodwork, Ronnie is healthy, and her body creates the antitoxins that keep her alive.  Betty gets a call and rushes home.  Alice tells her to go upstairs.  Charles is . there and dying of leukemia.  The prison infirmary is full so they sent Charles home.  (Right – they didn’t transfer him somewhere else?

Percival Versus Jughead

Reggie and Percival are discussing Reggie’s loss of memory.  Percival has found evidence (Reggie comic) that Jughead’s fingerprints are “all over” Reggie’s brain.  Reggie demands to start learning magic and Percival has a mannequin that looks like Reggie.  They’ll use that to disrupt Jughead’s act and Percival will mess with Jughead’s brain.  Percival doesn’t want to kill Jughead (show of hands on who believes that) just disrupt his talent (read destroy his talent/drive Jug crazy).

At Jughead’s weekly performance, the stage is set and Percival tries to reach through.  Jughead knows he is coming and has put up no admittance signs (love the special Percival sign). Percival doesn’t like this and decides he needs a talisman that he can use against Jughead.  Reggie mentions the beanie in the time capsule and Percival sends him after it.  When Reggie returns with the items from the time capsule, Percival has what he needs. 

At Jughead’s next performance, Reggie (the rotten) calls Percival as the act starts.  Percival puts the beanie on and begins to look like Jughead.  He walks up to Jughead’s door, opens it and walks in.  Jughead realizes something is wrong and leaves during the act.  He hears everyone in the room and cannot tune them out.  Jughead goes to Pop’s and it is the same way.  He even hears voices when he is alone. 

When Tabitha comes home, she finds a note from Jughead has gone somewhere quiet (the bunker) to try and figure it out.  The bunker doesn’t work because voices still hears voices which are coming from overhead.  He even hears an old fashion typewriter. Has he bought a clue?  Could it be Tabitha’s friend Gabriel.  Seeing the tunnel, Jughead is surprised.  My theory:  Jughead number two (or number three in Rivervale) is sending messages.  Or maybe this is a salute to “Quantum Leap” which will reboot next year.

Archie Versus Percival – Round Two

Not only is Percival stymied by Jughead, but there is also Archie to worry about.  Archie and Tabitha have talked and the only thing that will work if they can turn the workers against Percival.  They set up a food truck at the train site and serve free coffee.  Tabitha offers 25 cent hamburgers at Pop’s new location.  Frank is mad and Kevin is hearing it all.  All this leads to Percival talking to the heart of Riverdale, Archie, and trying to get him to join the team.  Percival thinks that he controls Archie’s mind but Archie seems immune.

Archie and Tabitha have several meetings with the workers promising fair wages and benefits.  Since Percival has instituted longer hours, lower pay, the workers eventually like the suggestion.  Archie has consulted with Cheryl and asks her if she can find something from her family’s dealings (former friendship) with the Pickens family.  I won’t tell the Cheryl story yet, but let’s say she finds a letter.  Percival manages to cause an accident that hurts a worker.  Archie and Tabitha call a meeting and tell the crew that she and Archie are helping pay the medical bills and asks if Percival is doing anything.  The workers say Percival hasn’t done anything.  Archie gives Tabitha the letter that Cheryl gave about Percival’s ancestor.  let’s them know just what Percival’s family did in the past.  His great (whatever) grandfather called the mine workers in 1849 what I would say scum and said the mules that pulled the palladium out of the mind was worth more than the workers were.  In fact, Percival’s ancestor told the, managers of the workers that it would be okay to break the mine workers’ back.  This upsets Fangs and he and the workers side with Archie.

The next day, Archie has arranged to meet with Percival, Frank, Kevin and either Tom or Reggie.  Archie tells Percival that the workers are on strike.  As the others leave, Percival turns back and tells Archie he hasn’t seen anything yet.  The battle is still coming.

Ronnie’s Poison and Betty’s Dilemma

Ronnie talks to Agent Drake about the poison problem while Betty talks to Charles (who doesn’t look sick to me).  Betty learns that Chick and Charles are no longer together.  Betty asks him if he’s afraid to die and Charles has made peace with what he has done.  Leukemia is his punishment. Ronnie visits Cheryl and wants information.  Cheryl gets a book and Ronnie is off to read it.  Betty meanwhile tries to find out about Charles childhood.  He trapped and killed an opossum which sends Betty into a flashback about Caramel.  Charles wishes he could go back in time and change.

As Ronnie reads, Betty had been talking with Archie about Charles.  She witnesses Alice attempting to suffocate him.  She stops her and tells Alice there’s been enough killing in the Cooper home.   To solve the problem (and keep Alice sane), Betty, Ronnie and Agent Drake have a plan.  They are going to transfer poison blood from Ronnie to Charles.  Charles will help Betty catch the Trash Can Killer.   It works and Charles feels better.  Ron has no reaction to the evil she got from Charles’ blood. 

Cheryl Learns More About Her Power

Cheryl and Heather talk and Heather agrees to teach Cheryl how to use her witch powers.  Since Archie needs information, the first task is to see what Percival relative stole (about an evil spell) from the Blossom family.  Heather teaches Cheryl how to become invisible and they make a visit to the Curiosity Shop (which looks like it is the one from Once Upon a Time).  Cheryl manages the spell and as Heather distracts Percival on the main floor, Cheryl proves he can’t see her and slips into behind the curtain to the back of the store.  She finds the letters/book but knocks something over.  When we think Cheryl will be discovered, we find that Percival doesn’t see Cheryl.  Heather and Cheryl return to the Blossom mansion and find what Archie needs.  Heather definitely will stay in Riverdale and help Cheryl with her spells.  Let’s hear it for Cheryl who Percival appears to have no power over.

Toni and  Fangs

Do I see the beginning of the Lady Llorna story here.  Kevin has had Percival’s help and found his own place.  Toni and Fangs are talking to their lawyer, they learn that keeping Anthony may be difficult due to the gang.  Toni tells her they’re transitioning which Fangs doesn’t like.  Oh, and Kevin wants a DNA test.  Fangs still hasn’t made a decision (at this point) about marrying Toni.

During work, Kevin is showing a fellow worker a picture of Anthony and is so proud.  Fangs punches Kevin in the face.  When Kevin returns home, Tom asks him about the arrangement with Percival.  (Is Tom finally buying a clue) and why Kevin wants sole custody.  No answers are given but Kevin is off to see the baby at Toni’s where he gets a blood sample while Britta babysits. 

Britta tells Toni when she returns home.  She doesn’t get mad at Britta but takes off to see Kevin.  She punches him as Moose watches.  Her anger mirrors her Lady Llorna persona in Rivervale.  When Fangs returns home, Toni is looking at the Serpent’s jacket.  They’re not disbanding.  They’re going to fight.  Fangs is now the Serpent King.  Fang agrees to marry Toni as Kevin and Percival talk.  If Kevin does something for him (take the baby), he can guarantee Kevin sole custody.  (Wait!  Is this a salute to ‘Rosemary’s Baby?)

Next Week: Betty’s “Serial Killer Convention” happens at the casino.  Kevin gets angry and tensions rise. 

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