Riverdale – The Stand – Who Will Win?

We’ve seen Riverdale come forward with our beloved gang preparing for battle.  We know that Percival is wanting to be King and get revenge.  The question is:  who remains in the residents of Riverdale to do battle against him?  Who will prevail?  Will the ghost train reach the town and do damage?  Hopefully, tonight we’ll find out.

Tonight, we open with our Jughead narrating and telling us that Percival is trying to conjure and control all the evil powers.  Of course, he wants control but he has a hit list that he wants to punish. If he thinks this means he’ll replace Satan, he’s badly fooled.  The police and Ghoulies are working with Percival.  Pop Tate’s is empty and Archie is planning strategy.  Heather, Cheryl, and Tabitha are trying to find the Hell Mouth and have.  The Curiosity Shop is being checked but Percy has cleared it out.  Archie tells Cheryl to burn it down and she doe but not before Reggie grabs a picture.  Betty apologizes to Polly about not seeing Alice and Polly tries to console her.  Polly thinks Archie and the gang will succeed.  .  Kevin is with Toni and Fangs and Moose arrives.  Ronnie checks on Frank since his death.  Frank, Archie says, would tell them to focus on the people still there.  One thing that needs to happen though and the gang meets. 

In the meeting, Archie says that in all battles there are rules of engagement.  While Betty doesn’t like the thought, they all agree they need their loved ones bodies back.  Cheryl says it is more than that.  Step one is to take out Percival but Tabitha points out that could start a nuclear war.  If they get the bodies, Cheryl can do a Phoenix Spell. 

When Archie and Ronnie arrive at Babylonia, it is under the Ghoulies’ control.  When they arrive, they are greeted by Twila who takes them to Percy.  Ronnie asks for the bodies, with Archie as collateral so Percy can have fun punishing him.  Then she pulls a gun and shots Percival who makes magic flowers come out.  He laughs of course and picks up an ancient weapon which will destroy all.  He calls it the equalizer.  When Archie suggests dividing Riverdale the middle, Precy says no.  He wants it all and their surrender and allegiance to him.  They refuse.  Ronnie points out that this has happened before with his father.  They won then and will win again.  The good news is that the bodies are waiting as they leave.  Cheryl plans to “resurrect” them after their heads are attached.  Betty wants to see her mother only to reveal there are no heads ins the casket.  Percival plans to make them relive the deaths over and over by putting the heads on display.  Archie actually has a brain.  He calls it psychological warfare. 

Jughead wants to open a portal to get to Percival but Tabitha reminds him he won’t survive. Tabitha doesn’t want him to do it, but Jughead points out they must try.  While they discuss this Percival is lighting candles to get the chief players out of the mix.  He utters a chant.  Archie talks to Reggie about not being sitting ducks and Reggie attacks him with Percival’s dagger, trying to kill him.  Meanwhile, Betty’s at her house and hears a knocking.  It’s Glenn and he plans to kill her.  Heather and Cheryl are talking and Jason walks in.  He shots Heather with an arrow and tries to kill Cheryl.  Ronnie gets a visit from Grandma Luna who has had mind control enacted and she’s there to make Ronnie pay for her crime.  Tabitha is eating lunch with Jughead when her angel senses tell her something is wrong. 

Now, let’s get this straight.  We have Reggie, Glenn, Jason and Grandma Luna trying to kill people.  Betty though is the first to defeat her foe.  She gets a chainsaw and uses it on Glenn.  With his wounds, Archie can still not die and he chokes Reggie into unconsciousness.  Ronnie flees and hides in the bathtub which somehow causes her grandmother to stop.  Whatever Ronnie said worked.  Cheryl apologizes to Jason for bringing him back and sets him on fire.  Tabitha has ran to Archie’s where she finds him recovering with Bingo licking his wounds.  Seems Bingo (the dog) has healing powers. 

When Grandma awakes, she tells Ronnie that something came over and told her to kill Ronnie.  Betty tells Polly that Glenn is dead in the garage (and we see his hand still twitching).  Heather is okay and tells Cheryl Jason was under Percival’s control.  Heather is sure some of these occurrences are tied to the comet.  Reggie is shaken up but okay and tells Archie that he doesn’t remember what happens.  Then Toni arrives.  She has a plan.

Toni, Fangs (and probably Kevin) have talked.  The one way to defeat Percival is with the one thing he wants – Anthony’s immortality.  Toni has an elaborate plan to use older Anthony to take Percival out.  They’ll miss his childhood but he’ll do the greater good.  Tabitha says she can create a time loop and get the Anthony from heaven to come down and help.  She’ll set a time loop and the baby will be okay (or so they think).  They go to Pop’s and Tabitha does her thing.  Teen/grown Anthony comes back in the loop with Tabitha and hugs Fangs.  This battle needs to happen before the comet.  Anthony understands that Percival must die.  The plan is simple.  The Serpents till now go into Babylonia and they may die but they will clear a path for Anthony to get to Percival.  Percy hears the knocking and orders Twila to open the dead.  She’s just collateral for him which shakes Twila up.  Twila tells her team not to open the door but it pops open. 

And the fight is on.  While the Ghoulies try to protect the entrance to Percival, they are overcome.  Before the battle, Jughead talked to Tabitha about his death.  He doesn’t fear it because he’s had a good life and love (kissing her hand).  Anthony is a warrior and knows what to do.  He and Kevin make it to Percival’s office.  While Percival takes Kevin out and shots Anthony, Anthony won’t die which surprises Percival.  When Anthony tells him who he is (the baby Percy wants), Percy sits in his chair and leaves through a portal (naked).  Percy has escaped and sealed the room while the gang and their friends have succeeded downstairs.  Toni finds the heads and brings them to Archie (frozen in the kitchen).

While a search of Babylonia hunts for the missing Percival, Jughead and Tabitha decide to find out how to beat Percival.  Using Tabitha’s time walking powers, they find out the battle have to be at the original Pop Tates.  Using a time loop, the diner is restored completely.  Yet the battle isn’t done as after a brief rest, Archie and Percival meet outside the diner. 

Percival taunts Archie with the special weapon that will allow him success.  Archie and Percy fight but Archie gives as well as takes.  When Percy thinks Archie has died, Archie knocks Percy’s feet out from under him.  Suddenly all five are there with weapons which they use.  When Percy looks defeated, Archie tells him he can either surrender or run.  Percival laughs and says never.  He has a trick up his sleeve which turns out to be a mist.  Ronnie falls from her poison while Archie becomes an iron statue.  Betty is blind while Cheryl is frozen.  Reggie becomes a ventriloquist dummy.  Jughead is inside the diner waiting for Percy and challenges him to a game of dominos.  Tabitha is also missing but more on that in a minute. 

Jughead and Percival start their game (and trying to get in each others’ mind).  Percival is impressed by Jughead’s skill but while Jughead doesn’t seem to succeed, Percival does.  Percival starts destroying Jughead’s comics (memory).  Suddenly Jughead appears.  He let’s Percival know what is really going on.  When Percival entered the diner, he came through a portal.  This left Percy’s mind open to Jug’s friends (guess it was mirror images he turned). The gang is there and waiting.  Percy, who was suffering his own wounds from fighting Archie outside the diner, finds himself vulnerable for the first time.  Tabitha appears and tells him that he isn’t in Riverdale but Rivervale.  The gang are from there and waiting for him.  This is Jughead’s trick.  Each punishes Percival with Cheryl throwing him out.   As Percy runs, Tabitha is with him.  She says welcome to 1680.  Waiting for Percy is Mr. Crypto who pulls out the contract Percival signed.  Percival doesn’t think the contract is valid but Crypto tells him that it says all time and dimensions.  Percival is his again and Crypto and Percy disappear in smoke and flames (but Percy does do one more deed, more below).

All is set right as our gang appear at the diner (no idea about Antony yet).  Tabitha says that they defeated Percival and they celebrate.  Later Jughead writes, Veronica cleans her apartment, The Serpents tend to the wounded.  At the manor Heather has been studying the comet.  She tells Cheryl and Cheryl calls a meeting. 

When discussing what happened, Jughead tells Tabitha his brain felt foggy.  They wonder why he survived this time and she has no idea.  She thinks it has something to do with the Rivervale universe.    Alice holds her family close, Tom is in shock, and Frank and Archie have a beer on the porch. What about their powers seems to be a question for all.  Meanwhile, Cheryl calls a meeting.  The comet is heading to Riverdale and will be an elimination event not just for Riverdale but the world.  As Crypto took Percy, he enacted one last curse that affected the comet.  Tabitha realizes that this was the annihilation event she had seen.  So what is this with the comet. 

Turn in next week as the we get “The Night of the Comet.  Previews show they all want to be together when it strikes.  Also  Archie proposes to Betty.  Reggie and Ronnie are together, and the Blossoms are show at the door (possibly with the others) watching the comet approach. 

Riverdale has certain been anything but dull this year! 

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