Big Brother #25 – Racism?  Again?

Big Brother, with all your sensitivity training, nothing seems to work.  We had that horrible Jackson/Jack season and then All-Stars.  While All-Stars, in the regard of being aware of others, was fine, there were issues.  Then last year, we had the Cookout and an awareness of personal worth with the contestants.  This season, we have spent the first three to four weeks in a bullying situation.  Now, Kyle, the mouse, has come out as letting personal feelings get in the way and thus race has reared its head.  How did this happen?  Let’s review, shall we?

When we started, Kyle was the first to realize that Monte, Joseph, Turner, and he needed to form an alliance.  By Week Three, Kyle and Monte were realizing that Taylor was being bullied and decided to do something about it.  The way it was presented in the group was that when it got down to seven, Taylor would be the first to go.  So they brought Taylor and the other two outsiders, Michael (comp beast) and Brittany (his best friend) into the circle which Taylor named the Leftovers.  All seemed like it could go to the end, and then a showmance reared its head with the help of production.  Alyssa wanted a boyfriend and seemed focused on Kyle.  Finally, Kyle gave in and kissed her, and the rest is history.  Saturday, the duo consummated their love, and he will now do anything to keep her in the house.

So far, nothing racial implied but we need to go back to when Daniel left.  The Leftovers are made up of two African Americans (Taylor and Monte), one Middle-Eastern (Joseph), and four Caucasian (Turner, Kyle, Michael and Brittany.  Kyle decided that Alyssa need to have a place of safety in the group.  Alas, Alyssa had been one of the bullies of Taylor so getting Alyssa in good with the others would be hard.  Also, Kyle saw another Cookout forming (say what?).  This makes me question his sanity and real personal beliefs.  Did his “love” make him blind to the numbers of players in his alliance?  There is no way that this could be considered another “Cookout.”

Still, it nagged at Kyle.  His scheming earned him the name KKKyle on Twitter.  He approached Michael and Brittany on forming an alliance of the non-People of Color to win the finale.  He is also planning on approaching Turner to join the group.  With this, he thinks he can control who wins (with it being he).  Not only is he part of his newly designed alliance (with no name), but most of them (sans Alyssa) are part of the Leftovers so he is covered.

Well, he was right to a point!  Taylor won HoH.  That’s good for the Leftovers but left Taylor with few nominees — Jasmine, Indy, Terrance, and – guess who – Alyssa.  And how can Kyle keep Alyssa safe if she is nominated.  He decided to use rumor, gossip, and any skill he had to keep Alyssa off the block.  First it was Jasmine going up but Taylor made a promise before entering the house that if she won HoH, she would not nominate a POC.  So it came down to Terrance and Indy on the block.  This was good but what would happen if one of them won the Power of Veto.  While Joseph volunteered to go up, the Leftovers suspect that he will end up tied to Taylor in a punishment stunt (again due Alyssa’s bad decision skills).  Thus, Alyssa is the one to go up and Kyle made plans to control the PoV. 

He met with his “secret allies” who supported him.  Basically, if any of them won the Power of Veto, nothing would be changed.  Then Kyle got pulled to play POV and won.  This meant for the Leftovers plan to work, one of the nominees would come down and Alyssa would go up. 

Kyle wasn’t having it and started his maneuvers.  First, he tried to convince his allies.  Whether that worked or not, who can say because Michael and Brit seem to never really say what they feel. After putting it out to them that Alyssa wouldn’t hurt his game, Kyle approached Taylor in the HoH room about the nominees.  Per live-feeders, this was a long meeting with Kyle making promises that us feeder viewers know he won’t keep.  Taylor seemed okay with whatever he decided.  He lied to Taylor though.  He hadn’t spoken to all the alliance when he said they were indifferent and it wasn’t discussed as a group until after Kyle met with Taylor.  According, again, to the live-feeds, he promised Indy last night that he would use it on her.  This morning he changed his mind. 

While I’m not sure what happened or what was said at the PoV (no live feeds).  Apparently, Kyle said something that set Taylor off.   I think Monte, Joseph, and Turner are getting vibes that if it is left to Kyle, Alyssa stays until the end.  The question is:  how does his new alliance friends feel.

Turner is a question mark at this point.  He’s in the Leftovers and seems to support everyone in the  Leftover group.  Turner’s one foe, Jasmine, is annoying but Turner has fun playing tricks on her (Muffin-gate, Cookie-gate, Balloon-gate).  As a POC, Jasmine would never have been Taylor’s choice.  Brittany and Michael, on the other hand, haven’t take a strong stand against Kyle’s new alliance.  Some online feel that Michael is concerned over Taylor’s Diary Room numbers.  Hopefully, after whatever happened today, Michael and Brit have begun to see that Kyle is only playing for himself.  Maybe that has happened.  It seems from the live-feeds that they are standing away from Kyle.  Jasmine, Taylor and Monte are aware that Kyle’s thinking is impaired by sex (yes, that happened), and he’s going to take Alyssa as far as he can – regardless of what he says.  So the question is:  will Kyle be true to his alliance or do they vote him out sooner than later.

My question is:  Is Kyle a racist?  He didn’t appear to be in the early weeks but as time has gone by, his actions and his words don’t seem to agree.  He speaks the right words to the Leftovers, but he’ll do anything for Alyssa.  And this could be his downfall and a problem for his future.  He is a TikTok artist and it seems that he will be met with the same type of flack (or worse) that Amerrah, Nicole, and Daniel has.  Actually, with his Twitter nickname (KKKyle), he may face worse blowback.  With people in the house wising up, how long will he be safe.  The Leftovers are good at hiding their real feelings.  Plus, the new twist may make it hard for Kyle’s protective cover for he and Alyssa may not work.  Give me your opinion?  This could get good.  But we can’t forget that Big Brother again is letting the racial aspect play into the game.  Isn’t it time that all are treated as equals.

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