Riverdale Chapter 120: Sex Education

Okay, Riverdale, one question?  Are you borrowing from movies again? The reason I ask is because I was reminded of a sequel to the movie, ‘Grease.’ If the episode is true, where did you dig up the charts used in ‘Grease 2’ and will the kids break into the movie’s song “Where does the pollen go.”  No seriously, in my days they separated the girls and boys to teach us about how our hormones were changing.  I really don’t remember much more than that.  It was, after all, middle school.  Riverdale, you combined both groups together waited until the junior year.  I doubt it is for a biology class.

Tonight’s show begins with Jughead talking about the sock hop and Ethel being accused of her parents’ murder.  Sheriff Kline is back, and Betty gives Ethel a place to spend the night.  Ethel has realized that the sheriff thinks she did the deed and has no alibi.  Jughead is trying to figure out why this is so familiar to him.

The next day, Jughead slips in after they finish questioning Ethel.  She says that they think she did it because of the picture the principal saw at school.  It’s of a girl that looks like Ethel killing her dad.  Ethel has something that might help her in her trunk (hope chest) in her room.  Jughead goes and finds it with other items including a comic book about a serial killer that all have read.  He is interrupted by Betty who Alice has sent for clothes for Ethel.  Betty also finds a book on Human Sexuality and ends up taking it.

Jughead is called into the principal’s office to be questioned by Sheriff Kline.  He was seen and identified (by the crown) as being in Ethel’s room.  Let’s face it!  Jughead is always at the center of the action.  The principal calls him a loner and asks if he is Ethel’s boyfriend.  He denies it and tells them he’s going to a party that night with the “cool kids.”  (This is of course Veronica’s make-out party.)

School In Session

School is buzzing about the killings and the principal and guidance office is trying to divert attention.  They decide to hold the PTA sex education class which the counselor will lead.  Before that happens though, Julian has been tasked by Penelope to get Cheryl a date.  After seeing Cheryl and Toni together, Penelope is worried about what Cheryl is thinking and doing.  Well, Cheryl is painting nude women.  Penelope seems to take an active look at Cheryl’s “development” and wants Julian to find his sister a date.

At school, Ronnie tries to apologize to Archie and hints she wants a date.  Archie is wiser than they think.  He tells her that she’s too hip for him.  Julian afterwards approaches Archie and suggests he dates Cheryl.  Julian tells Archie that Cheryl has experience with college guys after Archie questions Cheryl’s – well – coldness.  So, of course, Archie decides to ask Cheryl out.  Cheryl, meanwhile, has been approached by Toni to attend a poetry reading at the Dark Room that night.  When Cheryl doesn’t seem interested and walks away, Toni is approached by another girl from the Serpents.  Is this the new Midge?

When Betty arrives, Kevin hides and Chuck is in the room.  Chuck gives him an invite to the coffee house reading but Kevin seems to be scared to go.  Chuck (or is it Fangs – I don’t think so), tells him no one will know.  Archie has tracked down Cheryl who is painting (a nude no less).  She accepts his date invite but changes it to the Dark Room.  Archie seems interested in poetry reading as he has just started writing.  Julian asks Ronnie for a date and spills the beans that Archie and Cheryl will be at the Dark Room.  Of course, that’s where Ronnie wants to go because she WANTS Archie now.

At the Dark Room, the coffee house scene is going strong.  While Kevin is engrossed in the action, Betty is bored.  Neither understand the clicking of fingers after the poet finishes.  Sorry, gang.  That’s tradition!  Toni is next in a traditional coffee house outfit – tight fitting black pants and shirt.  Cheryl begins to look anxious (or is it scared) about feelings toward Toni.  She doesn’t even seem to understand what Toni is saying due to watching her dance/performance.  (The beatnik lives at the Dark Room.) 

Sex Education (Betty Style)

Betty has taken the Human Sexuality book home and starts reading the chapter on Arousal.  She realizes that this is not what she has with Kevin.  She has dreams that night of make-out sessions.  First it is Archie and Cheryl followed by Cheryl watching Archie and Ronnie.  Then Cheryl moves on on Toni.  Betty dreams that Kevin and Chuck are having the experience too.  Finally, Betty gets her turn — with Archie.  What!  Is Betty teaching the class?  Well at least she got scared.

The next day, Kevin and Betty talk about the poems.  Betty calls the poetry, especially Toni’s, sexy.  Archie and Cheryl are walking the hall together getting stares as they hold hands.  Cheryl waves at Ronnie, Justin and Toni.  Cheryl is in denial folks. 

In class, they all look anxious and nervous.  The teacher, the counselor, tells them their bodies are changing and they have many questions. He pulls down the flower diagram (definitely like ‘Grease 2’ but without the song).  The counselor doesn’t even sing about how the flower’s sole purpose is to be pollinated.  Later, we learn that the gang thought the talk was stupid.  Betty tells that she has a book that has the real story.  Of course, Ronnie is aware of the real action and plans to have a make-out party.  The whole gang is invited and there will be kissing games.  Honestly, I was thinking key party like ‘The Big Chill.’  Betty tells all that she got her hands on a copy of Human Sexuality with the real story.  Veronica is having a make-out party and the gang is invited.  It’s a kissing game.  Ronnie explains that nothing will be the same again we get the sage Jughead with the remark that Ronnie is the flower and Archie the bee.

Make-Out Party Plans for All

Betty and Ronnie adjourn to the ladies’ room and Betty expresses her concern.  Ronnie tells her that boys only think they’re in charge but it’s really the ladies.  Ronnie spills that she’s rigging the game so she will be with Archie.  Of course, Cheryl entered the bathroom and overhead the talk.  Mad when she leaves school, Cheryl is approached by Toni about poetry reading.  Cheryl announces she is now with Archie.  Toni says that she is going to the make-out party and it seems that Cheryl begins to protest too much.  Betty orders Kevin to go to the party but he’s not happy.  Kevin’s confused about his feelings, and it only becomes worse after seeing Chuck nearly naked in the locker room.  Chuck announces he likes boys scaring Kevin.  Kevin does pat Chuck’s chest as Kevin leaves.  Is Kevin embracing his feelings now?  Well, he hasn’t told anyone.

Archie visits Betty with a poem he has written for Cheryl.  They sit on the bed and Betty decides to try things from the book.  She says she’s teaching Archie about how to approach Cheryl.  Boy, Betty has changed.  She’s more aggressive than we’ve ever seen and appears to wanting a make-out session with Archie. 

The party starts out with the game of post office.  Ronnie gives each boy a number that links them to a girl.  Cheryl gets Fangs who only gets Cheryl’s cheek.  Kevin gets Midge (I think) and they have a lack-lustered kiss.  Jughead gets Betty and after shaking hands, we get a lip-lock like the old Bughead days.  In fact, both look surprised.  Archie gets Ronnie (of course) who calls it a date and goes in for a kiss that doesn’t seem to end.  And Toni ends up with Julian who gets a lip-lock.  Cheryl calls the games over and each slip away to a dark room – Cheryl/Archie, Betty/Kevin, Ronnie/Jughead, Toni/Julian.  Toni calls it a night and tells Julian to take her home.  Ronnie and Jughead spend the time talking and they seem content.  Do we have Ronhead now?  He tells her about his interest in writing (comics).  Jughead also tells her that if she wants Archie to stop dropping names.  Kevin and Betty have problems with the “sex” part while Cheryl and Archie lose all inhibitions and go to it.    

Later, Betty writes that the make-out party was a disaster as she watches Archie in his bedroom across the street.  Penelope and Julian talk about Cheryl’s love life and her possibly going steady with Archie.  Cheryl interrupts their breakfast with the news that she and Archie went “all the way” and that he is an “animal.”  She leaves them stunned as he stops by to pick her up for school.  Betty and Kevin talk and she gives him the Human Sexuality book.  He needs to read it. 

Jughead and Ethel walk into the student lounge and he tells her not to be afraid but talk to them.  Just as they start to move into the room, the principal calls them to the office and they are confronted by Kline, the principal and the counselor.  Seems the sheriff knows all about the make-out party and searched Jughead’s room.  He found damning evidence in the form of comics and Ethel’s drawings.  Will they be arrested or have an explanation?  We’ll hopefully know next week but I know I don’t like any of the adults so far.  Please let the principal and counselor be somehow involved in any evil going on. 

Next week:

Cheryl and Archie are getting married and people aren’t happy.  Fights break out and that’s about all they give us. My guess is that there is something underhanded going on with the principal and counselor.  Ethel’s parents were involved.  My real question is how does this meet the ‘bend to justice’ theme?

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