Why Television?

Many people wonder why I blog about television.  After covering television at various websites, I realized that television is something that no matter what we say will be around in some form for a long time.  Considering I grew up on the “boob” tube, it isn’t odd that I write about it.  Consider:

Where else do you view history as it happens?  I saw the men walk on the moon, Kennedy’s assassination (yeah, I am showing my age), the space shuttle explode, and 9-11.  History is now very much played out in real time and in our views.

What source is better for gauging culture?  Now you may wonder what I mean.  With the predominance of reality shows on the air, we see real people put in silly or extreme situations and whether they can adjust or not.  Dramas and dramedies play out our fears, our hopes, and our wishes for a better world.  I may be the most upset over the comedies.  In the 50s to 80s, they did echo how society changed.  Even into the 1990s and early 2000s we see life as more realistic than now.  Today, the comedies seem to play out the networks view.  While I can’t agree, I know some people do.

I’ll end tonight on this note.  With changes attitudes and opinions it is rare to see a television show make it one season much less five.  When a show reaches 100 episodes it should be celebrated.  Unfortunately, I start worrying about whether the show will survive.  We’re always on pins and needles as the networks make their decisions.  I’ll write more on that next time.

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