Really Dance Moms?

I know where some of my friends are tonight!  They’re over watching Dance Moms on Lifetime.  Personally, I decided to take a break from that “kiss-up” show tonight when I learned it was Abby Lee Miller and her favorite student, Maddie Ziegler.  The good news is that they allowed MacKenzie, Maddie’s sister, be on the show also. The bad news is that Abby is fawning all over the Sia’s video star and not being faired to ALL her dancers.

Why forgo a show because of the theme?  Well, anytime I see a show with this much favoritism, I tune out.  Thus, I’ve been tuning out for several years now. That’s really hard when you are covering the show for a web site doing recaps.  It also makes it difficult not to make snide comments when you disagree with what you see and how the “actor” feels she is being represented.

I’m going to be honest.  I hate to see a teacher single out one student as a favorite.   Let me go one step further and say that I hate to see a teacher make fun and ridicule students to make one stand our more than others.  And to do this on television is actually being a bully.  There!  I’ve finally said part of what I think about Abby Lee Miller!  She’s a bully!

When you write for something that reaches many people you must be unbiased.  You may be open with your feelings with you do an op-ed piece.  Recaps though present the view of what happened on the show.  I left writing Dance Moms because I no longer was objective.  All I wanted to do was complain about Abby’s actions and that isn’t responsible journalism when writing a recap.

So, let’s just call this part one of my rant on the show Dance Moms.  Expect part two when I’m not ready to fall asleep.

One thought on “Really Dance Moms?

  1. I agree with everything you said ! Why anybody would watch a show were a “teacher” puts her pupil down ,name calls ,even goes so far as to fix it for her favorite to win by taking from her other pupil is beyond me ! Mental abuse comes to mind !!


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