Young Stars, Movies and Television?

Since the start of movies and television, young actors have been a part of the television screen.  While some have succeeded, many have fallen by the wayside and failed.  I’m going to use this article and look to see why some succeed and some don’t.

The children are grounded.  They don’t come into the career with high expectations but look at what they can do.  They don’t think they’re a star as soon as they step on the stage. Their parents are there to offer guidance and encouragement. It’s never you must succeed from the parental unit.  It’s the statement:  you did your best.  A key example of this is Nia Frazier of Dance Moms.  Nia has never gotten the television exposure or respect from her teacher but she’s found her own venue to shine.  Nia’s star just seems to grow brighter.

While I could use others from the show to prove the opposite, I have long said I would talk negatively about present stars.  Thus, while many have been in the news for not having the guidance they need, I’ll just say . . .  some parents need lessons.

The production company and older actors serve as mentors.  Children are on the set with grown ups for many hours of the day.  Sure they must go to classes, but they also see and hear what goes on around them.  For example, Castle had a swear jar on set and the cast and crew had to deposit money in the swear jar if Molly was on set.  Rumor has it that Nathan Fillion filled that jar up several times.

The best example of role models and mentors from the adults can be seen in the career of Ron Howard.  Ron literally grew up in movies and television. He had not only his own family but the extended fathers of Andy Griffin, Henry Fonda and Tom Bosley.  He has said that those three men offered him advice and strength.  After Happy Days Ron made the move from on camera work to behind the camera.  Not only was he a child star but now he is an award winning director/executive producer.  Ron is a success.

The child is given wise counsel.  Whether it is from family, agents or friends, the child star is told when they’re going over the edge or when their stardom is fading.T  Miley Cyrus is a good example of one who listened.  While she has had her wild child antics, her behavior has approved and she’s back to looking more like a role model and less like a juvenile delinquent.  Miley is moving back to the success area.

The same can’t be said of Lindsay Lohan (or at least not yet).  Lindsay had a wonderful career before her.  She was in with Disney who was giving her mature roles with her advancing teen years.  Then, she started running with the wrong crowd, partying and getting into trouble.  With both rison and rehab behind her, she’s had problems with probation. While she seems to be walking the straight and narrow, her career is nowhere where it uses to be.  Lindsay is a child star who hasn’t made it.

I could give many more instances and tips but this article is much too long already.  I’ll log off and let you add some.



One thought on “Young Stars, Movies and Television?

  1. Very pleased you’ve found your voice here. Love is perhaps what is most missing in those that make choices in life that lead to destruction. It is terribly difficult to discern when one becomes accountable for those choices, at what age for example, 12? 49? 62? Children are our hope. But, we ourselves are their hope as well. We must be brave enough to carry on, find forgiveness for all of life, and also find beauty and hope in that same life. Judy Garland, for instance, was a child star that was so hard working and beautiful all her life, but, was put in an impossible situation just to keep her working at a young age. She tried desperately all her life to become healthy, but, survival and art kept her working with what she had to work with…which was an incredible expressive talent, and a horrific struggle with addiction that was imposed upon her at an extremely young age. She did beautifully with the incredible talent and impossible addictions she had to work with. She carried on and gave everything she had. Love them, love them all, the talented and the talentless. They, we, all have impossible struggles. Life simply just is, and it is imperfect.


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