Big Brother and Contestants Promises

Every year Big Brother brings us new contestants who have big dreams.  Each year, we see them say, I’m playing my game. Each year, they promise to make non-stupid moves. And each year, they come in and do the same old thing.  If I was associated with Big Brother, which I’m not, I’d make a list of what they say and hit them with it when they are stupid.  This probably is going to be the first in the Big Brother rant line but here we go.

Promise One:  “I’m not going to play too fast.”  Well, what was it?  Day One?  And we had our first alliance which I will call “Get the Returnees Out.”  Now Paul made this pitch even before the game was afoot.  Granted, no Big Brother newbie wants to see a past season person show up but that’s what always happens.  Expect the unexpected but know you are getting more of the same.

Promise Two:  “I’m here to have a good time.”  I’m going to be friends with everyone.  This promise is made to be broken.  Once you become part of an alliance, you immediately turn against the “other side” of the house.  If they’re not with you, they are against you.

Promise Three:  “I’m not going to say anything that people may find offensive.”  Guys and gals, you may think that the production crew is editing out the negative but guess what, the live feeders hear it and post it.  I’m not even subscribed to the live feeds this year and awakened to find tweets of “Do you know that Bronte and Paul made offensive comments about James?”  Seems James ethnic background was offensive to the two of them and immediately we get the stench of past Big Brother seasons and lack of respect.

Promise Four:  “I’m not violent.  I wouldn’t hurt a fly.”  Remember the “Ger the Returnees Out” alliance?  Well, most of them ended up on the block and are facing eviction.  And Paul has not only made a ethnic comment against James but threatened him with violence and promises to start punching people if Jozea is evicted.

Promise Five:  “I treat everyone the same.”  This should read:  I treat everyone the same as long as they don’t go against my wants and do exactly what I say.  Folks, this is Big Brother.  There can only be one winner.  Of course you will not treat everyone the same.  Of course, you will stab people in the back.  Get over yourselves.

Most Big Brother contestants come in with stars in their eyes and dreaming that the show will make them a television star or a name to be remembered.  In truth, the show may give you 15 minutes of fame and that is about it.  Very few of the house guests go on to be big television stars.  And to be remembered?  While I remember Jeff/Jordan, Rachel/Brendan, Dr. Will and the Chilltown crew, it will always be Evel Dick who left his mark on the show.  No one has topped him since he came on the show and I don’t think anyone will.  Sure you can play the quiet game and have others do your dirty work, but it’s much more interesting when you know others are against you and use their dirty tricks to your advantage like Dick did.

For now, I’m signing off.  I’m sure as the season wears on (and if Paul stays), I’ll have MUCH MORE to say.

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