Dance Moms: When It’s Time to Say Enough

For all those Dance Moms fans, I think two camps exists:  “I Support Abby and Maddie” or “Get the Show off the Air”.  The verdict is split and the fans just can agree.  All admit there is trouble with the show but no one can admit what it is.  It doesn’t help when the “star,” Abby Lee Miller, throws shade on the producer for “controlling” every detail down to what the girls do.  And where has Collins, in Collins Production, been this year.  He usually hosts the reunion shows?  But here are some things we know.

The Zieglers are gone.  For Maddie fans, I think you have to accept this as a fact.  Maddie has either decided she doesn’t need the show or gotten so many offers that she doesn’t have time to do the show.  Since I don’t have any idea what her status as a “star” is now, I can’t comment on this.

Abby’s Legal Problems.  Just today (June 21, 2016) ABC News reports that Abby will “take responsibility” for all her legal woes.  While we don’t know what that entails yet and the case won’t go back to the judge until around June 30th, we won’t know what type of detail has been worked out.  If she is allowed to continue teaching, the show may continue.  In my eyes, her cred though has slipped with her shady actions.

The Status of Elite Team. If the show does continue, what will the status be of the Elite Team that has been on for six years?  Brooke, Paige, and Chloe who were on the show originally are long gone.  Maddie and MacKenzie are gone.  That leaves Nia and she’s hitting Broadway this summer. I’m not sure how long her run will be, but will she have time to return?  While JoJo is up for returning, the others have stayed quiet.  Abby has also been more attention on the minis and seems ready to move on.  Would she give the Elite team to someone else?

The Mini Team.  Sure they’re cute but can they hold an audience? Are their moms what we expect? I mean so far I haven’t seen a Holly type mom who can hold the team together.  There are many Jill-type moms but there isn’t a voice of reasons in the squad.

For me, it is time to wrap the show up and move along.  There is not much more that can be done with the present set-up and the minis just don’t hold my attention.  I’m honest.  I probably haven’t watched a show all the way through in a very long time.  I usually refocus for the dances.  For the “Abby/Maddie squad,” I hope you will continue to support them but realize that life is hard. Things may change.  And until I hear that LifeTime has picked up Dance Moms for season seven, I won’t buy into the audition hype or anything else.  And that doesn’t mean the episodes that haven’t aired being labeled “Season Seven!”

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