Dance Moms: Abby Has Left and Other Matters

Dance Moms has once again cause a stir with the filming of a “season finale.”  While I don’t have all the details, I just know that the competition this weekend seems to have been filled with drama that has spilled out in every direction.  Twitter went hay-wired Sunday night while I was trying to watch Once Upon a Time. Let’s look at some details, shall we.

According to every major news outlet, Abby in an Instagram post quit the show after the awards ceremony on Sunday, March 26, 2017.  Here’s a link to one of the articles (  If you read her Instagram note, she not only slammed the show and the producers but she also took all the credit for the girls achievements and successes.  Well, after watching the show and following the girls’ careers, I know of at least one pupil of Abby’s who has made her own path — Nia.  She never had Abby’s support. (Remember the head shots Abby wanted.  Maddie’s, MacKenzie’s, and Kalaini’s she oversaw on camera while basically telling the photographer that they were the only ones who would make it.  I said at the time and do again today — “Hey Abs!  What about Kendall and Nia?”  Those poor kids overhead the whole conversation.)  Nia and Holly found a new road to take and know Kendall and Jill are also.

Brynn and Ashlee now have announced that they have quit the show.  Hmm!  I remember some tweets from yesterday that stated otherwise.  The link to her departure is:  So was Ashlee “shown the door” (as stated in her tweet) or did she really quit?  We’ll probably never know the truth about that one!

It seems much comment on Twitter appeared because of the Original Girls  costumes and routine.  Yes, it was mature costumes and yes it was a more mature number.  And yes, I saw the leaked link on it!  The costumes are very Chicago-ese which means basic in theater talk.  The girls are now seniors which means little girl costumes no longer are acceptable.  And while many have complained that the moms allowed them to dance in this dress, I would remind those who are complaining that Abby dressed them in the same type of costumes for a Chicago number back in year two or three of the series.  If we want to be more specific, there is one number that got pulled entirely from season two’s dvd and rebroadcast because of the uproar of the costumes.  The girls looked nude on stage.  So if it is acceptable for Abby to do this, why can’t teenagers dress appropriately for a dance.  In other words,  don’t throw stones without thinking of the past. Better yet, don’t give Abby Lee Miller a green light while condemning others.

I can guess much more went down than has appeared in print.  I think it’s time that Dance Moms moves on and gives the ones known as the “Original Girls” the opportunity to show us where their careers have gone.  Last June, one of my first posts was   “Dance Moms: When It’s Time Say Enough.”  I think Abby has given us enough before any drama from Sunday occurred.

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