Dance Moms: Well, well, well — Cheryl in and Abby Out?

Dance Moms always makes interesting reading — especially at 5:15 AM when I start my day.  It’s not every day that I find a most intriguing story in my inbox and then step back and go Wow!

This morning’s surprise dealt with the arrival of none other than Cheryl Burke as the replacement for Abby Lee Miller.  In case you don’t remember her, she did Dancing with the Stars and won two mirror trophies.  According to Jared Online (article here), Cheryl will lead the team during the final four episodes.

Abby has had a love/hate relationship with Dancing with the Stars over the years.  Who can’t remember her infamous stint behind the judges table and the instructions she gave Maks.  Remember this interview Abby’s Entertainment Weekly Interview and his comments to Maks.  Of course, there is always Derek Hough and Mark Ballas’s comments from ABC News (  By the way, I love YouTube for finding this stuff!  I don’t remember that Cheryl made any comments but the guys were very vocal.  Granted, Maddie Ziegler has danced on the show but not as a contestant.

Now, reports from People say that Abby didn’t know that she had been replaced.  I have to ask this though of Abby.  To me, if you say in a post on social media that “I quit” or “I will no longer be associated with a show,” what did you expect to happen?  Did you expect episodes to be cancelled?  Did you expect that you were not replaceable?  I know you told that to your students but always thought you believed it yourself.

Unless Abby owns the show, she doesn’t control what the network does.  The show is shown on LifeTime and shows Collins credit.  To me, this means they control who does and who doesn’t perform on the show.  If Abby really did quit, she should have expected to be replaced.  If this is all a ratings ploy conceived by Abby and the producers, well, I think they’re in for a surprise.  People are tired of Abby’s hysterics and the fans are tired of the abuse.

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