Once Upon a Time: Redemption for Regina

Once Upon a Time did an amazing thing in the episode of March 26, 2017.  I would have written this earlier but the Dance Moms real-time drama got in the way.  In this chapter of the Once Upon a Time story, we were allowed to see one of its original evil characters redeem herself.  My eyes watered.  I cried buckets because the redemption theme came through at a most appropriate time.

Regina has been moving toward goodness since season three of Once Upon a Time.  She just hadn’t learned one important lesson.  Regina has moved to acceptance that her son, Henry, wouldn’t accept her using the evil magic against her enemies (his biological mother and grandparents).  She has moved to acceptance that she could be friends and work with Emma to raise their joint son, Henry.  She has even accepted that she could be part of the extended family of Henry that included Snow and Charming.  Heck, she even has accepted Snow as a friend and confidant.  Regina’s biggest move though is allowing her sister in.  While they’re still not close, they have a bond which is shaky at best. She accepts Zelena but hates that she has Robin’s child.

Regina though has never forgiven herself for her past actions.  She has never really seen herself as being worthy of the love that is shown her because of the things she had done to hurt those offering the love.  By opening her heart, she saw that people could accept.  The last step was accepting herself.  She tried to do this by separating the Evil Queen into a new entity and getting rid of her.  Well, we all saw what that did and Regina quickly came to the same conclusion.  The fight was inevitable.

When the two Reginas met in their final battle, we knew that only one could survive.  I knew that it would be the one with goodness show.  Yet, the show took it a step further and made Regina spare the life of her counterpart.  Then they took it one step forward.  Regina shared her “goodness” with her twin.  This was the ultimate act of acceptance.  Regina not only accepted the good in herself but gave some of it to her counterpart taking some of the darkness from her.  Regina can once again be a real person who has both set of feelings.

This is part sets up so much for the future of the show if Lana Parrilla renews her contract.  With her now accepting who she is, and having a working relationship with Emma, they can find common ground.  This show has always needed the two to work as one.  Now  that chance is offered.  These two can nurture/shape a future where the evil that comes to Storybrooke can be defeated.

In many ways, I have thought of this show being similar to Narnia.  I can’t pigeon hold Regina though as Susan to Emma’s Lucy though.  If you make it through all seven books, you will understand why.  I won’t give that away here.  That’s a post for another day.

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