Once Upon a Time: Have I Mentioned . . .

Dear Once Upon a Time:

Have you noticed something in my tweets and posts last night.  Did you notice how much I dislike Gideon.  Now, I know there is a reason for him on this show and I know Once Upon a Time has an important fight scheduled between Gideon and Emma but please, can’t he have one redeeming characteristic.

Let’s look at the facts.  He is the son of Gold and Belle.  Belle represents pure goodness but when she gets mad, watch out.  Gold is Rumple yes, but Gold has mellowed over the years.  I don’t really think that the evil in him now is the same as it once was.  He has a family.  He found a sort of acceptance.  He has a grandson who knows when he does bad.  Gold deserve a break and never gets it!  Plus he works with his grandson’s mothers – Emma and Regina ( never thought I would type that!).

Now I am still very fuzzy on how Blue managed to lose the baby Gideon.  Maybe next week’s show will clear that up (or maybe Blue isn’t as pure as we thought) but the real problem is that as an infant, Gideon would have had to be taken care of until he knew how to do things for himself.  I don’t buy that Gideon was left in a room alone for the entire time of his life.  So if he was cared for, didn’t he ever experience love.  There is something fishy with the whole Black Fairy thing.

I actually liked the bar and Aesop up until the moment it was revealed that it was a scam to get Emma’s tears.  Note to Adam and Jane — find  away to bring Aesop back but keep Gideon out of the picture, okay.  And what is it about Emma’ tears.   She has never mentioned or been told anything that I can recall in six years of the show that having someone have her tears controlled her.  So Gideon wants her to kill the Black Fairy.  Gideon, my friend, it’s going to take Emma, Regina, Gold and probably Zelena to do that.  Or are you using this as a test?  Hmm!  Never thought of that until I started writing.

Finally, I know the mark of a true actor is one who can draw you into the story.  Another trait of an excellent actor is when they make you hate them so much you boo when they come on the screen.  That’s where I am with the Gideon character now.  Giles Matthey must be one of the best actors in Hollywood because he’s the first actor in a long time that I want to throw something at.  While it’s television I’m watching (and I use pillows now), I’m thinking a pie would make an excellent weapon to defeat old Gideon.

So, to Giles and company, thank you.  You’ve given me something that hasn’t been on my television screen since “24” and “LOST” — a character I love to hate.  I hope that Once Upon a Time does get its renewal and continues their storytelling method.

2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: Have I Mentioned . . .

  1. The Gideon story feels off and rushed because it is. Maybe with all the talk about Season Six being the end of the show (as we know it anyway) they felt the need to speed up some of their plans and that’s why we got Gideon and Black Fairy. I believe they’ve been planning The Black Fairy story for a long time as a sort of final villain scenario and once they realized that Six could be it for Once, then maybe they moved up some stories and dropped others to make it happen.

    It’s really a shame that Once (and most TV in general) is written season to season rather than as a complete story from the beginning so that all these annoying story inconsistencies and recons and abruptly dropped storylines wouldn’t be such a problem.


  2. Once Upon a Time drew me in with that first season. Everything had a natural conclusion and the stand alone stories had a purpose. I agree with everything you said. Maybe that’s why my viewing is down and I seem to tend to more British fare.


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