Dance Moms: Abby Leaves for New Show?

Dance Moms may no longer have Abby Lee Miller but that doesn’t mean that Abby has left the building. Oh no!  From the posts and interviews last week, we’ve seen she’s been taking pot shots at the producers and networks associated with Dance Moms.  As if that isn’t enough, now she’s going a step further and making plans for her future.

According to a story from Radar Online about her future, Miller is already working hard on getting a new show on the air.  Now, I’ve heard rumors of a scripted series but oh no.  This series would be a newer, fresher version of the old Dance Moms but with a new cast — Abby and the minis.  This has lead me to wonder a few things which are:

  • What about Abby’s legal struggles?  Isn’t she supposed to be sentenced in May? Apparently, she’s not worried about the outcome since she’s in talk with a network about picking up the show.
  • Didn’t she blame Dance Moms with her legal woes in the first place?  If she couldn’t handle the pressure of doing a show, how can she handle it now?
  • Is she going to produce it herself?  Usually a network wants a production company to “produce the show.”  Individuals do not have enough lout. With the way Abby claims to feel about the crew  and production staff of the present Dance Moms, I don’t they they will do any of her new programming.
  • While she may have quit, talent usually remains under contract to a network until legal ramifications (i.e. contract length) runs out.  That is unless the show either buys out the artists or said artists has written into their present contract an “out” clause.
  • She supposedly has already alerted the mini-moms.  Since the minis and their moms were part of the cast of Dance Moms, isn’t there some legal ramifications for her approaching other talent.  If she plans to include Brynn and Ashlee, I’m sure Lifetime has both under contract.
  • What will she call this new show?  She says it will be like Dance Moms but only the minis will be used.  I would think that Lifetime has Dance Moms under contract and that whoever conceived the show has the rights to it.

While I’m not into contractual law with this type of thing I do know from my research in the past that a person who leaves is still obligated by the contract until negotiations finish.  This means that if they expect to be paid for the old show, they cannot openly work or start work on a new show until the details are ironed out.

Only time will tell what Abby is up to but I do know this.  Messing with a network int he Disney chain/family can be hazardous to health.  Disney is a force to be reckoned with and I wouldn’t want to think I was infringing on their copyright.

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