Once Upon a Time: Time Warp Again???

Once Upon a Time had so much happening last night (Sunday, April 9th) what with the Black Fairy and everything but I decided to start with the laugh.  In case you didn’t watch it yet, it’s an episode worth watching if not for anything more than the interaction of Regina, Henry and the Author.  This was so funny, it made me laugh.

First the set up for the section.  Regina is trying to brew something that will end the sleeping curse that has been placed on the Charmings by her evil self.  It’s nice to see her accepting responsibility and admitting to her son false starts.  In the middle of the spell, she decides she needs ingredients from Emma’s shed and asks Henry to go get them.  As Regina runs off a list of items like tongue/tail of newt (not eye of newt), something happens to Henry.  His eyes glaze over and he starts writing in a strange script.  Could this be the “Once Upon a Time” book (by the way, Adam, I want that prop when it’s not needed anymore) or is something happening.  So Regina decides to take Henry to the only person who might know — the Author who is in the hospital basement.

When Regina and Henry gets there, you can see that the Author isn’t happy.  He’s typing away but knows they’re there and is ready for them.  Sure, he’ll help, as long as Regina will pay a price.  What does he want?  The Author isn’t greedy.  He only wants his freedom, a fancy (and high price) sports car and a one-way ticket to New York.  Regina doesn’t want him on the loose, much less in New York, but the Author shuts up but then tells them that Henry’s attacks will only continue and get worse.  Regina relents but the Author wants Hamilton tickets!  Hamilton tickets???  Was Hamilton even conceived in the town time?

This of course got Twitter astir and Mr. Horowitz quickly got online and told the Twitter time police that the episodes we’re seeing of Once Upon a Time is basically 13 months earlier than yesterday’s date.  Thank you Adam!  I’ve often wondered on the timeline of the show but refused to ask.  And yes, there was that time when you did the two year jump while Henry and Emma was in New York, so this news was welcomed.

But back to the story, Regina gets the Author a car.  It’s not his sports car but he will take it and he asks about Hamilton to which she shakes her head.  The Author’s response should go down as a classic.  It was something like:  “Well, I guess there are some things that magic doesn’t get.”  When he rushes to get out, Regina asks him again what is happening to Henry and we get the gist of the story.  The Author tells Regina the only way that Henry will not be affected by visions is if they follow him out of town.  Regina and Henry look confused and the Author tells them to look at the book.  The book is finished.  The story is ended and the battle is going to be huge.

With this one short bridge of story, Once Upon a Time not only gave viewers a chance to laugh (which I did), but also gave us some more background on what is to come.  If you watch from season one, Rumple had told the Charmings that their child would be born to fight the epic battle.  Now, Emma is set to have the fight of her life.  Forget that first foray at the beginning of season two.  That was just the set-up.  Forget the visions because we know visions don’t always count.  Visions are affected by what actually happens.  Now with the Black Fairy around, the real battle has just begun.

What will the final chapter reveal?  Can Henry read it?  And does the Author really think New York will be far enough away to escape a world turning black?  We don’t have many episodes left and the battle looms ahead.  Let’s hope that as this chapter closes, the next will be exciting and the show gets renewed!

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