Once Upon a Time: Season 7 and Beyond

Once Upon a Time became a favorite with me because of the love, hope, relationships and characters that I saw in episode one.  Have they always done right?  No and that’s what makes for good television.  While the show may have lost its way and had some really horrible seasons (2B comes to mind), I’ve been able to forgive or overlook some of the harshness (like tomb sex with a married man) because overall the stories and characters are enjoyable.  Let’s count the ways before I let lose on the rumor.

Rumple is the Dark One.  He’s supposed to be evil incarnate but has that little spark of good in him.  His family is always a concern.  He loved Neil so much he even teamed up with the heroes.  He’s currently trying to protect Emma from his murdering son.  While he uses magic and knows the price, since landing in Storybrooke it seems more focus on helping than on hurting.

Emma is the unbeliever who saw the light.  To me, Emma is everyman (see my English indoctrination coming through).  Emma has had struggles but she made her own way.  Then suddenly, the real world was turned upside down and she’s asked to face many beliefs that she couldn’t believe in before.  While as a bounty hunter she tracked down those who refused to pay for their crime, she knew the life of a criminal too.  Faced with a son, she became a mother in more than just name.

Regina was wicked as the day  was long during season one.  She hated Emma and the fact that Emma and her son, Henry, shared a biological bond.  What made her change?  Simply stated, she wanted what Emma had.  By looking inside of herself, she realized that to be part of Henry’s world, she had to learn to accept.  With the acceptance came change.  While she may not be totally good (as proofed by the Evil Queen), she has become a better person even before the separation.  She still is capable of hate, but now it is tempered by love.

The last one I’m going to mention is Henry and that will lead into the rumor bit.  Henry is the true believer.  He’s the author.  He’s the one who sees all and should be chronicling all.  Henry has had his share of problems.  He knew something wasn’t right in his world and started reading the book given to him by Mary Margaret and discovered his history.  He went in search of a long lost mother and found her and even convinced her to stay in Storybrooke.  He almost lost in life in Neverland to his great-grandfather’s search for youth.  Through it all, he’s remained strong and a voice of reason.

This brings me to the ugly rumors making the rounds.  We’ve heard that they’ve hired an actor to join the cast during the finale.  Granted this is nothing new as Hyde and Jeckyll did the same thing.  The rumors though are darker for true Once Upon a Time fans.  Rumors has it that he will be an older, reclusive and bitter man.  This man is an older, wiser Henry.  For this to happen then everything Henry knows and holds dear must be wiped off the face of Storybooke which means no mothers, no grandfather, and no magic.  The show might as well be cancelled if this happens and here is why.

Fans are use to the characters we have.  The “other world” didn’t work out too well during Season 6A so forget a reboot.  The President of ABC seems fixated on love and romance.  She’s even changing Designated Survivor.  Sure we need romance and mystery but we don’t need a change of a whole show.  We saw what happened with Castle.  The changes didn’t make sense and then the cancellation.  Why keep everyone in suspense?

I liked what they did with LOST.  They decided to end the series without doing  a rewrite.  While I was right (told you David Fury and Adam Horowitz you were moving toward Purgatory during season one), I must admit I enjoyed the last season.  It gave closure to beloved characters, had a plot that easily was followed.  For the mythology reader like me, it gave us plenty to discuss.

So instead of doing a reboot of Once Upon a Time, I think you should give a fitting closure to the characters.  We need some happy endings which would make Henry a well adjust young man who marries Violet. We need Emma and Hook to get together.  We need to see Regina and Zelena becoming stronger together as they move ahead raising baby Robin.  We need to see Rumple and Belle starting a life filled with hope and forgetting the sadness of the past.  We need Charming and Snow together mending each other’s lives.  We don’t need death and destruction and the setup for a new show that none of us understands.

While I’m sure the powers that be won’t read this, I had to get it off my chest.  I wonder how many Once Upon a Time fans feel the same way.

One thought on “Once Upon a Time: Season 7 and Beyond

  1. Here here. I’ve stuck with this show through good seasons and bad and I never quit watching even when the temptation was strong and I think the fans who like us have stuck around through all the turbulent times have more than earned the right to see our characters get their happy endings. If they want to reboot the show FINE. Just please don’t nuke the old one to do it. And yes I do wish my pleases had the same punch for the writers of Once as Mr. Gold’s did for Regina in season one!


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