Once Upon a Time: Gideon the Savior?

Once Upon a Time gave us a clue last night to why Gideon is in Storybrooke and I’m not buying it.  He says he has to kill the savior to become a savior.  His logic is that by killing the savior, he gains her power and can return to another realm and make things right.  My thoughts:  Gideon, you are dumb.

Here’s what we know so far of the saviors.

  1.  The savior is born of love.
  2. You can decide to become a savior and go off and kill one off to gain the power.
  3. The savior may have been bad but comes into their power by doing good.
  4. Believing in the power of good seems to enhance the savior’s power.
  5. Being the savior has costs to personal, family, and life.

That being said, I’m sure the executives have more to reveal about the savior and how one becomes one.

Gideon has none of these characteristics.  While some would argue he was born of love, can say that with certainty.  Rumple and Belle have been at odds more than love.  While I honestly think Rumple loves Belle, she just can’t commit to him because he won’t give us magic.  For Rumple, magic defines him and allows him to have some say in situations.  While he may a “dark one,” he has never been as dark as some of the others we have seen.  He seems to have a inner sense that doesn’t allow him to go beyond a certain level of evil.

Gideon on the other hand seems to be one out for revenge.  He never really knew his mother’s love because the Black Fairy swooped down and grabbed him.  He, according to his visions, lived in torture and punishment mode all his life.  He has a guardian who is in control and his power doesn’t seem for good but for bad.

Another difference is that he has power.  Where did this power come from is now to be questioned?  If it was the power of good, he could already have saved the people of that realm because he would have been a savior.  We have seen no rules on how many saviors can exist and what realms can and cannot have them.  Emma didn’t even know of the extent of her power when she decided to stay in Storybrooke.  She broke the curse by love not by magi.  Her power began to grow when she assumed the role of sheriff and defender of Storybrooke.  Gideon is off base with his “assumption” there.

In my opinion, Gideon has only has intentions dictated (or given voice) by the Black Fairy.  He’s ultimate goal would be to hurt his mother and father.  Dream Gideon already tried to destroy the marriage.  What other kind of havoc can the revenging son bring?  His goal in destroying Emma is to “become good” but he’s been guided by a blackness that may be even worse than Rumple’s.  He’s never been shown kindness and I doubt that he could show kindness in his present state of mind to anyone.  His ultimate aim may not be Emma’s power.  He may need Emma’s savior ability to defeat his real foe, the Dark One.

We’ll learn more about his vision, his dreams, and his goals as 6b continues.  The one thing I do know is that if Rumple teamed with Regina, Emma and Zelena, they might could make Gideon a baby again and start over.  Hey, while magic comes with a price, this price would be on Gideon because of his schemes and Rumple and Belle might could raise him to be a good human being.

5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: Gideon the Savior?

  1. While I would prefer at this point for Gideon to get aged down and raised right by a now uncursed Rumple and less stupid Belle after an epic story arc that culminated in the whole show wrapping up in a flurry of happy endings… I don’t have a lot of hope left anymore. I’ve heard a rumor that Bobby may want to leave the show and so they’re basically bringing in Gideon as a replacement Dark One which probably means he will kill his father to get the power… I really truly do not want that to happen. It sounds so awful!


    1. I think it is worse that that. Rumors are going hot and heavy that the new guy for the finale is going to play a disillusioned Henry in the future Storybrooke. For that to happen, all of the current cast is gone. BUMMER! ABC President strikes again.


  2. I think it is going to be much worse. Rumors are hot and heavy that the new guy from the Walking Dead will play a disillusioned adult Henry. If this is true, everyone must get wiped out in the season finale. Do you believe in happy endings? Apparently the ABC President doesn’t. Wonder how much this will hurt the Disney franchise over all.


  3. I don’t mind the idea of this cast exiting and a new series rebooting starring adult Henry… But make the endings happy dang it! Haven’t we all earned our happy endings after sitting through the last three seasons of Once?


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