Once Upon a Time: Mid-Season Opener

Once Upon a Time returned for Season 6, part b last night and started questions.  While I have many, and some ideas along the way, I want to put the following to you immediately.  Ignore typos and any grammatical errors.

  1.  Emma remembers everything from both realms.  I love the story behind how she became known as Swan (good Hans Christian Anderson usage here) and the use of August in the story.  He’s her protector after all, but she ran away from a child care center.  Come on folks!  Wouldn’t they have reported her MIA.  And wouldn’t the cops or social services have had that report.  I’m sure there are many little blonde girls going missing but days would have been telling.
  2. Well, well, well — August is a carpenter in the wish realm.  Somehow I don’t think that’s quite all he is.  I’ve always had a secret hope that he was Merlin brought back.  Of course, we don’t know that but have we ever really seen Merlin and August together?
  3. And while I love August return as a good-looking man, I have to ask: did I miss an episode.  I thought the last time we saw him that August was in “boy” form.
  4. And another August question — what exactly was he typing away on and how did Emma know where to find him (besides the typing).
  5. The hiding place — come on folks.  I don’t buy that Prince Henry didn’t see his moms with their heads poking out.
  6. And while we are on Prince Henry, just who is his wish realm father.
  7. Loved fat, drunk Hook with the gray hair.  Too funny!  And it did lighten and otherwise strange episode.
  8. Robin of Locksley stole only for himself.  Heaven forbid.  That would ruin all the stories of Robin Hood.
  9. And on the Robin note:  Did I just feel a disruption in the time/space continuum?  Every good sci-fi show (that includes Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, Time Tunnel, and even Star Trek) warn that you cannot bring someone into a universe that doesn’t belong.  He/she could affect the outcome of the future.  Wouldn’t this apply to Robin?
  10. There was discussion on Twitter last night on how three could come through the tree.  It was mentioned that only one could travel through the original tree.  The tree was meant to bring Snow and baby Emma it our world.  Instead, August came through first.  I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Snow had tried to come?  Never mind.  Here’s my take on this.  The tree is now a wormhole that opens to other realms.  My question is:  how could they be sure where they would arrive.  And since the tree is a worm hole, does that mean that people can now travel between wish realm and Storybrooke?

Yeah Adam and Eddie probably wish my brain hadn’t been engaged last night, but interested minds want to know.  These plot devices could keep our present cast busy for a long time to come.  I plan to write more on August later.  Will post on Twitter when it is finished.


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: Mid-Season Opener

  1. 3 – on my recent rewatch of season four I watched Rumple make August a man again so unless I’m forgetting a second de-aging (always a possibility with Once) than I’d say he’s been big again for a while now. Also technically this was wish realm August so none of that would apply anyway.
    6 – They said in the mid season finale that Neal was his father in wish realm too. And he’s dead again (so they couldn’t have Emma drag him back like Robin). Don’t ask me how he returned from Neverland to wish land in the first place. We’re not supposed to ask these questions.

    As always I enjoy reading your take on the episode.


    1. Thank you so much. I have a tendency to mix-up some of the reappearances. I do have a theory of August anyway and it will be coming. The real question I have is what happened to Neal in the “wish realm”? He couldn’t die the same way.


  2. I think Emma said Neal died a hero (in Wishland) and there was a portrait of him in the castle. But really the only reason they even bothered to mention him was because they needed to give some hazy explanation to why Henry even existed in Wishland and of course they were fuzzy on the details because it’s ridiculous that Emma and Neal still got together without the dark curse. But then again it’s also ridiculous that they killed him off in the first place and that Belle and Rumple fight constantly since season four and that portals between realms are now so easy to come by and that Maid Marian died and wasn’t brought back and that Hook and Robin both died and WERE brought back and that The charmings stole a baby and tossed it through a portal and that none of the heroes care about anyone other than Charming, Snow, Regina, Emma, Hook and Henry and that Regina gets forgiven for everything she’s ever done because she’s totally good now, but she never says she’s sorry, she just complains about how unfair it is that some people still see her as a villain… Ok I’m done now. Feel free to add your pile of ridiculousness onto mine. I fell in love with Once in season one, but it has gone off the rails hard from season four on and a lot of this stuff bothers me.


  3. My thoughts are that the portals became an easy plot device for the executives to use. You want to get rid of someone, hey — throw them in a portal. We can always bring them back. Let’s face it, Cora may have been the first example of this theory.


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