Dance Moms: Abby’s Day in Court Delayed AGAIN!

Last night (Wednesday, February 22, 2017), Abby Lee Miller and Dance Moms  hit the news again.  Deadline posted that Abby has been given a slight reprieve from sentencing.  The judge, for some unknown reason or her infinite wisdom, decided to postpone sentencing of Abby Lee Miller for her bankruptcy fraud and bringing money in from other countries.  Many people commented back on both the article and FaceBook that Abby didn’t deserve to be punished.  I was taught from an early age that if you “do the crime, you do the time (read punishment).”

I’m not sure why Abby hasn’t been sentenced yet.  I thought it strange that they called witnesses on why she didn’t deserve jail time.  I thought it strange that someone who is facing sentencing is allowed to travel.  I thought it strange that she was going to England just days before sentencing but I’m not the Federal Court of Pennsylvania.  I do know that Abby has admitted her guilt and should face her sentence.  Is it because she is a celebrity?  If so, it is wrong.  Others have done the same thing she has and done their punishment.

Celebrity status shouldn’t put you above the law. Celebrity status makes you more responsible to the law.  If you have committed a crime, the celebrity feature shouldn’t play a role in whether you face the charge or not.  Average people get caught for speeding and drinking and face lost of license and jail.  Celebrities on the other hand think they are immune and now Abby thinks she is immune because she is on a reality show.

Let’s review her crimes shall we:

She declared bankruptcy knowing that she would get money for doing
Dance Moms

She brought in money from Australia which she didn’t declare.  To make matters worse, she put it in some of her students and staff’s suitcases making them mules at the worst and accomplices at the least.

She wrote emails to her lawyers and others saying let’s keep Abby out of jail.

And there was more which I can’t remember.  But let’s also add a few crimes which wasn’t addressed.

She served as manager for the girls and took a good chunk of the change for herself without giving most of them any benefits of her “managerial style).

She intentionally tried to hurt some of her “clients” when they got more attention than the chosen few.

She used physical defects and bullying to make girls self-conscious or quit the team.  One of the children and mom who left gave Abby the chance to do the show in the first place!

She claims never to be the person portrayed on television and it is edited to make her look bad.  Abby, dear, unless you have a script, you acted that way during filming and got caught on camera.

Abby never takes responsibility for anything.  She doesn’t feel she’s being fairly portrayed on television and that the crimes she committed were because of fame.  Hey, Debbie Allen in a promo for the television show warns, that “fame comes with a price.”  Abby, pay your price for fame. It’s way overdue.

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