Dance Moms: How Can Abby Do It?

Dance Moms is at a crossroads with where it will go.  You probably have heard by now that the show is filming again.  This is on top of the fact that Abby faces sentencing on February 24, 2017.  There are hints the judge is going to let her off but I hope that isn’t true.  If you do a crime, you pay!

The reason I’m beginning to think the rumor is true can be seen in how easily Abby got permission to travel.  Granted, she’s been traveling all over the world while facing her trial and sentencing but the trial is February 24th.  So where is she heading — jolly old England who seems to love her.  The whole time she is there she will be doing Meet and Greets and other money making projects.  If she’s doing this, I hope it is to pay her legal expenses but somehow I think it will just go in her pocket.

In the past, she has traveled with the team or at least one of the girls.  This time, it looks like Abby is going solo.  She has also promised to talk about production of the show.  Anyone reading any of her press in the last few months knows that she is claiming Lifetime or the producers of making her do things she doesn’t agree with.  This includes giving Maisi and Camryn jackets.  When they pulled the mini-team, she brought back two and put them with the “elites.”  I’m beginning to wonder if management is getting tired of the shenanigans that Abby has done and listened to fans about her abusive behavior.

I’m not sure where we are heading with this story, but something tells me that Abby has a wonderful “get out of jail” free card that she plans to use.  Whether this is right or not is for the wheels or weights of justice to decide.  I know other reality/athletic/movie/television stars have done their time.  What makes Abby different?  If you have opinions, please share.  I’d like to know others take on this.


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