The Royals: More Dastardly than Ever

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a fan of E!’s The Royals and there’s something really bothering me with the plot as we move toward the end of the third season.  Here we have had all the drama about whether Liam and Eleanor being Simon’s son.  Then we have her apparently working with Simon’s brother, Cyrus, to allow him to become king only to have Helena turn on him and want Liam on the throne.  Granted, I know that the first reason was that Liam was typically young man — drinking, doing drugs, chasing women — but I never quite understood her change of heart.  Whatever!  This brings me to my real purpose behind this piece:  Robert.

Let’s review The Royals up to this point.  King Simon and Queen Helena had lost their son, Robert, tragically in an air force practice.  King Simon decided that he wanted to do away with the monarchy but Helena and Cyrus disagree and hatched a plot for Cyrus to become king.  The people didn’t like that at all and Liam stepped up to be king.  Cyrus ran a maneuver that tricked everyone into thinking that Liam and Eleanor was not Simon’s children so he took the throne.  Okay, we’ve got the plot so far and it’s really nothing new.  Power always corrupts.

So this season has been the struggle to prove that Simon was Liam and Eleanor’s dead.  If the proof could be found, they Cyrus is off his throne and back into being an ordinary royal.  That’s not Cyrus has in mind.  He gets rid of Simon’s body (in the Thames).  He shaves his head so Helena can’t get a DNA sample but forgets his personal trophy which she grabs.  His unmentionable proves the lie.  Liam and Eleanor are Simon’s children so Helena plans the announcement of the DNA results and Liam being king.  Sounds like everyone is happy so far, right.

Wrong!  Now here’s where the  problem lies.  Robert, it seems didn’t die but has been washed up on a deserted island.  We see him lying on the shore at the end of season 2 but we have no confirmation of it until mid-way through season three.  He’s been on that island for months with a flare and wants us to believe that no ship came by in that time frame.  Suddenly, Robert sees that fishing trawler and signals it for rescue.  Does something sound fishy to you?  Well, it does for me and his return couldn’t have been timed better.  Helena not only gets to reveal that her children do belong to her husband but the one true king is back.

Now, we have Robert on the throne thanks to the Privy Council.  While not surprised, I started noticing things.  Robert has that sly little smirk that is common with Cyrus. He has that look that he’s capable of everything.  We’ve seen him torment Liam and threaten Jasper.  Jasper knows something about the crash and Robert doesn’t want him to tell it.  Robert now has control over Jasper by saving him from prison and giving him a job.  I’m so hoping Jasper can bring Robert down but the next question is:  Where will that leave Liam?  Do you think the show has another season in it?  If so, who is going to be King?

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