Big Brother 18: An Open Letter to Frank and Bridget

Dear Frank and Bridget:

I know it’s been so easy on both of you.  You have been on the same team. You haven’t had to be “have nots.”  You haven’t had to face going on the block.  And Frank, you lucky guy, you’ve won Road Kill so many times that it isn’t funny.  Now, all of a suddenly you find that life has changed and wonder why.

Let me address this first bit to both of you.  You both have been arrogant.  You both have made fun of people.  You both have entered into other alliances. You both have isolated yourselves from the main group because you were in control.  You both assumed that the rest of your team was loyal.

Bridget, I’m going to give you a few home truths first.  It’s Frank who I am the most angry with. You had the spy girls and it became obvious that you, Bronte, and Natalie were friends. Remember in case you get asked to play again that you should play down alliances.  That goes for Frank too.  He may have been protecting you but he WILL only do it so long.  If you start hurting his game, you become a target.

Bridget, you didn’t socialize.  You gravitated toward Frank and that eventually hurt your game.  By aligning so solidly with Frank, anything he did would spill over on your.

The “mean girl” tag.  I know Bridget that the other girls have made fun of you.  They may actually be more of the “mean girl” movie theme than you but think for a minute. How many times have you said something about Michelle and knew it could get back to her.  How many times were you catty with Bronte about all the other girls.  While Natalie may not have been your target, I remember a few remarks addressed toward her.

Now Frank, where do I start.  Okay–let’s start with the obvious.  Your arrogance.  Do you really think Boogie and Dr. Will played the game like you have — pompous and as a king.  No, they had fun but not by poking fun at others.  They were smart with their alliances and never really lied.  You’ve held yourself above everyone else because your team was winning and there was no way you were going on the block.  You have lied to so many people and told so many stories that no one can keep them straight.

Frank you made too many alliances.  Day two you were making alliances with Nicole and Day.  You tried to make one with James but I honestly can’t remember if he agreed.  You had an alliance with Paulie.  You had an alliance with Bridget.  Your alliances were so many and so detailed, I couldn’t keep track of all of them (and I usually can!).  You don’t make that many alliances because someone will always spill the beans.  And you don’t make alliances that quickly.  Boogie and Will’s lasted because they kept the alliance fun and as a joke.  You never did that.

Your self-assurance.  Yes, Frank, that’s good in business but when it comes to reality television, it’s lost.  Too many reality shows, too many “stars,” and all play with a certain amount of self-assurance.  I’ve often thought it is the more humble that gets the television time but not in your case.  It’s like you sense where production was and aimed for the cameras that were on.

And on production, Frank, you know you’re not supposed to talk about it.  Now you have spilled about the special stipends that returnees get.  If I was the executives of Big Brother, not only would you stipend be pulled but a court case may ensue.  And, since you are already on the block, I think a penalty vote is in order.

I could say a lot more (and may later), but on one final note to both Bridget and Frank — you came across as bullies.  When things went your way, you were fine and didn’t mind throwing your luck in other faces.  When things started changing, and the tide turning at Bronte’s exit, you decided that you should get in people’s faces and start throwing insults.  That’s never a good move and why you are on the block together now.


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