Once Upon a Time and Comic Con

Well, Comic Con has come and gone and another year that I wasn’t there.  It’s just so hard with my “real job” to travel to San Diego in July.  One day, maybe!  Anyway, I’ve just finished reading the reviews of the Comic Con Once Upon a Time session news and found it interesting.  Let’s review the clips shown at the event!

Regina and the opening of season six!  Regina’s past is reviewed as both good and bad.  Have a look at the YouTube link:

It’s interesting that they show both sides of her personality and how she struggles all the time.  I especially like that they draw from all seasons.  There were even hints in season one that she might not be totally evil.  On another note:  I love the song used in this promotion/clip!  Regina expresses her desire for happiness but is told that she’s never going to get it.  From what I’ve seen in the two hour season finale, I’m betting she’s going to be struggling with herself and coming to terms with what she is or what she could be.

On another note, we get a surprise clip introducing us to a new character, Aladdin.  I’m going to say up front that he looks interesting.  See what you think.

Not only do we see a brief glimpse (again) of Jafar (which I hoped we never would see again after Wonderland) and a different “savior”.  This one is a him and appears to be Aladdin of all things!  And the comments about Aladdin is surprising.  Seems Jafar sees all saviors must “come apart  at the seams” and become a shell of themselves.  Wait, didn’t we just hear Emma say that in about every season of show.  Hasn’t she been looking for her happily ever after?

Other surprises include:

  • that Henry and Violet may still be a couple.  I won’t mind this too much.
  • that Prince Charming looks inside himself and his perceptions. Well that would be a novel twist.
  • that Zelena and her sister bond. Which sister?
  • Some sites are reporting that the Olympus crystal properties may not be what we thought.  Wait a minute.  I asked Horowitz on twitter is Hood was really dead and he said yes.  I still think there is something fishy about how Hood died and how Hades died!


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