Big Brother and the “Mean Girls”

Big Brother has had problems lately with bullying and negative comments being made by house guests.  This year, it’s back and has made the appearance as a “mean girl” conspiracy.  I’m very familiar with the movies Heathers and Mean Girls and have watched both more than once and the comparisons are there.  While I won’t annoint a “Queen Bee” or even add Day to the mix, I will focus on the three that are the worse and I’m not even going to rate them.  They’re each are bad (and not in a good way) in their own right.  Also they each want a “care package” from America.  If there is a care package out there with punishments, let’s give it to all three of them!  Don’t you think they deserve one.  Here’s just what they’ve done to Bridget (thanks Reddit).  I haven’t seen one on Bronte or Natalie, but I hope they’re coming.  It’s entitled “The Bullying of Bridget.

And the means girls are:

Nicole — Nicole was the sweet innocent in her first time on Big Brother but now she has turned into the most annoying player for many this season. She has had final deals with just about everyone.  She has fallen in love with Cody for her showmance.  Nicole has been the ears of Frank and then said he picked on her.  Frank didn’t pick on Nicole. He knew the dirt on her and the secrets she had told. Now she’s running to Paul/ie to tell them everything that is going on.  By telling and gossiping, she hopes to stay off the block and home free.

Nicole’s best move would be to come clean but there’s no way she’s going to do it.  Before you say it, I know she agreed to go on the block but she didn’t mean it.  She’s catty and petty and holds grudges.  They guys are on to her, especially James and Paulie.  She’s now a target.  Wonder what she’ll do on the block?

Michelle — Michelle came into the Big Brother house wanting “to experience every aspect of the show.”  Sure, she’s won comps but she has never been a have-not or on the block due to being on Frank’s team.  You would think she’d be loyal to Frank while the teams existed, wouldn’t you.  Oh, no, she strayed from that alliance because “Frank is ignoring me for Bridget” (or something like that). She decided to go after James but found that he was protecting Natalie.  Thus both Bridget and Natalie are targets for Michelle because she didn’t get what she wanted.

I honestly think Michelle wants to win and also have a summer showmance.  When she didn’t get the showmance, she decided to attack any and all who did.  Only problem is that she was in the 8-pack alliance with two of the four so she vindictive words have been focused on Natalie.  Then seeing Bridget’s friendship with Frank and Bronte as part of the small group,  Michelle moved her target to all three.  She’s been catty, petty, and insulting and Natalie knows it.  Her comments about body image is not what a nutritionist should do.  Presently, she thinks she is cool because Paul/ie likes her. They are on to her and she’s also riding for a fall.

Zakiyah — Zakiyah may be the most catty of this Big Brother bunch.  She seems to have been the instigator in many of the comments made and has served as the cheerleader to get the others on board.  She has teamed herself up with Paulie who seems to be running the house and thus has never had to take responsibility for her actions.  She has about being discriminated against but doesn’t seem to think that she’s doing the same thing only based on looks and personal opinions. Her bullying is much more obvious that both Michelle and Nicole combined.

Where the others take things to the catty level, Zakiyah manages to take it more personal and uses the Big Brother staff to help.  Around Bridget’s birthday, Zakiyah didn’t throw Bridget a party.  Oh no, she threw her stuffed giraffe a party.  Say what!  A real person is more important than a stuff toy.  And the other mean girls supported her and the guys went along with it.  Frank stood up for Bridget and her two outsider friends were there for her.  Heck, Day even has lied about asking for the cake mix  specifically for Zak’s toy now.  The fact remains that Zakiyah knew what she was going.  As for the game, she thinks she’s above being put on the block and uses tears to try and get her was with Paulie.  She doesn’t even see that he’s on to her antics and is playing along.

Big Brother’s trio of mean girls could give the Lohan version lessons.  They have got the art of spitefulness down to a new level.  The team of Michelle, Nicole and Zakiyah take the term bullying to new levels.  While Michelle, at least, is wondering how it will affect her image, Nicole is only worried about fan base.  I think Zakiyah is worried but not sure why.  As the season plays out, and they’re forced on the block, what will they do? Will they cry, scream or torment any lady left in the house?  Only time will tell.

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