Big Brother 18: Paulie and His Pawns — er Paul

Big Brother took a risk in my book by casting Paulie.  Yes, he does come with a brother who played the game of Big Brother before and who is pals with a former winner.  But while Derrick is a hero to most, I consider him the ultimate floater. Don’t get me wrong!  Derrick was a good player but he played by manipulation and never getting his hands dirty.  Hey — that’s what Frankie Grande was there for after all.

Paulie has been ahead of the game from the start.  He was on Frank’s team which means he didn’t have to suffer the indignities of being on the block or a have-not. He’s been part of the 8-alliance, the couples and Day alliance, the Corey-Paulie-James alliance, the men’s alliance, and no telling how many others that are secret and not seen on live-feeds or discussed.  He seems to want to go to the final three with Corey and either James or Paul (depending on who he’s talking to).  He has Zak around his finger and is controlling her by romance/sex.  Even when she admits she knows what he is doing, he gets her back where he wants her — under his thumb (although I hope that she’s bought a clue).

Paulie, to me is a user and abuser.  He has quietly bullied himself into a place of importance and as the “king” of the Big Brother house.  He controls by friendship and uses that with Paul to be in charge of the secrets and evictions.  He bullies the girls then comforts them.  In many ways, he should be a part of the “mean girls” alliance.  I wonder how much he’s put in their heads (come to think of it).

If anyone has a clue to what Paulie’s doing, it seems to be James and Victor.  Victor has other fish to fry (Natalie and James) and James is waiting. I just hope James doesn’t wait too long because the perfect moment isn’t after you are evicted.  Of these two, James probably would have the better shot of taking Paulie out.  Put Paulie up as a pawn and get out someone would be idea.  Better yet! Let them back door him since Paulie has used that technique often this season.

Pawn (or Paul) is Paulie’s right hand man. Paul thinks he’s making moves but he isn’t.  Listening at doors is a poor way of getting information. I much prefer infiltration myself.  Let’s face it.  If Pawn/ul hears someone say:  “Let’s tell Day!” Paul is on his way to tell Paulie.  Anyone whispers. Paul goes to tell Paulie.  I honestly think that the the Paul-pawn would run and tell Paulie if anyone sneezed.  That’s one of the reasons I call him Rasputin (as in the Russian who advised the last Tsar/Czar of Russia).  He’s in the powerful’s ear and always there to take care of the dirty work.

Pawn/ul thinks this will take him to the end of the game but it usually doesn’t.  Someone wises up and takes this type of “pawn” out or outs him to the others so he loses his effectiveness. While loose lips sink ships, Paul’s listening may get him out and away to jury house sooner rather that in the final two.  On the outside, who would want a fashion designer who listens to everything you say. In his real world, secrets mean money so he may hear gossip and go straight to TMZ!

The best thing that could happen right now is that James and Victor compare notes, realize that Cody isn’t a risk and figure out a way to take Paulie out. It may take the coup d’etat to do it so America please do not give that “gift” to Paulie.   Two weeks from now, I’d love to see someone use that little gift on Paulie so he winds up on the hot seat with no way to get off.  Wonder if the explosion would be as big as the one that happened when Jessie left in Season 8?  Somehow, I don’t think so.

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