Big Brother Done? Why Online

Big Brother — are you over?  Is the 2016-2017 season your last year?  Have you finally realized that the contestants are using Big Brother to hopefully become big stars or newcasters?

I’ve on several Big Brother boards that exploded last week after the announcement that season 19 would be on CBS All-Access.  For the uninitiated, this means that you will have to “buy” the service to get the show.  No more televised on commercial television episodes of eviction or head of household.  Heck, I’m not getting that this week due to football, but I digress.  To me, this sounded the death knell.  I logged in today only to see reports that season 20 would be the end of Big Brother.

Why have season 19 on All-Access?  Well, here are some reasons I came up with and forgot to post last weekend.

  1.  The show is dying with season 20 the last season (if they can get viewers for 19).  It’s always great to go out on a round number plus summer programming is always slacked.  People have complained for the last few years about the cast, so why not go out on the 20th season.
  2. It’s a ready fill-in as shows fail.  CBS decides they need to cancel a show because of viewership.  Hey, Big Brother can fill in!
  3. We need to expand the premise of Big Brother.  The show is too predictable.  How can we do this?  Let’s experiment with the online version.
  4. Maybe we need to shake up casting?  How do we do that?  Again, experimentation comes into play.

Regardless of what the real motives are, I won’t be watching the 19th season of Big Brother.  I have enough to do during the Fall to invest in paid live episodes.  And, I don’t want to invest in another season like this.  When James and Natalie gone, I’ll probably be gone also.  The season with Rasputin and the dictator is getting to me folks!

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