Big Brother 18: My Take on the Finalists

Well, Big Brother 18 is almost over and I couldn’t be happier.  Don’t get me wrong!  The season started off strong but something happened after Frank left and the show began to spiral downward.  Frank kept the show on a even keel.  Paulie just let the show fly where he wanted and that led to the rise of Rasputin (I mean Paul).  So here is my take on the final four plus one.

Nicole — Don’t get me wrong.  I like Nicole the last time but she seems a little flaky this time.  It’s like she’s Alice in Wonderland but Wonderland is a competitive show.  Unlike Alice, she seems to have to have a “love” for this season. She and her male pal have spent a good portion of the game changing sides and aligning anew with each passing week. If it was wonderland, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Queen of Hearts welcoming Alice to her team only to see the Queen beheaded the next week. Nicole’s indecisiveness has led to Frank’s downfall and a few others as well.  Would she get jury votes?  Very doubtful — even against James.

Corey — Corey is supposed to be smart.  Doesn’t he have an app online for people to use.  If he’s so smart, then why is he coming off as a buffoon.  If I had to pin a character on him, I’d go Shakespearean and go Falstaff.  A comic character that is paired with the lovely Nicole. He was the right hand man of Paulie the crier.  He’s gone wherever the power has been and laid low (literally, in bed). Does he deserve the fair maiden who he plans to drop?  Probably not but he’s probably the less offensive.  And no, I don’t want to see him win.

Victor — or Ivan the Stupid  (I mean Terrible) as I like to call him has had two chances and took them to return to the house.  Has he blown them?  Probably!  He’s held a grudge from what week two or three and aimed it straight at James. He’s buddies with the “sneak” which I will mention next, and he’s a clean freak.  Granted the rest of the house guests seem not to see dirt, his cleaning has gotten on my nerves.  He has not really schemed but let his buddy do that.  Does he deserve to win? Ah, that is the question but he is a comp beast.

Paul — or Rasputin, the sneak, has played the whispering game this season.  He first sided with the “messiah” and then realized that he better stop wanting returnees out if he wanted to stay.  He’s been busy listening at doors and whispering in ears just like Rasputin did to the last Czar of Russian.  Will he “drink the poison which is eviction” or will he manage to win it all?  Time will tell but his tactics haven’t been the type that I like.  Why?  He has shot down all his allies until he only has Victor left.

That leaves either Natalie or James as staying.  James has been “clueless” all season as he has been played by almost everyone.  I first thought he was playing a good game with not really committing to any one alliance.  Then Natalie batted her big eyes at him and he spent the summer protecting her.  Now she seems to be dumping him and hoping that will help her game.  That makes Natalie the femme fatale that tried to use her womanly wiles to get what she wanted.  Vic dropped her and Paulie trashed her which brought up the knight in shiny armor James.  With it looking like Natalie will be gone, can James get his head in the game.  Frankly, my dears, I don’t care.  I’ll be watching Panther football!


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