Dance Moms: Abby’s Attitude and Jill’s Choices

I haven’t watched Dance Moms in awhile but decided to watch last night. Honestly I couldn’t watch America’s Got Talent because all but one of the finalists are fantastic.  So instead, I tuned in at 9:00 PM to see if Abby had mended fences with any of the girls and their moms or whether it was typical Dance Moms and Abby taking new shots are the moms.  From what I had seen in the preview, I knew the answer but wanted confirmation.

Let’s review.  Jill wants us think that the summer had passed.  Well, it hadn’t.  Those shows were taped in April and May. Jill is upset because Holly went out and got a new agent that isn’t Abby Lee Miller for Nia.  Let’s face it!  Abby has done nothing for Nia in a long, long time.  I don’t blame Holly at all.  I am glad that Nia now has a chance to shine  away from the studio.  Jill’s real problem is the she’s always had on Dance Moms.  Kendall just doesn’t get the attention or love from Abby that Jill thinks she deserves.  KK has an album under Abby’s control that is in limbo and no other offers on the table.  I think Jill is beginning to see a pattern here.  Nia succeeds because of Holly.  Jill doesn’t do anything and Kendall stays stagnant.

Does this realization make Jill take action?  No, we learn that she’s going to wait it out until she sees what happens to Abby.  Jill, if this was summer, you would know that Abby plead guilty.  She is facing jail time. Kendall is going to be left behind unless you (Jill) do something.  Either force Abby’s hand or leave the studio!

In usual Dance Moms style, we get the pyramid and Abby’s lecture on how she wants all the girls to succeed.  She decides to pit Nia against Kendall in a trio competition.  Kendall has the best chances of winning since she has JoJo and Kalani dancing with her.  Nia is paired with two boys.  The numbers are also vastly different.  Kendall gets a fun jazz piece while Nia gets a more difficult lyricial/modern style that tells a story.

Holly smells a rat.  She calls Nia’s agent to meet her at the studio.  Lesley, Nia’s agent, it one smart cookie.  She sees Abby’s favoritism.  Then Abby starts complaining about Nia to Lesley and saying Nia will never be another Maddie and complaining about the plans for Nia.  I’m so proud that Lesley said that Nia is Nia and not Maddie.  Get over Maddie Abby!  She left.

And thus, we see Abby’s true attitude.  She doesn’t want any girl to succeed unless she allows it.  Nia is going a different road than what Abby wanted.  She has a new agent and a new company representing her.  It’s higher power that Abby’s company will ever be.  Abby gets jealous and pulls her support from Nia.  Why?  Just go back and look at the performances.

Abby’s attitude can best be seen with what lead up the performances and at the competition itself.  When questioned, she lost all “class” (as Holly said) and walked out.  At the competition, she ignored the girls, didn’t come backstage for last minute pep talk, and she ate pop corn during the performance never speaking to the moms but those around her.  She acted like a five-year-old child. No, I take that back.  I’ve seen five year  old children who have better manners.  The good news for Dance Moms fans are both trios were fantastic.  Thanks to Jessalynn’s part of offering encouragement and being a stabilizing presence backstage, both trios were fantastic.  The group dance was good but not great and was the only thing Abby watched.

Dance Moms needs change.  Maybe LifeTime should offer the show to Jessalynn who stayed above the fray even though she was dealing with family problems back home.  I admired her courage last night.  Maybe they need to turn to Holly who has always been a voice of wisdom.  Kira also could serve as a good leader as she does choreography and has a sense of costume style.  Jill needs to decide where her loyalties lie.  Does she support Abby and hope for the golden ring or move on.  The rest seem to know what needs to be done.



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