BIG BROTHER 18: What Was Missing?

BIg Brother Fans!  Raise your hands!  Are you glad the season is done?

Big Brother 18 finally ends tonight and I couldn’t be happier.  For a show that got off to a fairly good start, it quickly went downhill fast.  Now it looks like Rasputin (I mean Paul) or Alice (I mean Nicole) is going to be either and neither are really deserving.  They haven’t done that much in this season’s prize race except scheme and lie.  Rasputin (Paul) has listened at doors and talked friendship. Of course, his friendship vanishes when someone doesn’t do what he wants.  As for Nicole, has she really been playing this season.  It seems to me she slept or played with Corey the whole season long.  When she wasn’t doing that she was making final twos with everyone and listening to Frank.

So what would it take to turn this show around.  I turn to the old day and make these suggestions to the powers that be who will never listen.

  1. Don’t hire model/actors want-to-be.  They’re just doing the show for 15 minutes of fame and the dream of life in LA.
  2. Move the show out of LA.  Everyone knows where this house is and go by screaming and yelling.
  3. Turn the show into a “survivor” type ordeal when they have to really struggle and don’t have the good life.  I’d love to see Nicole and Corey try to make out in a tent.
  4. Change the “have nots” to something other than a oatmeal slop mixture.
  5. Get new comps.  These (or variations) have been on forever.
  6. Get someone like Evel Dick or Rachel Reilly to broadcast messages periodically through the house.  Do it when they’re asleep loud enough so everyone hears?
  7. Have Mr. Pec–whatever — Jessie — come in for exercise class every day.  House guests are required to attend.
  8. Give the evicted house guest 10 minutes to address the house and point out the sins of the many.
  9. When the house gets down to jury size, put cameras in the jury.
  10. Better yet, turn the jury house into the competition winner center where the whiner (I mean winner) is crowned.


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