Designated Survivor: Wow! What a Premiere

Designated Survivor!  I’m a believer.

Designated Survivor has just moved up my must watch list!  I’m not one who necessarily will commit to a show for an actor.  Yes, I watched Kiefer Sutherland on 24.    I even lived commented 24 for a website which will remain nameless.  I liked him in the old movie The Three Musketeers.  So when I heard he was returning to television, I immediately thought:  “Oh Kiefer will be playing a spy again.”  Boy was I wrong.

Designated Survivor has moved Kiefer out of the action adventure role.  He’s now a caring father who just wants to do what is right.  He feels for the down trodden.  As Secretary of HUD, he has fought for the poor needing homes.  In fact, he has fought so hard, the president is going to put him out of his secretary’s job and make him ambassador of a little job that no one knows.  Little did any of them know what was coming.

Now Kiefer as “Everyman” must lead the most powerful country in the world.  He is confused.  He is scared but he has a job to do.  With confidence we see his first address to the nation start.  His president may turn into another Bartlett as seen on The West Wing.

Designated Survivor has good story line potential.  More importantly, it has the actors who can carried the story off.  I can’t wait for the next installment.


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