Once Upon a Time: Season Six Slow Start

Once upon a Time returned with new episodes last night but not with the show stopping opening I had hoped.  What I felt while watching the show was “flatness.”  This show has always drawn me in with the season premiere and i was left last night with my mouth opening going — what gives.  Is the show in stalled form or is it just waiting to unleash the guns.

Before I say the show was awful, let’s look at what we saw.

  1. We did have romance.  Swan and Hook started to get involved only to be interrupted and to me that set the tone for the whole reason the show went down here.  Let’s just call it show interruptus.
  2. Regina and Zelena.  Granted these two have some issues to work out but Regina and Zelena living together makes sense.  Regina’s anger over the present given to Zelena as a memento from Robin seemed over the top.  Yes, I know Regina is grieving but they haven’t really been back long enough for her to go off on her sister.
  3. Hyde– where do I begin.  He now owns Storybrooke.  Since when???  Rumple never owned Storybrooke but only chunks of it.  Regina created it and should officially be labeled “Owner.”  And the tale of the Savior deserves its on piece which probably will come later this week.  At least he’s in jail for now but for how long??
  4. The Oracle.  Yes, I know the Greeks had Oracles. Yes, I know they portended the future but I really need to do some research on this.  I don’t think their visions always came true.
  5. With the promise of Aladdin and that exciting start of the show, we are left going “what”.  They should have learned their lesson with Neal and given us at least some other reference point beside the mysterious “savior” reference.
  6. I did love the Regina and Snow scene. Also the feather falling.
  7. I hated the Evil Queen/Zelena scene with a baby while mommy gets her alcohol.

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