Once Upon a Time: What Went Wrong in Season 6 Premiere Part I — Rumbelle

Once Upon a Time began it’s sixth season on Sunday, September 25th, and I have to ask if it is the last.  There were so many things that went wrong that I could drive a truck through the plot.  I’m going to take the next week to deal with some of the major complaints that Once Upon a Time fans have and that means I have to start with the biggest — Rumbelle and her horrible dream.

Most fans of Once Upon a Time has seen Rumple change since the premiere. Yes, he is the Dark One again but this time it seems different.  He took the power back because someone had to control it.  Emma and Hook countered the evil with true love and death (Hook’s) and if evil is left running lose in the world , well we see that around us every day.  Rumple knew this and decided since he’s seen the worse, he could control it but of course power means that you do things that aren’t always correct.

When Once Upon a Time first premiered, Rumple was evil.  He was more into scheming (as seen in his flashbacks).  He knew what Regina had done and wasn’t under her control.  Even as misinformed Mr. Gold, he somehow managed to counter Regina’s evil and give hope to the residents of Storybrooke.  When Emma broke the curse, people realized who he was.  Some were afraid and some decided that if he made it to Storybrooke the maybe Rumple could help.

With Neil’s appearance, Rumple started changing.  Heck, he even started changing when Belle came into his life.  He wanted to do good, wanted to forget the “dark one” tendencies but as Once Upon a Time likes to tell us, everything comes with a price. For Rumple, the price is always having things backfire on him. The real test and turn toward being a hero came in Neverland.  There we saw why Rumple is the way he is. His father was willing to give his son’s life for eternal  youth.  By now, Neil and Rumple have had a semi-reconciliation and it is Neil’s death that makes Rumple want to be normal.  He promises to change for Belle and they marry.

Rumple would do anything for Belle but it is never enough.  The writers like to torture these two.  Yes, I know the coma was the best way to handle Belle’s (Emilie’s) real life pregnancy last year but did they have to take it to extremes in the season premiere?  Come on, Morpheus cannot be their son.  There is something fishy with the whole way the Rumbelle’s story played out on Sunday night but I don’t see an easy fix.  Because her baby tells her to leave his father, Belle does it.  I thought she wasn’t that gullible.  I’m sure Rumple isn’t.

To me, and other die hard fans, this decision was a little bit over the top.  It is just one of several things that we saw wrong in what could have been an exciting show premiere.  This premiere reminds me of the season two premiere of Once Upon a Time.  If we want to go far enough back, it reminds me of the finale season of LOST.  I hope the show isn’t going to end this year.  If it is, they should make fans aware of it now. With the announcement yesterday (Wednesday, September 27th) that Robin is returning, my doubts have become more suspicions.

2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: What Went Wrong in Season 6 Premiere Part I — Rumbelle

  1. When I look back on Rumple’s journey I can sort of see or at least fanfictionize why Rumple does what he does, but Belle’s behavior completely baffles me much of the time. Her feelings for Rumple fluxuate by the minute! One minute she wants him to be a good guy and not use any magic (never mind that Regina uses dark/light/whatever magic whenever she likes and she still gets to hang out with the cool kids) and the next she’s asking him to use magic. She wants him to be a hero and once he finally does it…she rejects him for no apparent reason! They get back together and they break up over and over and over again and none of it makes sense to me. The only way I can make any of it work in my head is to remember how many times Belle has been shot and bashed on the head and that she spent some thirty years in Regina’s ‘care’… So I guess the answer to all my questions about Belle could technically be answered by a combination of emotional trauma and brain damage? That’s really the only conclusion I can draw that makes any sense of her actions.

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