Once Upon a Time: What Went Wrong in Season 6 Premiere Part 2: Lack of Charmings

Once Upon a Time has always said that the Charmings are the family the story is built around.  That is so true because the very first episode opened with their story, how the wicked queen cursed them, and how they protected their daughter.  This brings Emma and Henry into the story.  As the show has progressed, Regina and Rumple have also joined the family structure and I guess we can say Zelena has also.  Hook is there with ties to Emma.  So let’s look at what each family member (except Emma and Regina) did during the season six premiere of Once Upon a Time.

Charming — Charming was off chasing people from the dirigible crash.  Big deal!  Ho Hum!  He didn’t find anyone and neither did the rest of Storybrooke characters on the hunt.  The only other thing I remember seeing him in on was the arrest of Hyde.  As the Prince who has made decisions and took charge, it was sadly lacking in the premiere.

Henry— As the author, would you have checked the book to see what had been written about what was going on.  He writes in that thing and doesn’t remember writing.  Now here’s something I have been wondering since he got that pen back.  Was it distorted by its time in the Under-Storybrooke?

Hook — Hook spent the better part of this episode mirroring David.  The only major difference in his character and David’s was that he realized something was wrong with Emma.  He faced her with it and then accepted her answer of basically “Oh nothing!”  Come on man!  If you love this woman, then press for answers.  You should be there in good times and in bad.

Rumple — Already dealt with.  Enough said.

Zelena — Either she is more forgetful than we thought or they decided to use Ms. Mader for comic relief.  Yes, I know she was moving in to Regina’s, but please . . . don’t forget where you leave a gift.  Also that party at the end of the “Wicked Witch Regina.”  You are a mom now Zelena!  You should stay sober to help you kid.  And if you go off doing evil with the other “wicked” witch, who will take care of your little daughter, Robin.

Mary Margaret/Snow — Of all the members of the Charming family, she had the most to do.  She took back her Enchanted Forest name of Snow White.  For Once Upon a Time, this was a big step forward.  She went into the woods on the expedition to find out damage, but more importantly was that five minute scene at the end.  She comforted Regina and helped her deal with her grief.  Snow White came across as caring and a devoted friend.

So what else has the season got in store for the Charmings.  I hope it is exciting.



2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: What Went Wrong in Season 6 Premiere Part 2: Lack of Charmings

  1. There were many things off about this premiere. We opened with Aladdin and Jafar who then had nothing to do with the rest of the episode outside of Emma’s hands shaking mirroring Aladdin’s. Now there is this sudden onset savior disease that has never been hinted at before. Okaaay. They capture Hyde too easily, which I assume means he wanted to be caught so he could talk to Emma and mess with her head, which is apparently an unbelievably EASY thing to do! As for Hook not pressing Emma for answers…look Hook sucks. He’s been a weenie for most of the past 2-3 seasons and Emma (like Belle) has these weird hard to follow emotional episodes and I cannot tell you why she doesn’t just tell Hook or her folks about it right away. The dirigible crash and the people in the woods felt like filler to me; probably because we didn’t see or hear from anyone on the airship.

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