Once Upon a Time: Fact Check on the Morpheus Story

Once Upon a Time is now telling the stories of those from another land.  The Land of Untold Endings may be a little bit of a misnomer so I have decided to look into these stories and see what I can find out.  I already know that “Cinderella” is coming up and I’ve already presented on this story before at a conference, so I’m ready for it.

Once Upon a Time has decided to use Morpheus to get to the bottom of the Rumple/Belle mess.  Instead of helping, like Rumple hoped, Morpheus told Belle that he has taken the shape of her unborn son and is there to warn her of what Rumple is capable of.  For me, this didn’t quite run true because I have read mythology in the past.  Morpheus is part of the Greek myth. So, let see what we can find out.

Fact:  Morpheus is the God of Dreams.  He can appear in dreams as any mortal and assume other shapes.  He can also deliver messages from the Greek gods.  So while this is fact, the baby is not yet born so no one knows exactly what the child will look like at birth much less in manhood?

Fact:  While Morpheus could have assumed Belle’s son, Once Upon a Time forgot one important part of the Morpheus duties.  Because all people dream, Morpheus doesn’t have the time to deal with everyone so he calls on his brother.  Phobeter helps as the nightmare god and takes the form of scary, big animals.  Phantasus takes control when a dream is to be fake.  Ikelos takes on the role of conveying true dreams to people so they can understand.  Morpheus seems to be the one to visit the kings and leaders of countries.  While I can see him playing in Rumple’s dreams, is it a little much to think that he would bother with Belle’s dreams.

Fiction:  Morpheus lived in a castle where he waits for people.  Morpheus is not a castle dweller.  According to one source he slept in a “cave full of poppy seeds.”  If he slept in a save, why have a castle waiting for Rumple. He could easily have created Rumple’s castle or shop.

Morpheus as a god does not have a story that ends.  In the world of mythology, his story is ever continuing so we can’t put him in the new land of Hyde.

So was the dream true?  I want to believe that there may have been some truth but more lies in the story that “Morpheus” tells Belle. Rumple does try to do good.  He seems to have committed himself to Belle.  To him family means everything.  To win Neil back, he began to change.  He joined the search for Henry and he treats Emma with respect.  He even works with the forces of good even though he is the Dark One.  Thus, while the Morpheus can project based on Rumple’s past history what could happen, he can’t be sure of people’s changes.

In other words, Rumple’s life has changed and could change again.  Thus, while Once Upon a Time gave us a scenario that splits Rumple and Belle potentially forever, I hope they change their minds and give us a scenario that allows the two to make a  life together.  Morpheus (if it was Morpheus), was basing his assumption on the past.  It is not his gift to know the future.  When Rumple is with Belle, we see his best.  Also, let’s face it Belle doesn’t appear as indecisive cause she is keeping him on the straight and narrow.

Want to know about Morpheus?  Visit this site:

Morpheus – The God of Dreams

One thought on “Once Upon a Time: Fact Check on the Morpheus Story

  1. I’m assuming (and hoping!) that this ‘Morpheus’ person is NOT Rumple’s son, but just some bad dude trying to keep Rumple out of whatever he’s plotting to do in Storybrooke. And really if the ‘heroes’ would try a little harder to be nice to Rumple (& Belle) and not just talk to them when they need something from them… maybe their lives would be a little easier. I know I’d want him on MY team in a crisis!


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