Once Upon a Time: The Shoe Fits Worked

Once Upon a Time threw me a curve ball last night.  After the first two episodes, I was worried that the show had lost it’s mojo (bad Austin Power’s reference I know).  Last night’s episode not only kept my attention but advanced the story for which I am thankful.

Let’s first look at the Cinderella aspect of Once Upon a Time. I had forgotten that Cinderella was one of the first people that Emma helped.  Add to this the delicious tidbit that the Evil Queen is going to undo all the good that Emma has done and you have the setup for the perfect story.

Once Upon a Time’s “untold story could have made this a disaster.  Instead, they kept it true to the original feelings.  We were reminded of the Enchanted Forest beginnings.  Add in the twist that Ella thought her stepsister was going to marry the prince.  Stir in an addition that was worthy of Ever After and the story was very well done.  In present day, while we thought Ella was going to off her wicked stepsister, we found out the real story of the real evilness of the stepmother.  She had intended to kill Ella.  She had killed Clorinda’s boyfriend or so it appeared.  Cinderella tried to protect all only to risk her life.  Old stepmom and Clorinda ended up in the land on untold stories with both having huge grudges.

In a nice twist of the ironic, I think that it was very appropriate for Clorinda and Ella to have their showdown in the “dead” boyfriends pumpkin farm in Storybrooke (nice Halloween theme there Once Upon a Time).  Add to it that Emma had to find a way to use her magic when her hand was shaky proved that the “savior” still had it in her to do good when times were bad.  That Ella took the pointed cane for her stepsister set up a reconciliation that was not only worthy but set a new path that the Evil Queen is going to find hard to undo.

Now is passing, let me mention the subplots that also worked.  I loved the combination of Dr. Frankenstein (loved the look for Whale) and Dr. Jekyll.  The pairing of these two have huge plot potential as does the school idea of Snow.  I can see the two Doctor’s teaching Chemistry and Anatomy in the school setting.  Regina may have looked surprised over the school angle but it is a natural progression.

I also liked the subplot that advanced the Hook Emma relationship.  It was time that we saw something happy.  Plus, Regina has had some epiphanies lately that seem key to the year.  She not only realized that Zelena may be working with Evil Queen, but that Snow could be her big alliance.

The one subplot that still isn’t giving me strong positive feelings is the David and his father one.  Not only did he go to Gold for information but now he owes Gold/Rumple a favor.  In this case, it was to take a cassette to Belle.  Just what is on that cassette? Will we learn the truth.

Congratulations Once Upon a Time on a job well done.

One thought on “Once Upon a Time: The Shoe Fits Worked

  1. I believe what was on the cassette was the (Robert Burns?) poem that Rumple read over his child (note how many people say child and not ‘son’ – keep hope alive for the baby to be a girl and not Morpheus at all!).

    The mentions of Snow wanting to teach again and that Doctors Frankenstein and Jekyll would make good science teachers sounded very end of series to me. It could be that the writers are already setting up an ending to the series where all the characters stay in Storybrooke and open a school of magic and wizardry for all their children to attend.


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