Once Upon a Time: Stories Galore!

Once Upon a Time has suddenly awaken from whatever “sleeping curse” it was under.  Everyone who knows me know that I thought the first two to three episodes were disappointing.  Yes, I know Regina had to grieve but they dumped all that plot development on us and did nothing with it.  Suddenly, everything came to life when Cinderella wanted to reunite (and all thought in a negative way) with her stepsister.  From there on it’s been plot development and interesting stories (that I don’t fall asleep) during.

Let’s look at the latest episode (and yes, I plan another blog on certain aspects of it next time).  We have Snow and Charming having a restful night until a shadow passes over the window (by the way — wonderfully shot).  Snow awakens in the forest confronting the Queen.  The Evil Queen’s threat is directed toward the core family of Once Upon a Time.  I just loved Evil Regina saying:  “Give me your heart or the town of Storybrooke dies.  As the Charming/Miles gather to figure out what the potion given to Snow is, it is Regina who figures out it is from Rumple and the Lost Soul’s underground.  Did anyone expect Rumple to take some of that water?  Did we see it happen?  What else did he bring back with him? Oh, another column looming.

But back to the story.  I was glad to see that the Charmings finally got a story of their own and shown.  This couple has been core to the story and have not really shown up much.  Sure they are in on the action but that is about it.  They ARE what Once Upon a Time centers around:  True Love and what it can do.  By uniting their memories, they find they met even before they knew they met.  That was a neat twist.

I’m actually happy that Belle stood up to Rumple and made it there on her own terms.  She was forceful and called him out.  Yes, there is definitely good in him.  Thus brings me to one of my two downsides.

I have two downsides to last night’s episode and here they are.  I don’t like the Evil Queen and Rumple story line.  I’m hoping this is building to something more. Personally, I’m hoping that Rumple is buying time with the Evil Queen only to join the side of good at the end.  Secondly, I’m more confused about the role of Zelena.  Evil Queenie wants to destroy the town and that means Zelena and baby Robin also.  That light hasn’t dawned yet on Zelena.  More importantly, she’s left with two sisters who have not always told her everything.  Regina tries but Evil Queenie is always only going to go after the good for her.  Zelena now realizes it and the question for her is:  Where do you land — on the side of good or evil?  There is no neutral.

My next piece, hopefully by Wednesday, will be on the sleeping curse.  That plot device is very interesting.


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