Once Upon a Time: The Charmings’ Darkened Heart

Once Upon a Time got fans discussing the black spots in Snow’s and Charming’s heart on Sunday, November 6, 2016.  People pulled up the picture from when Queen Regina took it the first time and when Evil Queenie took it this time and noticed the spots had enlarged.  Here’s my thoughts on this new problem that Once Upon a Time has presented us.

First, we need to remember how Snow’s heart became dark.  In season one, episode sixteen, we find out about how her heart became dark.  The Queen (Regina) convinced her in a previous episode to drink a potion that would make her forget love.  Thus, Snow develops anger issues.  When Grumpy and company stage an intervention, it comes out that she wants revenge on the Queen and goes off to kill her.

Charming finds her, of course, but she doesn’t remember her love for him.  When he takes an arrow meant for the Queen, he tells her he would die before her heart became dark.  For some reason, this moves Snow and she kisses Charming and the curse is broken.

Once Upon a Time then moves to season two.  In Episode 16, “The Miller’s Daughter” we find out that Snow’s dark heart comes from murder.  In this episode, we learn the story of Cora but by the end Cora dies.  Cora was killing Gold but Snow reverses the trick and used a candle, which ironically was meant to kill Snow’s mom, to kill Cora.  Regina replaces Cora’s heart thinking they can be a family, and Cora dies in her arms telling Regina that she would be enough.  Of course, Regina declares war.  In the following episode, “Welcome to Storybrooke,” Snow visits Regina at the end of the episode and offers her heart and death to make amends.  This is when we find out about the black spot on Snow’s heart that Regina says will eventually kill her.  While Snow does suffer anger over this, it is Emma who sets up straight and Snow becomes more normal, abet with that black spot in her heart.

In Season 3, we get Neverland and Oz. David is infected with DreamShade and Rumple partially cures him.  In Oz, Zelena launches a plan to take David and Snow’s child only to have Snow enact a curse with the heart of the one she loves most (David).  When the heart is destroyed, Snow convinces Regina to split her heart so she can share with David.  David lives but if one dies, the other dies.

Now the heart is darker.  I’m sure that is coming from some unsavory things that David and Snow have had to do since the season four finale, chief of which involved Malificient.  The only problem is that that was in their past so it would have to come from remorse.  Will the heart get darker?  I guess only time will tell.



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