Once Upon a Time: The Rumple Situation

Once Upon a Time is taking Rumple down a dark path and I’m not sure I like it.  While I know Rumple is the dark one and only out for himself, he used to treasure Neil’s memory.  By conspiring with the Evil Queen, has he forgotten all ties to his family.

In the past, Rumple would have protected Henry and even Emma because they were so important to his son Neil.  After the trip to Neverland, I thought I had found one spot of “love” in his heart — that for his grandson.  And, without reviewing the tape, I seem to remember that he promised to always take care of Henry and keep Emma safe.  Has he forgotten is promise.

Sure the Evil Queen feels like she’s a mother to Henry but a true mother always loves and respects her son.  The only thing EQ wanted was to make him a prince and fit to rule.  When she approached Rumple, I will give that he warned her.  As his grandfather, though, shouldn’t he have tried to protect his grandson.  Has Rumple lost all sense of family? Is he so wrapped up in his personal problems that he has forgotten just who Henry is?

Granted, EQ is a smooth talker and has an attraction for Rumple. Which brings up problem two?  Rumple claims to love Belle and is working to protect her and her son.  Yet, he’s going to extreme links to be part of their lives.  If he loves Belle like he says, shouldn’t he be working this out through counseling?  By making sure he knows where Belle is every minute, and using the argument that he is using, he’s coming off as dictatorial and borderline abusive.  Sure, I can understand that he loves Belle but has he crossed the thin line to being controlling, obsessive, and stalking?

Two theories come to mind.  One was offered by a friend who hopes he used the “scissors” to cut the bad Rumple from the good.  Of course, that theory goes on to say that Rumple has the “good one” tied up in a back room.  My theory is that he knows more about how this is going to play out and is holding back information.  He knows of a way to defeat EQ but either hasn’t gotten it worked out or will spring it when the time is right.  As I recall, he would spin when he thought and he did a lot of spinning last night.  I guess time will reveal all.


One thought on “Once Upon a Time: The Rumple Situation

  1. Rumple may not be split in two. It’s possible that he took the Jekyll serum and he’s swapping back in forth between RumJekyll and RumHyde. Really I’ll grasp at any straw that spins Gold back somewhere near the character I feel in love with in Skin Deep.


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