Once Upon a Time: The Return & Question Regarding the Dragon

Once Upon a Time was very interesting last night and one key bit involved the return of the Dragon.  I have always loved this man.  He was the one who helped August. He was the one who taught the Charming/Miles clan some life lessons.  And he is the one who always seem to never be defeated.  That is until last year when the Evil Queen (EQ) showed up.

Now don’t get me wrong! I understand that the EQ had to banish the Dragon to get to Storybrooke. I thought he was dead!  So imagine how happy I was to learn that he had been banished to the mirror land and met up with Emma and Regina.  The good news, he tried to help.  The bad news:  EQ had his heart and used him against them.  Of course, the EQ seems to forget that the Swan/Miles family is strong. Henry saw through her and saved the day using the Dragon to do it.  The only question I have is:  Where is his heart and can he return.

This leads me to the second thought I had last night.  We know that Jasmine is searching for her father and her home.  He know that Once Upon a Time doesn’t mind mixing lands.  And I personally know that I used to bother the executives of Once Upon a Time by guessing plot points of LOST and mentioning them on “The Fuselage” (David Fury and I had several fights). So I’m going to bother the executives once again with a new supposition.  I know not many people read my posts but I’m putting it out here anyway.  Could Jasmine and the Dragon be related?  Could he be say her father?  And aren’t the plot possibilities endless.  Just a question and thought folks!

One thought on “Once Upon a Time: The Return & Question Regarding the Dragon

  1. I like The Dragon too, but I have to side with the majority opinion on this one that he’s probably Lily’s father…though why they’d want to tie up that particular plot thread I don’t know, since the Malificient/Lily/egg storylines was one of the dumbest they’ve ever come up with.

    As for his heart, I think Henry still has it? If he does than I’m sure Regina with give it back to him as soon as the plot will allow.


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